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Since there are sure to be infected people here, what are your symptoms of covid? Here's mine:

EARLY PHASE (5 days)
- a shadow of a cough for 5 days. Can't overemphasize how mild. Literally had 7 singular coughs a day.

- once or twice a day: mucus in throat.

- NO fever or feeling sick.

6th DAY
- RAPID deterioration. Coughs became frequent, and phlegmmy at 6 PM. At 10 PM, my trachea's mucus membrane got stripped, and every breath felt dry and painful. At 11 PM, I got severe shortness of breath. Actually thought I would die.

7th DAY
- significant improvement of conditions. Throat is still dry, but less. Shortness of breath is almost gone.

And that's it, today is my 7th day. We'll see what happens.

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I'll preface by saying I haven't been tested, and since I seem to be in that early phase I have no idea if I have it or not. However:

Wednesday I had diarrhea and nausea, which supposedly happens to about 20% of people who get covid. This was a one day thing for me.

Since then I've had a mild cough and tightness in my chest. Several times I felt like I was having difficulty catching my breath.

As of today I don't feel any worse, nor any better. Just okay at the moment. I've woken up the last few nights in cold sweats multiple times, but I don't seem to be running a fever. No body-aches.

I've taken the last couple days off of work, but I'm being pressured to go back tomorrow. I probably shouldn't.

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Fucking don't go back to work. Tell your employer they are sociopaths if they want you to

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No one around me seems to be taking this thing seriously. Parents, co-workers, bosses, no one. The restaurant I work at is still open. Most everyone around me thinks I'm crazy for warning them, and that I'm a hypochondriac for thinking I feel bad. It's surreal.

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>mucus in throat
oh shit oh shit oh shit OH SHIT oh shit

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I was fortunate. Same as your early symptoms, then went to fever, dry cough, got the shits bad, some minor discomfort in nasal passages and a part of my chest, then it all got better in a couple of days after that. Never had breathing difficulties except after I brutalised the toilet.

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Tell them to look at whats happening in Italy.
Are they fucking dumb?

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>>Are they fucking dumb?
Yes, yes they are. I was trying to talk the owner into closing the restaurant and he basically admitted he believed it to be overblown, mainly by the media. A way to "take Trump down" probably.

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Mate in Australia fuck all has been done until very recently and even then it's not enough. The government didn't give a fuck when we were on fire so of course they don't give a fuck now that we're sick. They have a vested interest in downplaying this shit so they can make more money before the country gets too crippled to function.

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amerisharts are subhumans

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this is all so great when I have constant dry cough from asthma

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>occasional coughing on Wednesday
>more coughing and lightheaded feeling Thursday
>bad headache Saturday, took pills
>no headache today, still coughing, occasional tight feeling in chest
>taking temperature regularly since Thursday, thermometer is shit and results vary but mostly in normal range
>temperature seems to have gone up a bit though; earlier 99.6 F today, but no headache anymore

Not tested yet. I have asthma though so I'm probably going to die.

Am I going to die?

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FuCk, I've had extremely mild coughs (like 3 and done for the day) starting yesterday, and woke up at 5am covered in sweat. I chalked it up to the heat fan I brought up from the basement to my bedroom, which still kinda smells like burnt dust when you turn it on and that's what I've been sleeping with.

Keep me posted
Btw do you smoke?

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I've had mild coughs and sneezes for a few weeks now no change

Just yesterday though I got super nervous thinking about getting covid that I got an upset stomach and the shivers. I lost my appetite, and now after I went for a short jog I'm still short of breath after I took it.

Idk if I have it, probably too early to tell. Indo feel a little light headed, have a pinching pain in my chest, and some back pain.

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>get a cough smack in the middle of cold/flu season
>don't get tested
fuck off

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don't jog
You don't want it getting far down your lungs

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I don't smoke, no underlying illness, in my 20s, male (male)

I experienced shortness of breath, and it improved by walking around/exercising. I didn't jog though.

