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Is the WHO even a reliable source of health advice?

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fuck no, nobody is really. after enough time the answers illuminate themselves unless you got faggots liek china spreading constant fucking lies

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Notice how they never said all gaming leads to addiction, or even that it generally does.

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You're retarded. "Video game addiction" diagnosis is used very strictely. Some guy playing vidya for 20 hours on the weekend doesn't qualify for it. HOWEVER, there's a few cases where someone keeps playing for days in just one session, or plays 20 hours daily for an extended period of time. Both of these will lead them right to the hospital and that's when it's used.

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absolutely not

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Seems really obtuse to me

Like lets say some guy was addicted to putt putt and just wouldn't fucking stop playing it. Are we going to categorize a new disorder just for putt putt?

Just make an "addicted to fun" disorder already

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>Situations in which recurrent gaming causes issues is classified mental disorder.
>Sane, rational use of gaming to prevent social withdrawal during times of low social contact is good.

I'm sorry, what was the problem here?

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No. Anybody telling people not to wear masks BEFORE getting sick should be told to go fuck themselves. Pic related.

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>doctors are lying to you look some guy in hong kong drew an ms paint comic how could he be wrong

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Masks reduce the chance of transmission when worn by asymptomatic spreaders. This is settled science. Anybody telling you otherwise is lying to you.

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>disease spread through droplets
>mask prevents you from expelling or inhaling droplets
>doesn't work
At best, they are trying to get people to stop buying mask so hospital can have access to them. At worst, they want people to get sick and die.

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>doctors are lying to you

They straight up are it's embarrassing. They don't trust the population to forfeit masks to healthcare professionals because there is a shortage, so they lie about efficacy.

It's pointless because anyone can make their own mask and slow the transmission of the disease when they are asymptomatic. People who work in food preparation should be forced to wear masks or be closed.

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It's the same as with alcoholism.

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hey bro. don't compare alcoholics to gamers. we're actually cool, unlike stupid gamers.

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>20 hours on the weekend doesn't qualify for it
yeah right, what a load of cope

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>same organization that believes transgenderism is completely normal and does not have any negative effects whatsoever on a persons mental state.

Lmao fuck no

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>avoid contact
>don't go to crowded places
>wear a mask nonetheless to protect you from the air

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>ridiculing the least charitable interpretation of something you can think of

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what's the interpretation? in many country it's literally illegal to gather and public places are closed in these days. you only need mask if you're still working and can't avoid contact (cashiers, doctors, law enforcement just to name a few)

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the charitable interpretation is that you should avoid unnecessary contact with the general public and when that isn't possible, you should wear a mask.

you fucking dipshit.

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that's exactly what it's not saying tho, it's a retarded panicky thing saying wear a mask no matter what, that's why the average idiot is stockpiling masks and wearing them at all time in completely unnecessary situation

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>wear a mask no matter what,
That's an charitable interpretation of the comic. Obviously you only wear a mask when you're in contact with the public.

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Addiction is just a sign that you have no friends.

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first of all as i pointed out it's not so obvious, look around. secondly the first part of the comic with the schizo "dunt trust teh gubberment" spiel invalidates your interpretation

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You absolute moron, WHO defines gaming addiction as wherein it affects your responsibilities and health. You don't honestly think that equates to passing the time during a quarantine, do you?

Do b/zoomers buying Animal Crossing equate to basement dwelling WoW players who haven't seen light in 3 months?

WHO has multiple issues, especially in corruption, but this is not one of them.

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Problem is the putt putt guy is only one guy meanwhile lots of people had to go to ER because of vidya addiction. Plus their numbers keep increasing.

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the absolute state of video-brainlets

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Absolutely not. Also definitely not your state health org. Well, at least not mine. Spewing bullshit all the time.

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Addiction is addiction. Being addicted to different stimuli rarely have any different effects on the psyche. Unless of course one is addicted to something like alcohol or opioids where the addiction can cause a separate disease known as dependence... Then you get withdrawal and neurochemical imbalances

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Jesus you really are a fuckwit.

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This is your example? Out of all the WHO bullshittery you could have posted, you chose a slightly hypocritical treatment of vidya and not the fact that they are a Chinese propaganda organization...


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your comic is gay deal with it

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based. fuck chinks

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Wow it's almost like playing some videogames is different from being addicted to them

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i enjoy this post. thank you

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He obviously meant 2 hours smart guy.

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Some people get addicted to games they don’t find fun though

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The WHO are literally corrupt in many departments at every level. They are also chink puppets. Don’t trust ANYTHING from them, referring to local govt guidelines would be better although still with skepticism.

