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Can we please kill these faggots into extinction now?

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no people need to go back to 3 bn again and stay away from wild animals
3 bn was enough to get us to the moon

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bats didn't do anything wrong. they're totally innocent.

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I mean to kill them all would require a lot of effort.
An alternate method to reducing risks is to STOP SELLING THEM AS MEAT
They live in fucking caves or way away from humans, I’ve seen maybe 1 bat in my whole fucking life (excluding zoos) and it was probably a bird anyway.
I’ve had the virus and it’s a fucking Nasty batty disease. It makes you feel like a bat

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They are everywhere. Ticking time bombs look at the damage they've done already it's only a matter of time before we catch a virus that kills humanity. They aren't hard to kill it could be done in a year. Only problem is the other animals who would be affected by it

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>Ticking time bombs look at the damage they've done
remember what happened when chinks wanted to get rid of birds?
this is the same type of idiocy.
solution is simple: DON'T FUCKING EAT BATS!

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Arent bats like the fucking most successful mammal ever? Good luck bro

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bats are friends, not food

they're dogs with wings

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i would smash that fucking thing into a bloody mess with a hammer

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Not if it sneezed on you first

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Realistically we can not eradicate bats even if we tried. They are too prevalent, like rats and mosquitoes.

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tripfag fuck off and die

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lmao he got the last laugh

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>Realistically we can not eradicate bats even if we tried
Why not? They are already endangered in alot of places. Give me a good reason why we shouldnt kill them all

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They're fun to wingshoot; I'm doin my part.

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Fucking THIS.
Bats are also one of the most beneficial species known to man due to how many other disease carrying insects they eat. (Many of them also are pollinators like bees)

Just stop fucking EATING THEM. This is like saying "Stop eating apes africans" to stop things like HIV from being brought into existence.

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based Leatherwing

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fukken lol

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>Blaiming bats because some chink degenerate decided to eat them
China virus.

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>Chink virus.

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>Blaiming bats
>blaming some chink degenerate and/or lab tech

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Foul creatures

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No, and not just because they're adorable either, bats have done immeasurably more "good" to the health of every living being on this planet than humans ever will. They are among the biggest pollinators and seeders of forests, they keep insect populations in check. It's safe to say most life on earth would be literally extinct within centuries without bats. So fuck you.

Reminder that Mao thought as you did and it ended it with 15-45 million people dead from starvation and even more executed because Mao like every dictator everywhere ever blamed the people for his stupid dumbass retardation.


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>bats have done immeasurably more "good" to the health of every living being on this planet
Citation needed. Chinese went after 4 different pests none of which were bats

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The point is China went after a "pest" that was one of the only thing keeping another worse pest (Insects) in check.
you go killing Bats you're going to repeat their mistake and cause an explosion of insects as they suddenly lack something killing them.

When the OBVIOUS answer is just telling people: STOP EATING BATS

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Based statements

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Stay ignorant anon. When the batpocalypse comes dont say you weren't warned

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I'm fucking locked in my house. I'll get arrested if I go outside. I lost my job. BECAUSE OF A FUCKING BAT

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What, you think we live in some Vampire anime like Blood+ or castlevania here?

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It's already here

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Bat apologists need to be lined up and shot

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Fuck wild animals. Kill ‘em

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>Only problem is the other animals who would be affected by it

Kill those too

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>bats have done immeasurably more "good" to the health of every living being on this planet than humans ever will

Only humans matter. Every other living thing has less value than the paint on my walls.

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>The point is China went after a "pest" that was one of the only thing keeping another worse pest (Insects) in check

Kill the insects, too. Insect populations are plummeting globally and we’re not even actively trying to exterminate them, so it wouldn’t be that hard.

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Most animals have used. Bats do nothing but shit in caves and carry disease

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Except there's 60 quadrillion mosquitos on earth the Chinese were retarded thinking they could kill them all. There's only 10 billion bats

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Patient 0 ate fish.

Maybe a dead bat fell into the water and the fish ate it, who knows... But stop blaming poor brushie bat.

Besides - what do you think eats all the damn mosquitos?

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>pic unrelated
you meant chinks

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There’s multiple ways to exterminate mosquitos. It’s perfectly possible now. Costly, perhaps, but worth the complete eradication of malaria.

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Tons of things eat mosquitoes

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Bats are the ones who gave mosquitos malaria

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>Foul creatures

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i lol'd

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I dont see them eating mosquitos?

