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Why have we not heard aliens?

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1) they may just not know we are around

2) we may be too far for them to reach us

3) they may have already sent us a message but it'll take some time to reach us

4) they are smart enough to realize that hiding may be the best thing to do

We stopped being prey animals for so long that we forgot what happens if you go out in the open and screech on the top of your lungs that you're here

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The universe is far apart, aliens at least of our level of development almost certainly exist though

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isn't earth's detectable radio bubble like super small relatively speaking

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There are many exoplanets within that bubble.

Proxima centauri is only 5 ly away

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Really efficient communications technology might be difficult to distinguish from natural EM sources.

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>4) they are smart enough to realize that hiding may be the best thing to do

Couldn't this be pretty easily refuted, given that any alien race advanced enough to seek out and exterminate any other life would also be able to just go to any planet that has a chance of developing life, regardless of whether said life is detectable or not? If they're genuinely that determined to purge all life from the galaxy then they're not going to just stop at the planets that're making themselves obvious. Not to mention that the genocidal aliens themselves would probably be noticeable by us, even if the aliens hiding from them weren't.

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1) We are alone
2) We are not alone but we are literally ants for them
3) We are alone but we didn't used to. They died.

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You really think that any significantly advanced race would be using fucking radio to communicate? We can't hear them because we're using tech they evolved beyond. Like trying to send an email with smoke signals.

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>regardless of whether said life is detectable or not?

That would be horribly inefficient

Also, being nom'd by space bugs or purged by space nazis may not be the only concerns. Sicknesses, bacterias, and simply the possibility that encountering such a civilization could go wrong in so many ways, it is a possibility that some species that may not have our propensity for curiosity to think that hiding could be a better idea

Or they're hiding because they just couldn't care less about the rest of the galaxy

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Realistically, within known physics, what could they be using other than EM waves or lasers? And even if they were using exclusively lasers for communication, would it not make sense for them to broadcast in radio waves and other formats specifically for the purpose of making contact? Surely in an entire galaxy at least one other species would find it worthwhile to attempt contact with aliens.

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Any explanation for the great silence that suggests alien civilizations "feel" some way or collectively have come to XY/Z opinion or have developed laws against interacting are bullshit and not worth considering unless we've also determined free will isn't real first.

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Also we have only been listening for 50 years

The milky way is 50 000 radius long and we're kinda in the fringe

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I was going to write the same thing but maybe they found a way to communicate using quantum entanglement

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if you're a civilization capable of broadcasting a "welcome" signal, you CANNOT hide from another civilization capable of destroying you. There is no hiding in the universe. The idea is hilariously dumb.

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Maybe there are not many sentient beings to begin with mate

Maybe it's really that hard evolutionary speaking to get intelligent beings on a planet, i mean it took billions of year for earth just to harbor fucking seafood in its oceans let alone radio wave using civilizations

If were only 3 out it's not unlikely at least one of us would wanna lay low

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Think we have but nobody is listening.

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Yes. The only things that satisfy seemingly pristine nature of the entire universe are the ambiguous idea of "lack of motive" which falls apart pretty quickly or that they're just not there.

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Well yes there is

Free space loss usually does a good job of hiding us, making our radio bubble fade into background noise

But if you're smart and capabne enough to fire a high powered and directive signal towards a very specific planet, becausr thats what it takes for "aliens" to "contact us", you're smart enough to weigh the pros and cons

And its pretty fucking likely most alien civizations found the idea to be pretty stupid and not only because of space bugs

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If aliens are smart enough to send a message, then they're smart enough to not waste their resources doing it.

Imagine we received one tomorrow and correctly identified it. What's next? The message is from a cluster two thousand light years away. What do you do with it if not shoving it up your ass, cause the lag i s so absurd?

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Fucking this

And also the idea of possibly dooming your ancestors by letting potentially harmful aliens that you're queer and you're here

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I'm fairly certain it's because we ARE the highly advanced elder race that will be burdened with enlightening the savages of the universe. We haven't found any aliens because the other lifeforms are still at the ape-tribe stage, too busy picking their butts and throwing feces at each other like animals. It will be up to us to civilize them, or keep them in zoos, perhaps.

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>The message is from a cluster two thousand light years away.
if you're advanced enough to send a message, you've probably solved things like aging. You're imposing a human lifespan on your conceptualization of this and it's causing a bias. There's no reason to believe an alien intelligence would have anywhere close to a human lifespan, or even if they would die of natural causes at all.

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This falls into the same fallacy that most Fermi paradox solutions do wherein people assume that all aliens are completely rational, value the same things, and are all in agreement with each other. If there is any decent number of alien races in the galaxy, it is almost impossible that every one of them would independently decide to hide their existence. Regardless of how many silent millions of civilizations are out there, all it takes is one willing to initiate contact, and one willing to return it. By observing the only intelligent life we know, ourselves, we can see that it's absolutely possible for a species to both attempt to initiate contact, and be willing to return contact. We spent millions to shoot a golden disc into space with the vague hope that someone else might see it one day. We don't just welcome contact, we're desperate for it. Claiming that not a single alien civilization would ever have the ability or motivation to do the same is absurd.

