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>viral video on how to safely extract groceries to avoid contamination in your home
>virus can live in the air for 3 hours
>bring things that are potentially contaminated in your home
>take breathe
how is this going to help you if its already jn your air space now?

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If I walk down an aisle that 20 minutes ago some corona pozzed person coofed in....

Will I get it?

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so am i right or not?

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The things that are contaiminated are already on the surface and unless you like licking the boxes are not a concern so long as you wash your hands after putting them away and before you eat.

this tho.... is a valid and concerning question

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Possibly. That's why anyone with half a brain stockpiled 6 months of supplies in a few shopping trips back in early February.

Like, can you believe some people waited until late February? Or, god forbid, even March? Poor NPCs...

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>tfw im self isolating with my parents and they insist on going to the store every 3 days to buy fresh produce
I'm going to get it aren't I?

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Yes. It's in the nature of Boomers to be oblivious, having never faced any hardship, only overhyped terror, so they won't respond until it's endemic in your town and the ICU is overflowing.

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Of course, you should also keep in mind that you are a theoretically rational human being capable of independent action.

I bet some local AirBnB's are desperate for someone willing to rent a space out for 3 months, say. And you can fund that from any reasonable savings account.

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I have no money until the neetbucks start rolling in.....

Oh god I am going to get it

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not one of you troglodytes answered OPs question

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I would like to thank people on /sci/ for warning us as early as end of January. That's when I sold all stock and bought almost everything I need for 2 months (wasn't enough, unfortunately).

You saved me money and probably my health.

Viral load seems to be the best indicator of whether you'll suffer severely or mildly. Air load seems to be less bad compared to viral stuff in surfaces, when you touch your mucus with them afterwards.

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Lysol everything before you bring it in your house. Before you put in your car, even.

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but the question is if you bring it into the house it is now in the air which nehates the useless process of disinfecting them when you get it in, its all pointless

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yea undoable, bring it home and disinfect form the car every single time, then fucking disinfect your car (insufficiently) every tune thats alot of meaningless work when more oftne that not your going to miss spots and do a lacklustre job

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Every virion you get rid of by inactivating or washing down the sink is one that can't infect you is how I see it.

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Ideally, everyone would have a little de-containment box in the back of their minivan.

Something like a sealed box that filled with disinfecting gas. Just put your groceries in the box, seal it, activate the deep clean cycle, drive home. By the time you get home, groceries are nice and clean.

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I have an in-ground swimming pool full of 95% ethanol. When I get home from anywhere I drive my car into it until it submerges and open the windows and strip naked. and then swim out the window with my groceries and walk inside.

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that's not good enough, you need to wash your hands before going in the pool

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Armyfag here. Got a class yesterday from one of our anti biologic shit people.
He said something along the lines of the particles the virus binds to being heavy and basically immediately falling down to the floor, thus making it only really possible if you lie on the floor and breathe.
Not sure if it's correct, but I guess it's his job so what the hell do I know.

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so no one is going to answer OP's question

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thanks for the kek

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you may have breathed it in already, you have to carefully surgically rtemove your organs and scrub them down with soap and water, then all the surgical tools as well obvisouly, then airdry everything by throwing everything as high as you can in the air, for as many times as you need till its dry, the higher the throws the more time in the air the less time you have to throw it

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>talking in third person
coo coooooo

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To disinfect things light enough to be moved with the hands like groceries I recommend a sprayer. Use the following procedure. When spraying always do it to the point the object is saturated, then let rest for 2 minutes.

* Prepare 2 benches, one will be “dirty” and the other “clean”. Ideally the dirty bench should be outside the house and the clean bench inside the house. If the material is not waterproof, put a big plastic drape over the top.
* Put on gloves; long cuff is preferred. If your shirt has long sleeves, put cuff of gloves over the sleeve.
* Fill sprayer halfway with solution of 5 g/l of sodium hypochlorite prepared the same day. This can be prepared from 1 part in volume of household bleach with 9 parts in volume of water. Set fumigator tip to product mist, not jet.
* Don surgical mask and (optional) googles to protect facial mucosas from possilble splatter. From this point onwards your gloved hands are considered dirty. Do not touch anything not strictly neccessary, especially do not touch your face.
* Put groceries in dirty bench.
* Get products outside of grocery bags and put on bench. Discard the bags.
* Spray products and bench. Make sure to spray all sides of products including bottom. If neccessary after the first round, rotate products and do another round of spraying. Remember to let rest for 2 minutes. Leave at least 200 ml of sodium hypochlorite solution to disinfect sprayer. After waiting, products are now clean but still damp.

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* (1) spray gloved hands or (2) wash or rinse gloved hands and then spray the water tap.
* Move products from outside bench to inside bench.
* Spray outside bench.
* If you used googles, remove them now, place in outside bench, spray, wait, move to inside bench.
* Place sprayer in dirty bench. Spray the tank. Open tank and empty the leftover disinfectant solution over the other parts of the fumigator (pipe and hose). Let it rest for 2 minutes.
* Everything is disinfected now. Remove and discard gloves without touching the outside. Wash hands. Remove and discard surgical mask.
* Rinse inside of tank of sprayer with tap water. Pressurize and spray some tap water to flush the sodium hypochlorite in the hose. Rinsing is neccessary because because prolonged contact with sodium hypochlorite can damage the metal parts.
* Leave fumigator disassembled to dry away from sunlight, then reassemble and store away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight damages plastics.

