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/sci/ will defend this

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Don't worry, our Lord and Savior Trump said it's all a hoax.

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not far from these but higher

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There's a big difference between 100k and 200k and he's already lowered it from his initial estimate of 2 million

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Bitch when did he

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does CNN ever actually report news or is it 100% fearmongering and whining about blumptht nowadays

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He never said that, though.

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Yes, he did.

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Prety sure the 2 million estimate came from the Imperial College of London.

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Provide the full video, then. Not a news article, the video. Hint: It's from a rally.

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yes that retarded shit was widely quoted. they predicted half a million for fucking uk. insane.

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Trump is refusing to help blue states while funneling all aid to red states.
He told Pence not to even return phone calls from governors he doesn't like. While at the same time ships tons of supplies to Florida.

If you are in a blue state, Trump wants you to die so you can't vote for him!!
He's literally willing to kill US citizens to get re-elected!

>100,000-200,000 people will die from Coronavirus in US
Because Trump wants them to die and nobody can stop him!!!!!!!

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1. It's not insane.

2. ICL neve recanted that prediction, they were misquoted as doing so. They said the number will be lower *now that measures have been enacted*.

3. Nothing to do with Fauci

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So you are saying that was the worst case estimate if NO measures are taken and up to 80% get infected?

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True he never said this, he said the way media covers his failure to respond is a hoax.
But he did say that there would be zero cases a few weeks ago, and then once he was wrong said it would all be gone like a miracle by April.

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60%, but yeah. It was a worst case scenario from doing nothing. No social distancing, no flight bans, no quarantines, nothing. Sounds fairly accurate.

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So can /sci answer this, can you make a virus in the Lab and make it sleep and give it to somebody, people will spread it and they won't know and in some he will wake up ? Or is impossible?

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The virus wouldn't spread if it wasn't "awake" it needs to replicate to spread

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whos working on the cure? how do we have the best universities and hospitals in the world but have failed to make a cure what are we paying these people for

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I think it will be higher. 1) ventilators are entirely ineffective. The corporation that owns the hospital where my wife works in the ICU (filled with corona patients on vents) has currently reported zero recoveries of covid patients put in a vent--every single one in their network of hundreds of hospitals, has died...but only after draining resources and infecting healthcare workers for weeks. I don't know why this isn't major news. The general public does not know what the experts do--that ventilators are irrelevant, ineffective, and likely counter productive. 2) I live in Washington state and the Gov's quarantine measures will not be effective enough. Data not out but it's easy to infer: gas station convenience stores are for some reason open and full of people in those small spaces, traveling around and contaminating each other; public restrooms are closed but portapotties (without means to properly sanitize hands) have been placed outside such restrooms.....the list goes on. Also, there is presently a girl in her 20s who has been on a vent for two weeks in the ICU--not a smoker or obese.

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That is if no treatment is discovered (I personally think we are far from one)

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The NYC mayor is a prime example of why he might do this. He is incompetent and attempting at each turn to turn this thing political and escape blame. I do not like trump, but it is petty mayors and governors who are screwing their people over. Trump has no reason not to try and help people. Put yourself in the president's shoes.

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rome wasn't built in a day.

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No duh. Our scientists are careerists who specialize in publishing papers, not solving problems or mysteries. I left science after publishing five papers in grad school.

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What a fucking idiot.

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>There's a big difference between 100k and 200k
At this rate the difference is only 2 days.
Maybe less if hospitals are overwhelmed.

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>I do not like trump
>Put yourself in the president's shoes.

You're siding with the guy who wants to kill hundreds of innocent people cause he doesn't like their mayor? I don't like our president but that's no excuse to kill people

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As long as they're mostly niggers and cucks, I don't care.

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No they also said the death rate was lower than expected because the number of infected was also higher than expected

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they tried to get 1000 women together to give birth in a few days but it didn't work

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thats cumulative projection by the time there are no more new cases, not deaths per day at peak

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Who cares what some dude “predicts”? Predictions outside of physics are all bullshit.

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>prove it, but I'll only accept certain proof
Okay, retard:
2:45 onwards. Calls it a hoax at around 3:45.

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>But he did say that there would be zero cases a few weeks ago
I don't remember him saying this, when was this?
>would all be gone like a miracle by April
Did he say it would? or did he say he hoped it would be gone by April?

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"You have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that's a pretty good job we've done."
That was on February 26th, I think we have more than zero cases

"Looks like by April, you know, in theory, when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away"

These are both direct quotes from the man himself. I don't hate all his policies or anything, but he clearly isn't equipped to handle this truthfully. Misinformation is endangerment.

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>prove it, but I'll only accept certain proof
The reason I asked for the video is because how news articles always contain bias. Unedited video have no bias and you can form a better opinion on what you saw, not what someone else tells you they saw.
As to the video clip, he calls the media's handling of the whole situation, a hoax.
>Very dishonest people. Now the Democrats are politicizing the Corona Virus.
He mentions democrats here, because he's said multiple times he groups the media together with democrats because most of them, according to him, are mouthpieces of the party. Then he goes on to give examples of previous attempts to form a narrative around misinformation.
He's not calling the virus a hoax.

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virus does not live AFAIK. The way I understand it, it can't move by itself. It waits for host cell to touch it and due to chemical process attaches to it, then injects it's rna and the cell produces new viruses. then _something_ is triggered and viruses escape the cell, taking part of it as an camouflaging envelope to protect against immune system and wait for next cell to arrive.

