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how do i know if i have schizophrenia?
when will psychiatry create screening tests like tomography or fMRI or blood samples for usage in diagnosing mental diseases? lack of such tests makes me think psychiatry is not medicine

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Try getting diagnosed first.

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what is the differential diagnosis between stpd and schizophrenia?

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To be fair, if you believe you are being spied on and own a mobile phone, you are in all technicality, 100 percent correct.

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Without a physical test it's not medicine it's psuedo joke. If you tell a real doctor you have symptoms of cancer he won't put you on chemo based on your word. "O you are unhappy let's try a placebo didn't work okay metal then"

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It's a made up pseud disease, psychiatrists don't follow even the laughable diagnostic criteria the say they have. It's basically if the psychiatrist likes you or not.

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well but they should follow the diagnostic criteria

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Did the people on YouTube speak with you sometimes? Are you afraid that THEY come for you? Did your brain create sometimes stupid religious doctrines like, if you drink a glass of water in the next 5 min sth. incredible bad will happen? Are THEY in the wall? Did things chance there appearance? And there are ofc also the voices, but i have no experience on them.

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>founder of modern evidence based medicine was put into a psychiatric hospital at least to significant part due to his work, which was spreading evidence based medicine.
>He ended up dying there under mysterious circumstances.
Quiet a horrific irony of history, most psychiatrists now claim they are doing evidence based medicine.

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If you're wondering whether or not you have schizophrenia, you probably don't have it.

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How old are you? What are your symptoms? When did they first appear? How functional are you in your day to day life?

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>dad took me to see Arrival at the cinema after seeing it by himself & when we came out revealed he took me to see it because it's a message made specifically for us and I'm the second coming of Jesus and also Ziggy Stardust
>hallucinates masses of spiders crawling across the ceilings and walls, fairies and stuff, this has been going on since he was a child
>used to come into my room in the middle of the night as a kid and describe his fantasies of taking his licensed shotgun out of the study and going on a shooting spree Raoul Moat-style, or grabbing me in bed and frantically telling me I had to save humanity from all its problems or I'd "break the prophecy" and we'd all be doomed... accuses us of all being actors and reality not being real at the dinner table regularly... the anecdotes could go on for hours
>was sent to a psychiatrist as a toddler in the early 1950s because he was seeing the wallpaper move and smashing shit up around the house at <5 yrs old (he once punched a hole in an interior wooden door trying to get to my mum for filing an invoice for his business a day late- he can't read or write so she does it all for him) ... the psych didn't give a diagnosis and the entire report was two sentences long- "This child is the most disturbed I have ever seen. Do not expect anything of him."
>NHS mental health services insist he just has Aspergers and nothing else, like myself
>literally went round and threatened the neighbours with his shotgun in Nov 2018 after they called the police on him beating my mum (I moved out years ago), they told him to surrender his gun by March 2019 or he'd face some sort of legal order or other... that came and went and still nothing a year later, still just as mental as he's been his entire life, still has the gun

Normie 'Speak up about your mental health problems' lipservice makes me incensed, there's no fucking help unless you're loaded

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Sounds intense anon
Didn't he have health insurance?
Wouldn't that have covered a therapy?

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I can’t go to a doctor because mental illness is not a thing in my country.
Tho I do have
>visual hallucination: seeing a female ghost in the mirror or some kind of figure in the distance
>anxiety: can’t drive for shit because I’m too paranoid of everyone around me
>day dreaming most of the time in a fantasy world without doing anything else
>always paranoid about my decision and have this feeling that something is watching me and judging me
>has a habit of talking to myself and disagreeing with my inner monologue
I do hear someone calling my name once in a while. I really wish my country has enough knowledge in mental health.

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Do you have any evidence for that claim?

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I wonder if I'm infected yet

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And we'll try right after 20 to pinpoint it...

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what is your country?

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A third world country. It’s not surprising that people don’t have knowledge of mental illness even though a lot of people suffered from undiagnosed Pol Pot PTSD.

