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ITT we attempt to establish features of the humorous algorithm.

The site-wide crawl seems to indicate site-wide infection, as opposed to board-specific infection (steadily ticking up over about the past 30 minutes or so, from 1800 or so to 2200 or so, or such).

Presentation: certain individuals present with unhealthy green skin at the extremity of their posts. More profound cases manifest orange/white biohazard labels within their posts. I recently returned from /tv/ where I heard "don't fear the reaper" in a thread-specific context. Perhaps this travel has infected me.

I hypothesize that person-to-person infected contact is necessary to spread infection, on a reciprocal basis (two interactions). To test same, I ask that an infected person reply to my post, and then I will respond in kind-assuming I haven't already been infected of course.

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alrighty doc here's a (you)

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This is my first post since the event began.

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And you've lost already anon. Bye bye

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But I'm not green

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Post #3:
Replying to infected individual

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Post #4:
Observing change

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Please reply to this post, infected anon, to test the reciprocal hypothesis, since OP is a l0ser.

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let me give you another (you)

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Post #6:
Observing Change

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Post #7
Observing change

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Post #8:
No changes so far,
commencing mass reply to infected anons.

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here is a (you) back

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Post #9
Observing change

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anime women make my dick hard

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Post #10:
Hypothesis: Biohazard symbol indicates that an anon is quarantined and can no longer infect.

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I’ve been taking remdesivir every day, there’s no way I can have it

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Post #11:
Received contact from non-biohazard anon.
Observing change without reciprocity.

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Post #12:
Accidental deletion of post 11:
Reciprocating contact with non-biohazard anon.

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hmmm i cant infect?? perhaps so

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OP is delusional, there is no evidence of poster to poster transmission.

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Post #13:
Observing change

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I think a sickness state is just assigned to each user, like the teams from last year

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Post #14:
Hypothesis 2: There is an invisible phase where one is infected before green border appears.

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OP here, now replying to the fp for the first time. Ther are multiple possibilities at this point. I encourage infected posters to continue to interact with me for science.

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maybe its about proximity to a post that is infected?

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hey i think you're infected doc

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Post #15:
In response to 982,
Post #9 and Post #10 are adjacent to an infected individual without apparent transmission.

OP is infected, name has become abberated but it is unknown if OP was already infected.

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This is true, I have seen it where the name gets ever so slightly altered but the green doesnt appear.

I hypothesize that the contagiousness is affected by infection level

Level 1: slightly messed name, no green
Level 2: green border (there seem to be atleast 2 sublevels)
Level 3: Biohazard

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I had post right after an infected and until this post I have been fine. I haven't replied but I have been mass replied by the infected.

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Post #16:
In response to 997,
I am implying that even name changes will not become apparent until the infection proceeds.

OP would you kindly start a new test thread, your name is now affected but was not affected in the starting post.

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Post #17:
To clarify,
Hypothesis 3: Infection effects are exclusive to replys. Original post does not display infection effects.

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997, do you think there might be a chance for some individuals to have immunity or the existence of infected words

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Thank you for your continued interaction. I am beginning to notice that I don't feel so good... (see pic related). I further hypothesize that the disease has 2-5 steps of profundity, based on what I've seen. I also unironically think I had a very mild bout about a week plus ago and at its mild peak I had fever dreams and I saw weird shit swimming around in my closed eyes, then I had a mild outbreak of already-present oral herpes which I think may have been activated by it)

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Post #18:
Name abberation effect is not consistent across posts for the biohazard individual. If effects are generated solely upon an infection variable attached to each user, this inconsistency suggests that even after biohazard, the variable changes.

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In response to my own post which now has a faint green tinge, it is now evident that I am infected. If other users do not wish to be infected then I strongly encourage them to discontinue 4chan use at this COUF- time, fuck. Fuck. My continued posting will accelerate the COUGrse of the disease (I really wanna go outside and get some fresh air!) FUCK. Fuck. Please remain calm and don't loot, everyone. Do not reply to me.

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Post #19:
There are 12 IPs so far to this thread.
Evidence so far suggests the following:
Original starting post does not display effects.
Proximity appears not to matter.
Reciprocation appears not to matter.

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Stage of infection appears to change between boards
Got a post like this>>11520985 on /int/ earlier and just degenerated Anonymous on /sci/

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Post #20
Over 20 minutes has elapsed since possible contact with non-biohazard anon.
Over 30 minutes has elapsed since possible contact with biohazard anon.
Observing changes.