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Thanks. To be fair, he's learned to let the experts respond to the questions he's not equipped to answer, but that nigga is always going to give his opinion, which may or may not be helpful.

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rookie numbers

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>he calls the media's handling of the whole situation, a hoax.
No, he calls the blaming him a hoax.
>He's not calling the virus a hoax
Yeah, well nobody claimed he did.

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>can you make a virus in the Lab and make it sleep
no. a virus is just a piece of DNA/RNA surrounded with protein or fat. it doesn't do anything by itself and cannot replicate itself, it needs to come into contact with a cell that will create more copies of the virus.

a virus can either be intact, in which case it will be infectious - or it can be destroyed. There is no in-between. you can't make it 'sleep' any more than you can put a rock or a bag of sand to sleep.

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>then _something_ is triggered and viruses escape the cell
not really, the cell just keeps making copies of the virus until it literally bursts, releasing viruses in the process

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The mayor is the threat not trump. Why is it so bad in NYC? The idiot mayor didn't even close down the subways when this thing was starting. Then he bitched at trump for vents--so trump does something even though I'm ire Trump knows the vents are enorelu pointless and ineffective (something still not in the general public knowledge for some reason), then trump talks about quarantining New York and the mayor bitches about how stupid that is. He just bitches about a problem he himself basically caused--had this one mayor acted fast and smart, perhaps this thing would not be like it is, spread everywhere and at a critical point.

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With all this coronachan mess killing our lungs, Im asking you /sci/, Is there a way to put and inject oxygen directly to our blood instead of depending of ventilators in critical cases?

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yes, such machines are used during surgeries, but these are even more complicated, expensive and scarce than ventilators


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first time on /sci/, are all the people here this dumb

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This depends on the virus. The the case of coronavirus, it uses the cell's own vesicular transport system and leaves via exocytosis.

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You aren't paying them that much, why do you think big brains go into finance?

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if there`s a devil she`s employing good old ben

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>Yeah, well nobody claimed he did.

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>Despite creating some confusion with his remarks, Trump did not call the coronavirus itself a hoax.

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that exactly not what either of the Doctors said you flocking retard faggot. fuck off.

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Yes, just draw a syringe full of oxygenated air and inject it into your jugular vein.

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If less than 40% of Americans have been infected at some point between now 18 months from now, that in itself is an optimistic projection. It's why the talk now is all about slowing the rate of proliferation, not containment.

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go on

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post proof

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He said that's the worst case

Also reminder than 100k Americans die annually from the seasonal flu.

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youre actually retarded

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and now 100k more will die from corona. why are you retarded

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Does this worthless asshole have no shame?

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It's time to cull the pigs, meat's back on the menu boys.

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isn't that kind of ironic? the one imposing "martial law and checkpoints" would be trump himself.

now this is interesting...

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>100k Americans die annually from the seasonal flu.
[citation needed]
CDC says 24,000 to 62,000
Corona is about 20 times as lethal.
Oh, and flu deaths are that low because we have vaccines.
If it weren't for measures we're taking, napkin-scratching I get 480,000 to 1,240,000 for Corona.
Hopefully hand-washing, telecommuting and social distancing will cut that way down.
Accuse me of Trump Derangement Syndrome if you want, but why wasn't that asshole telling people about this in January?
If he were a decent human being, he'd have been discouraging unnecessary travel, showing people the 20-second hand wash, and getting started on ventilator and mask/ppe production months in advance of where we are now.

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We're just about at expoential growth. This is going to age really poorly.

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confirmed HRC shill

you lost give up

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>Corona is about 20 times as lethal.
[citation needed]

If you're using the available case numbers as the basis for this, they are questionable at best. Testing samples are heavily biased because only those showing severe symptoms are even getting tests.

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Get Trump's balls out of your mouth

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>only those showing severe symptoms are even getting tests.
Yes, and that's why I'm not using the 3.4% figure.
Get off the chans for an evening and go to Google instead.

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>/pol/ schizoid

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>the truth has a liberal bias

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Almost every word spoken in that video was straight out of Trump's mouth.
I guess you're saying the shadow Zionist movement is trying to make Trump look bad by telling people what Trump himself said?
Look, I get the part where you're a /pol/tard, and that's a real shame, but if you can't even admit to yourself you hitched your wagon to an anvil, there's just no hope for you.

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see >>11514027

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Of course, only an evil Semite would have a point of view other than your personal willfully-ignorant bullshit.
On any other day, you'd just be some random asshole.
But now? You're the enemy of humanity.

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>but why wasn't that asshole telling people about this in January?
He's a fucking dumb boomer that legit didn't believe it would become a threat and didn't want to scare investors.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were 2,813,503 registered deaths in the United States in 2017.

So, worse case, we are looking at death toll of about 3,000,000 deaths this year rather than about 2,800,000.

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Fauci is an incompetent fool. I'd be shocked if it rises above 50,000. Not to mention the death toll lacks context. How many have pre-existing conditions? This thing has less than 1% mortality in Germany and Canada.

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sure bud

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Trump was acquitted, and behold, the plague arrived.

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and 8% in spain, and 10% in italy
US response has been worse than them

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100k is the worst case scenario, but considering how badly Trump and co are fucking up the response, the final toll will probably be closer to thatn than to 50k.