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im gunna go ahead and say if God wants me dead, theres no stoopin

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Why did you come to /sci/ - Science & Math to speak of mythology?

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pretty sure airborne viruses can stay on dust particles. so that could be a risk also, if you are kicking up dust and shit with your boots.

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My parents have been to the grocery store literally every single day this week since they're too fucking lazy to plan dinner before 2pm on the same day.

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spread have been primarily droplet based thankfully for most of the population, otherwise we'd have seen entire airplanes (basically huge air incubators) getting infected by covid just because one passenger

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Dude what the fuck

Your kitchen sink has a shitload of bacteria, and he's submerging fruit and placing the washed fruit in the other sink bowl

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Did you know you can actually clean sinks? It's the funniest thing, you can use the same soap you use on dishes, and the same scrubby or brush too in a pinch, scrub the whole thing like it's a big dish and then after it's all scrubbed up get this: you rinse it down itself. Wild, I know. Then you can disinfect it like anything else.

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No mention of this in his 14 million view video

Also most dish soap doesn't disinfect, it just dissolves oil and will do nothing to sanitize the sink. He has a "clean" fruit sitting right in the drain. Gas yourself

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*dips fruit in toilet*

It's ok I disinfected first

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It isn't going to matter in the long term. Influenza kills 290,000-650,000 people every year without much effect on day to day lives. Even though the number of deaths are going up, it can't increase the rate forever. Viral outbreaks peak during colder times and fizzle out during the summer. Flu season, for example, is October-May. For young, healthy adults covid-19 symtoms are relatively mild. Many people that contract it become asymptomatic carriers. Just like influenza, the elderly and immunocompromised people are at higher risk for complications. It's always best plan aheae and take adequate precautions, but this isn't some extinction event or societal collapsing plague.

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Soap destroys the outer lipid layer of the virus, rendering it practically inert.

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I just watched part of the video, his sink appeared to be clean but his dirty hands/clean items discipline was atrocious, even the tripfag had better advice.

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A virus that kills a few dozen thousand americans each year and can only infect a minority, isn't the same as a virus that can kill 1 to 2 million and can infect almost everyone

You're right it's not going to matter in the long term, it's going to matter in april and may.

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>the summer heat will kill off the virus
Tell that to Australia and Brazil

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I'm talking about the filth in your sink. Leave the science and mathematics board if you IQ is below 80 for fucks sake

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Most people actually clean their sinks
Maybe you should too?

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Most people wash fruit in their hands and place it on the counter or in a bowl

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>a sink is a toilet
Also yes if you disinfected a toilet it would be completely safe to put fruit in it
Your only aversion to the concept is the ickyness of it but thats silly since the toilet would have been disinfected first

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It is a toilet. It's the household designated surfaces for raw and spoiled food. Your sink often does have more bacteria than the toilet.

>Your only aversion to the concept is the ickyness of it

It's called germ theory. Step forward towards me 200 years

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If you empty a toilet of its water and disinfect it from head to toe it has no germs on it you mongoloid

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>I've figured out hot to safely put food in the toilet


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Imagine tricking someone into arguing that it's ok to put food in the toilet because they can't be caught admitting the concept is retarded on an anonymous message board

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This is where we're at so far with the death rate by age. Also, where did the 1-2 million death prediction come from and is it U.S. only or globally?

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>1-2 million death prediction
That's if no containment is attempted in the US and we full Italy

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You can do the math without even googling

only 1% death rate with only 1/3rd of americans infected would get you a million deaths. And that's way too optimistic.

There's also secondary deaths. If your hospitals are overloaded for months, you can't get treatment for ailments and injuries that have nothing to do with covid

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If no containment was attempted imperial college london's model shows 80% being infected and the overload would give us a 2-3% death rate. You'd be approaching 3 million.

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can somine answer OP

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Don't have someone breath in a jar and take it in your house and open it. Problem solved.

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What's another million? The point is that there will be millions of dead people and no resurrections if we celebrate Easter.

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Are you a literal retard? The virus stays in the air 3 hours in absolutely perfect conditions. Do you think it's going to get it in the air at the top of your bag and just perfectly float there instead of falling or hitting the side?
You should be worried about touching the shit and not washing your hands, though.

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>virus can live in the air for 3 hours
only in very specific conditions you are quite unlikely to see in the real world. out in the wild, it's surface only

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Brazil is a filthy place. As for Australia, not sure, maybe it's only spreading in their dense cities. Do they have low humidity? That seems to be a factor.

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His point was that the theory that the summer will lower the spread is wrong since it is spreading it the southern hemisphere which currently is in its summer

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so if the virus is on the shit and i bretahe it in im ok? And shit will not move with the dust particles in the air? It seems like its a loss if its in the hiuse

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the weather has absolutely no effect on the virus life, it has to do with peoples patterns of proximity, winter inside and close quarters, summer out and about and spread out

T. Different anon

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>>virus can live in the air for 3 hours
proof? aerosolled corona? sounds more like measles.

