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Are there any easy to find gamma radiation sources? Im trying to test if this radioation meter works but i think it only detects ionized particles and gamma radiation. It turns out i dont have any uranium or radon gas on hand right now.

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I'd hazard a guess that it's the lowest common denominator midwit way of thinking. Exceptionally gifted people in my experience tend to have a greater variation of more detailed nuanced and sometimes even more eccentric views. Brian Donaldson, Penrose, Ramanujan, Planck, all great men and all eccentric in some way. The first creationist I ever met IRL was also someone with an IQ of over 135. Part of that is that highly intelligent people, outliers, have higher openess to new ideas and we know now that the genes for outlier high intelligence overlap with the genes for autism so there's some truth to the eccentric genius stereotype. Newton was an eccentric a-typical Christian and Einstein was a Spinozist.

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The Americium-241in smoke detectors releases 59 keV gamma rays. A piece of paper can filter out the alpha particles, letting just the gamma rays through

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if you can't find a radiation source to test your radiation detection equipment, perhaps you don't need a radiation detector...

if you really need something radioactive in a pinch, just put it next to your smoke detector, which probably has americium-241 in it

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Thanks. I had crossed out old fire detectors since i thought they only brought out alpha radiation. The place im working at happens to come by old fire detectors so testing this thing out will be only a matter of time.

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Its not for me. Ill put up for sale for cheap if it works.