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>100k is the worst case scenario
no you retard, millions is the wcs,
100k...200k is Fauci's educated guess of a middle case

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sure he does if the thing that helps people doesn’t strike him as good for his legacy or politically viable. luckily and horribly, since he hasn’t been willing to do this, the actions that would help (large scale stay at home orders, defense production act) would make him seem like a good leader in the long run. but now he seems committed to this road that is, just as a statement of fact, against the recommendations of health officials in the US and beyond. trump essentially said that we don’t need sweeping action to meet the virus. that convinced his supporters. other republicans jumped on board bc they didn’t want to be seen going against the pres and here we are

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>I'd be shocked if it rises above 50,000.
No one cares about your expectations

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>US response has been worse than them
not if you look per capita, more in the use will be infected because italy has 1/5th pop of us.

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I wouldn't give a shit about trump's verbal massaging of the stock market if he just kept banning flights like he did with china. We banned italy too late and we banned europe too late after that. We could've delayed the virus long enough to have better testing and finish these treatment clinical trials so the drugs are ready to go.

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I don't know if that's the right way to look at it

Population matters with the ceiling of the virus obviously, but the speed of infections has everything to do with density and not the total number of people in your country.

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nyc? that is america's epicenter.

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>>Yeah, well nobody claimed he did.
Quote it, faggot. I knew you were projecting the whole time to be able to smugly say
>muh media reporting fake noose
No reading comprehension.

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trump flops more than a penis at a pogo-stick party

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Yeah so for example nyc is making the US's infections fly

But we also have a large land mass and a lot of people who don't live in cities, which makes the per capita infections low. It doesn't mean you're doing a good or bad job, it means the numbers are going to go fast then go slow when the only people left to infect are suburban and rural. You'd have to find some way to do an apples to apples comparison.

Compare NYC to singapore, seoul, or tokyo?

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>Compare NYC to singapore, seoul, or tokyo?
the countries of those cities have their shit together way more than anyone. especially sk.

>> No.11514416

Which is why I don't bother with the trump press conferences anymore. He said we were crushing SK in testing speed and I realized it's probably been a long ass time since he had any credibility

>> No.11514420

it's murrican morale boosting. "we're number one, we're number one." that shit. if you want to know what the admin is actually doing listen to fauci.

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Italy's numbers have been fudged, ditto with Spain. They mark COVID-19 as the cause of death with any deceased patient who has tested positive for the disease.

A month ago "millions dead" was the worst case scenario. These alarmists will continue to adjust expectations and then pretend that their draconian lock downs were what saved the day. The WHO should be disbanded and the people behind this hysteria should be put on trial.

>> No.11514631

>proven leftist garbage
Fuck off retard

>> No.11514636

>give estimate
>omg fear mongering! lets do nothing instead!
>lots of people die

>> No.11514644

>still can't get over the 2016 election.
I notice that every time there's an argument where republitards are losing they invoke the 2016 election. An election they LOST the popular vote and only got Trump elected by a 230 year old election oddity.

By the way, Republicans have won exactly 1 election since 1992 and that was George Bush's second election in 2004 where a sitting president went against a virtual nobody and only won by 2 percentage points. Your party is unpopular as hell and if it wasn't for voter suppression and gerrymandering there would be no right wing party in the US at all.

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That's the point idiot, they don't use FACTS they use anecdotes. Grow up.

>> No.11514665

>they don't use FACTS they use anecdotes.
sounds like /pol/ lol

>> No.11514676

>there would be no right wing party in the US at all.
We have two right wing parties so that's a bold claim.

>> No.11514677

Oh how cute! Look at him drinking the koolaid. Do you like the koolaid boy? I hope it's grape flavored.

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Sad but true

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i like how the US only has 2 popular parties we can vote for. Talk about options. People here are so brainwashed with the shit policies these people run on to get elected, its fucking sad.

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Hey guys it's over.

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hospital admission is decreasing because they're out of available beds and tell people to wait at home

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>a statement that disagrees with my ideology can be dismissed as anecdotes

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there are viruses that lay dormant, like some viruses in the hep family but corona viruses don't do that

>> No.11514761

So what? 50 million wouldn't be enough

>> No.11514764

Don't try to stand alt-righties especially the ones that make fake comics. They live in their own twisted reality where everybody else is to blame for their shortcoming & facts are ignored/changed to fit. Basically an army of little trumps.

>> No.11514769

Trump said that it is a hoax, and he also said that 200,000 dead muricans would be okay so far as he is concerned.

>> No.11514782

>Italy's numbers have been fudged, ditto with Spain. They mark COVID-19 as the cause of death with any deceased patient who has tested positive for the disease.
on the contrary: https://talkingpointsmemo.com/edblog/this-is-very-important-from-italy-please-read

>> No.11514783

He said it is a hoax created by the democrats. But he ment to say a virus created by the democrats. The difference between a hoax and a virus was explained to him later.

>> No.11514799

simple to point out a wrong one with evidence then eh?
protip: you can't

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>two edited videos with scary music for added persuasion
>first video is from a news website launched in 2018 by neocon Bill Kristol
>second video is literally a political ad from a super pac
Ah yes, no bias, only facts. My record has been corrected, and I will now vote for Hillary in the next election!

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It's been that for 5 years.

>> No.11516039

>>He's not calling the virus a hoax
> Yeah, well nobody claimed he did

What are you talking about? That's what everyone is acting like he said despite being the earliest western leader to implement some measure against it and got called racist for it.

>> No.11516042

>Yeah, well nobody claimed he did.
Literally the first fucking post in this thread.

>> No.11516050

Imagine having a populace so brainwashed they talk about their glorious leaders opinions even when they hate them.