Shortness of breath isn't really a flu symptom. I also never get coughs, and the rapid disease progression (about 5 hours) suggests it's COVID.

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Can we have a control for allergy symptons and anxiety? I've had sweaty feet, headache in between eyes for 3 days, very mild probably anxious shortness of breath, and super slightly dry throat but felt fine when hiking today after taking allegra 24hr

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Today's symptoms (day 7)

- headache, moderate intensity. This is new
- shortness of breath has improved.
- if I play competitive video games the shortness of breath gets worse. Probably something to do with adrenaline or mental exertion. Relaxed games are fine, I'm partial to TF2
- I ate chicken soup, tea, etc. Hunger is almost nonexistent
- The cough gets worse after I eat. Outside of that, the cough is still mild.
- My throat is still stripped of mucus, but somewhat less than last night.

I'm going to make a new thread every day, everyone else can post their symptoms or progression or w/e. If I don't make a new thread on a certain day it means I'm dead.

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>Shortness of breath isn't really a flu symptom.
it is an anxiety symptom. especially a "hypochondria about a lung disease" symptom.

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how old are you OP?

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20 yo NEET here. I've had a killer headache for a few days and severe back pains starting today. haven't really been coughing much but i've been super stuffed up and kinda nauseous. Should i be worried?

also I suffer from IBD and PSC so idk how that's gonna affect anything

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The past few weeks I’ve been experiencing headaches, tightness in chest, and a shortness of breath. However, the symptoms are recurring and come and go hours in between. The past three days I’ve felt much better, no tightness in chest or difficulty breathing. Just the occasional headaches. I remember a few days ago I would feel like SHIT for an hour or two. Now I don’t feel bad at all except for the occasional headaches and cough from drainage

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coronavirus is a hoax and not serious
don't listen to >>11492681

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>whats happening in Italy and NY is just a hoax

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back to pol, wigger

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Just link spam them with all the information you can including video, it's insane that anyone on the planet is still downplaying this.

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i had a sore throat for a week, then the following week it went away but i'd have that very mild cough like you described. for several days i'd get random shortness of breath, my chest would feel tight and really just couldnt get enough air. this would happen to me even as im driving. its finally stopped all together. i think ive given it to my gf because she puked randomly a week ago now shes complaining of intermittent shortness of breath.

fyi im physically fit, im on my feet all day and i get plenty of sunlight and eat loads of fruit/veg. no reason for me to be getting out of breath like this, the tightness in my chest and shortness of breath was very noticeable but it would only come and go.

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depends how severe your asthma is. mild asthma you might be ok.


quit smoking or this virus will kill you. not joking.

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It's now the start of day 8 for me.

- headache has gotten much worse.
- simultaneously, the dry airways feel much more moist. It's almost like the virus decided to stop attacking my airways and instead attack my head.
- my body temperature is warmer, haven't used the thermometer yet. Maybe my body is fighting off the virus? It feels much more like a regular flu now.
- shortness of breath virtually gone
- I sneezed a few times
- everything is more mucusy and phlegmmy in general. IMO this is a good thing.

Everything gets worse if I eat food unnecessarily. But today I felt hungry enough to eat solid chicken. If I eat anything at all when not physically hungry, I immediately start coughing or get a headache. I attribute this to my body spending energy for digestion instead of fighting the virus.

Same thing happens if I spend mental energy on anything. Even typing this, I'm consciously doing it at a much more relaxed and slow rate, because if I get excited, the symptoms worsen.

As I said before, playing a game of dota tanked me. Playing tf2 though was quite nice, felt like a very calm game. Making high effort posts on the internet is not something I want to do right now.

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have extremely similar symptoms. had a sore throat for a week which then stopped and a very very mild cough and tickle in the throat started.
its been 4 days of this cough and its pretty much remained the same. yesterday had some diarrhoea and today some diarrhoea also. i've had no other symptoms, no fever, no aching, no shortness of breath or anything, bit nervous. its day 10 today.