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Bats make almost 1/4 of all mammals on the planet.

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>kill all the insects too, lol!

Dude, you might as well just say "Invent fusion" for dealing with clean energy. This isn't something that we can just clap our hands and do, there's a shit ton of pestilent insects.

ADDITIONALLY, using a scorched earth policy would most likely kill off the beneficial ones like bees, which we desperately need.

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They used to make up closer to 40%. They went from 40 to 20 and the habitats were fine so we can take them 20 from 0

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>This isn't something that we can just clap our hands and do, there's a shit ton of pestilent insects.

Yeah, it’ll be tough work, but the righteous crusade of man will always win in the end.

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>ADDITIONALLY, using a scorched earth policy would most likely kill off the beneficial ones like bees, which we desperately need.

Not even true. Most of the bees actually involved in pollinating human crops are domesticated bees specifically bred for the purpose that live in boxes.

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World is locked down because of bats. There's viruses in Brazil that will wipe out the population if they jump to humans. Take your buttplug out

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>World is locked down because of bats

Yeah, so let’s kill all of them. One human life is worth fifty quintillion bats at least.

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there are over 1.3 billion of them and it´s not "ethical" to do so

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You act like 99% of species don't go extinct nobody will miss bats. we can keep a few locked away if we ever need to re introduce them. Would create thousands of jobs.

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>there are over 1.3 billion of them and it´s not "ethical" to do so

It is “ethical” to destroy each and every threat to mankind.

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So killing chinks when?

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Chinks didn't get it from bats it went from a bat to a pangolin to a chink

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But keeping bats as pets will cause MORE bat-to-human pozzing than just eating them

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You mad?

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New US quarter.

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Bare aren't the issue. The issue is covid got out from lab test and onto fresh meat section. Could have been chicken/cow/pig/lobster for all we know. But bats got attention due to exotic "chink eats strange animal" meme

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bats are fucking epic and some of the best animals in god's green earth, neck yourself

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Yeah no, bats are one of the main reservoirs of new diseases. They gave us H1N1 (bat+pig), Ebola (bat bushmeat in Africa) and Corona, among other Nurgle gifts.

Even the movie Contagion was predicated on the idea of a new virus coming from a bat+pig interaction.

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they eat mosquitos
the real foe

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Yeah, spray bat blood all over yourself why not.

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Earth belongs to man, not some “God”.

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but but but flying rats are the reason you and i are even here. rats and bats were the first mammals who repopulated the earth after dinosaurs were all kill. you can't just genocide them :(

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>dat shake
yeah, i do that too sometimes after i pee
am i a bat?

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Did Ozzie Osbourne cause all this??

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Chinks won't stop because burger told them to do so. Any aggressive moves against China and they target the global companies which will happily bend over backwards to please those commies. Face it China has the world in check and does not give a shit what the whiney west has to say because they have manufacturing by the balls.

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>burger told them to do so
After SARS 1-electric boogalong, it was their beloved PRC that clamped down on wildlife markets. But only for a time. Then the wildlife markets returned and now we have SARS 2-electric boogaloo. Something tells me it's not going to be Burgerland who puts a stop to this permanently but their own government. This is the biggest embarrassment to them since their rise to power, and they don't want a repeat of it. Ever.

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>rats and bats were the first mammals who repopulated the earth
That's wrong monkeys were around before bats were

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Yeah I don't know why we are keeping this faggots around they need to go.

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>Fuck wild animals
you wish, incel

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Exterminate chinks instead

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You lost it because of chinks, overcome your programming.

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Would be better for all the other species if the humans killed themselves off.

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with sound

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>wtf I killed and ate this animal and it made me sick we should kill them all now

classic humans

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>kills all bats
Now what?

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>When the OBVIOUS answer is just telling people: STOP EATING BATS
Not even that is necessary, just teach them to cook their fucking bats first.

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We'll just kill all mosquitoes then too

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Your life isn't worth a single bat's.

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Why don't we just cut the middleman and kill all the viruses and bacteria?

>> No.11503576

but, that still leaves prions

why not just go 1 step further kill all the proteins

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How about we just kill you instead?

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You dont have to eat bats retard. Bats spread them to other animals which then infects humans

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Omg kill yourself

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If we kill all th bats then mosquitoes will run wild and suck everyone on earth dry. Batman will also kill us.