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No, "We" have to remove those fags. They took a long time to declare this a serious threat, unicef too and the UN has a fucking useless army that could have been deployed in Italy.

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>so they lie about efficacy.
Which works once. From now on though people are always going to question if the statements from the medical community are true or a lie with an agenda. Do you not see how that could end up being far more harmful in the long run?

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>diagnosis is used very strictely
oh yes, psychologists and psychiatrists are known for never misdiagnosing

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Hint hint dummy - the mask is worn to protect OTHERS from being infected by you when you are asymptomatic.

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Those aren't contradictory. If you're addicted to alcohol you have a problem, but if you have problems with socializing then responsible drinking can help you socialise. It's a matter of degree.
110 hours of vidya a week to the detriment of everything else in your life is bad, but if it's impossible to socialise any other way and people are getting lonely then play some vidya with your friends.

It's incredible how many autists sperg out when they hear that they may be addicted to vidya
t. Former addict

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I don't wanna sound too /pol/ but there are some talks about this guy being a chinese puppet because he has a good relationship with china's ext president and is in a communist party
if anyone has any real info about this I would be happy

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we have a mandatory face mask law that eveeyone needs to wear them outside and it "seems" like it is helping however who said masks are irrelevant
I saw a pic of hong kong saying we shold not trust who and that we should wear masks no matter what anyone says especially who and like a week and a half later who really said to not bother with face masks
whats up with that

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the difference in these images relates to the old phrase that the dose makes the poison. Left image is referring to an addiction to playing video games, akin to also medically recognised gambling disorder, whereas the right headline indicates a "healthy social pastime". Video games (like gambling) are not harmful in themselves, but abuse and addiction relating to these things may get classified as official disorders.

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Of course they are. Back in January and February, the WHO were far more concerned over racism towards chinks than they were about this becoming a pandemic. They were praising the efforts the CCP was taking to combat the virus, yet I don't believe for one second that the virus has plateaued at ~80,000 confirmed cases in China.

Eugene Wu called WHO the "Chinese Health Organization", and I can't blame them. They have their heads up China's ass. Be highly skeptical of the WHO.

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I bet you next thing anons have to do is tell you about how washing your hands is useful because there could be retards in the future that believe that washing your hands is a lie created by the Hygiene Industry. Just wait.

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Cool at abusing children.
That's very cool!

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I mean I don't trust WHO but I think they do this just to fit in with the norm. You don't wanna earn easy hate because a bunch of SJWs found your comment on something offensive.

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>WHO were far more concerned over racism
They issued their guidelines but to say they cared more about that than government responses is mistaking WHO for Twitter SJWs. Besides, part of the reason for the guidelines is to stop governments from using phrases like 'Chinese virus' to shift blame to other governments for any slow response of their own.

>They were praising the efforts the CCP was taking to combat the virus, yet I don't believe for one second that the virus has plateaued at ~80,000 confirmed cases in China
Why should we trust you or any other anon over the official figures?

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Not in the slightest. They're corrupt to the core. They are not to be trusted.

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There is nothing contradictory about these articles

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it's been run by Chinese communists and their puppets for 13 years and successfully turned it into CCP PR office and luxurious travel agency corrupt to the core
>almost half of the 2 billion USD WHO budget goes to "travel expenses" of the officials
>TCM is a-ok, you shouldn't put western medicine over it
>homeopathy is a-ok, maybe it works
>witchcraft is a-ok, we need more reaserch
>chinese flu is nothingburger
>don't call it chinese flu it makes the party look bad
>btw China make great job with the covid-19™ and everyone should be thank China

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no shit since there's too many retards being popped out by irresponsible parents

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no, the WHO might as well be considered as a wing of the CCP atm.

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no, the WHO might as well be considered as a wing of the CCP atm.

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why bet when it for sure will happen.

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but you see anon those who eventually buy would then become addicts based on WHO's description thus, the whole idea of vidya being bad, when in actuality it's the person's fault, is stupendous.

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>would then become
I mean in the sense that they might become addicted

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lmao trannies considered as a norm is a mental disorder in itself. Everyone at WHO needs to see a psychiatrist

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either you're a genuine anon that doens't know the nature of CCP or you're one of their puppets. The CCP have literally made the case that the virus came from the west and it's around their news media all over. All the foreigners in China now are getting flack because the chinese are being brainwashed into thinking it is a virus from the west. China is using the data in their favour to have other countries who are in dire need of help to request help from them

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Health organizations will say whatever they think they need to if they believe the ends justify the means. Like the CDC lying about the efficacy of masks, they likely believed lying was the best option due to a severe shortage of masks. Now you have the WHO saying video games are good because they want to make sure kids and teens who aren't in school stay inside instead of running around infecting people.