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I hope my years of practicing wim hof breathing exercise pay off

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>playing TF2 and shitposting while quarantined, flirting with corona-Chan’s touch of death
sounds comfy desu

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I had 4 days of chest pain, shortness of breath and severe chills. I couldn't go to sleep because I thought I would die overnight.
The symptoms have gotten much better (2nd Week) but now I'm scared it will just kill me with a sneaky heart attack in a couple of weeks, which seems to have happened to a significant portion of the more "mild" cases in China where there are bodies lying everywhere in the street.
We haven't entered that phase in the West yet because any Covid heart attack deaths so far could not be attributed correctly due to lack of testing. I give it another 2 weeks before someone notices. Some governments may decide to sweep it under the rug which would be very easy since victims are seemingly fine when they die.

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Your not going to pal sounds like you are nearly over it

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>depends how severe your asthma is. mild asthma you might be ok.
My asthma is such that I haven't needed an inhaler in years. Then again, my asthma was mostly triggered by exercise, and I'm a lazy fuck. Basically I needed my inhaler for gym class back in high school when we did anything that involved running a lot.

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it's very possible all of you that are getting 1 day shortness of breath is psycologiacal.

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I had very similar symptoms, but I have not been tested as they only test very sick people in my city.

I had very mild cough, mild fever (sometimes), feeling being tired and on the 7th day I did get some respiratory symptoms that then subsided quickly.

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Not short of breath (I think) but I'm super paranoid. My breathing is irregular and I can't get a rhythm going. Constantly taking deep breaths in, regular breathing, then a big exhale, repeat.

Am I just paranoid? Or is this the early stages? I'm super paranoid about the sudden part of this disease

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That's because it's not serious. You read the OP, dude was sick for ONE DAY. If nobody told you this was the end of the world you wouldn't think twice about it. Just sack up and go back to work.

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Lol Italy

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>We'll see what happens.
According to all other accounts, another rapid deterioration. Enjoy. Also:
>I haven't been tested

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Not a single person in this thread has been tested lmfao

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>the west is gonna censor our deaths
quite the irony. anyway,

Day 8: morning, woke up at 1 PM

- shortness of breath seems to still be gone
- dry throat is better and seems almost gone
- headache is gone for now
- I have a toothache. left top back molar
- slight stomach upset upon waking
- need to poop

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It’s lethality is far higher than China or the WHO is telling us

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>You read the OP, dude was sick for ONE DAY.
no lol, this is the 3rd day of me being sick. The 1st day was the worst day though, yes.

not a nothingburger Chinese hoax, sorry

It's unlike any other flu, and COVID spreads much faster. If you're sick period, it's far more likely to be COVID than anything else.

not to mention the symptoms match

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I agree, this is much bigger than people realize and it hasn't sunk in for them yet.

But China's numbers, regardless of lying, are still going to be lower per capita than the west's, because they actually did something about it.

I guess the compromised lungs from air pollution might compensate for that somewhat. I'd say at least as many deaths as China, possibly more.

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I probably have it. Been coughing for like 4 weeks. It could just be a regular flu, but who the hell knows. I don't normally get sick for this long. Here's the general rundown if anyone cares

week 1
>mild coughing
>itchy throat

week 2
>rough, consistent coughing
>hunger essentially gone, I think I ate like 400 calories a day that entire week
>throat hurts real bad
>shortness of breath
>no fever until last day of week, when I went up real fucking high, but only for like a day

week 3
>infrequent but pretty bad headaches
>still coughing
>throat pain gone
>much less shortness of breath
>hunger coming back

week 4
>cough is much more mild, still relatively frequent. Seems to be going away
>headaches are much more mild, really only if I put my head down so blood rushes into it (like a sinus infection)
>essentially no shortness of breath
>hunger feeling back to normal, even a little bit more elevated

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Update on myself
Still have the heat fan, started taking shots of whiskey and ouzo.
No coughing today, no sweats last night. Feeling 100%

Probly just jinxed myself tho kek

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Everybody in this thread go to this page https://www.elsevier.com/connect/coronavirus-information-center there is a link to 22000 peer reviewed publications from actual research scientists. Most of you retards probably won’t be able to read them, so shut up, trust me, most of you have no fucking idea what you are talking about.