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If anything humans will prevent massive asteroids and maybe even transfer life to other planets. We are more valuable then bats.

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Humans kill more mosquitoes then bats do. Next

>> No.11503822

can we kill mosquitoes first

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Once we get the technology to do it we should wipe the earth clean using Gamma ray bursts.

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Bats are cute. Third worlders are the problem.

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No there's too many. bats can easily be taken out. There isn't 1 good reason why we should let them live

>> No.11503989

Have you ever seen a bat eat a mosquito? It wouldn't change anything in North America

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People like you are getting shot when we take out the bats

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this is the same dooking noises ferrets make when they get super excited

are bats and ferrets related? do they have the same vocal systems? could ferrets emit echolocation sounds like bats do?

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Just don't look up with your mouth open.

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> when a bat has more soul than a chink

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Doing so would have major consequences on world ecology. It would be better to develop immunity to everything. Which is possible through genetics. it'll take another 200 years but it's possible. Better to leave future generations with a healthy ecology.

>> No.11504046


What you wanted to say: killing all chinks is a more viable long term and soulful strategy.

There. Fixed it for you. FUCK chinks , gooks, japs and zippers.

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>Doing so would have major consequences on world ecology

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kill yourself faggot retard

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I think this post, and the comment section, might be the most retarded shit I've ever seen on here

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Bats are dope. They eat pesky insects that spread disease. The better option is to not eat them, or to at least cook them thoroughly.

>> No.11504106

Jesus, it's like a cute dog.

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>Have you ever seen a bat eat a mosquito?
Yes, in Maryland during the summer I see bats out eating mosquitoes every night.

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Sure you do faggot

>> No.11504140

You know nothing about bats or the impacts they have

>> No.11504160

Just don't eat 'em and you'll be fine.

>> No.11504171

They're already blaming the west for this. They're never going to admit any wrongdoing.

>> No.11504207

How was China allowing the sale of them still? I saw numerous articles and studies pre this outbreak saying they knew where it came from and that it could happen again.

>> No.11504209

Even your dad told me you're an idiot while I was pounding him last night.

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>just teach them to cook their fucking bats first

the way they keep these animals stacked on top of each other at these wet markets the ones above end up shitting and pissing on the animals below, the whole thing was probably contagious wouldn't have mattered if you cooked it or not

this is just a downside of overpopulation really. it would work better if all countries were civilized but the least thing I'd except from China is to introduce animal rights, even people kind of don't have any rights there so..

>> No.11504219

Nice argument

>> No.11504225

>calling someone a faggot is also an argument
K. You really need a scientific paper to show you that bats eat mosquitoes?

>> No.11504228

It will happen again pretty much every virus and diseases stem from bats. Only a matter of time before one like covid19 pops up and it could have a much higher mortality rate

>> No.11504236

Well bats eat lots of things it's not like they are critical for keeping mosquitoes in check. Bat populations have been on the fall for centuries and we aren't being over run by mosquitoes yet

>> No.11504239


"We found a significant, 32% reduction in egg-laying activity associated with bat predation. Artificial oviposition habitats directly outside bat enclosures experienced no reduction in oviposition; we attributed the observed reduction in egg-laying activity to direct predation on ovipositing females by bats and not changes in mosquito behavior. In addition, we noted a decrease in the number of larval mosquitoes in enclosures exposed to bat predation. These results suggest the impact of aerial predators on pathogen transmission may be large, and warrants further scientific investigation."

Reducing mosquito populations by a third is a significant impact.

>> No.11504247

So killing bats will also lower mosquitos populations? How's that bad?

>> No.11504260

The hell? The bats reduced the mosquito population. Killing bats would mean more mosquitoes.

>> No.11504281

One artificial study. If the bats go something else will take their place. Still bats will end humanity it's only a matter of time. Mosquitoes aren't even an issue in cities

>> No.11504320

>I don't like your evidence, so I'll just state things as fact without any supporting evidence whatsoever
That's where we're at. I've seen bats eat mosquitoes, there's studies showing bats eat mosquitoes, and I gave you a study showing bats lowered the mosquito population. Now you're just moving the goalposts.

>If the bats go something else will take their place.
That's a big assumption. Just about every time we remove a major player in an ecosystem, things get worse, not better, usually with the prey population exploding.

