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Health authorities in Asian countries recommend wearing face masks while authorities in the Western countries say that you shouldn't. I'm confused, who should I trust?

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Tell me, anon - who do you think could benefit from lying about such a thing?

China isn’t the only master of propaganda.

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>going outside
>still stuck in a big city
>not being innawoods with your own food , ammo, medicine and fuel supply for a year
It's too late for you anon.

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The reason why there are so many drastic PPE shortages, why there were so many testing delays, faulty testing kits, etc is obvious. The politicians are in on it. Don't you people get t? They want you to die. Covid 19 in their eyes is a necessary evil. If they truly waned to they could expedite vaccine development but so many officials are saying oh boyyyyy guise it'll take at least 12-18 months! Bulllllshiiiiit. We are entering a very dark time. To answer your question listen to sources from countries like South Korea, Italy, Spain. Avoid the bullshit they feed you on CNN. They don't care for you. This shit was probably purposefully released.

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I don’t think a plan that involves crashing the stock market with no survivors is ever going to be popular with elites.

Then again, there was that stimulus thing... Hm.

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They largely moved their assets around before the stock market plummeted and now they are hiding in bunkers, yachts, etc.

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>China and south korea stopped the spread
>Western countries are being ravaged
Gee, I don't know

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>everything tied to GDP
>politicians knowingly fucking their country just to keep number going up
>ye they want us to die bro

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Same. Also a course in computer vision which involved some machine learning in addition to Kalman filtering.

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Yourself. If you believe if masks help wear. The C.H.O has said masks aren’t effective, though either that’s because it’s to save medical staff equipment or because they really want all the masks recalled back to China and want us dead. Here’s a little advice, if you believe a chink on here or an anon who’s being implicit and is a supporter of CCP, then I’d stop listening.

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China’s sending defectives deliberately. They recalled PPE equipment and had imports from other countries when the outbreak occurred early January. Where do you think most of this equipment is made.

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>wear mask
>mask holds large percentage of the released bugs
>less bugs in the air around you
>less chance of infection of those nearby
>rate of disease spread decreases

Masks are important and should be promoted universally. The "don't wear masks they don't help" nonsense coming from western experts and politicians is nearly identical to "don't bother washing your hands it doesn't cure anything" and is just as damaging to public health.

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Is the gassing of the middle class? The great eaters?

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Why are they giving Americans a stimulus check?

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You don't need to wear a mask if you are not sick.
In fact if you do wear a mask it increases the chance you will get sick.
Also we don't have enough masks for our doctors and if our doctors don't have masks to protect themselves from the virus they will get sick and then who's going to treat you?

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Told you so OP the faggots are now invading the thread. Even if you’re not sick OP it’s important to wear a mask since asymptotic’s can still spread.

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related question. wouldnt have but the local shop had an FFP2 NR mask without even knowing it in stock, so i bought it. how can a normie whos currently classed as an "essential worker" best re-use this mask? a google search indicates its possible with extra steps, but that the mask itself cannot be cleaned without damaging the fibers that make it effective in the first place.

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Make helps reduced the transmission, but since there aren't enough of these, it's better if only nurses have it.

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>if you do wear a mask it increases the chance you will get sick.
Explain how please

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Put it in the oven at 70°C for half an hour

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seems legit

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we are going through an economic reset. what is happening right now is the next race to see who will be able to hold the leash on the global market. corona is sadly being used to accelerate that shift
trump just turned into the chairman of the fed by fusion it with the treasury while everyone is worried about the virus
and to be able to do that. it means he let the FED go broke to take it over
saudi arabia and russia are not pumping more oil than ever because they are retards

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30 minutes since initial post. I believe that simply posting in an infected thread may not be enough to result in infection. Further research may be necessary.

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what exactly is an economic reset in this context? an excuse to rebase the currency?

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top kek

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You're just going to destroy that flimsy material, melting gluing to whatever surface you put it on.

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precisely. it feels like they are trying to destroy fiat and move to digital currencies. while pushing more nationalization of key companies while letting the rest burn
those trillions of dollar being printed will have to be spent on something be in the new space race, crspr, or whatever. not only buying the entire market. the reason the west let corona spread was to make all this fuss to control the population and blame it for causing the next economic fallout.
everybody in the room is tryng to fuck with each other. and anybody who says that they know what is gonna happen is lying to you.
we are going into a societal, political and economic paradigm shift
the only thing that is open to anyone to see is that AI and robots will start to appear everywhere since they can't catch the new meme and die.
corona is real and is a issue. but it is being played for political gains. how many bills have already been passed without the populus even knowing about them in just the last 2 weeks? in less than a week and the military forces are already everywhere just waiting for deploy

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hang it on a metal hook

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people will feel safer going out with a mask on due to the phenomenon of risk homeostasis.

