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Im trying to create a scienticly proven brain exercise regime. I want it to help me protect myself from Alzheimers and maybe even improve current brain gains and flexibility.

>writing a page for the daily journal
>playing instrument, singing
>creating new music
>learning another language like german in duolingo
>drawing things i see and from memory, shading

What can I change or add? Besides changes to sleep, exercise, eating and drug usage. Hoe fo you guys take care of your brain? Thank you!

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eat healthy
work out
practice writing and drawing with both hands
study and constantly try to learn new things
Everything on your list is good too

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Frontal lobe
Personality, behavior, emotions
Judgment, planning, problem solving
Speech: speaking and writing (Broca’s area)
Body movement (motor strip)
Intelligence, concentration, self awareness

Parietal lobe
Interprets language, words
Sense of touch, pain, temperature (sensory strip)
Interprets signals from vision, hearing, motor, sensory and memory
Spatial and visual perception

Occipital lobe
Interprets vision (color, light, movement)

Temporal lobe
Understanding language (Wernicke’s area)
Sequencing and organization

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drawing faces with different emotions

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Why resist death's sweet release OP.

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Why wont you kill yourself right now?

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I'm sure there's short term benefit in a lot of different things, but eventually the novelty wears off at which point your brain stops adapting or you grow bored. I think music and language have the most potential long term benefits because they can provide a lot of enjoyment and become life long pursuits (not that many people don't pick up a new instrument or language for a year and then quit). Social interaction may provide more benefits to the brain than anything.

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daily well tempered clavier practice
cant just be playing carly rae jepsen

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have a dog and take care of it
bonus points for a 2 parrots, as they are not mammals and can fly and speak

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New version of brain exercise regime.

>social interaction
>pet dog, or 2 parrots
>writing a page for the daily journal
>guitar, singing
>flute, creating new music
>duo lingo german
>drawing emotional faces, shading 3d
>the kazachok he danced really wunderbar

Anything else?

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Read anything and everything you can get your hands on. Write an abstraction or digest for everything.
Take a picture of a common item or a portrait, turn it upside down, and then draw it.
Brush your teeth with your non dominant hand.
Start taking alternate paths to places (take a different way home from school or work).
If you can work on plasticity and recall everything else is going to fall into place.

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>mint in pot next to bed
>7,5 hours of sleep
>no sleeping on belly, chest or face
>30 min meditation before and after bed
>whim hoff breathing
>hot to cold showers

>social interaction
>pet dog, or 2 parrots
>writing a page for the daily journal
>reading new things
>guitar, singing
>flute, creating new music
>duo lingo german
>drawing emotional faces, shading 3d
>using pictures/recalling images from memory
>scetching common items in different positions
>using non dominant hand
>the kazachok he danced really wunderbar

>yoga, spreading toes
>ab wheel
>farmer walk
>handstand/ overhead press
>pull up/ straight hands pushdown
>pistol squat/stair climb
>hammer curl
>rotator cuff
>skipping rope
>swimming, wall climbing on weekends

>only water
>onion, eggs
>spinach, nuts
>fish, cheese, brown rice
>olive/coconut oil
>zink, vit D, omega 3, glycine pills
>brushing teeth, melatonine before bed

>no porn
>no inhaling with mouth
>no recreational drugs
>no sugar, white flour
>no headphones
>no shoes

>hat and sunglasses
>fly fishing
>own chickens
>empathy, truth and no negativity
>extraordinary survival and teaching skills
>praise your son

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>mint in pot next to bed.
I'm sorry, what?

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Plant gives you more oxygen during sleep and smell encourages nose breathing.
Its my nightmare catcher.

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Im polish, I was raised on a farm. I was studying mechanical engineering, and I came back to the farm. I'm not vegan. The best wife would be tall one with small nose. I dont want money, only self reliance. What else?

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get a boxing bag, like black people
eat bugs, like asians
fuck horses, like native americans
there is something you can learn from every nation, just travel

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chess, poker

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Then just switch between different activities when you feel youve gained maximum marginal output in productivity

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no use of social media or 4chan (destroys attention span)

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do this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0fk5L1ifbo

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mirror gazing

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You could try perhaps taking one day off to listen to music or take in life remotely... Or use it to decompress and perform some yoga.

Or just use it to try something different like disassembling a bike and then putting it back together without a manual. It should be nice, even if it may sound a little frustrating (in the case of the bike, anyways).

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Engage in competitive video games of all genres, online competitive play like Tekken for fighting games, the Command and Conquers, the Total Wars, or Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 for strategy games, Planetside 2, PUBG or Call of Duty for FPS, Dark Souls(es) and Bloodborne and their offsprings for RPGs, War Thunder, Dreadnought, Mechwarrior, Warframe for online only games, etc etc. The more skill required and the more competitive it is the more it stimulates the brain to think and activates your problem solving skills. Engage in more things that involve you instead of watching animes or sieries/movies. Go out and talk to intelligent people, listen to well made music instead of the pop mainstream braindead bullshit. have faith in God,. Study philosophy.