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based and twitter will nick this line

>> No.11504459

DDT, fuck birds

>> No.11504897

chink detected

>> No.11504980


they dont have the fault that the chinese eat them like they eat doggos.

>> No.11504981

Okay, you need to stop being racist right now.. Whites eat pigs and cows so you can't take the upper road here, white devil.

>> No.11504986

You first, zhang. Or are you going to let your next meal do it for you?

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based and CCPilled

>> No.11504989

>Would be better for all the other species

I don’t care what’s “better for all the other species”. Only humans.

>> No.11504991

>Your life isn't worth a single bat's.

Nope. All humans are worth more than all animals.

>> No.11504995

>Doing so would have major consequences on world ecology

The world’s “ecology” should be covered in concrete.

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>only humans
>yet cares what happens to chinks

>> No.11505001

>haha look i maek racist joke

Chinese people are humans.

>> No.11505003 [DELETED] 

Post eyes you fucking subhuman

>> No.11505044

Bats are used to study viruses before they even arrive in humans you dumb shits
How about not allowing everyone to fucking eating every shitty animal

>> No.11505046

Humans can’t be relied upon to always follow the law.

>> No.11505138

No, because of a chingsect

>> No.11505148

Does any population outside of China routinely eat bats?

>> No.11505154

The problem isn't the bats, idiot. The problem is Chinese eating habits, which are both exceptionally unclean and cruel.

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>> No.11505193

Africa, where do you think they keep getting ebola virus from?

>> No.11505217

I think ebola is mostly from bushmeat (monkeys)

>> No.11505221

It's more so the Chinese themselves even though their eating habits and animal treatment is abhorrent.
See some video's of these "wet markets"
cages crammed full of chickens, cages crammed full of ferrets on top, cages crammed full of hedgehogs on top of that, cats, dogs, what have you.
It's butchered and prepared right their on a bench and sold, then another chicngsect comes along and buys a baby pig or a bag of live centipedes, it's prepared on the same blood covered bench.
Their are 0 hygiene practices in the chingsect colony

>> No.11505231

>The Ebola virus has been linked to bushmeat, with the primary host suspected to be fruit bats.
Bushmeat is a generic term for wild game

>> No.11505257

I know that but from what I understand it's primarily monkey meat that is the problem

>> No.11505264

>The problem isn't the bats, idiot
Yes it is faggot bat apologist

>> No.11505270

those ass hats are the only thing keeping mosquitoe populations manageable.

>> No.11505272


>> No.11505273

more like spread corona faster. I wonder what the play off is between the rising heat and the growing presence of mosquitoes on corona virius

>> No.11505278

just stay the fuck out of their caves you sick poop licking fuck

>> No.11505280

Imagine being scared of mosquitoes. Bats need to be killed off

>> No.11505282

considering the FDA like regulations in China, I wouldn't be surprised if this went from wild bat to person.

>> No.11505287


>> No.11505291

so is it true the chinese are like asian jews?

>> No.11505292

Not how it works idiot bats Infect other animals and those animals like pangolins or camels then infect humans

>> No.11505298
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in all honesty though this one has less of a shit face than some others.

>> No.11505303

we call it trickle down infections

>> No.11505318


>> No.11505322

>FDA like regulations in China
lol no
China has no regulations when it comes to wet markets

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>It is thought that fruit bats of the Pteropodidae family are natural Ebola virus hosts. Ebola is introduced into the human population through close contact with the blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected animals such as fruit bats, chimpanzees, gorillas, monkeys, forest antelope or porcupines found ill or dead or in the rainforest.
Turns out you can get it from monkis and other animals but they all catch it from the bats

>> No.11505386

Pet bats are clean. Wild bats only get nasty diseases like viruses and rabies because they hang out in caves shitting with millions of other bats in close quarters, sharing all sorts of germs. It's the reason we feed factory farmed chickens antibiotics as part of their daily diet

>> No.11505400

This could work. I’m happy with this compromise. Good day gentlemen.

>> No.11505402

kill yourself

>> No.11505431 [DELETED] 

The only faggots who need to be exterminated are yellow and have faggoty slanted eyes, much like an insect.

>> No.11505440

Go back to /pol/

>> No.11505816

Go back to china

>> No.11505839

Yeah, worked great for the chinese.