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Post #21:
It appears I am infected, or have been since Post #17. This supports hypothesis 2. Good luck anons.
Rejecting the second two claims of post #19
Please test the nature of biohazard anons.

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Post #22:
"Hypothesis 2"
There is an asymptomatic phase, similar to reality.

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ok my post literally changed in between when I posted this (it was just degenerated Anonymous) and when I came back to the thread

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delivered: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32205204/

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Hmm, I'll need to do a triple blind test on this one

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Hey do me a solid and breathe at me one time (again?), I wanna see what happens.

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In response to the "Post #XX" anon, who is volunteering in this thread, I am not directly invoking your posts as a safety measure. However I wish to understand your introspective methodology further. Please reply without directly responding to any of my posts if you wish to do so.

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Not infected

Reason: Zalgo

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how many hours until everyone is green tho?

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Post #23:
Hypothesis 4: Continued exposure to infection will not increase progression of disease.

As per 997's infection model,

OP progressed to Level 1 a maximum of 20 minutes after contact with biohazard individual and 7 minutes after contact with nonbiohazard individual.
OP progressed to green border or Level 2 a maximum of 29 minutes after contact from biohazard individual and 17 minutes after contact from nonbiohazard individual

I progressed to level 1 a minimum of 25 minutes after contact with biohazard individual and 15 minutes after contact with nonbiohazard individual.

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What's a Zalgo?

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your anonymous name has weird glyphs unicode etc

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please cure it please cure it please cure it i dont want to catch it please please please please

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It’s pretty fucking obvious.
You reply to an infected post, and you immediately contract the infection. Replies made to you from infected posts do not work.
At first, you will show no signs of infection due to incubation, either through a certain number of posts or a specific length of time, after which you will then appear to be infected.

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1152 1141
Yep I haven't directly replied to anyone since it started and I'm still clean.

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Given the nature of the actual Coronavirus, what are the odds that some anons are just carriers? It seems as though you have to respond to infected anons regardless, merely being replied to doesn't seem to trigger it.

Also, are the biohazard anons banned for the rest of the day or what? It's less fun if they're not.

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Post #24:
Addendum to Post 23:
Correction: I reciprocated conatct with nonbiohazard individual 2 minutes later.
I progressed to level 2 a maximum of 52 minutes after contact with biohazard individual and 40 minutes after contact with nonbiohazard individual.

Condensing data
Assuming biohazard is quarantined
1 2
OP <7 min <17 min
ME <12 min <40 min
Assuming biohazard is not quarantined
1 2
OP <20 min <29 min
ME <25 min <52 min

Responding to infected individual 1103.
My very first post was asymptomatic.
After contact by proximity and reciprocal reply, posts continued to be asymptomatic.
Succeding posts did not reciprocate replies.
Began to show symptoms later.

0 (OP's): Reciprocal contact is required for infection.
1: Biohazard individuals cannot infect.
2: There is an asymptomatic period after infection.
3: Original starting post cannot display infection effects, but may otherwise engage in infection.
4: Continued exposure will not increase progression of disease.

Evidence strongly supports hypotheses 2 and 3.
Testing for hypotheses 0 and 1 would likely reduce transmission.

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Post #25:
Reanalyzing data, it's bit sloppy to read rn.

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Original posts do display it.

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what if you reply to someone that was infected but has no signs of being infected

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Post #26:

Level 1 2
OP <19 <29
ME (22,25) (42,52)

Level 1 2
OP <0 <10
ME (14,17) (34,44)

Level 1 2
OP <19 <29
ME (19,22) (39,49)

[Biohazard quarantined + Proximity]
Level 1 2
OP <7 <17
ME (11,14) (31,41)

[Biohazard quarantined + Reciprocal]
Level 1 2
OP <0 <10
ME (9,12) (29,39)

[Biohazard quarantined + Reply]
Level 1 2
OP <7 <17
ME (12,15) (32,42)

If OP was not infected already, evidence best supports the [Reply] model of transmission. That is, reciprocity and proximity are not factors, and transmission can occur either replying to an infected individual, or an infected individual replying.

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Additionally the biohazard symbol does not appear to affect transmission.

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Post 28:
To avoid infection, abstain from posting entirely.
Even if you do not directly reply, others can infect you without consequence.