>> No.11516066

When this began, the Chinese and Italians and such were using standard intubation/ventilation criteria. As it turns out, that was probably way too late. Now our threshold for intubation is much, much lower. If you come in with a regular old pneumonia, the sequence is usually nasal cannula - high-flow nasal cannula - non-rebreather - Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure - intubation. Based on our experience so far, for COVID, the protocol is nasal cannula - intubation. So our ventilated patient mortality is going to be much lower than previous, because we are both increasing the number of people who are ventilated and decreasing the average severity of illness of ventilated patients because, if we have a limited number of ventilators, and we are ventilating people at an earlier and milder stage of illness, we are going to be refusing to intubate a certain number of patients. We are getting a much better idea of what futility is now.

>> No.11516070

What serious? Dumbass let people in the US from China against the CDC's recommendation because they were American. Put them on a military base where people could freely come and go as they pleased and even allowed people who had been in contact with the infected to travel by plane. He lied about the effect of the disease in order to save the stock market which caused people to react the opposite of what we needed. People literally had Coronavirus parties and went to went to spring break all because Trump and Faux news said it was safe.

And you say he's doing a great job? Brainwashed bafoon

>> No.11516084

Building Rome took several hundred years.

>> No.11516109

Are you actually retarded?

>> No.11516119

>They mark COVID-19 as the cause of death with any deceased patient who has tested positive for the disease.
And they're wrong somehow? If they're weakened by a preexisting condition and it's corona that kills them then corona was the cause of death.

>> No.11516142

I guess all forms of science (except physics) is completely wrong then

>> No.11516145

At 18% mortality we can expect nearly 20 million deaths in the US alone and that not even including reinfections. Other coronaviruses do not build immunity.

>> No.11516207

The only way we are getting 18% mortality is indirectly via civil unrest/riots/war, the virus would certainly not be so lethal in the US as a whole.

>> No.11516248

>That's what everyone is acting like he said
No. Can you quote a section where someone did?
You guys are way too eager to be able to point out someone's misunderstanding that you failed to see the actual point.

>Literally the first fucking post in this thread.
Quote it or stfu. First post doesn't say he's calling covid-19 a hoax, imbecile.

Quote or stfu. Your reading comprehension is literally non-existent.

>> No.11516256

What Happened to muh 6 gorillian deaths?

Dr fauci is a fraud

>> No.11516260

Everything you said in this post is wrong

>> No.11516382

/pol/cuck crossposters keep outdoing themselves with the utter retardation of their posts
You're gonna start dropping the collective IQ of this board by 10 points with each one at this rate.

>> No.11516487

anti-vaxxers and lolbertarians were already irrelevant but this pandemic is just the nail in the coffin lmao that spaghetti-haired bitch rand paul has gone radio silent

>> No.11516496

trump. talking.

>> No.11516505

Prove it.

>> No.11516543

CONTEXT. What were the exact questions asked? What was said before and after the sound bites? What was the virus situation like when he gave those statements? What kind of media narrative was being pushed at the time? You have to take in multiple factors when dealing with this shit.
>hurr Trump said thing in this edited video that fits a narrative

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>> No.11516548

Thank you for conceding.

>> No.11516550

Don't care. I'm voting for Biden.

>> No.11516560

Is that supposed to be Bernie?

>> No.11516572

They hated him because he told the truth.

>> No.11516582

>brace for
How do you do that, exactly?
The bartender asks Ford Prefect if the world really is going to end and if they should lie down and cover their heads "or something". Ford responds, "If you like". Bartender: "Oh, will that help?" Ford: "No". --HGTTG

>> No.11516584

>How do you do that, exactly?
Tell gran to write her will

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>> No.11516635

why are you acting like a spiteful 12 year old cunt

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>Brace For
Hold Fast
"A great Napoleonic-era game where players engage in land and sea warfare. A game of choice for memers due to its VoIP functionality and hilarious personalities. What’s that game? Holdfast."

>> No.11516747

A good portion of Covid deaths will likely be people passing within the year anyways. Covid is simply acting as a harvesting effect on the older population in Italy.

>> No.11516837

oh ben

>> No.11516933

Such great cartoon being wasted on political stupid shit.

>> No.11516969

lol, cope

>> No.11516991

G op
D eath
P anels

There just is no bottom for you roaches, is there.
What's next? Make Ovens Hot Again?

>> No.11517027

This Biden?


>> No.11517052

even his diarrhea is better than trump

>> No.11517069

His policies aren't even strong, so when it comes down to "I want to prevent illegal immigration" vs "I want to replace you with immigrants, even if they're here illegally" I have to go with the first. All there has to be to make me not vote Trump is for there to be another candidate who doesn't want to sell out America and turn it into some hodgepodge of alien cultures

>> No.11517088

great taste you have

>> No.11517145

Self-preservation, my friend

>> No.11517151

>Dr. Fauci
Literally Dr. Jaws in Italian lmao

>> No.11517164


>> No.11517171

cuomo is totally a bad dude. well not totally he's like a half-corrupt person. come on guys look at his face

>> No.11517181


>> No.11517200

>vote against your own interests and transform the country you love into something you have no personal connection to, separating it entirely from its foundation and turning it into a commercial hub
Why would any sane person do that? I'm not even totally against democrat policies, but this is such an insane platform they've picked up recently

>> No.11517209

>I'm not even totally against democrat policies, but this is such an insane platform they've picked up recently
i dont fucking get it. i dont fucking understand how the democrat party has become overrun with lying shameless deceitful power hungry sociopaths completely willing to pawn off any integrity for more power and money. it's fucking disgusting

>> No.11517211

>I do not like trump
stop sucking his mushroom

>> No.11517219

wow, now that's some shitpost-level projecting

>> No.11517231

Don't get me wrong, republicans love their money and power liek no other, but they at least have immense national pride, dignity, empathy and compassion. The democrats are just rabid fucking animals with no sense of shame, pride or compassion at this point, it's fucking terrifying.