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Virus doesn't go airborne from surfaces, someone has to be breathing it out

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Just don't touch the shit you bought for 2-3 days and the virus should be dead by then. Focus on washing your hands and wiping your steering wheel, car door handle, car keys, credit cards, outside of wallet, cellphone, eyeglasses, etc.
>winter inside and close quarters
But Sweden tho..

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What if I just buy some groceries now and wait like a week for the virus to die on any of the surfaces? I have plenty of food now, so waiting an extra 7 days for it to die on other surfaces isn't a problem if this would work.

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According to their own testing approximately 10-20% of the population probably already has or has had it.
The vast majority have no symptoms.
The few that do get symptoms experience nothing worse than a cold.
People who are already at death's door tend to die, regardless of whether they have coronavirus or not.
Literally no different than a cold in terms of it's danger to old people.
But that's all beside the point because every pozzed government has agreed to use it as an propaganda to ramp up their police state to Armageddon levels.
tldr: get your quantum tattoo, goyim.

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>Also most dish soap doesn't disinfect
Does it matter? Bacteria and viruses are caught up in the emulsion and flushed down the sink. There's nothing left to disinfect.

>> No.11507942

makes mustard gas

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>Literally no different than a cold in terms of it's danger to old people.
That's silly, anon. Italy is a prime example, their above average death rate is up 40% right now. You're saying that 40% more people are dying than is typical because of a cold?

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no what if its on a mobile particle like dust that can go from surface to air np

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Italy is denying ventilators to people over the age of 60

A cold or a flu does not cause hospitals to use all their ventilators on people below the age of 60

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Can anyone identify if this is a COVID-19? I haven't touched it except with the tissue paper.

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That's not funny, you could end up getting yourself infected. Get rid of it!

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Pretty sure he's just trying to make you guys not freak the fuck out

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>A cold or a flu does not cause hospitals to use all their ventilators on people below the age of 60
Apparently it does in Italy.

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new strain confirmed.

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I should probably burn it to be safe

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I just did, idiot. Virus in air is less dangerous than virus on surface.

How does it get into the air you think? They stick to surfaces.

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Can’t the wind pick the virus?

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Close your windows. The lipid envelope makes it quite sticky, which is also why you really don't want it anywhere near your wet membranes.

>> No.11508032

I mean say that a person coofs on the sidewalk isnt that side walk dangerous to walk on now since the wind could pick up the viruses?

Same with the entrances to grocery stores

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Covid 19 is fucking huge. That's way too small

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I'll shit in a bowl, you emulsify it and put your oranges there. Problem solved

>> No.11508048

It is unlikely, but possible. Getting directly coofed on or handling something someone else coofed on is the riskiest thing.

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>how is this going to help you if its already jn your air space now?
I thought you meant in your home (as did probably everyone else who replied). You need to wear a mask obviously. Otherwise you're right, you're fucked.

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It's just the flu, bro.

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did it evolve into a macro virus?

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no way you can breath that whole thing in
virus confirmed fake

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Your nostrils are smaller than average bro. Sorry, but girls are laughing about them behind your back.

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Im not this extreme anon
just use a cloth to clean all products
the cloth, dip in chlorinated water.
with mask on, no goggles.

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this not basic common sense, like washing your hands

>> No.11508940

*this is

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>Just don't touch the shit you bought for 2-3 days
I let it rest for 9. Seems safer when stories of it surviving 17 days in that ship or 9 days of other coronaviruses are out.

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piss is sterile you fucking virgins

>> No.11509051

Just flip out and punvh their head in. It's a rational threat display under the current circumstances.
No, but seriously, yell at them.

>> No.11509104

Piss is full of proteins. Proteins aren't bacteria or viruses but they're still yucky.

>> No.11509206

They are in Fall heading for Winter

>> No.11509382

That is sufficient for routine sanitation (when no specific contamination is suspected). Use a clean bench and dirty bench or different halves of the same bench; otherwise you re-contaminate the products when putting them back.

I forgot to note that the procedure I wrote is appropriate when contamination with viruses of hemorrhagic fever is suspected. It is adapted from the techniques of infection prevention used for viral hemorrhagic fevers. It is more than sufficient when contamination with pathogens of mild respiratory diseases is suspected, although it will do no harm. The use case I had in mind is disinfecting goods that have possibly been stored for long and possibly exposed to rats in the warehouse. Rats can carry arenaviruses and hantaviruses which can cause hemorrhagic fever and hantaviruses can cause acute heart failure. I especially recommend the procedure I described when disinfecting things that were in a house unused for years. For the current COVID-19, it is overkill, although it will do no harm.

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>Virus in air is less dangerous than virus on surface.
Since when? Over 50% of flu transmissions come from aerosols, and by all accounts, SARS-CoV-2 stays airborne even longer than the influenza virus.

>> No.11509400

Do you ever hold fruit with your hands while you eat it?

>> No.11509406

Had a retard moment there. Viral load is lower in air than on surfaces. And, as said, viral load seems to be the most important indicator of whether you'll get severe symptoms or only mild ones.

>> No.11509476

I guess it's not impossible but I'd be more concerned about them coughing right next to you

>> No.11509594

I just went to the store today and didn't do any of this. How fucked up am I?
I wash my hands constantly and don't ever touch my face tho.

