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what do we know about this virus and whats still in question?

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I don't understand this gif

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We are fairly certain it spreads by (you)s. But it's still debated whether it's you replying to an infected poster or the other way around or either or both (I had both when I got infected).

We also know there is an incubation period of a few posts, so after you get infected you won't show symptoms. It is not known whether you are contagious during this period.

We need some healthy people to experiment more. If any healthy people are reading this, try not replying to anybody who is infected and wait until an infected gives you a (you) to see if that spreads it. Or alternatively, reply to infected people but don't do anything to bait them into replying to you and see if that infects you.

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Wouldn't you want to test one thing at a time?

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okay but now track how many posts you make. This thing has an incubation period and you can test how long that is.

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See >>11522019
It infects with time, not necessarily number of posts.

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10th post.
Feeling slightly more and mo- *COOFCOOFCOOFCOOF*
more better.

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We need somebody to test contagiousness during the incubation period. A healthy anon needs to reply/get replied to by an infected anon, and then try to infect other healthy anons while still asymptomatic.
They'd need to let the healthy anons know to report.

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I was posting without any quotes and infection was growing with number of posts. Nobody replied to me

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its literally nothing

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Who /RecoveredChad/ here?

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Fourth post After exposure

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Interesting. When has this started?

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I wonder how much it will worsen

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I got downgraded from stage 5 to stage 4. No idea how.

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One day

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Is this still going?