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It’s also updated constantly as they continue to research

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Here in Ireland it was exactly like that even with all the news from Italy until the government closed the schools and everyone got hysterical. It won't take long for pubs, restaurants etc to start closing quickly and you'll be taken seriously then. Also the panic buying has slowly tapered off as this becomes the new normal, shelves are still empty some days but for the most part everything is stocked up.

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Fuck do you live? US? Europe? Africa? Latin America?

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>A way to "take Trump down" probably.
Absolutely insane this garbage is still being parroted around.

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nice try, Italy. now stop shitposting.

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Are you not able to get a test or something? Really curious about this case study and want it to be official.

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This seems conisistent from what I have read from Asian sources regarding the progression of the illness. It's a 3-4 week illness where in the 2nd week if you don't get hospitalized you are basically home free.

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this virus is sneaky AF-probably 80% of people who get it have no or very mild symptoms, so it spreads like wildfire and then vulnerable or unlucky people clog your healthcare system till it bursts

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day 9: will be going to sleep after this comment

- toothache gone now
- most symptoms very mild
- symptoms still surge back if I eat something unnecessarily. If I eat a single potato chip when I'm not hungry, I immediately start coughing. Eating when truly hungry is fine though.

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Here's what cures COVID-19:
- laughter
- sex

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"Actually thought I would die"
Did you go the hospital/urgent care?

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your progression sounds exactly like mine, except that mine took 4 days instead of 4 weeks.

Right now I basically feel like your week 3.
2 days ago I felt like your week 2.
3 days ago I felt like your week 1.

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This shit is fucking crazy man, it seems like it doesn't go away and it's trying to find a way to fuck you up. Four weeks?

>> No.11496923

I’ve suspected that I may have had a respiratory problem and always had panic attacks that I mistaken for anxiety. Is it possible that someone could develop psychological symptoms making them think they have Covid19 or if there is any slight breathing problems is that a sign to get checked out?

I’m not sure if I’m having an anxiety attack (which happens to me frequently) or if I became infected. So far, there were about 2-4 cases in San Bernardino county.

I’m fucking scared right now.

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>fastest spreading virus around
>totally fucking weird symptoms that noone's ever had before

it's just the flu, the virus is a hoax, buy my stocks, you plebs don't know what you're talkin about

I gotta say though, one of my family members is a doctor and a devout Trump-worshipper, and it's funny seeing his head run in circles trying to deny every blatantly visible fact about this virus. Recently said that it's impossible to contract the virus via the air, even though that's a proven fact. Really made me realize that people's professions/salaries have no bearing on their intelligence.

I got the shortness of breath under control in an hour or so via mild exercise (walking), and through breathing exercises. It was still there, but manageable.
I also didn't want to freak out my family. It was more like I thought I would die for about 30 minutes, and then it felt like just a possibility, instead of a probability.

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> trump stock comments coro(...).png

>> No.11496932

The virus is airborne?! I heard that it wasn’t... yet.

>> No.11496934

It was airborne right from the gecko.

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How come a lot of medical websites seem indifferent on it?

>> No.11496946

Short answer: Fueling a panic will spook the normies.
Long answer: Fueling a panic is bad for the economy (legacy industry).

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My advice is just calm down. Highly unlikely you're a boomer browsing this board, and if you're under 30 you're close to invincible.

The best thing you can do is try to consciously slow down your metabolism. Don't think, read, or write too fast. Don't play any super intense video games. Don't even try to read much period. Just watch some anime or some mindless shit like that. Learn to meditate.