>> No.11506207

Some idiot already posted that has nothing to do with bats

>> No.11506209

I'm whiter then you I'm not Asian. I'm white enough to realize bats are going to end humanity

>> No.11506356 [DELETED] 

>me whitey too! me rove eat bat to extinct rong time then no more disease rike ebora or american coronavirus

>> No.11506362

Im asian but we dont eat bat or even fatburger. And also we defended our territory during vietnam war.

>> No.11506400

200 replies and no one can give a serious answer about why we shouldn't exterminate bats. Thought this board was supposed to be smart

>> No.11506420

problem with mad cow disease and swine flu was due to poor treatment of those farm animals. Bats are literally just caught and cooked

>> No.11506424

Swine flu has been found in bats. It's always the fucking bats. They are responsible for 99% if not 100% of viral infections and diseases in humans.
>b-but they cute and the mosquitoes
Kill yourself

>> No.11506437

nigger i didn't say bats weren't a problem i said that the asian was wrong in thinking eating cows and pigs were bad when they are literally domesticated.

>> No.11506521

>200 replies and no one can give a serious answer about why we shouldn't exterminate bats.
You've been given many answers as to why that's a bad idea.

>> No.11506603

Only decent reason is mosquitoes

>> No.11506773

There's other irritating bugs than just mosquitoes, though they're certainly the most disease spreading. There's also the fact that we have no clue what wiping out bats (if that's even possible) would do to the ecosystem. At best, we would be eliminating a significant pollinator, which could have far reaching consequences.

>> No.11506980

You first you bellend

>> No.11507143

>200 replies and no one can give a serious answer about why we shouldn't exterminate bats
we shouldnt cause that's what the chinese would do

>> No.11507154

Imagine having cancer and virus resistance and the only species in the earth that can use science wants to murder you

>> No.11507402

Bat populations have been decreasing in the us and mosquitoes aren't a glaring problem

>> No.11507448

We tried that with mosquitos and look at the ecosystem now.
Plus this guy >>11501420

>> No.11507452


>> No.11507464

Wrong faggots OP. It's the subhumans who think it's a fine idea to eat them and run/attend wet markets who need to be exterminated.

>> No.11507467

>Bat populations have been decreasing in the us and mosquitoes aren't a glaring problem
"Here, we show that anthropogenic chemical use (DDT; dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) and increasing urbanization were the strongest drivers of changes in mosquito populations over the last eight decades in areas on both coasts of North America. Mosquito populations have increased as much as tenfold, and mosquito communities have become two- to fourfold richer over the last five decades. These increases are correlated with the decay in residual environmental DDT concentrations and growing human populations, but not with temperature. These results illustrate the far-reaching impacts of multiple anthropogenic disturbances on animal communities and suggest that interactions between land use and chemical use may have unforeseen consequences on ecosystems."

"There were enormous changes in mosquito communities over the past century, with species richness and abundance increasing two to tenfold over the past five decades (Fig. 1; all correlations with year were positive and significant (in Pearson's correlations, all P<0.02), except mosquito abundance in CA). Although there were significant increases in temperature over this period, multiple regression analyses suggested that long-term trends in mosquito communities were driven primarily by variation in DDT use and persistence and long-term increases in urbanization, with some of the year-to-year variation driven in part by precipitation, which showed little long-term trend (Figs 1 and and2;2; Table 1). DDT effects were consistently negative on both mosquito abundance and species richness, whereas the effects of urbanization were more variable, with significant negative effects on abundance in New York and California, and significant positive effects on mosquito species richness in New Jersey and California."

>> No.11507473

Additional reading:




Long story short, mosquitoes are an issue, and nuking bats would not be helpful.

>> No.11507475

looks like your mom's pussy

>> No.11507479

mental illness

>> No.11507519

Who the hell are you and why are you looking at my wife's pussy!?

>> No.11508128

lol, you think cows and pigs aren't as bad as bats?
Why do you think we pump them chock full of antibiotics?

>> No.11508979

I wonder why no-one has considered domestication of bats yet. Literally flying doggos

>> No.11509029

why is it so hard for those arrogant fucking chinks to realise we should just eat the species we've been farming and selectively breeding for consumption for hundreds of years?
those yellow roaches eat dog, cat, primate, bat, rodent, dolphin, even human (most commonly in fetus), and literally any other organism on the planet, often eaten alive.