>> No.11509623

looks like my kidney stone, gyess im immune

>> No.11509629

mobule dust particles you bazunga

>> No.11509633

mobile dust particles

>> No.11509635

Leave the stuff you bought alone for three days so you're not stirring up any potential viruses. If you must touch some of it before then, sanitize it. Go take a shower. You'll probably be fine.

>> No.11509639

>m-Muh flu virus omg guys it’s so scary

Cringe. Not even worth thinking about.

>> No.11510224

>leave alone for three days
kek what are you going to eat in the meeantime? none is buying for six days to begin a delay grabbing new loads of groceries

>> No.11510452

A water fast for three days is an excellent way to prime the immune system.

>> No.11510461

That is correct for ordinary people. For governments and epidemiologists, the threat is big because of the cumulative health care expenditure, work time lost and deaths even though the risk for any single person without pre-existing disease is negligible.

>> No.11510513

>hurr durr I can't read

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>> No.11510888

this way https://youtu.be/8RHswFKMwhA

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>the current state of this board
i want you all cretins to go back

>> No.11510921

Not everyone gets to shit in a mouth

>> No.11510928

Show everyone how retarded you are and try to make a point brainlet

>> No.11510948

Do you think your hands are clean?

>> No.11511374

Just spittle the retarded thing you're going to say already

>> No.11511377

We know it's corona for sure, we can tell by the pixels. All these people coughing and getting a seasonal flu, we know it's likely the kind that's .3% more deadly than the normal ones, because that's the kind they told us about on TV.

>> No.11511378

Oh no parasites to society are gonna die oh noooooo

>> No.11511393

Anon, they already made their point, you're not getting it...

>> No.11511402

At least you really are afraid of saying something retarded.

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the answer is that none of that will help you
you will get the virus it's only a matter of time. this is /sci/ you should've known that as soon as you heard 2 week asymptomatic and r^0 of 4 to 6
the only thing you could do is never go in public for a really long time, that might work

>> No.11511439

>y-you’ll get a virus that has no symptoms for the majority of people, and for most people who even have symptoms, is indistinguishable from the flu! Be afraid!


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>r^0 of 4 to 6

>> No.11511451

actually I'm saying you don't have to be afraid because there is almost nothing you can do to avoid it

>> No.11511483

When the fuck did the R^0 get to 4 to 6?

>> No.11511492

when he dug into his ass to present it

>> No.11511531

Not much worse than the 2.38 it is right now honestly. He has a point.

>> No.11512485

If you don't believe soap is effective, then clearly you've never ever touched food with your bare hands, right? And you've never touched your clean dishes or utensils? Otherwise you're contaminating everything you eat at every single meal.

>> No.11512493

Estimates of the R^0 under three were based on number of infections prior to realizing how many people remain asymptomatic for the duration of the illness. It has to be higher than the original estimates, however, that also means the mortality rate is lower than the original estimates.

>> No.11512576

but I am not fat diabeetus american, I don t care
exposure to germs helps strengthen immune system

>> No.11512624

>There’s almost nothing you can do to avoid the flu

Okay I guess I don’t care

>> No.11512817

>That's why anyone with half a brain stockpiled 6 months of supplies
And only half a brain. There's still no fucking reason to stockpile groceries you alarmist brainlet.

>> No.11512866

Soap is effective but it's not effective enough for me to put food in my toilet. Keeping defending it. I could not possibly embarrass you as much as you're doing right now.

>> No.11512873

this is the legit answer, honestly you can try and do all these measures to avoid getting the virus but lets be honest its not foolproof, you'll slip up - you're only delaying the inevitable. 80% will be infected, remember this.

honestly just dont go out in public for a long time. thats my plan. i'm getting supplies in by mail, i can disinfect as much as i can but eventually it will reach me through the supplies. just the way it is.

>> No.11512892

>you'll slip up - you're only delaying the inevitable.

If you hold out though the population will build herd immunity through going through the infection wave and vaccination next year

>> No.11512920


>> No.11512931

so is herd immunity that a large group will contain and kill off the virus by going through it and the virus having nowhere to go afterwards and die off leaving the rest of the population unaffected

>> No.11512940

Yeah except it doesn't work that perfectly and some people still get infected every year, usually seasonally. That's how the flu works

>> No.11512958

Enjoy shopping with superspreaders then.

The flu is highly mutating, nCoV isn't. Huge difference.

>> No.11512974

>The flu is highly mutating, nCoV isn't. Huge difference.

And it has nothing to do with my post pseud

80% of people don't get the flu every year because of herd immunity. Covid is novel, so no one is immune.

>> No.11512980

>The flu is highly mutating, nCoV isn't.

I wouldn't measure that with only a few months of the virus being in humans. There's already 2 types of covid

>> No.11513028

>Soap is effective but it's not effective enough for me to put food in my toilet.
Who said to do that? I only chimed in when you claimed soap wasn't a disinfectant, which doesn't really matter due to the way soap works. If you touch raw chicken, and you think washing your hands is sufficient to eliminate the microbes, then why do you not think it's good enough for your sink?

>> No.11513090

>why do you not think it's good enough for your sink?