Avoid heavy foods like beef, chocolate, cheese. Avoid umami foods too, these annoy me even when healthy, but WRECKED me when sick. That means onions sauce, potato chips, anything that's really taste addicting and savory. Too much glutamate, which is excitatory, and wastes energy. They make me cough even more than normal food.

Don't eat unless you're physically hungry. Breathe humid air. Drink liquids, and try to get calories via liquid. Take zinc and vitamin C or fruit. If you want meat, use chicken/fish or at least pork, not beef/lamb. Cook it long and slow so that the proteins are liquidized.

IMO the big thing here is energy balance. Your body needs tons of energy to fight this off, so be as non-stressed and passive as possible. Same reason why people always get sick after finals week. Using more energy on other tasks takes it away from your immune system. And with this totally novel virus, it needs all the energy it can possibly get. So take it slow. Also don't go to the store unless you actually need to.

I live in the US, so no test.

these people are cattle, lol. He had 3 months. Sucks to suck.

What do you mean by control? I don't have any allergies for the record. What I have is almost definitely 99% coronavirus.

>> No.11496953

>onions sauce
lmao this fucking filter
I'm talking about the dark sauce that you put on dumplings and other Asian foods.

>> No.11496955

I’m 29-year-old tranny.

>> No.11496960

Rest in Pepperidgeronis.

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then do all of that stuff, but also dilate.

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I’m not post-op. Will my age fuck me?

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>Breathe humid air

are you trying to kill him?

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Like to say both me and my mom have similar symptoms to this. We are on week 3 or 4 from when the cough started. Apart from the cough which, id say fluctuates from very mild to simply mild the entire time, its been characterized by varying degrees of throat/sinus wetness/dryness, headaches ranging from none to moderate, occasional waves of flushed feeling, some GI discomfort a few days but fairly mild.

Im not sure if its corona or not, but its something i keep hearing a lot of people having, these same kinds of symptoms.

>> No.11496989

I thought /pol/ were calling it a deadly bioweapon, not a non serious hoax

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this is similar to what I have.

>> No.11497004

I'm also having this unironically

>> No.11497007

Post feet

>> No.11497010

Stop bothering the m'lady, ruffian.

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Having trouble taking deep breaths. Idk if it's just me fucking with my head but I breathe normal as soon as I go to sleep.

I breathe in, can't take a super deep breath. Can't take a super deep breath out unless I really try. I have a lot of anxiety problems so I'm having trouble automatically breathing.

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Craig DAVID 7 days remix when?

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>The past few weeks I’ve been experiencing headaches, tightness in chest, and a shortness of breath. However, the symptoms are recurring and come and go hours in between. The past three days I’ve felt much better, no tightness in chest or difficulty breathing. Just the occasional headaches. I remember a few days ago I would feel like SHIT for an hour or two. Now I don’t feel bad at all except for the occasional headaches and cough from drainage

Anon...I.. have a video to show you

>> No.11497995


>> No.11498156


Only NBA players and Hollywood elite are important enough to get tested in the U.S. Test kits are being rationed.

>> No.11498201

The economy also appears to be more important according to Texas Vice Governor.


>> No.11498210

>Shadow of a cough
This was me yesterday
This morning I woke up with a sore throat.
>Be a fat fuck
Nice knowing you guys

>> No.11498240

you can only take it so seriously man, if you honestly thought this was the be all end all of the world why the fuck are you on the computer and not going out to some plot of land.

>> No.11498325

>27M UK Doctor here

Currently on day 6 of self-isolation for suspected COVID19 - likely from one of the many patients coming through the emergency department.

Symptoms started with a cough and muscle/joint aches on 19/03/20 that were of moderate intensity for 24 hours. I would feel slightly short of breath after doing two full flights of stairs in the house but not enough to worry me. No fever or other symptoms - began self-isolation the same day. I noted a resting pulse of ~110 that day; usually around 80bpm for me. Oxygen saturations were >97% at rest.