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Thinking about it Warframe isn't really competitive nevermind that

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Also gather knowledge, learn to play an instrument, learn to draw and get creative. Appreciate culture

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>95 year old
Have you read the goddamn article, or not?

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the only way to protect yourself from alzheimers is to shoot yourself in the head at the first signs

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Do chess masters get alzheimers?

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Pet a dog or 2 parrots

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having a dog is simple best thing to lift you out of depression
parrots are dogs that live 50 years, can fly and sing, sometimes speak, but they get lonely very easily, need a companion 24/7

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Sleep, Diet, and Exercise. That's it buddy. There's no "tricks." If you don't get enough sleep you start building up beta-amyloid which is implicated in Alzheimers disease.

Diet. Protein and Fat. Meat and vegetables. Avoid processed. I like a diet high in nitrates, but also dark leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables for their positive hormonal effects. So I eat a lot of the following (all raw):

1. Beets
2. Garlic
3. Onions
4. Cabbage
5. Kale

These are my go to for veggies. Nitrates are good because they get converted into nitrous oxide which expands your blood vessels. For meat I eat a lot of pork, beef, and chicken. Beef is considered one of if the not the most nutrient dense foods you can eat. High in B-vitamins, fat, and protein. If you're looking to reduce inflammation, chicken fat tends to be higher in arachidonic acid which is a precursor to anandamide which has anti-inflammatory effects. Probably where the whole chicken soup when you're sick comes from.

Exercise. Physical exercise is what keeps you sharp. You can have a great diet and sleep regimen, but without physical exercise you're essentially just throwing high octane fuel into a shitty, run down car. Physical exercise also increases anadamide which helps you tolerate stress better, increases BDNF which improves your memory, and also increases nitrous oxide which like I said before expands your blood vessels which has a nice "amplifying" effect.

Then there's mental exercise. If it's a waste to eat and sleep well without exercising, then it's also a waste to not challenge your mind while doing all of the latter. Mental arithmetic problems are great, logic puzzles are good, reading is good too, but writing is even better. Reflecting on your thoughts, and keeping a journal of your thoughts.

And lastly, make sure you know why you are doing all of this. You need something potent to keep you motivated when you're feeling down and not following your plan.

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I said besides changes to sleep, exercise and eating.
Which mental arithmetic problems and logic puzzles do you recommend?

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>social interaction
How to achieve this?

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Having a dog and shopping. Then proceed to walk your dog and take care of it. With the basics covered get a gf, that should be already better than 80% of population.

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I cannot even get male friends because of how weird and awkward I am, how am I ever going to find a gf?

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walk your dog and talk with women walking their dog about dogs
having male friends is difficult in these times, because theyre mostly girlfriendless and gay, which makes a lot of stuff awkward

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puzzles are really good. Crosswords, sudoku, whatever, any kind of logic puzzle is good brain practice.

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claude shannon got alzheimers, aka the man who bridged the gap between algebra and relay circuits and invented information theory couldn't manage to check his e-mail in old age, so probably

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Suicide is not in line with what the logos requires of me.

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>eat vegetables to improve cardiovascular health
>eat lots of meat to worsen cardiovascular health

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Deca-10-back, non-ironically, if you don't mind risking suicide. Even dual-2-back training is disconcerting.

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gardening has helped me a lot

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drink coffee to avoid alzheimers

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If you don't sleep, the exercise won't matter. If you don't exercise, the food won't matter.

You will be essentially polishing the turd that is your brain if you don't sleep eat and exercise right.

That being said, for mental arithmetic I recommend these sites:


Zetamac is customizable and mathtrainer is ranked so if you are like me and motivated by competition, it's a good choice. I am personally ranked in the top 100 for North America ;-)

for something a little more abstract and less performance based, elementary number theory is the way to go:


I don't have any logic puzzle recommendations. Maybe try the LSAT. My cousin will sometimes do the LSAT to keep his mind sharp.

n-back tests are good too. Really anything that challenges your working memory will be good.


Ah yes, eating only saturated and trans fats and never exercising- that's exactly what I said.

No, I said eat meat and raw vegetables. You can't survive on vegetables alone they don't provide enough protein or fat. Poly unsaturated fats don't worsen your cardiovascular health. Sugar, trans/saturated fats, and stress are what cause damage to your arteries.

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40hz Binaural, 40hz strobe. Limited evidence it destroys Alzheimers plaq. Look up 40hz gamma wave. I do it everyday because I find it relaxing and hope it improves my brain. Eyes open, breath control and mental effort to entrain are also important. Could all be placebo but I now feel like I can tell when I'm entrained and when I'm not.

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Salve brother.

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I said no changes to sleep, food and exercise, because >>11518508 this is what i do. Please read more carefully.

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Cold showers
Healthy diet
Healthy social life
Physical, emotional and cognitive demanding tasks/actions