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Why are politically left leaning and atheistic people so smart?

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Simple: they have a large hold in academia and....
COOOF COOOF COOOF COOOF COOOF and in rea.. COOF COOOF COOOF research, and in science bodies.

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>Democrats are left wing

Big cringe. Show the same stats but remove all races but white people and try again.

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You’d have to be really dumb to believe in “gods”. No idea what that has to do with economics.

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everyone is stupid, left leaning people are just louder and more confident in their stupidity

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simpsons's paradox

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how can yo say that with so much certainty?

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I’m as certain that gods don’t exist as I’m certain that leprechauns and the boogeyman don’t exist. There is no evidence of these things past unverifiable personal anecdotes.

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>The first creationist I ever met IRL was also someone with an IQ of over 135.

Proof that even people with high IQs can be retards

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Thanks for eroding everyone’s faith in IQ as a metric of intelligence

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Everyone thinks they're smart but the real intelligence was the friends we made along the way

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>he doesn't understand the concept of god
there's nothing stupid about believing in a god as long as you don't believe shit that isn't true that was written in a book

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>he doesn't understand the concept of god

Oh, and you do because you made up your own concept of God that’s so vague that it can’t even be properly discussed, let alone disproven?

> there's nothing stupid about believing in a god

Really? Prove gods exist then.

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The thing is that you're so autistic you have to mentally comprehend everything in a "logical" form. If something doesn't seem to be "logical to you" you instantly think it's bad and that is must be dismantled.
Do you really think that literally every cultural and ethnic group ever has/made a religion, and that they all made their religions for no reason.
Humans need something to worship and a group to identify with, religions give a good filling of both compared to many alternatives

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logical proof itself is just a strong basis of human judgement
Believing in something that has always benefited humans isn't illogical

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people itt have to read this

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Godel logically proved the existence of God decades ago, it has never been refuted and it's been computer verified numerous times.

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Nice cherry picked graph, but the study as a whole comes to the opposite result

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that is clearly because of confounding factors such as race. stratify w.r.t. race and the result will look different.

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Because IQ test test for atheism and left leaning stuff like thinking. They don't test for common knowledge and practical intelligence like sewing

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>implying smart people take a side
Smart people leave their options open. Smart people don't pledge their soul to some political faction.

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This. There are too many nuances in political belief to just say that you are 'right-wing' or 'left-wing'. All there really is, as far as the political power and capacity of the average person is concerned, is policy that one agrees with, and policy that they don't. To simply select a party or belief system and align yourself totally with it shows a lack of consideration for the small stuff. People are hellbent on sacrificing any independent thought for the sake of maintaining a label. 'oooohh im a marxist' 'ooohh im a republican' 'nnhggggg im an anarchist' No, what you are is an insufferable cunt.

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i mean he's smart, he's just kind of a loser and incapable of actually surviving on his own in the real world.

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tendency to be smarter yes, but you imply all of them are smart. also, generally the open minded people tend to be more critical and question everything. while religious fanatacis care about traditions without questioning it. of course there are also insuffarable atheists that lack the quality of being open minded and talks with them are mostly one sided