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This terrifies the physicfag

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no, I love it

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That shit is mighty complicated if you get closer into it.

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S-Stahp! D:

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>Assume massless spring
Feels good man

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All the best science is messy.

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embrace the chaos

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*sweats profusely*

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with a magnifying glass and a calculator :^)

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someone stop bob before it's too late

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>We have created a 20 million degree-of-freedom, 3D hexahedral finite element model of a coil spring that accounts for large deflection nonlinearities. What is the underlying concept of the finite element you ask? A spring. Yes, we did use a spring to model a bigger spring in hopes of understanding how the spring works.

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I can never understand what the fuck hysteretic damping actually is
glad I am taking computer engineering

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Good luck with spring analogies in electricity courses :)

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Please consider the following:

Love /o/

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I plan on doing M.E , how fucked am i ?

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Nevermind your bait thread.
I figured out what really killed the Dino’s, pic related, corvid-bc65,000,000

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As a mechanic its hard to say. Are you obsessed with penny pinching everywhere possible? Even if it makes everything harder to repair? If yes then you have a good chance.

But on the other hand, the entire industry is dying, everything is modular and the same part must be able to fit in 6 other different vehicles.