Why do you think it's not a good idea for your toilet? That's not a question. That's the answer

>> No.11513099

>Why do you think it's not a good idea for your toilet?
It would probably be fine frankly, except it would be very inconvenient, but that still doesn't explain why you think it's okay to touch food with your hands after washing with soap if you don't believe soap is adequate to clean your sink. Both have touched the same microbes. You're experiencing a cognitive dissonance.

>> No.11513103

>*submerges oranges in toilet*
>*rinses in bidet*
>*leaves one right in the bidet drain*
>It's fine frankly, just inconvenient. You're experiencing cognitive dissonance

>> No.11513109

>And it has nothing to do with my post pseud
Oh really?
Then riddle me this:
>some people still get infected every year, usually seasonally
This happens because there are multiple strains, fucking idiot.

>I wouldn't measure that with only a few months of the virus being in humans
>There's already 2 types of covid
Not really, has been debunked. There are tens of strains, but none of them differ from one another in any meaningful way.

>> No.11513122

Unironically go blow your dad, black bitch.

>> No.11513131

It's not gay if you wash the dick with soap first right?

>> No.11513133

Was the toilet water removed first, then the toilet scrubbed clean, then water added? Otherwise your example makes no sense. But yeah, that toilet would be fine to eat out of, just inconvenient, as I said. Scrubbing your sink down after doing the dishes takes about 30 seconds.

Why you think it's okay to touch food with your hands after washing with soap if you don't believe soap is adequate to clean your sink? Quit avoiding the question with nonsensical comparisons.

>> No.11513136

On the contrary, the shield of microbes is the only thing keeping it remotely straight.

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>> No.11513456

why do I keep reading from viroligsts and other scientists who do AMA's that this is not a necessary measure, since contraction is very unlikely from object to human and that human to human contraction should be the main concern? why do people do all this shit when the people who actually know about the virus don't even take these precautions themselves?

>> No.11513467

wait did mods make a banner from the toilet argument in this thread

>> No.11513472

the guy in the video is making bank off fear mongering what do uou expect hes made multiple videos with high view counts spewing the same futile crap

>> No.11513480


>> No.11513491

but in the video he says this not not abou popularity but spreading awareness

>> No.11513495

Surely the riskiest thing must be drinking someone's saliva.

>> No.11513516

Yeah, and he'd definitely not lie about his intentions. That's for sure.

>> No.11513524

the video is garbage and should be removed from youtube.

>> No.11513525

i think he refuted your baseless assertion

>> No.11513549

>"b-but he said he wasn't doing that"
Are you mentally 8 years old?

>> No.11513571

>only really possible if you lie on the floor and breathe.
or if you have a cold air intake

>> No.11513678

pretty sure he knows his own intentions better than you possibly could

>> No.11513700

can you link said AMA?

>> No.11513704

different anon, i mean obviousky i dont know his intentions but i saw two videos which looked like the same thing plus almost all experts in the field are saying you should be ok with grocies and mail etc and they would have seen evidence in china if these objects were major carriers but the data shows nothing worth noting, personal sanitation is always patamount regardless be extremely cautious, obviosuly

>> No.11513767

>all experts in the field are saying you should be ok with grocies and mail etc

I'm always skeptic of expert's advice if you couldn't reasonably do anything about the contrary

Like if infection from groceries and mail was completely possible and likely to happen to very few people, but not statistically measurable. To prevent this everyone would have to be sanitizing every surface of their groceries with a wet wipe or something it's just not worth the effort at that point. Real people get fatigued and in a few weeks we are REALLY going to be sick and fucking tired of avoiding this virus. They want people to focus on ways they are likely to be infected instead of every way they could possibly be infected.

When I go grocery shopping I won't put back an item if I've touched it. When I get to the register I'm glad to see the cashier has sanitized the card reader and her hands. Those are meaningful spreaders of germs, not the grocery store worker who happened to be infected and happened to touch the same box and part of a box you did that you then ate without washing your hands.

>> No.11513781

Appeal to authority fallacy.

Most of it gets digested. Viruses do not survive digestion. Inhaling aerosols with pathogens is a higher risk for transmission of any disease.

>> No.11513877

Why do you think it's okay to touch food with your hands after washing with soap if you don't believe soap is adequate to clean your sink?

>> No.11513881

>I eat out of toilets answer my questions

>> No.11513889

Why do you think it's okay to touch food with your hands after washing with soap if you don't believe soap is adequate to clean your sink?

>> No.11513912
File: 35 KB, 600x450, 5e6f7356235c1809550f00b3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11513928

What is this meme?

>> No.11513930

of course the trip fag feels left out of toilet licking

>> No.11513931

>I’m obsessed with toilet porn
You should have just said that from the beginning anon. Whatever makes you happy.

>> No.11513938

>I star in toilet porn

>> No.11513945

Not who you’re arguing with, but you’re fucking weirdo for mentioning toilets in every goddamn comment. What is wrong with you?

>> No.11513954
File: 205 KB, 1200x900, 1585534876757.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not who you’re arguing with

>> No.11513969

>What is wrong with you? What
They’re either shit posting (no pun intended) or they have legitimate issues.

>> No.11513975

Why are you talking to yourself schizo

>> No.11513985

I would have said shit posting, but now I’m leaning toward disturbed.

