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This should be easy for- oh, who am I kidding?

ITT anon struggles with basic math

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Show your math so we can have a proper laugh at you

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It's 1 and if someone disagrees they're wrong

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I think I'm missing the joke because google has nothing on this. Can you explain it to me?

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This anon gets it.

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It's the golden ratio

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This makes my head hurt

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Anon, I...

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I guess it is 9, originally I thought it was one but then I realized I was doing AddMultiplyDivide instead of AddDivideMultiply

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assuming there's no hidden shit it should be 9 due to order of operations weighing the division of 6 and 2 as equal to the multiplication of 2 and 3, forcing you to do the problem from left to right
if you're falling into the trap of 1, its because you see the question being written as a fraction with six over the rest of it, when that is NOT the case because otherwise there would be an additional set of parenthesis making it 6/(2(1+2))

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Can't you see my face?

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it's hidden if you refuse to read, flunkie

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Does that mean you don't know about the April fool's game?

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= \frac{d}{dx}\frac{6}{2(3)}\\
= \frac{d}{dx}\frac{6}{6}\\
= \frac{d}{dx}1\\
= 0[/eqn]

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okay so we know the slope is 0, maybe we should graph all possible functions

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what the hell is a slope

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diddle yourself

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>Answer is clearly 1
>retards can't even program wolfram alpha correctly
Why do brainlets trust it more than a graphing calculator again?

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Depends if you treat x(y) as xy or x×y, obviously, retard. I personally treat it as xy such that the answer is 1, but that is only my arbitrary preference.

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xy is equivalent to x*y brainlet

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Why are these two different answers, even though a fraction and division are purportedly the same operation? Are the numerator/denominator treated as if they are enclosed in parentheses?

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Yes, so 6/2 * (1+2) is the right way to write that

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I feel sorry for you dude... where dis it all go wrong?

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Rate of change

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what's the slope of a slope

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He's right tho. You're a retard who can't even do middle school math.

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by pemdas the result is 9

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What are parentheses for?

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the rate at which the rate of change is changing, although differences do not represent the continuous nature, they are a great way to think of derivatives of derivatives

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PEMDAS? more like SADPEE

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it's not a preference, it's you just doing it wrong

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You could have just said acceleration
now what's the rate at which acceleration changes

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the entire reason this meme problem persists is because the answer is hidden in plain sight

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it's what you are being

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what the fuck? why do you faggots proudly announce your answer as if it's some kind of accomplishment?

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what is the answer anon

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69 eat my ass cuck

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lets see your work, picasso

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>he feels threatened by a middle school math problem

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you seriously think people are that stupid? he is fucking trolling

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obviously it's 9 cuck, the fuck? I thought this board is supposed to be full of STEMcels?

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no, he's dodging the question because he's afraid he could be wrong

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and these people run our banks

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go post this question on biz

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I want to stay hopeful in this kind of situation so no

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I already have the answer
>buy bitcoin

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My intuition and calculator say 9 so I'll be going with it.

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its one.

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current /biz/ wouldnt be allowed in any financial institutions
you gotta have money to make money at a bank

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But I thought they were rich?

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.00003 dogecoins isnt worth jack shit

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its 9, when you evaluate division/multiplication, whichever comes first takes precedence