The following morning (20/03/20), I felt much better and have continued to feel the same upto and including today. Cough has lessened and is now productive of minimal amounts of grey sputum although still present and the myalgia has reduced as well. Shortness of breath from the first day has completely gone. Heart rate is normal now. Still no fever; I have been checking every 8 hours or so as well as whenever I feel chills.

Day 5-7 will be important as this is the time in which people deteriorate and develop acute respiratory distress so I am watching closely. Hopefully I don't develop a bad clinical picture and can tank through the next two days

>> No.11498378

>Having trouble taking deep breaths. Idk if it's just me fucking with my head but I breathe normal as soon as I go to sleep.
me too, as soon as the crisis started i started having an itch in my throat, now im lighlty coughing all day, if i take a deep breath i cough always. I feel very hot but every timy itak my temperature its perfectly normal

>> No.11498381

>as soon as the crisis started i started having an itch in my throat
>feel very hot but every timy itak my temperature its perfectly normal
stop being a hypochondriac

>> No.11498389

Please keep us up to date and consider using a trip so we know its you and not a larper

>> No.11498397

There are reports people with COVID lose their sense of smell and taste. They're telling medical personal to get tested immediately if they notice this.

Can anyone with COVID confirm or deny this? It could be a rare symptom but I'm curious.

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File: 1.64 MB, 2293x3353, IMG_20200324_205359__01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how to trip? it's been a while since i 4chinned
I posted a timestamp in a different thread here >>11495971

and here is another

>> No.11498418

I used to have a pulse oximeter and I tried to buy a new one but all the pharmacies are sold out due to hypochondraics buying them up

I have asthma and am prone to pneumonia. What symptoms warrant me calling 911 and getting an ambulance?

Is merely being short of breath at rest enough for me to call 911?

>> No.11498425

Use a name, I think. I'm trying it out too. Best of luck with your health!

>> No.11498431

put a name into the name field
then without spaces put a # (## if you want a secure trip) then some numbers as the password



>> No.11498473


Well think about it, if you felt SOB at rest even if COVID wasnt a thing, you'd call for help wouldn't you?

the same applies now, especially if you are also displaying cough or fever.

>> No.11499656

He is supposed to lurk moar

>> No.11499701

Aged so well..2 days later and now we just have to look at New York. US is still fucked

>> No.11499711

Having trouble filling my lungs the last few days. No cough, but I do feel like I have shit that I need to get out of my throat. Whenever I try to cough it out, it doesn't help and I just end up having a coughing fit. My lungs burn at night but it could just be heartburn from the drinking I've been doing. Not sure if I have it or not. No fever or anything. I've been dumping meme vitamins down my throat for the last month so maybe it's prolonging my time until I get sick.

>> No.11499759

day 10

- woke up with higher fever than yesterday
- shortness of breath returned, but milder than before
- symptoms switch between an SOB/dry throat complex and a headache/fever/phlegm complex. I much prefer the latter and I think it signifies that my body is fighting the virus.

>> No.11499823

also: eating high fat liquids helps. It shifts me toward the phlegmmy/fever state, which is preferable.

>> No.11499991

>stop being a hypochondriac
how the fuck, im fully aware its not

>> No.11500997

me again

day 7 of self-isolation. my sense of smell has never been very good but today I tried my usual aftershave - the one i have been using for years - and it did not smell the same at all. i knew it was *a* smell, different to the air around me but it was not the smell i always recognise as my aftershave.

i think i may well have the coronavirus

I continue to feel well otherwise. only the occasional cough now. vital signs all normal. no fever

>> No.11501206

>i knew it was *a* smell, different to the air around me but it was not the smell i always recognise as my aftershave.

Weren't there reports of hospitalized people who had lost their sense of touch, smell and/or taste a day or so before the virus suddenly, out of the blue, hit them like a truck?