>> No.11514771


Somoene coofing in a aisle at the grocery store
leaves droplets all over the place 2 m in front 1m to side, these fall down slowly and are gone in under 30 minutes, they are on floor
Remains in air is virus in aerosol form, very very small droplets
Ventilation system and ambient air being always constant
means no airflow up or down
means virus particles in aerosols stay in the aisle longer than 30 minutes up to 1 hour

another person walking through the aisle
inhales the virus
gets covid and wrecked lungs

>> No.11514773


Very important to use half a bench or work area for incoming and another area for cleaned products

All this is not very work-intensive
People are already in lockdown
spend at least a few minutes cleaning your goods before touching and contaminating your house

>> No.11514875

also that one famous German virologist said the exact same thing in one of his podcasts

>> No.11514885


>> No.11514993

you are fucked. RIP anon

>healthcare workers and researchers
>parasites to society

>> No.11515043

I only checked this one. It seems like she's recommending putting the stuff away immediately and leaving it, and then hand washing. She didn't really give a time frame, just that eventually the viruses are inactive and not a risk...she even mentioned that transferring from package to person is a concern.

>> No.11515063

Just checked this one as well, and they do state that "epidemiogic observations don't really suggest that these are important sources of infection." I'm leaning toward this being accurate, I think aerosols are the greater risk, but I still think it's prudent to wash certain items that will be touched immediately and frequently (i.e. a carton of milk). Other items that won't be needed for a while can be placed in an area where they won't be disturbed, allowing time to inactivate the virus.

Thanks for posting the links, anon.

>> No.11515172

He was lying to you to comfort you. exhaled saliva aresoles can stay in the air for hours or more.

>> No.11515176

They actually have the right idea; eat fresh food now while you can still get it. Save your preserved food for later, when the fresh food shortages kick in.

In the next year, corona will become the least of our worries. The damage being done to society and the economy are soon going to become more pressing concerns. There will be famine.

>> No.11515187

Contact the CDC immediately!!!

>> No.11515255

You're pretty safe my dude

>> No.11515287

Current consensus for corona is 3 hours.

>There will be famine.
Highly doubt it. The economical problems will be high though.

>> No.11515302

There are already a few news articles about countries being unable to import migrant farm labor to pick fresh food on farms. While the production capacity of farms nevertheless remains high enough to supply the population, these news articles could cause hoarders to panic and buy up all the fresh food they can. Of course the fresh food they hoard would then rot uneaten in their homes, since it's perishable, but in the meantime there will be bare supermarket shelves. The sight of bare supermarket shelves could cause even more people to start panic hoarding, leading to even more shortages.

Fear could cause a famine.

>> No.11515573

but yea theres not been a raise in infections due to object handling from what i read which i guess they would measuee bu volume of people exposed and the proximity from affected and non affected people

>> No.11515589

i dont think youll see a famine, but you will see an industrial evolution agaib, america and perhaps the worl with new technology burgeoning will finallu realize the capacity to manafacture everythibh thing themselves, they are capabale of doing it, 3d priting had made massive advancements and wwill ruin international trade, truly, we have already been able to print our own rocket parts efficiently from in state, everythibg else is pancakes

>> No.11515593

I don't think 3d printing will ruin international trade. 3d printing works best for low-volume production, like prototyping or producing rocket parts. For shit you want produced on a massive scale, 3d printing isn't competitive and never will be. Just as an obvious example, there is no conceivable 3d printing tech that makes wood screws faster than the "old fashioned" screw making machine.

>> No.11515685

Hm, you could be right about fear causing it. I sometimes forget the vast majority of people out there is retarded.

>> No.11515878

This is indeed.

>> No.11515890


>> No.11515908

It isn’t a cold, if anything it felt like a flu that attacks your lungs harder. It moved into my lower respiratory tract and I could tell how people could get a serious case of pneumonia. Mine case was mild but the pressure in my chest didn’t go away for 2 weeks. It wasn’t a horrible experience being sick but it def is more than a cold. It made me tired as shit, I slept for like 5 days straight.

>> No.11516495

NCOV-19 is chronic. That's like saying your HIV has subsided because the initial symptoms went away. You're always going to have it and it will always reemerge.

>> No.11516517

The standard may not yet be there but its well on the way but more importantly the focus is home grown production at a largely reduced cost which we can do the problem is always what are we going to do with the huge workforce severance, they need to be financially sustained in an economy not matter how viable the tech, but its comin, were the last hurdle imo

>> No.11516539

The sort of scenario you're talking about is decades off at best. The sort of 3d printers that people have in their homes today are only capable of making small plastic trinkets, which have limited utility. The absolute majority of factory products being sold today are not threatened by these machines. And when it comes to printing in other materials, even state of the art industrial metal printers still make parts that require significant processing before they're ready for use.

>> No.11516542

>but it's well on the way
Cope and retarded. Even more retarded than the fusion is 20 years away meme.

>> No.11516549

>NCOV-19 is chronic.
Are you assuming that based on reports of reinfections, or do you have proof it's chronic in everyone? Even if it is chronic, it doesn't have to be a huge issue. The body never clears the varicella-zoster virus, but it's usually a non-issue for most people unless they're elderly or immuno-compromised.