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Absolutely not, but not for this dumb ass reason. They are thoroughly infiltrated by China and corrupt. It was a far better organization when the soviets were involved.

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>Why should we trust you or any other anon over the official figures?
China's official figures (from leaked documents) show at least 40k more infected plus new infections every day, they just aren't reporting it to the public.

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>you only need mask if you're still working and can't avoid contact
Transmission is primarily through aerosols, avoiding contact may reduce your risk slightly, but you're leaving the most likely path of infection completely unprotected.

>> No.11518714

>avoiding contact may reduce your risk slightly
what? it eliminates it completely you dolt

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>wind doesn't exist

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Doctors lie regularly for even smaller reasons than you can imagine.

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No anon, transmission is primarily through inhaling aerosols containing the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and we know they can remain airborne for up to three hours. Direct contact likely accounts for only a very small portion of the infections, thus protecting against it will only offer a slightly reduced risk of becoming infected. If you're going out frequently, then you should be wearing a mask, both to protect your own respiratory tract, and to also protect others in case you're an asymptomatic carrier.

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>tfw a crazy ufo conspiracy theorist is more trustworthy than the who

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Ah, WHO, you mean the people that can't seem to decide whether or not this is aerosolized and has been changing its tune about it for 3 months?

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>masks useless

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>Direct contact likely accounts for only a very small portion of the infections,
source:my ass
>transmission is primarily through inhaling aerosols containing the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and we know they can remain airborne for up to three hours.
whatever board you came from you must go back absolute retard

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>believing anything from hong kong

that piece of shit city is riddled with "revolutionaries" who are very clearly just paid provokers by big companies, they shout nonsensical shit in which the only coherent part is "go against china"

>> No.11521422

I'd say they've been pretty indispensable in keeping us all healthy~

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>tfw people who claim to value science even one bit believe a clearly psychotic internet stranger over an international organization filled to the brim with harvard oxford yale and sorbone doctors.

fixed that up for ya little quick litlte mate matey booii uneduacted stupid inferiortome stupid

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Better than most sources for sure. Definitely better than getting your sources from /pol/

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Fuck no. They still argue cell phone radiation is perfectly healthy with the phone right against the skull. They're perfectly willing to compromise their morals for funding or other support.

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Fuck the World Health Organization. They are shills for China.

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So it’s just San Francisco with fewer hair colors?

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Haha WHO?
Its not airborne there is no social transmission its all a big nothingburger stop worrying /b/ and /pol/ already have it under control

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Addiction is when it begins to impact negatively other areas of your life and the person can't stop.
Vidyas today are specially crafted to be addictive, just like the youtube or pornhub algo.

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Aithorities told you to not get a mask because otherwise there would not be enough for healthcare workers since the West was completely unprepared to face a pandemic.
"Doctors said" is such a shitty appeal to authority, I will be a doctor next year, if I tell you licking the floor of the metro is healthy will you do it?
There are hundreds of thousands of doctors out there, some are brilliant, some are stupid, they're not gods.

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Are you people retarded? That's like saying having a beer is akin to being an alcoholic. Why would you ever conflate those two things? Do you people have brain damage?

>> No.11521517

shitposters from pol, what do you expect?

>> No.11521523

The OP pic is just bait. The WHO is actually corrupt for other reasons. Just take a look at how they handled the initial outbreak.

>> No.11521560

and look what's happening thanks to 50 cent army posters like you

>> No.11521631

Of course not

>> No.11521665

the head of the WHO,Tedros Adhanom, covered up the ebola crisis for a long time. He was chosen to head the WHO because he is corrupt

>> No.11521736

>the greater the accreditation the greater the honesty
absolute smoothbrain

>> No.11521737

>pornhub algo
I wish that was accurate enough to be addictive, I'm into kinky shit and it keeps recommending normie shit.

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The entire internet has and will forever be one ginormous lie. If you go in running with that thought you can enjoy the hilarity of it all.

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You don't need a mask anon, leave them for the people that do.

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WHO is basically as reliable as UN and as the league of nations before it.
> it's a scam
> not even joking

except throwing food and basic medicine at africa they are worthless

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VGA is not staying inside and playing video games. It's a compulsive behavior disorder that disrupts work/life pursuits and extends beyond a very high number of hours per week. If you clicked on that before article and read it you'd know that, but since you just cherry picked two headlines that seem to conflict on a superficial level, I'm guessing you didn't have a lick of interest in WHO before this month.