>> No.11517270

oh bullshit, they're nothing but puppets for the 1% and will sell their country for the right price at the drop of a hat

>> No.11517276

non-white detected. you'll vote for whoever gives you the most free shit

>> No.11517280

>your mom paid for the content of this ad
what did they mean by that?

>> No.11517282

What about 1000$

>> No.11517285

poppycock, they'll sell plenty of shit for the right price at the drop of a hat, but not this country. this country is fucking priceless to republicans. national pride is priceless to republicans.

>> No.11517297

trump sold 18 tons of emergency medical supplies to china in January
he knew the covid was already in washington

>> No.11517303

>trump sold 18 tons of emergency medical supplies to china in January
Is trump an agent of China?

>> No.11517308

no, he's a crook who will sell to anyone

>> No.11517314

how the fuck do you get "he's a crook that'll sell to anyone" out of a foolish attempt to make the US look powerful and compassionate?

>> No.11517333

>how the fuck do you get "he's a crook that'll sell to anyone" out of a foolish attempt to make the US look powerful and compassionate?
m8...re-evaluate that sentence. And go learn how con men work.

>> No.11517378

>True he never said this, he said the way media covers his failure to respond is a hoax

But he did indeed fail to respond. These sound like weasel words.

>> No.11517385

everybody in the western world failed to respond, he's in good company

>> No.11517390


We are going to get fucked harder than Italy, fuckwit.

>> No.11517394

>We are going to get fucked harder than Italy
Doubt if we are getting fucked harder than Italy and Spain.

>> No.11517435


>> No.11517438

It's still fucking nothing.

>> No.11517442


Emerging evidence suggests many more people are infected. than tested. In Vo Italy, at the time the first symptomatic case was diagnosed, about 3%, had already been infected – most were completely asymptomatic.

We could make a simple estimation of the IFR as 0.26%, based on halving the lowest boundary of the CFR prediction interval. However, the considerable uncertainty over how many people have the disease means an IFR of 0.26 is likely an overestimate. In Swine flu, the IFR ended up as 0.02%, fivefold less than the lowest estimate during the outbreak (the lowest estimate was 0.1% in the 1st ten weeks of the outbreak). In Iceland, where the most testing per capita has occurred, the IFR lies between. 0.01% and 0.19%.

Taking account of historical experience, trends in the data, increased number of infections in the population at largest, and potential impact of misclassification of deaths gives a presumed estimate for the COVID-19 IFR between 0.1% and 0.26%.*

Go away, habbeding fags.

>> No.11517444

found the traitor

>> No.11517534

I'm even starting to think reality doesn't work like in the movies.
That is the extent of destruction caused by the epidemics.

>> No.11517570

.0625% of the population

>> No.11517572
File: 1.02 MB, 1417x795, hmmmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11517574

So did liberal douchebag Trudeau

>> No.11517581

wow a real faggot leaf, go fuck a moose

>> No.11517654

Many countries gave it to them for free.
The idea was to stop it there, so it wouldn't spread over to us.

>> No.11517667


>> No.11517677

you misspelled republicans

>> No.11517708

Some are a lot dumber. Better get used to it.

>> No.11517744
File: 193 KB, 989x1024, wew.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

considering putting a travel ban in feb was raaaaycis, not going to mass public event was raaaaycis, yeah 100k is good estimate, flu is 30-80k

>> No.11518065

the con was trying to make the US look good while believing the infection wouldn't be as bad here at home. it was a big ass mistake that we're all paying for now.

>> No.11518067
File: 415 KB, 220x217, .4.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good one retard

>> No.11518096

How are vents pointless? And how did you alone come along this fact? I haven't seen this reported anywhere along local, state, national, or worldwide news agencies that have 0 reasons to give a single fuck about American politics. And many countries have been fighting for vents before this shit hit American shores.

I would be very interested to know how you got to your conclusion.

>> No.11518113

>How are vents pointless?
Check the number of people who got a vent and survived. This better not get public.

>> No.11518128
File: 2.20 MB, 404x368, 1550615118417.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dignity, empathy and compassion
I mean, I'm not saying they're right or wrong, but you're a utter complete retard

>> No.11518183

Obviously people on ventilators are already in very dire straits. What you're not seeing is the death rate of those who need ventilators and can't get them, which would be near 100%.

>> No.11518215

>retarded comment and a reacton gif
uh,I wonder if I will ever recover from this ..

also, maybe you want to write your opinion on a piece of paper and send it to me, so atleast I can wipe my ass with it.

>> No.11518221

cication needed, source?

>> No.11518227


And you fail to see the inverse that they could be weakened by COVID19 but die to something else being another scenario?

>> No.11518282
File: 338 KB, 220x217, .3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>high school response

>> No.11518284

sorry, i meant they have dignity, empathy and compassion for worthwhile people.

>> No.11518390


I know two people who work at the local hospital as icu nurses and two doctors next town. Some UK newspaper published a story about it as well.

So, what do you think this implies for hastily buying ventilators if almost 100% of people getting them die?

>> No.11518425

I know people who work at a hospital and tell different story. Thanks for the conversation ..

>> No.11518450
File: 306 KB, 500x800, 1583213967907.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's good that you are really keeping your attention focused toward this virus, but keep in mind that the universe doesn't fucking like you or me and all that matters is that you keep panicking.

