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When did you realize Coronachan was legit?

Pic related

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Gooks always wear masks on planes, what are you talking about?

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How is Coronachan legit? People are seriously overreacting.

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End of january.

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March 11 2020

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when there were 50 dead in wuhan and i read the hong kong study that already pretty much confirmed 14 day average highly infectious incubation period. Told all my friends about it they treated me like a tweaker and now we're here
And i was sober!

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When Tom Hanks got it

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When the Doctor who first reported on it died from the disease.

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>died from the disease
>not a gunshot to the back of the head for letting the story out

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Jan 23rd is when I sold all stocks and starting buying more than usual. Got a good stock right now.
Bought masks early February, they were still available and cheap then.
It was the long incubation time and asymptomatic spreading that alarmed me most. Fibrosis and the rate of people needing hospitals rounded it off.

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There was one in March when I started seeing pictures of grocery shelves stripped bare in my country.

I still don't take the virus seriously (because the actual case numbers are vastly under reported due to insufficient testing, making the mortality rates meaningless), but the fear is real.

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they're getting ready to "save" some people

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its not fearmongering retard its so you stay inside and dont potentially spread a disease that would literally mean the end for someone else

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theres only 15 infected, will probably be down to zero in a couple weeks

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thats fucking wild

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January 21, when /pol/ had pictures of trucks in shanghai soaking the place in lysol and china was calling it a flu. Actually, the real corona virus is much less scarier than it looked at those times.

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around mid to late feb. really started hitting me what was about to happen and i had a panic attack one night then a couple days later got really depressed then nearly cried a few times but now im fine.

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>I get that it's not just a flu, but if you think the virus is some armageddon level extinction event, why not just jump off a bridge so you don't have to get it?
because jumping off a bridge will 100% kill me dumbass.

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I still don't think it is.

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When I saw the stats that most people under 60 that die from it are fat with heart problems and that's exactly what I am.

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much lower than that

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people on ventilators routinely die regardless of covid

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my concerns are.

Any long term effects on children, eg fibrosis, or some such or sterility in males.

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No they don't, you pulled that figure out if your ass and anyone who claims to know really doesn't have a clue without randomly testing entire cities.
The closest to that is South Korea and their numbers are nowhere near that.

> As of Wednesday, South Korea had tested over 295,000 people for the coronavirus, reporting over 8,500 infections with 81 deaths. In total, the country has tested over 5,000 people per million citizens, which represents the highest testing rate in the world.

kys doomfag

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>Data from China show that 20% of COVID-19 patients, though, are serious enough to get sent to the hospital.

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you just outed yourself as a brainlet

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wow your failure to comprehend the text in the image you posted is hilarious.

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Yeah just go ahead and believe numbers from an authoritarian government who lied to the WHO about this, retard.

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Feb 15, when I saw that at the current rate of growth the US pop would be 0.1% infected by late April

But it grew much faster than that and now we are at like 1% infected.

I feel good about all the prepping we did in feb. tons and tons of food. Ammo.

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>China's numbers are bullshit chink lies when it's positive
>they're based and super reliable when it helps my doomsday fear mongering narrative

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Here is a graph of all deaths of every category in a region of italy.

Coronavirus is accounting for more than half of the deaths.