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You're definitely wrong about the site wide crawl:
>/a/: 6263 new cases, moderate
>/v/: 6259 new cases, very high
>/d/: 1968 new cases, minimal
>/po/: 1970 new cases, minimal
>/pol/: 6257 new cases, high
>/asp/: 1972 new cases, very low
There seems to be at least two different categories of board, with the ticker (roughly) being the same in those categories, but it seemingly has no relation to the board infection level nor 4chan vs 4channel

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Would an infected anon mind posting with a name and/or trip? I'm curious if they decided to make namefags display the virus with name changes as well. It would be an interesting way to attempt to "hide" before you begin displaying a green coloring.

>> No.11521282

names and trips are disabled (I have a name and trip in my field rn)

>> No.11521289

Ah, okay. I wonder if posting in a thread with an infected OP counts as a "reply" or if it has to be a direct quote.

>> No.11521295

Am I infected?

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Post #29:
Disabled names and trips would make quality experiments difficult to conduct.

>> No.11521311

You could always do experiments on ID’d boards like /pol/

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OP here. I am pleaCOFFFFF, fuck, pleased to report that I have a full-blown case of the disease and have infected others acros multiple boards. I encourage other users to spend time in slower boards that they wouldn't normally think to check, in order to spread the love. <3

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Here, lover. :3 My anecdotal walking around suggests that it needs to be a (You) or two between the parties to transmit; mere presence in the same thread may not be sufficient.


Also the above intelligent anon has confirmed that the site-wide impression that I had earlier was incorrect, I would appreciate if he could respond here to me with any further detail.

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It seems that yes, either some anons are immune (unlikely) or simply carriers.

>> No.11521471

I haven't replied to any infected posts, but the symptoms seem to intensify over time despite posting only a few times (less than 10 posts). It also happens that you can get infected from getting replies.

>> No.11521487

We should establish a cross-board travel ban.

>> No.11521498

We've yet to see what happens when a board goes "critical". Hopefully they lock the board for the day.

>> No.11521499


Not before you kiss me. :3

>> No.11521503

I can help with the statistical analysis

>> No.11521507

I need to get a sample back to the lab, but I lost my cooler. Would a qt infected girl (male) be willing to fill me with the virus? For science of course.

>> No.11521526

Fuck off you're infected

>> No.11521532

*coofs on ur mom*

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Would have been nice if spoiler tags had some relevance to transmission.

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Post #31:

>> No.11521558

Nooo you can't do that anon!!

>> No.11521569

Don' reply to them and you'll be fine

>> No.11521571

take my disease away

i beg you

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if you use words like desu, senpai, you get more infefcted,

>> No.11521819

>only way to get infected is to reply to a green poster

You have to be retarded to get infected.

>> No.11521827

Kinda hope hiroshimoot is recording the data and will release it later

>> No.11521851

So it's my second post, i haven't been infected so far, and i don't reply, let's test this

>> No.11521863

*Coofs on you*

>> No.11521871

I'm not infected.

>> No.11523099

anyone cured yet

>> No.11523178

cured here

>> No.11523185

how long does it take

>> No.11523189

I think I got infected around 1100 cest. First noted of being cured at 2000 maybe.
So either 8 or 9 hours

>> No.11523190

how many posts did you post?

>> No.11523196

anywhere between 20 and 35

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we are machines

>> No.11523287

I don't remember replying to any infected

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lol sure is good to not be infected

>> No.11523294

I'm not infected anymore. How was I cured?

>> No.11523312

you're immune

>> No.11523527

I'm cured now

>> No.11523604

What's up with the ban? Is it a random chance between recovery and ban?

>> No.11523947

Testing on mobile

>> No.11523952

Second test

>> No.11524040

(you) for some infections

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Indian IQ is artificially deflated by poverty
white IQ is artificially inflated by wealth

Real Indian IQ is about 88
Real white IQ is about 91

Keep in mind that if there is any bias in polygenic scores, it's bound to be white biased, since whites are studied several orders of magnitude more than other populations.

inb4 copeseethe

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Post #35
I am cured but now I like male genitalia.

>> No.11524276

>ITT we attempt to establish features
I was maximum infected on my very first post already.
Try to make sense of that.

>> No.11524280

>11520858 (OP)
/v/ has spooky music on the front page now.
I wonder if that means it's gonna get worse.

Approximately 20 minutes after replying to an infected anon you get infected.
You can stave off the infection and become temporarily immune, with a smiley emoticon. People have lost it. It is not known why they lost it.

If I understood it correctly, you stave off infection by just posting without replying to people, and waiting. Watched one anon do it in another sci thread.

Crossboard linking seems safe.
I crosslinked Patient Zero from /po/, a post that was 720 days old. Jesus that board is slow.