>> No.11518496

Of fuck when did this board turn into unscientific apeshit throwfest

>> No.11518506

Hello newfag.

>> No.11518527

I remember a time when /sci/ would reply to (troll) posting with a clear and concise scientific answer which ended the troll in its tracks

>> No.11518589

>Italy's numbers have been fudged, ditto with Spain. They mark COVID-19 as the cause of death with any deceased patient who has tested positive for the disease.
Holy shit how can you be this fucking stupid? When you collect epidemiological data you arent making a judgement on each death of what killed them as that would be analytically useless. If you have the disease and you die then you become part of the mortality rate.

>> No.11518599

I hear you can put a bag of sand to sleep with coins and salty milk

>> No.11518602

>so you got the disease and died
>dont worry it was 60% something else that killed you
>the semantics matter for some reason
Having this poor of an understanding of statistics while posting on a science board is laughable.

>> No.11518606

generally, those times were when children were at school

>> No.11518662

It lends credence to the original info published on the virus. It doesn't kill everything in its path but the recovery process requires a trip to the hospital which presumably would include a vent while there to insure you don't drown by your own lungs.

We'll know for sure when its all said and done and statics can be ran over the data. Your piece just stuck out as odd since we're seeing national treasure across the world being sunk to get ahold of those vents.

>> No.11518716

So what do they say? Thanks for the conversation.

>We'll know for sure when its all said and done and statics can be ran over the data
True. Maybe it's still to early to firm a conclusive opinion on this.
>we're seeing national treasure across the world being sunk to get ahold of those vents
That's what I find so weird. But we'll see.

>> No.11518761

this board reeks with pol tards who seek for attention and think after an argument with opposing poster they had a conversation on the same pace. its our fault to even react. you can not teach a monkey to play chess ...

>> No.11518800

>So what do they say? Thanks for the conversation.
Obviously the opposite?
Regarding your link:
>mortality rate from 25%-70%
>best published information includes 165 patients
so far its not enough data to have a clear conclusion. Additional difficulty in the evaluation will be the preconditions of those patients.

>> No.11518926 [DELETED] 

1 or 2 football field audiences?
5.7 x 10 e-4 ?
0.0006 ?
0.06% ?
I think we'll survive.
With 349.9 million left ?
Yeah. More poeople will die from choking on fucking peach pits than the latest GookFlu.

>> No.11518931 [DELETED] 

Act like a cunt.
Shit goes down.
Act shocked when your last in line.
Still acting like a cunt. Go Lefty Go.

>> No.11519051

i hope u get it fuckboy

>> No.11519065

Aah, so you're a complete retard. gotcha

>> No.11519069

99% of the people in this world live under dictatorships or fake democracies. Maybe Switzerland is the only esception

>> No.11519129

>Obviously the opposite?
What's the opposite? Nobody of them dies? Some die? 60% die?

>> No.11519150

>still defending Trump by deflecting and obfuscating
Literally what is the point of this fucking board?

>> No.11519163

usa is a third world shithole 2bh

>> No.11519664

no he didn't.
he gave some numbers that were predicted *BASED UPON A MODEL WHICH POTENTIALLY MEANS FUCK-ALL* which he also explained, its just a bunch of fancy guesses based on microscopic amounts of data compared to the population numbers it implies to actually model

>> No.11519679

I have a feeling this will surpass Fauci death prediction we will have 300k-350k as best.

Trump is fucked.

>> No.11519726

I don't want my family to die from this. Thankfully we're not shopping for 2 weeks, and I've disinfected the whole household. Still, I'm uneasy because my father has high blood pressure and my mother smokes.

What would you guys recommend I do to minimize their risks of getting this virus? And don't say "put a bullet in our heads" because ammunition is really expensive right now.

>> No.11519743
File: 47 KB, 958x680, 1585271690633.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>Literally what is the point of this fucking board?

Give the smoothbrains and denialcucks a break. For years they've been living in an alternate reality where their POTUS can do no wrong and they could pin all the mishaps of the world on muh liberals.

Now that alternate reality is crashing down thanks to the coronavirus and even Trump himself has finally admitted this shit is bad and "justaflufags" are absolute retards. There isn't enough room on this board let alone site to handle all the cope anons here will have for the rest of year.

>> No.11519752

We are the virus and COVID-19 is the cure.

>> No.11519769

>my mother smokes.
she is willfully trying to kill herself
.i have no sympathy for this and dont know what to say but she needs to get smacked upside the head

>> No.11519778
File: 35 KB, 762x723, US_model.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based on my arguably shitty projection, you're facing 2.5 million confirmed cases with the optimistic assumption that each day the spread rate drops by 0.5%.
assuming that 90% of cases go undiagnosed and the real death rate is 1%, 200 thousand doesn't sound unlikely.

>> No.11519784

I'm struggling to see only 200k personally, my method may be flawed but the US has been pretty constant with a fatality/100 cases reported, now this is actually too low as deaths lag a bit but 200k deaths only makes sense if only a 16.5% infection rate of the population.

And all these assumes that the health service has no failures.

I think we're looking at .825M deaths

>> No.11519786
File: 36 KB, 755x706, us_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*2.5 million confirmed cases in a month.
if you decrease the reduction rate to 0.2% a day it becomes over 7 million in one month

>> No.11519787

hold a pillow on their face until the twitching stops

>> No.11520087

He's not wrong. Unless Trump goes full Martial Law, Ameritards will continue to spread the disease

>> No.11520384

>Unless Trump goes full Martial Law
Martial Law would definitely to lose him the presidency re-election. Trump is about to get buttfucked hard by the democrats.

