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Has this ever been disproven /sci/, or is it 100% correct???

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rofl reddit comic

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made by someone who knows nothing about science whatsoever

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Notice how the sociologist is content while the others have to argue over who has the better field.

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They forgot to show the academic analytic philosopher off in the distance staring at all of them with binoculars while they mutter a small tsk of pitty under their breath.

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sociolochads rise up

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who takes science anyway lmao

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Sociology is looking at society from a macroscopic view, looking at groups and their behaviours and relating it to cultural and social influences. Psychology on the other hand looks at the individual, and how internal factors affect their thoughts and behaviour.

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Math is just applied linguistics. :)

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It is obviously true. “purity” means that the discipline is studied for the sake of knowledge itself rather than for applications.

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In other words, they're both pseudosciences.

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all i notice is a retard not producing any thoughts

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If you want to understand how system operations, you have to go down to the micro level. Which is the individual in this case

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Mathematics is just applied logic.

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Fuck off
>Come back
Then fuck off right back to plebbit
>And take yer YOUS with you

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>psychology is just applied biology

I never understood this

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>biology is just applied chemistry

I never understood this

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Psychology is honestly just applied pseudoscience

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Why did you bring leddit into this? Is it the humor type? I have seen a lot of shitty 4chan humor threads resembling r**dits humor. Is it because it's often used by plebbitors? So are books. Maybe your favourite things. No one gives a shit, leddit is shitty, but don't give it power or you'll prove yourself to be retarded.

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Mathematics is the only one we can call "pure" for certain.
For the rest there's always some degree of uncertainty

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I mean, it's literally true. Try doing the one without the previous one.
Try doing physics without math
Try doing chemistry without physics (I already know freshmen chem majors are going to spout nonsense they know nothing about this one)
try doing biology without chem

etc etc etc.

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And medicine is above mathematics

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try doing medicine without biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, etc.

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Great dissertation, thanks for your contribution to the topic at hand..

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A physicist is just a chemist that can't handle more than two particles

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>muh you can't do physical chemistry without knowing physics
Wrong, physical chemistry is explaining physics through chemical principals

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The basics of one field tend to bleed into another field because our organizational system as people suggests these topics are discrete and separate when really they are all connected.
So arranging by purity falsely supposes our human imposed distinctions among these fields is accurate - clearly they are not.

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>Psychology on the other hand looks at the individual
Wrong, psychology makes claims about groups just as much as about individuals.

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