>> No.11516971

The virus can't enter your body via your skin. There are only three ways for it to enter: mouth, eyes, nose.

Wash your hands and don't touch your face.

>> No.11517115

It explains why Wuhan has people dropping dead in the streets

>> No.11517125

my friend is in taiwan Ev right now and playss bass and has a girlfriend and doesn't have the corn virus becuaae i told him dont touch the corn i beg of him

>> No.11517226


>> No.11517559

What the fuck is this boomer keeping up with the Jones's middle class horseshit? Just make dinner with whatever you have that strikes your fancy at 5pm

>> No.11518293

Yes. Plenty of cases of people being infected when the infector already left the area. Princess diamond had tonnes of infections somehow getting around despite separate rooms, probably the vents.

>> No.11518312

I don't see why that would mean the virus is never eliminated. We know COVID-19 can be awful.

>> No.11518327

Most Americans don't know how to cook, let alone buy groceries in an intelligent manner. I left my apartment to isolate at my parents, and my boomer stepfather keeps going to the local grocery store every other day to buy donuts. Fucking donuts. He even went to the store to singularly to buy flour tortillas because he doesn't like corn tortillas.

>> No.11518337

My father went out yesterday literally JUST to buy dog treats. He came home with a bag of treats and a Pepsi. We weren't even fucking out of them.
Most people have proven themselves totally mentally incapable of adjusting to the mentality of not going out for the hell of it.

>> No.11518339

Do you keep 6 different meats in your fridge so you can cook "whatever strikes your fancy"?
You can't make dinner out of a frozen rock of chicken.

>> No.11518354

>what is a microwave oven

>> No.11518355

>calls others boomers
>microwaves meat

>> No.11518364

defrost it idiot

>> No.11518731

I'm not though

>> No.11518988
File: 1.23 MB, 2592x1944, IMG_20200330_091954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is my reward for listening to you dipshits and Lysoling my cereal

>> No.11518993

Just take the bags out of the boxes

>> No.11519078

dubs and a waste of money to even buy that shit might as well shave tree bark and catch rain

>> No.11519090

If the stores are open and you have an oblivious boomer willing to shop for you, it's not time to crack open your survival stash of cambium just yet

>> No.11519120

Would wiping down your groceries with disinfectant wipes be good enough to kill any germs, bacteria and potential corona viruses?

>> No.11519253

I had groceries delivered yesterday and saturated them before bringing them in the house. Cardboard boxes and containers with ink don't handle Lysol very well, apparently.

>> No.11519260

Possibly, but they need to be pretty well saturated and remain damp for 30 seconds to a minute.

>> No.11519309
File: 5 KB, 302x237, 1377374853516.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does it really matter though? You're cooking your food. It's going way above the 60c required to kill it, and you're swallowing it. There hasn't been a reported case of covid messing up your stomach to the point of hospitilization.

>> No.11519381

I go shopping every day.
All the retards panicking and wearing masks just make me laugh.
Sucks when you're low-IQ and believe the propaganda.

>> No.11519386

yes its been proven and chinese scientists knew this since feburary

>> No.11519463

the virus can live on surfaces for close to 3 weeks. so yeah, we're fucked.

>> No.11519488

Math professor, is that you?

>> No.11519521
File: 177 KB, 2214x544, oops all pneumonia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Y-yeah anon. All propaganda... big nothingburger...

>> No.11519525

What is the world death rate like before and after corona

>> No.11519551

Barely changed because we're still at the bottom of the curves. Huge swathes of territory not yet exposed due to shutdowns across europe and usa.
When Italy, Spain, and USA are forced to re-open, the death rate will explode from multiple simultaneous curves jumping.

>> No.11519598

3 weeks as if its on vacation, youre clearly not reading valid sources

>> No.11519602

It's touring Italy right now.

>> No.11519640

>macro virus
heh, I remember that episode! so retarded

>> No.11520067

The real answer is no one knows

for FUCKS sake they can't even decide if it's aerosolized or not, studies say yes, but the question is, is REAL LIFE replicating those conditions from the studies

and no one knows
and they said the worst BULLSHIT lie to people and say masks don't help, so now we have a population sneezing and coughing on absolutely everything all the way through the supply chain because they have to pay rent and retail stores are now, in APRIL, installing plexiglass at cashiers, because in 2020 we cannot simply order things and pick them up because we as a species are doomed to fail

>> No.11520107

>and retail stores are now, in APRIL, installing plexiglass at cashiers
I saw a guy today actually peek around the plexiglass so he could tell the cashier it was great they finally had some protection.

>> No.11520110

now there's a SNL skit

>> No.11520180


>> No.11520184

how in the fuck did it take that long to install plexiglass, even at the bank they still havent done fuckin dummies

>> No.11520233

Yeah. I heard the coronvirus doesn't have an envelope or something, regardless i've unanimously heard its easily killable with disinfectants.

>> No.11520343

so... CDC isn't valid now?

>> No.11520361

its literally 3 weeks max in a controlled lab situation

>> No.11520410

>don't touch your face.

That's easier said that done.


>> No.11520427

>Wash your hands and don't touch your face
I wash my face every time I touch my face but it's at home.

>> No.11520431

is davie504 dare i say, based?