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What planet do you think you're living on, retard? You securing a small supply for yourself won't deprive a medical professional of anything, if anything they'd just be snapped up by chinks and jews either to ship out of the country, or to sell back later at gouge-prices. Pic related 1

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Pic related 2

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Pic related 3

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Pic related 4

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someone should go back to /pol/

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Pic related 5, gee I 'wonder' why we're experiencing shortages, perhaps orange man is hiding them

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>t. will die on a hill that one critical time the broken clock is right just to spite it

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I replied to an infected. Nobody reply to this comment for a bit I want to see if just replying to an infected was enough to catch it or if they have to reply to you

>> No.11522026

literal airborne aids

>> No.11522054

Well now an infected replied to one of my other posts so I might have it but I made several posts first without getting infected so maybe it only spreads of they reply to you

>> No.11522055

>source:my ass
You only need to look up influenza and other coronavirus research to learn that aerosol spread is now suspected as the major means of transmission.

>whatever board you came from you must go back absolute retard
"SARS-CoV-2 remained viable in aerosols throughout the duration of our experiment (3 hours)"


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>A study by virologist Ke Lan of Wuhan University
looks legit

>> No.11522218

>WHO says having a few beers is fine
>WHO says alcoholism is bad
clear contradiction

>> No.11522243

To be fair alcohol should be banned and anyone who drinks it are social degenerates

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Followup lol

>> No.11522573

I take issues with a few points in the article.

The first is that they're suggesting the R0 is 2-3. I've seen new estimates placing it at 4 or above with the current information that many people remain asymptomatic for the duration of the illness, meaning it's spreading more readily than previously assumed. I also wouldn't trust the percentage of inter-household infection rates stated by the CDC unless they've confirmed them via testing. If they're basing it on symptoms alone, then that's no good. I know multiple people who have been ordered to self-quarantine based on symptoms within the last week who were denied testing. It's still very hard to get access to testing.

Second, they're making the contention that aerosols are primarily emitted through coughing and sneezing. This has been studied in influenza (which has a lower R0 than SARS-CoV-2) and neither is necessary for aerosol transmission.

:When the team analyzed the samples, they found that a significant number of patients routinely shed infectious virus—not just RNA particles—into particles small enough for airborne transmission. They were surprised to find that 11 (48%) of the 23 fine aerosol samples acquired when patients weren't coughing had detectable viral RNA, and of those 8 contained infectious virus, suggesting that coughing isn't a prerequisite for generating fine aerosol droplets."

Third, we know from scans of the lungs of confirmed asymptomatic COVID-19 patients that their lungs show abnormalities. Lower respiratory infections in the absence of URT symptoms suggest inhalation exposure as the source of infection, not contact exposure.

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is fucking useless like the United Nations, waste of people money.

>> No.11522748

>CDC: masks don't work
>WHO: travel restrictions don't work

Bunch of morans both of them. Real expertise is to be found among east Asian virologists.

>> No.11522756

why would i listen to a COOFer

>> No.11522801 [DELETED] 

Just a flu bro, sleep it off lol

>> No.11522802


What's the point of wearing a mask if you avoid social gatherings and have minimal/no physical contact anyway?

The mask is literally a baby pacifer for dumb normies to make them feel safe and in control.

>> No.11522812

>From now on though people are always going to question if the statements from the medical community are true or a lie with an agenda. Do you not see how that could end up being far more harmful in the long run?

This has been going on far longer than this SAR-CoV2 pandemic. Just remember the furor (ongoing) caused by the Alan Wakefield RETRACTED AND DISPROVEN science paper.

>> No.11522842

>What's the point of wearing a mask if you avoid social gatherings and have minimal/no physical contact anyway?
The point of masks is to deal with that "minimal" scenario.

>> No.11522908

>gaming to prevent social withdrawal

>> No.11522914


>> No.11522937

And it was only retracted for political reasons.

>> No.11522975

Imagine playing videogames is mentally ill but being a faggot, a tranny not.

>> No.11522976

Videogames are bad because they replace activities we should be doing instead that are better for us
You can't really do those when everyone is stuck inside

>> No.11523018

What if you are extremely addicted to what is considered a healthy balance of activities?
Some people love their job and are addicted to it.
Some people are addicted to exercise and healthy diets.

It seems what determines if something is an addiction is entirely dependent on what is defined as a healthy balance of activities.
The healthy balance of activities roughly coincides with not being a burden to others.

>> No.11523118

Omg contradictory ideas in two totally different situations!

>> No.11523543

Trust these guys, they're not infected or anything.

>> No.11523554

>Imagine playing videogames is mentally ill

Being addicted to video games is bad. No one said playing video games was bad.

>> No.11523929

The WHO is China's way of weakening their rivals.

>> No.11524405

as much as a US city hospital is reliable at giving care