>> No.11520470

Good idea anon I'm gonna try it in case I get Corona virus

>> No.11520481

>Trump is about to get buttfucked hard by the democrats.
Look at this cope

>> No.11520621

how did new york get so fucked with this virus?

were people jacking eachother off in the street?

>> No.11520645

for the lowest 80%, definitely

>> No.11520666

lots of tourists and restaurants
it mostly came from europe

>> No.11520704

its like 10 times faster spreading than a normal flu, so nothing surprising. funny part is that some states still deny it and dont believe they will get hit as hard as New York. they will learn a lesson very soon ..

>> No.11520721

I literally posted the proof as a reply to the other guy. Learn to read.

>> No.11521029

So then viruses are basically enormous biochemical reagents. There’s no series of chemical reactions a non-virus can undergo to become a virus?

>> No.11521039

Not enough

>> No.11521336

SI units aren't arbitrary. They're formed on the basis of things observable in science.
The number 299792 isn't the super special aspect of the speed of light. It's not like for some reason the speed of light is always 299792 of any unit you choose, that'd be ridiculous. We could start saying calling 'feet' 'km', then, by your logic the speed of light is 299792 ft/s = 299792 km/s. We know that this isn't true.

>> No.11521337

Made a bet with my friend that 2.1m would die. He's saying 400k.

>> No.11521342

I'm pissed, was hoping it'd kill a couple million old farts.

>> No.11521414

>So then viruses are basically enormous biochemical reagents
basically, yeah.
>There’s no series of chemical reactions a non-virus can undergo to become a virus?
well, in theory there is, viruses have not existed since the Big Bang, they must have emerged on Earth from simple chemistry, just like life did - but we don't know how it happened exactly.
Whatever happend it probably took many thousands or millions of years - and in environmental conditions that don't exist in nature anymore, as modern-day Earth is very different from Earth 4 billion BCE, so it most likely cannot happen in nature anymore, current viruses can only evolve from already existing ones.
At best what can maybe happen is that viroids might become viruses. Viroids are even simpler than viruses, they are just bare strands of RNA without any coating and so far they are only known to be able to infect plants, no human viroids have been identified as of now.

>> No.11521612

Imagine 200k dead - mostly boombers.

This is a win for the world!

>> No.11521635

mostly boomers east and west coast boomers

>> No.11521648

a win win situation

>> No.11521653

low balling it hard, many states are not following the recommendations, various minorities don't give shit, and various political faction refuse to follow the quarantine

>> No.11521656

I feel fine

>> No.11521662
File: 196 KB, 861x1200, snopes_tries_to_censor_BabylonBee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

every media-group in the US has called the virus a hoax, laying the blame on Trump is dumb. Politics in the US has become so tribal nothing can be discussed in sincerity in public.

>> No.11521672

>No way!
Finally an anon with some clarity of thought.

>> No.11521696

It begins....

>> No.11521725

>unironic TDS posting

>> No.11521734

>Look at this cope
Trump is about to cope into the next level buddy.

>> No.11521792

Viruses might have evolved from life

>> No.11521818

or the other way round

>> No.11521835

time to contaminate nothing burgers

>> No.11521848
File: 56 KB, 462x640, 985BDFE8-E35B-4C11-99A0-7A32828578F7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Snopes isn’t terrible.

>> No.11521873

>Trump is about to get buttfucked hard by the democrats.
Not even from the US and even i know Trump is still favourite on the presidential race, the fucked up electoral college will keep Trump there

>> No.11521933

Exactly. And this is why shutting down the economy and making millions unemployed is beyond retarded. We need to go back to work asap. Keep the over 60s in quarantine.

>> No.11521944

He's probably going to win the popular vote too this time. Actually, almost certainly. Not that the popular vote matters. Because we couldn't have a union without it.

>> No.11521977

>Trump is refusing to help blue states while funneling all aid to red states.
God I wish this was real

>> No.11521984

>He's probably going to win the popular vote too this time
Both are true but I have a feeling this election will be close if the debates are going to be amazing for both candidates.

>> No.11521998

>if the debates are going to be amazing for both candidates.
22 years ago biden was a pretty good debater. I don't think he's gonna be g2g now.

>> No.11522000

I think he will be ready by then. He's biding his time anyway.

>> No.11522009

>no argument

>> No.11522012

Neck yourself retard

>> No.11522037

Test test 123

This is my first post today so I am guaranteed clean. Could an infectedfag reply to me?

>> No.11522038

>Dumbass let people in the US from China
You mean what every other nation was doing?
>People literally had Coronavirus parties and went to went to spring break all because Trump and Faux news said it was safe
No, you're not going to be able to like those two. No matter how hard you try.
Trump was ahead of almost every western leader. Maybe try another Russian conspiracy?

>> No.11522058


>> No.11522090


>> No.11522104

no they won't retard. NYC is a petri dish, this was going to happen

>> No.11522114

The fine art of disinformation technology, and roughly what Guyana was to Jim Jones, but as an annex of Rupert Murdoch and friends. Same principle, bigger wasteland for the kind of fun the type enjoys most. Too bad about that extra toll of death where malicious mischief and crowd madness combine.
The space required for cope rests more in the soil than in data centers, and whatever accounting for comes is a comedy I'll enjoy more than the best of what I did before this place became the genuinely and fascinatingly evil piece of shit it is.