>> No.11520438

So, what products do you recommend?

Also how do you disinfect stuff like tablecloth?

>> No.11520446

Real question bros

Why the fuck is the human face so uncomfortable? Some animals can't even touch their face, I assume they don't feel the need to ever.

I feel like I could write a manuscript of problems. My eyelashes often feel stuck together. I feel it now as I'm typing this.

>> No.11520454

so you're saying that a smooth surface cabinet that has live virus for 17 days is a controlled situation? how often do you clean your cabinets?

>> No.11520455

time to die

>> No.11520459

I literally don't. You could film me for an entire day. I might bring my hand up and hesitate before thinking better of it, but that's it. That comes from 28 years of being very much a germaphobe.

>> No.11520461

we don't need faces, hell we don't even need heads
eyes could be up up our nipples easily
fuse nose and penis
mouth close to the stomach area
ears up your ass cheeks
scatter brain chunks all over the body for decentralized thinking network
the human body is heavily unoptimized
in a million years humans will look funny when eating

>> No.11520467

Online won't save you now!

>> No.11520468


>> No.11520473





>> No.11520476


>> No.11520480
File: 55 KB, 700x698, virus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

find a cure quick :D

>> No.11520491


>> No.11520492


That will take about a year / year and a half at least.

>> No.11520496

can /sci/ figure out how the fuck this infection thing works?

>> No.11520522

If you don't:

+ fully disinfect any grocery item that comes in your home with Dawn soap
+ wear DIY masks / gloves when going outside (https://smartairfilters.com/en/blog/best-materials-make-diy-face-mask-virus/))
+ leave your shoes outside
+ not carry hand sanitizer / alcohol as a last measure
+ order take-out


(don't say I didn't advise you)

>> No.11520561

>article doesn't specify the fabric materials.

>> No.11520570

What kind of sanitizers do you need to keep the house clean?

>> No.11520587


>> No.11521003

>i don't wash my hands
>i don't mop the floor of y house
>i lick and eat off the floor of my house
>i constantly put my hands in my face like a tard
the average amerimutt

>> No.11521073

I use KN95 masks and swimming goggles.
Only bought packaged/sealed stuff and sprayed it with lysol. YET LOOK AT ME.

>> No.11521167

Basically this. I stockpiled a few months worth in early Feb.

>> No.11521301

Are you guys for real or just memeing? People our age don't really bother doing all this I hope? I just go to work and shake hands if the other party wants to. Fuck that. If I get it get it and I'll stay home and chill.

>> No.11521424

How to reuse and disinfect a mask? Got an ffp1 and a ffp3. can I spray them all sides with 90% alchool 90° 10% tap water, then leave for days to fully dry? Is better to soak it in a container with alchool (with a lid to reuse the same liquid)? Is better to use isopropylic alchool? Mask is weared under a thick cloth folded twice, everything is disinfected. Thanks.

>> No.11522020

Do you have a link? Research on SARS-CoV-2 showed that 72 hours was the max, and less than 1% of the original virus amount was still viable at that point.


>> No.11522022


>> No.11522034

Uh oh, it's spreading...

>> No.11522078

The lab generated the fine aerosol artificially. This almost never happens in real life, maybe half of the effect, while doing intubation or a really powerful sneeze. Has also to be indoors with perfect temperature and humidity, also basically no ventilation. We don’t know about the dose needed to start infection. Maybe ten minutes and it’s likely rather rare.

>> No.11522082

It‘s a hulled virus, they aren’t very environmentally stable at all. Three weeks isn’t possible.

>> No.11522093

all those moments gone....like fart..in air

>> No.11522606

Like I said, this is for contamination with more nefarious things like rat urine and feces suspected of carrying viruses of hemorrhagic fevers. It can be used to protect from COVID-19 but it is overkill.

>> No.11522629

Its cant survive in the air dipshit

>> No.11522660

>lab generated fine aerosol artificially
need any and all sources indicative of artificial mutations

>> No.11523278

I didn’t talk about artificial mutations of the virus. I don’t know of any there; doesn’t seem to be any indication of artificial mutation. Until now a natural recombination event and close human contact to an intermediary host seems like the most plausible explanation. I did talk about the experiments of the US based research team generating aerosols and trying to measure the virion concentration and detection limits.

>> No.11523304

kk thanks bill nye

>> No.11523426

I had fun imaging Bill Nye calling someone a dipshit.

>> No.11523431

*I also imagined it...

>> No.11523453


17 days, and that's only because we checked on it, we have no idea of how much stress the virus can actually handle

>> No.11524565

cover the whole house in sopa water done solved

>> No.11524664

Why would an organization with no actual power be able to prevent the pandemic? Literally all they can do is recommend a course of action that can be ignored by retards who run countries and claim it was a hoax.

>> No.11524665

The virus doesn't tolerate heat well, so I burned my house down. No more virus to worry about!

>> No.11524989

checking if i'm a coofer

>> No.11524990

Donald Trump will use this to create a dictatorship

>> No.11525045

thats what you think
>virus cell: where do you think youre go8ng? V cell 2: the place is burning to a crisp, lets move quick! Virus: they expect one of us in the wreckage brother v2: the virus rises? V2: yes...the virus rises