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>how do i know if i have schizophrenia?
for years now, every day, we get constant threads with dumbfucks like you begging to get schizophrenia because you think it's a cool fashion statement. it's rare. i'm sorry to tell you think but it's rare and genetic. you will know you have it when you end up homeless because you cannot communicate properly with anybody around you and you end up dying 15 years before the normal life expectancy

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>its another schizophrenia thread

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Do you have a pet theory that you believe will unify all of physics? If so, yes.

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oh that's sad
i cannot believe there is no mental hospital and no psychiatrists there though, in the west prescription from a psychiatrist is needed to buy psychotropics, but maybe in your country you dont need prescription to buy amisulpiride? maybe ordinary doctor can prescibe you neuroleptics?

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Actually some cases of schizophrenia are so hard that i guess most people would prefer to loose an body part before getting this. As i was in hospital cause of my issues one guy was constantly seeking assurance that god didnt mess up his life, here and now. He was hardly able to think about sth. else hours on hours on end.

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weird that it hasn't happened yet

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AI love Porn!

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>I cannot not believe there is no mental hospital
It’s more like no one believe in mental illness so there isn’t a business for mentally ill people. (there probably is one for rich people) Because of this, a lot of people don’t even know they have PTSD from the a genocide that happen around 40 years ago. (3 millions people were dead and worked as slave for a communist? regime)

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It sounds slightly more like a cluster C disorder to me, although that doesn't include hallucinations.

Some degree of hallucination is fairly common so it's not a sure sign. I think everyone hears their name being called every once in a while. Seeing ghosts in the mirror, not so much.

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maybe they are another way of coping, herbs or shamans

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>Come closer

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Schizophrenia isn't easy to spot on its own, you have to keep an eye out for signs of psychosis. Psychiatry is a scam, you need to talk to a psychologist first and foremost. You can't be tested for this kind of thing, you can only talk to people who maybe know more about what they're doing. Psychology is also a scam but it's inexplicably the best field of "science" we have for examining brain function and mental illness, so that's who you want to talk to.
If you notice any bizarre visual/auditory hallucinations, if life starts to feel like an acid trip, if you feel like you're catching on to a grand conspiracy or being gangstalked or you just feel absolutely convinced of anything that the rational part of your brain tells you is improbable, you need to see a medical professional right away.

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I found some studies that state mindfulness meditation help. I tried it and it actually lessen my visual hallucination and paranoia. If I combine it with no fap (don’t know why masterbation make it worse), the symptom would be fine. (Don’t know if it’s schizophrenia or not)

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Most psychoactive drugs, including many herbs commonly used by shaman for medicine and in traditional ceremonies around the globe, can induce or strengthen schizophrenic psychosis.

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I didn’t know there is a thing called personality disorder. The information is insightful. Thank for the help, anon.

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i know
usually it is schizophrenia spectrum people who become shamans

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In my opinion it’s still not a scientific or even medical category. It’s basically a term for somebody not really „useful“ to society and in particular not only unproductive, but also deviant in the sense he doesn’t share „common“ sense or better common supposition. It’s also an excuse for the patients, ever heard how they are glad they now have the diagnosis and don’t feel guilt or shame anymore? Basically saying it’s good nobody takes them serious anymore. There is this strange duality of saying all is just a result of neurological (in the end chemical and electronic processes) that produce a personality and on the other hand the goal of being able to free the person of the neurological process, which he is the result of.

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Schizophrenia is when everyone's existing insanity does not correspond enough with the accepted insanity and they aren't a totally obedient slave to the GDP.

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more like cluster A

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do you see them?
do the they talk to you?
are you friends?
do you think they are watching you without you knowing?
do you think everyone is working with them?
if the answer is yes then you have mild to sever schizophrenia

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szasz shut up

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We're in the UK and he's a contractor who welds replacement parts for a pet food factory, so no, we're broke

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you are the second coming of jesus anon

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you shut up coofer

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