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Scientifically speaking, why is this the case?

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why do the people in each state watch their specific things? What is it about the west coast that loves hentai, why does the south love black girl white guy, why does the north east love all that wild shit?
The question has scientific merit

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>What is it about the west coast that loves hentai
It's part of the Pacific rim. This is one of the easiest, which you should have seen yourself.
>why does the south love black girl white guy
The south has a high population of female blacks + female nature is hypergamous + white males earn more than black males. Again, fairly obvious.
Flyover states still have traditional values, so you see men searching for milfs and females searching for creampies.
I'm not sure about the others. Lesbian is probably searched for by bored housewives in well off but traditional states.
A few others aren't so obvious but with some digging you could probably find the answer.

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Wonder if any of these maps put out by porn companies are based on actual data or if they just make them up with stuff that sounds plausible.

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Wyoming's got some explaining to do