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b-but it only kills boomers

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*mostly only kills boomers
the weak shall fear the strong

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> dead paki
and that's a good thing

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>fell for denial trolling and shitposting so hard that he keeps spamming these threads
there's a three digit IQ requirement to browse this board, OP

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He was exposed to such high amounts the sheer viral load of the virus triggered a cytokine storm

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>he believed 4chan

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false news

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fuck off, faggot.

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quite possible. the importance of PPE cannot be overstated

I wonder how someone who had had the virus and recovered would cope with such exposure physiologically

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>retard doctors don’t have their own couple boxes of masks
>retard hospitals don’t even have at least 6 months stockpile

How’s this my fault brown man

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they're saying they want to do anti-body tests to immune people can go back to work
but won't that put them at risk for cytokine storm?

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Do any of you understand what a fucking probability distribution is? What means for something to be unlikely? People die everyday from car crashes yet it's still unlikely.

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they would still wear PPE unlike the guy in OP

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23 year old football player dies in Iran

25 year old nurse dies in Iran

Virus invades nervous systems

nCoV manifests as lung abnormalities

In Netherlands, half in intensive care under 50 years old

Teen death without previous conditions suspected in South Korea

All cases in study test positive 2 weeks after "recovery"

27 year old dies, no underlying disease

28 year old dies in France from COVID-19

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Cytokine storm can only happen if you're complete faggot to begin with.

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This is a /pol/ thread, of course they don't.

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lmao sucking dick can lead to HIV which can lead to a compromised immune system which can lead to death if you get the corona virus anon

step 1: dont suck dick like this queer did

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>New York Post
Nice try, Chang
Your social credit score has risen though, im sure

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You realise young people die from the flu and associated pneumonia all the fucking time right?

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what's the name of this song?

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even if you survive this shit, your lungs will be fucked for the rest of your life.
possibly brain and kidneys too.

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That could happen with any trauma, you sensationalist mong.

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But picture this: the demographic with the most Coronavirus deaths also has the most propensity to die in a car crash. How unlikely is that, Mr. Statistician?

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One of the defining features of everyone on /pol/ is that their intelligence is so low that no, they do not understand probability.

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you're a COVIDIOT

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Probability is nothing. You think the dead guy cares he had a small chance to die?

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>possibly brain
that one is clearly already dysfunctional with these just flu bro nothingburgers. don't think the kung flu can do their brains anymore damage than is already there.

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Wtf, I hate white people now!

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Behind every disaster and social ill

Der Normie!

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Unironically normalfags are like cockroaches. They survive the nuclear war, too.

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rest in peace dr usama riaz

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True but only by virtue of sheer weight of numbers. Geniuses, Great Philosophers, Artists, Generals, Inventors, and Leaders may come and go. But the normalfag remains eternal.

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That graph is meaningless to young people with any number of preexisting conditions
>auto immune

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great age stats bro

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>Wtf, I hate white people now!

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a) A very small percentage of young adults suffer from chronic conditions in the first place.
b) If they were as suspectible to death from Covid-19 as you propose, Italy would likely be the area hardest hit due to a general lack of resources and high pressures on their healthcare providers, yet the actual deaths have failed to materialize.

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Italy prolly has a ton of young people dead at home that couldnt get an ambulance to come to them and they are too preoccupied right now with the current situation to deal with them

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Wtf, I hate Chinese people, too!

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young people would be able to get to the hospital much more easily than the oldies. trust me, if they were sick, they'd be noticed

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My point is we don't know the true death toll as so far the deaths in Italy have been Hospital deaths.

The true death toll will come when they go door to door

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>true death toll will come when they go door to door
true, but the distribution will not change. they will just find more dead oldies

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>chinky chink fake news
lole me Chinese me play joke

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>people who were in bed with the flu for a week have temporarily reduced lung capacity
wow no way

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His body experiment high amounts of exposure to the virus without any PPE. Viral load must have been too high and his body couldn't fight off the infection. Dude was just dealt a short straw. RIP.

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He gave it to people then

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>has a ton of young people dead

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CDC says 10% death rate in the US for 18-40 year olds.

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nooooooo not the pakarinooos

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Does prolonged exposure to a virus increase the severity of the illness it causes, or is it simply that you either get it or you don't? Also, does greater exposure increase your risk of developing the illness, or can 1 single virion be sufficient?

These are probably dumb questions, but I'm a maths guy and don't really know anything about this kinda stuff.

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USA has a terrible healthcare system and their own people are literally afraid to go to the hospital because it means their bank account is toast. Americans often go to the hospital too late. Also why infant mortality is horrendous there. One of the highest of first world nations.

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>there's a three digit IQ requirement to browse this board, OP

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People are afraid to go the hospital now because the staff looks like a toxic waste cleanup crew

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>Another meme virus thread

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nothing of value was lost
t. arab

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give shekels for the humanitarian cause in pakistan goy

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>some patients

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i think this is a good question. I would like to know this, too.

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Just open the video and you will see it is "Sandstorm".

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just trust me bro

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If somebody who is really sick cough straight into your face you will get a large quantity of virus into you very quickly, this is something the increases the risk considerably

health care workers are therefore at greater risks

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I think I remember hearing that it does, which is why doctors/nurses are fucked after dealing with so many coronavirus patients. Of course that might have been disproven and I simply didn't hear about it so don't quote me on this.

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you do realize there's a difference between this and the flu, right?

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There's another wave of just the flu fags this week. Getting nervous about paying their rent I guess.

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really is that all you see, for something they never chose.

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>don't worry bros the coronavirus is harmless so what 200 people just died in the last 24hours in the U.S. almost reaching a 1000, 7,500 people are dead in Italy and over 21,000 people have perished from the virus.
>it's just a flu man, people get sick all the time, don't worry about, I swear it'll be okay.

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Logic would indicate that viral load matters, unless the immune system is completely passive until a very high virus count has been achieved, higher than what you get if coughed on in a hospital all day every day. It's like a RTS game, if one side starts off with 10 times the normal workers then they have a much higher chance of victory

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we have the exact fucking same breed of idiot in the eastern states over in australia

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It's either you get it or dont.
The amount of viral load however impacts the severity.

Prolonged exposure opens up for errors where you forget and grab a contaminated part of your clothes when going back home and then you touch your eyes and you're fucked. Ofcoursse, without PPE you are pretty much fucked.