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Why don't people ventilate their loved ones manually if there are no machines?

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they couldn't do it 24/7
and aren't allowed in the wards anyway

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People nowadays are way too lazy.

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because you breathe out CO2

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You can't manually breath for someone around the clock.

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Wtf, pump your own damn ventilator

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Am I infected?

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He seems happy

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This is sad. I'd rather die than be that much of a burden.

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That is grotesque. The chinkish indifference to human life goes further than even Westerners.

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Will my Gran come out of her ventilator laughing? She’s been on it 8 days. This 4chan game has given me hope

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im... im infected

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cough cough frends cough cough

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Guys it's getting really creepy in Massachusetts

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You should have thought about that before you hung all those witches.

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I was at a light next to a community health clinic, some nurse in full plague gear came out to check a guy in his car who clearly called about having the rona, while police helicopters circle the area. I saw a team of plastic plague doctors come out of a firetruck and put someone in an ambulance on a stretcher, Military trucks all over the highways, wild shit.

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lmao holy fucking win

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I would ventilate her other lips if you know what I mean

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but they could take shifts

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this, bros
everyone dies
saw it on this based and redpilled woke blog post

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I'm already blowing coom over the PTSD.

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>we have mountains of trash and floating landfills yet still worry about a lack of ventilators when this bitch exists
Are we gonna let the chinks out do us boys?

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No ID? Daddy like.

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The numbers coming in now reflect the world as it was 10-15 days ago. We are about to see how much the lockdown did or didn't help. Should know by Friday but data is coming in all the time. Just watch the numbers and subtract ten days. The new cases line should start to flatten a little.

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lol is this the model for doomer girl wojak


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Deaths are going to jump though.

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Every day. For two weeks. Watch [your best source], make a local spreadsheet, leave a record, write it in a notebook with a pen. So they will know how it happened.

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Your mom ventilated my dick manually all night

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no sauce

I found it in a "you fall in love, you lose thread" many years ago.

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>for years
Holy fuck. Just let him die it's not like he's ever gonna live in any meaningful sense.

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a mother's love is the only unconditional and strongest bond in nature

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> You can't keep a store open 24 hours a day
The absolute state of /sci/

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what if you work in shifts?

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there are ventilators
hospital admins are literal useless sacks of shit who dont know how to do anything but check boxes and fire staff to save money, they expect governments to do their job, nurses buy their own PPE that "doesnt exist" from a random DSA faster than the 6 figure admin puts their pants on in the morning
queermo prances around yelling about ventillators while theyre literally sitting in storage and he refused to buy 16000, at the same time hes also cutting medicaid

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what is loved ones?

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lol, MIT just stole her invention for their new emergency ventilator: https://e-vent.mit.edu/

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For all she knows, a cure for her son's condition is right around the corner.
It's okay to fight for a human life even though it's past the fetal stage

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>being this retarded
If you love them enough you can

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We're already seeing numbers in BC and other parts of Canada that are potentially half of what was predicted as worst case scenarios, due to social distancing. Obviously we're still pretty fucked here and active cases are underrepresented due to undertesting but officials are cautiously optimistic that we'll be able to avoid a total catastrophe at the rate we're going.

I'm so fucking happy I live in Canada right now. Our social security system is somewhat prepared to handle paying our population to stay home for at least four months and everyone seems to be taking this seriously.

America's completely fucked.