>> No.11523463

i don't know why the fuck you're posting CNN it's obvious they're fear mongering for views and you're spreading their bullshit stop posting CNN

>> No.11523564

You're such a dishonest weasel. What is Trump calling a hoax then?

>> No.11523845

>Didn't read the report

The prediction was valid in that it clearly stated it would be a rough figure based on
>Doing nothing

>> No.11523860


>> No.11523927

There is still not enough testing, and major cities are still only testing people who are ill, not just mass testing. They'll never find clusters and this shit will spread like wildfire.

>> No.11523933


>> No.11523944

>gets called out
>pulls kys card
Okay retard.

Why? I'm not the one claiming something that never happened. Quote someone saying it or gtfo. I already answered your question.

>> No.11523945

> you can not teach a monkey to play chess ...

Please some autist make chan banner for /pol/ or /sci/ berating/experimenting on /pol/ with this image and trump

>> No.11524144

kek. Trump has distorted the meaning of virtues for so many bible thumping republicans.

>> No.11524987

It’s not autistic to insist on logical proof for the existence of an entity that you’re building your whole worldview around. That’s called being intelligent and skeptical. If you insist on being intelligent and skeptical in regards to the existence of Bigfoot, Santa Claus, or the Tooth Fairy, but not to the existence of gods, then that’s your prerogative, but you still have to be able to justify your beliefs to everyone else without insulting them.

>> No.11524988
File: 175 KB, 686x526, corona gun citypop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

46.1k dead
920k infected
5% death rate

once most of the world pop gets infected, there's gonna be over 300 to 350 million bodies easily

>> No.11524992

Trump is a god of math and science. Listen to him

>> No.11525000

More like 100-200k will die from the brutal TREATMENT (see iatrogenesis).

>> No.11525008

Why are these showing up green and glowing today?

>> No.11525016

Everything is fine and nobody is sick why are you asking so many questions?

>> No.11525021

Public transportation, particularly subway, is part of the culture in NYC; whereas public transport is looked down on as low class in Seattle....this is my personal hypothesis as to why NYC and Seattle had such different infection rates.

>> No.11525022


suck on my coof

>> No.11525024

It's just a nothingburger, bro.

>> No.11525032

Once put on a vent, you will die. The delusion of us having control and power over this thing is the only fact behind ventilators being of any help; in fact, they are part of the problem--dragging out people's lives for an extra week or two, sometimes three, before dying, all the while draining hospital resources and spreading the disease.

>> No.11525037

Dude, I think that hoards of literally autistic people came here through Google search because all the jokes we made about people being autistic back in the day. I came here to post some legit info on covid and realized this is now a special olympics forum. Still, I don't know where else to go these days to post inside info.

>> No.11525047


>> No.11525051

no coofing for me

>> No.11525054

Thank you. One other person in this shitfest who knows that the ventilators don't help. No stories have been done about it in the US but it's the same here...basically zero people put on a vent survive. What I can't figure out is why this isn't public knowledge or being talked about. We should be manufacturing PPE for healthcare workers, not ventilators that are literally pointless (if not downright detrimental to containment). No point in posting this stuff here. People are in hardcore denial. I was permabanned for trying to post the truth about ventilators. Appealed. Now back posting a bit more because I don't know what else to do, when I see my entire country (this board especially) in denial over what is happening.

>> No.11525064

I would love to hear about these people who work (I presume in the ICU, because no other floor has knowledge of the ventilator issue and is basing their info off the media and delusion, not first hand knowledge) in the hospital, lol! They should share their magical cure with the rest of the world where it is clear everyone serious enough to need a vent ends up dying. I bet your friend is OB or OR or in transport or reception, lol. Only doctors and nurses in the ICU of a certain grade of hospital know what's going on. The ICU in many hospitals is so pathetic, they have to ship these patients elsewhere....there is no motive to make up that the vents don't work....we all have a motive--peace of mind; false sense of control--to believe vents work. Your mom and dad will die if they get this and need critical care. Accept that.

>> No.11525065

If Ventilators ain't saving then what is it on how we survive this virus then?

>> No.11525067

How do you know that many will get infected?

>> No.11525068

>“It would be a pity if these Chinese supplant all other races. For the likes of us the mere thought is unspeakably dreary.”
>“Japanese unostentatious, decent, altogether very appealing,” he writes. “Pure souls as nowhere else among people. One has to love and admire this country.”
Is hating chinks but respected japs the high iq path?

>> No.11525069

First hand knowledge, bud. I am as perplexed as you over why this isn't a story. I think it speaks to the power of denial even at a species-wide level.

>> No.11525078

Anon doesn't know really, 350 million deaths is pretty overblown if you ask me.

>> No.11525085

Just because you don't like someone doesn't mean you blindly defy everything they do or attempt. Being the president is a major responsibility. I doubt anyone who has sat in that chair is buffoon enough not to feel that weight. Followers don't understand the weight of leadership.

>> No.11525091

Yet the intubated patients in the US are still all dying.... I can't blame you for your optimism.

>> No.11525192

I was always skeptical of how exactly ventilators would be able to save lives in this situation, and I always assumed there was some crucial detail that I was missing as a layman. From my layman's perspective it makes perfect sense though that ventilators would have little effect on survival rates, considering that the problem isn't that the patient can't breath but that they can't absorb oxygen into their blood because their alveoli are clogged. Forcing more air into their lungs can't solve this issue anymore so than pumping food down the throat of of someone who has lost their stomach will save them from starvation.

I bet ecmo works though.

>> No.11525271
File: 6 KB, 225x225, 1556480294102.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trump derangement syndrome.