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What is the most dangerous chemical I could synthesize at home? Aside from chlorine gas out of bleach. Maybe strong acids. Could I somehow get pure sodium from salt?

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The most dangerous chemical is carbon dioxide, which you create by simply breathing.

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If CO2 is so bad for the Earth, then why don't you kill yourself, Goldblatt?

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Chlorine gas from salt

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Danger isn't useful. What is a useful chemical you can make at home? What do you want to do with your chemicals?

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If you're in Australia then there are no limits


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Nitroglycerin. Buy some glycerol, good nitric and sulfuric acid can be produced or bought if you're in a shithole country.

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Not from salt but you could make it from NaOH and magnesium there are many tutorials.
As for the most toxic thing you can make at home, I'll go by LD50 and not necessarily by the usefulness as a weapon or something. The protein in rosary peas or castor beans (ricin) is incredibly toxic. But it's not very interesting as a chemical and you won't extract a practical quantity (which is why I'm sharing this) if you want to actually synthesize it id just go through the LD50 lists and pick one. It could make for fun organic chemistry actually and is a really safe exercise if you pick something non-volatile and only make a tiny quantity.

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You can make napalm by soaking styrofoam in unleaded

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Probably hydric acid.

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>the so called "conservative" death cult
What did he/she mean by this?

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-Phosgene (chemical weapon used in WWI)
-C4 (RDX)
-Hydrazine monohydrate (not really that dangerous actually)

-VX nerve agent

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Hydrazine from bleach and urea

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everybody knows about that.

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carbon monoxide