>> No.11509040

For the 100th time these diseases aren't spread by eating bats. Bats infect all the animals then those animals spread it to humans

>> No.11509050

If you live in a a city you won't even know mosquitoes exist

>> No.11509054

jesus christ those chinkroaches store the animals for consumption live in giant unhygenic markets with countless other species. you fucking retarded chink shill.

>> No.11509060

if covid-19 is a bat pangolin chimera virus, this was completely because the dirty chinese store those animals live near enough each other in markets for cross contamination

>> No.11509078

but the diesease was already in pangolins Sooner or later it would have spread to humans just happens pangolins only live in China

>> No.11509085

jump off the 6th story of the huawei factory while they have the suicide nets off for maintenance, zhang

you filthy creatures are the only ones creating these opportunities for chimera viruses to form.
No real human will ever look at a chink insect the same way again if this even blows over.

>> No.11509091

Where are you from faggot Americans caused the swine flu and killed 100 million but you don't see people blaming Americans. Same thing had happen in middle East and Africa diseases to spread to humans from bats. Stay retarded

>> No.11509106

exactly as you say, china is just like the middle east and like africa in terms of disease.
they are all filthy hotspots and incubation vessels, there is no hygiene in any of those places and their 'human' occupants all lack empathy and perspective

>> No.11509121

No hygenie in china? Then how come the most cases are in America? Almost like america are the dirty ones

>> No.11509124
File: 603 KB, 978x556, 1585400900498.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

almost like the vindictive, cruel, compassionless chinese covered this up so the rest of the world would take an economic hit

>> No.11509129

They didn't cover anything up. It wasn't even detected by doctors until December 29th. They told The world about it a few days later.

>> No.11509130

See >>11508128

>> No.11509139

blatant lie
so you really think the better option is the completely unregulated wildlife farming the dirty chinese do? should wet markets just stay?

we've been working with pigs and cows for centuries, and in developed countries it's fucking regulated

>> No.11509152

>blatant lie
The whistleblower who died made the statement on Dec 29th. The very next day China confirmed they were dealing with a unknown virus. Stay retarded

>> No.11509164
File: 107 KB, 611x428, 1585407846398.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we give them antibiotics because we've studied them and know how to effectively farm. we don't just boil rodents we find in the forest and call it soup.

back to /x/ if you don't see merit in antibiotics

see image

>> No.11509167

Have you ever seen an American chicken or pig farm? It's not much better. Thousands of animals stacked on top of each other

>> No.11509181

That doesn't mean they lied they probably didnt know it spreads from humans to humans because the virus is brand new and was just discovered. China only mistake was waiting until Jan 23 to lockdown when they should have locked down Jan 1st

>> No.11509200

OP, you personally have to kill them off one by one by eating them alive.

>> No.11509661

when all you have is a hammer...

>> No.11509688

your stupidity is the biggest threat to mankind

>> No.11509697

man belongs to earth, not the opposite

>> No.11510758
File: 205 KB, 1200x926, eca1dbf7c36c37f07a182b0706b1a4ce55facf0c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

subhuman chink

>> No.11510814
File: 32 KB, 500x500, spacebat_moon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Literally flying doggos

dat feel when your dog flies away from home and then goes to outer space

>> No.11510826

>so you really think the better option is the completely unregulated wildlife farming the dirty chinese do? should wet markets just stay?
No, I don't think so and I also did not imply that. You're just really fucking bad at reading comprehension.
One reason for why Italy was hit so hard is that they have huge facilities to produce pork in the North. Hence, bacteria are too often already immune to antibiotics and people die from secondary infections.
If you still didn't understand: eating only farm animals won't save you.
>back to /x/ if you don't see merit in antibiotics
>ignoring all science on the bad side effects of pumping our meat with antibiotics
Get some basic education.

>> No.11510872
File: 71 KB, 858x494, Screenshot_2020-03-29 Bat - Wikipedia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>humans wipe out 98% of megafauna, 60% of marine life, like three quarters of all species with most of the damage done in the last centuries
>bats pollinate plants and cultivate forests worldwide for tens of millions of years and keep insect populations in check
>we are the most precious special good species because we MIGHT some day do something to benefit remaining life
>when we can't even survey 1% of the potentially dangerous asteroids heading our way or have even one human presence on another celestial body
Without mental gymnastics and IFs or BUTs and based on facts you're wrong.

>> No.11512506

You're so wrong I'm not even giving you a you