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>I-it's just da flu

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It is just the flu, unless you're a boomer. Then it's a sentence. Thank you based コロナちゃん! *coof*

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I'm immune retard. The smiley face means I got cured.

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You should ask Italian doctors how many young people are getting hospitalized over this

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It’s only low in young people because they were given priority for ventilators and icu beds

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So what you're saying is, only boomers will die. Sounds good to me.

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What he's saying is that you'll survive, but it'll be one of the most painful and scary experiences of your life and leave you with permanently lungs. And that'll last only until hospitals get overwhelmed and even young people will be turned away and left to die.

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Nah dude I'll be fine, but boomers are fucked.

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You will get reinfected.

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Triage doesn't work that way.

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This is the end for me

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If a 30 year old is in need of a ventilator and there are no more then it will be taken from an 80 year old

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It does in this pandemic.
Read up on Italy.
That's exactly what's been going on.

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This is just from cook county. 8 pages of deaths they aren't connecting to COVID even though they obviously are.

How many people are actually dying of COVID who aren't being reported as dead by it because they were never tested?

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>8 pages of deaths they aren't connecting to covid
the fuck are you talking about? some of those literally say covid-19 infection on them

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>but it'll be one of the most painful and scary experiences of your life
fearmongerers getting so desperate they're literally just saying

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Unless you show specific sources then this graph is bullshit

Just saying "CDC" is not citing a source. Imagine if I was quoting something from Charles Dickens and I just said "Source: Charles Dickens". No you fucking retard, you have to cite the specific publication you got the quote from (specific edition, year published, publisher) and the PAGE of the quotation, so that people can check it themselves.

You are a fucking retard.

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Maybe so

Apparently the death toll is 4 times the official number though


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I dunno why I even try talking to you retards anymore. Every single time somebody points out that you're full of shit you just deflect it as fast as you can and go

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Deaths attributable to Covid 19, especially this early in the pandemic, are undoubtedly underreported as such for poorer populations, most particularly the homeless. Chicago shelters during winter are nightmare scenarios of communicable disease transmission, and I bet that nothing was done about it until mid March.

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Calling it now: millions will die of corona, once it's over in 2021 the great depression 2 will hit and the global elite will send the US to war with China.

Nothing will ever be "normal" again and the rest of our lives will be spend looking over our shoulders as society crumbles and war/mass death ensue

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>a pandemic followed by a depression followed by a huge war

This better not become a habit

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justdaflu coping is getting more and more desperate. Accept reality so we can deal with this pandemic pls.


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followed by rebuilding and a new space age.
Worth it if you ask me.

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Thanks for confirming that "it's just a flu bro" retards are just psychopaths that want old people to die.

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ever heard of fact immunity? you are in a place where its the cusom..

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Completelly unesessary if you took the corrup elites, and habilitate fair play betwen people. Fuck corpos.

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It's literally just a flu the statistic is simply inflated in the timeframe given. Give it 20 years and look again.

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>Lower respiratory infections

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that way I can not even take ebola seriously, give this man a nobel price for being this smart!

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There are 125,000 abortions per day. Why is this not included?

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Why do you think it's no included?

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>lower resp infections

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Abortion trumps all

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Those aren't deaths tho, thats successes

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Guys, I know it likely won't pass Ischaemic Heart Disease, which is the GOAT cause of death, but could COVID-19 make a surge into second place?

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It probably already has