>> No.11524297

hm.. test

>> No.11524307

I've been high level infected for a few hours now. I don't think it wears off over time, but I'm crossboard posting here to see if it has any effect.

>> No.11524313

Don't reply to anyone.
5 minutes after your last post, make another post to see what happens.
Make no other posts.
Then wait another 5 minutes and make your next post.

>> No.11524329

Think it might be post count?

>> No.11524342

might be too late for me

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Someone who's sick, quick, make a 0.999=/=1 thread

>> No.11524396

Because the machines do not save people, just extend their lives a couple weeks. They all die.

>> No.11524397

There was already one up, but I made another anyways. Here's the thread


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Yep. Now you can stop being a denialist idiot like most of the autistic people here. Healthcare workers know that none of our interventions are effective. If it progresses to the point you need critical care, you die.

>> No.11524410

love to see it. cause as much chaos as possible

>> No.11524434

i've already replied to a couple anons not infected or asymptomatic, in other boards.

>> No.11524436

So people are taking the bait, but I can't reply to their posts or they'll see that I'm sick. Any healthy anons or immune Chads want to come in and bait them for me?

>> No.11524439

Maybe activity determines how long individual infections last

>> No.11524455

another test.

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Anon will you post the results in this thread?

>> No.11524482 [DELETED] 

Either or

>> No.11524483

Someone had to seed it, of course a few people would be infected at the start.

>> No.11524524

damn, mods got it

>> No.11524525

It got pruned. Maybe it was too obvious.

>> No.11524528

It was a good effort, anon. We got quite a few before it went down.

>> No.11524536

What's another good one? Finitist v infinitist? basic math puzzle? Some kind of Tooker thread?

>> No.11524537

Read the primary source if you actually care. It's talking about drinking water in the mouse cages. There's no discussion about adding it to the public water supply or how that would work. I can't post the links because the system thinks they're spam.

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File: 1.99 MB, 360x202, 2xunhp.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess. There goes all that chaos I wanted

>> No.11524544

It's just a janny. I'll get a topical pic for the OP on the next one.

>> No.11524545

This isn't /sci/ content, fuck off back to your funny meme boards

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/sci/ hasn't had /sci/ content since the outbreak started and everyone flooded the board to ask if they were going to get sick. This is fun at least, so fuck off.


>> No.11524562

>Living in the third world where jobs are next no non-existent.

>> No.11524563

Shit, I'm getting better. We need to do this fast if we're going to do it at all, so I'll just grab some arithmetic troll pic and start another thread real quick.

>> No.11524566

/sci/ hasn't had proper scientific content since that german pedophile sent rats to space, but that's no reason to shit it up even more with this thread

go away

>> No.11524571

Thread is up and I should be able to post ingognitus. Anyone know if you lose the ability to infect people while you recover?

>> No.11524576

No. Come have fun with us and then you can go yell at some /pol/tards elsewhere

>> No.11524582

Forgot link


>> No.11524583

I was infected a few hours ago.
My name started to change.
Name is back to normal, but deep green slash biohazard.

>> No.11524588

Edit: name is normal on /b/
names change across boards

>> No.11524636

I've gained the Chad immunity. We need more sick to troll the thread

You there, get in that thread and argue with anyone who isn't sick


>> No.11524695


>> No.11524727


>> No.11524733

oh no

>> No.11524815

test 2

>> No.11524818

test 3

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damn you

>> No.11524866

test 4

>> No.11525012

Every nation on the world failed themselves by pretending ecological collapse doesn’t exist.

>> No.11525011

Got pozzed 20 mins ago. Let's see how it went.

>> No.11525015

I didn't reply to anybody yet still got greener. Interesting.

>> No.11525018

Can I poz myself worse?

>> No.11525027


>> No.11525042

when will this bullshit come to an end?

>> No.11525044

6 to 9 months, if we all take shelter immediately

>> No.11525059

nice dubs
but i meant these posts that are green and this whole april fools stuff

>> No.11525062


>> No.11525071

*coofs on you*
Oh herro. Sorry about that.

>> No.11525074

I got one you from a carrier.

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>> No.11525104

I replied to a couple of pozzed threads and this is the result.
(Previous post 11525027)

>> No.11525241

Was infected about 9 hours ago, test posting now

>> No.11525319

Hmm, is it gone now?

>> No.11525328

still meme name

>> No.11525337

Was a biohazard sign before, testing

>> No.11525836


>> No.11527165

not infected, suckas