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Good luck getting it off without tearing it apart. Seriously anon, you're on /sci/, think for a second. Why do you think most masks are disposable single-use?

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To get Trump re-elected. And it will succeed.

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>The politicians are in on it. Don't you people get t? They want you to die
Why would Trump want Republicans to die before they can re-elect him?

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people are already succcessfully doing this you dumb fuck

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Yes, cheap businesses looking for a method are definitely successful in skirting around health safety to make a profit.
Literally who the fuck are these guys? Either way, the moment I go to the oven bit I knew they were bullshitting. Maybe read up on some actual studies like the link on this Stanford page

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will verify and then read, cheers.

this doest entirely not make sense. there are some real instances of what seems like blinding stupidity on the part of western nations i was initially inclined to dismiss as just that, given my governments laughable recent attempts to absorb certain alienated demographics from their opposition party. if viewed in this light though, a lot of things make some degree of sense, both things done and things not done.

i regret to say i am extremely ignorant on crypto, besides the hype around it and that one of its core features is a mathematically constrained currency whos allocation is based ultimately on who can chuck the most compute at it. it would also explain the weird business with federal crypto and zuckerberg being unable to find financiers for his earlier attempt at crypto.

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Trust asians, I mean they have such a great track record and everything..

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muh test.

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>Literally who the fuck are these guys?

Oh nobody, just the fucking inventor of the N95 filter himself, Dr. Peter Tsai

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if you're infected wear a mask so you don't take people with you

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They are specifically excluding home ovens because it is difficult to set the temperature there. The temperature on most ovens is off by 10-20°C rendering the method useless if T<60°C. If you can set the temperature (I use an external temperature gauge) it is probably the best method (see: https://m.box.com/shared_item/https%3A%2F%2Fstanfordmedicine.box.com%2Fv%2Fcovid19-PPE-1-1, Table 2).

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You're more likely to touch/adjust your mask which means you're more likely to contaminate your hands with whatever is stuck to your masks surface. Also, most people do not practice good donning/doffing procedure when it comes to PPE in the first place and further it gives some a false sense of security if they have a mask (oh look at me the mask-wearing cool guy - I'll be just fine hanging around these supermarket scrums for supplies and food!).

In short, the only people who need masks (proper masks i.e. FFP3/N95 respirators) are those front line medical staff dealing with infected/potentially infected patients where they will be in close proximity for extended periods of time and possibly doing aerosol generating procedures and of course health care workers/family who are dealing with a sick person at home (but not so sick they need to be admitted to hospital). If you go out and about basic hygiene advice applies - cough etiquette where you cough into your elbow crease, washing hands before and after being out, avoiding touching outside surfaces hand rails etc when out and NOT touching your face under any circumstances e.g. use a tissue if you need to itch. Being in close proximity and hand-to-mucous membrane contact is what largely causes spreading of respiratory diseases outside of physically being coughed or sneezed on.

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because the taxpayers will pay it back eventually and it'll all end up in their pockets after all.

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so they dont notice the fed and treasury picking and choosing business that were deliberately over leveraged to give money to 12 years after the guy currently running the treasury was kicking americans out of their houses

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Smartypants, forgiving your paranoia for a moment, explain the expedited process exactly, the reasoning for not pursuing it, and your sources.

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>who should I trust?
Yourself. Do the research. It's very easy to find papers showing masks can vary from somewhat effective to very effective. I've yet to find a paper suggesting they could be harmful. Form your own conclusion.

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Find a single study showing infection rates went up with mask use.

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its because US hospital admins are literal wastes of space who refuse to hunt down equipment and spent the last 5 years firing staff and spending the least amount of money on equipment

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They make the masks in Asian countries. Western countries aren't able to produce them so they have a shortage.

coof coof

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Absolutely delusional. Politicians would never want the people who voted them in dead. I mean, if this was true surely there would be whistleblowers all over the media by now.
How stupid you must be to think you know more than health professionals?

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