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Space be h u g e

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Also we need significantly more observation.

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because the distances are disgustingly massive.

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Bad Wi Fi

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Radio is primitive technology, they telepathically communicate directly with us in our minds, cf mystics, schizophrenics

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they have superior technology. we have been building stealth aircraft that's been flying over the chinkland

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Because we've only been listening for like 100 Earth years

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Predators have to kill to survive, aliens kill to uh...

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Because we're shouting from our room and expecting people in random locations outside our house to hear us and shout back.

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Space is fuck huge and attenuation is a fucking bitch. You'd need gargantuan amounts of power to get detectable signals between distant planets outside out solar system. Like using the power of the sun as a massive signal light on one side towards the intended target area.

Who knows, maybe pulsars are universal internet hubs.

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So if there are advanced aliens why can we see stars?
Shouldn't they be harvesting that energy?

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>almost certainly exist though

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>I'm fairly certain it's because we ARE the highly advanced elder race that will be burdened with enlightening the savages of the universe.
Dear merciful Lord, please exist and deliver us from this horrid fate.

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My pet theory is that there are multiple sentient species out there but we will never be able to contact each other. Space is mind bogglingly big. Even travelling at light speed, if such a thing was possible, it would take millions of years to get to another inhabited star system.

Space is mind-bogglingly big and we will always be alone.

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That's what I'm thinking. Its the only thing that makes sense when you need to communicate over the extreme distances in space.

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I mean if we exist. Someone else has to be out there right?

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intelligent life is very rare, we are alone in the observable universe

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>Space is mind bogglingly big
our galaxy is many more years older than it is lightyears wide. If at any point in 13.5 billion years since the formation of the milky way another intelligent civilization arose, they would have billions and billions of years to build a beacon that could be heard from anywhere in the galaxy. the 150,000 lightyears from one end to another is a pitifully small travel time compared to the time since the conditions for life as we know it has been possible.

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“Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space.”

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prove right now that we're not the only planet with life that has ever existed and will ever exist

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Even if they are using radio to communicate they would be focused directional transmissions.
Even on earth our radio bubble has gotten quieter because its not super efficient to broadcast omnidirectionally if you don't have to.
Radio also starts to fall off quicky away from the broadcast source.
If you had an interstellar civilization they would probably use focused lasers or masers to communicate between stars because you get more bang for your buck and you don't light yourself up for your nearby galactic neighbors to notice.

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1-They don't give a shit about us

2-The human activity and probes hasn't reached anyone yet so they don't know we're here

3-They know we exist and they know that we are a warrior race and the only thing we can think about is war and breeding so we are dangerous retards until we can figure out how to create a utopia because then we'd be ready

4-They have already made contact with select individuals and somehow managed to keep it secret

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Yes, but our bubble goes out maybe 100 ly with the final 50 ly being difficult to detect our presence. 100 ly seems like a big area but when you start doing the calculations on the number of viable planets, the odds of life arising on them and then the odds that they're in a stage of technological advancement enough during the very short period during which we've been making noise, the odds turn out to be rather small.

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Do people genuinely believe a highly advanced Alien species would actually attack us? What could they possibly get out of glassing a shitty mudball with apes on it? It'd be like the US government nuking the cloud forests in African just to fuck with gorillas

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Depends how advanced they are or how they define intelligent life. Wiping out the solar system for their intergalactic highway might be like killing an ant hill while you're tilling your garden.

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Infection. We're at war right now with a virus. Other civilizations might see us as a virus. Right now we're contained to our ball of mud but it might be wise to go ahead a snuff us out before we find a way to start spreading out.

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tldr faggot
it's math, everything has rules and is clear. there is no "hidden shit" you retard

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Radio waves can't penetrate through the plasma sheaths of dwarf stars -- which is where 99.9999% of planets with life are located.

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Would we understand what they said if we heard them?

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^^^ that's the scientific reason for why aliens will most likely never ever contact us or detect us.

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They don't care about us enough

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He literally said "this is their new hoax" why do you need a third party to parse that for you? Are you an actual NPC?

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More in-depth: https://youtu.be/Kff_ytg0-8w?t=7m31s

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Post theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNJL6nfu__Q

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Cover your fucking mouth when you coof, bro

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Bump, water is interesting

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Because no other life forms have advanced to the point of being able to. There are no civilizations out there that are technologically advanced enough to to travel to or contact other beings millions of light years away. Nobody is much farther than we are. Any life form that became extremely advanced inevitably died out due to their own hand, or other environmental reasons.

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I've always been under the assumption that our entire existence is akin to the Truman show and multiple alien races just laugh at us