>> No.11501217

The only consistent thing about pol is it's retardation

>> No.11501221

Posted this in another thread before seeing this:
I'm a 20 year old pre-med kid. I exercise and have a relatively deep understanding of nutrition + eat/supplement accordingly.
My brother is 18 and plays video games in his room all day while drinking Dr Pepper.
He got sick on the 13th and I've been quarantined with him since. I haven't had a single symptom even after extended periods of being in close proximity to him, but this is what he dealt with for a little over a week.
> Fever of 102.3 before we started giving him antipyretics
> Shortness of breath, weak voice, mild cough
> General "shitty" feeling, muscle aches
> Loss of sense of smell + phantosmia
Haven't heard him cough in a few days now. AMA

>> No.11501226

i don't know about touch, but smell/taste definitely.


I hadn't paid much attention to this until now becuase my sense of smell is dogshite even on a good day

>> No.11501231

In Germany they want to reopen schools in 3 weeks too. How is this supposed to work? Do they really think that the world looks better in 3 weeks?

>> No.11501235

a lot can change in 3 weeks. just think where we were 2 weeks ago - where we are now is a completely different place

i don't think things will reopen in 3 weeks because the situation will get worse in the meantime

>> No.11501332

What's the protocol for making sure you two aren't contagious anymore? Are you being tested two weeks after isolation or something like that?
I feel like people are declared recovered without actually making sure they're not spreading anything anymore in too many cases.

>> No.11501340

I've gotten a bit of a mild cough/wheeze going, in the daytime it's pretty much fine but it's damn hard to sleep, lying down I have to breathe manually and change positions a lot. Overnight I get audible squeaking/bubbling sounds from my chest occasionally. Haven't checked my temp because I don't have a thermometer and obv stores are completely out, but I don't feel heated or chilled. Not fat, smoker, asthmatic, etc. What's my situation? Dying of plague or ok? 28 btw.

>> No.11501344

Anyone else sick of people who caught a cold thinking they got corona and post about it?

>> No.11501353

No protocol - they just asked us to self-quarantine until the 27th. They wouldn't even test him because he wasn't on the brink of death yet, see >>11501324

>> No.11501398

Can you explain the way to tell a cold from corona in absence of actual testing?

>> No.11501418

>I got severe shortness of breath. Actually thought I would die.
You probably thought that because you were aware of the Corona virus existing.

>> No.11502250

21 years old I feel like I have a frog in my throat and upper part of my throat has a stinging pain every now and then. No trouble breathing. I do cough tho. Kind of like a sore throat but not really.

Pain right around my breastbone.

Am I fucked?

>> No.11502636
File: 233 KB, 1405x833, clorox will inherit the earth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

day 11:

I got super hungry today and ate a lot

I was able to climb 7 flights of stairs without feeling short of breath

I was also able to play high intensity dota without feeling sick

>> No.11502747

Thanks, same here. If you're not on the verge of dieing, you're ignored. It's really awful for some. We're at a point where cancer, heart attack, or stroke patients die because hospitals are supposed to keep free beds.
Good luck to you two.

>> No.11502831

>We're at a point where cancer, heart attack, or stroke patients die because hospitals are supposed to keep free beds.
what a joke
who decided covid gets priority over those thing?

>> No.11502838

How old is everyone? Have you or anyone you know been hospitalized? How old were they?

>> No.11502850

What are the chances last week I had smt like cold: sore throat at first, then temp and headache then cough, and it was Corona?

>> No.11502854

If no one is taking you seriously then just go to work. Stop acting like you are a hero retard. Imagine having some boomer yell ay you because youre too much of a white knight to go to work and infect his dumbass.

>> No.11502868

Politicians. Doctors said they wouldn't have done it otherwise.

>> No.11502871

>I've woken up the last few nights in cold sweats multiple times,
Was your heart racing?
fuck I may have it.

>> No.11502875

Sounds more like a panic attack. Extremely common, especially these days.
Do you feel very thirsty with a dry mouth when it happens?

>> No.11502882

No, I've been having weird symptoms for threeish weeks that weren't explained even by the tooth infection I have;

>aches starting at tailbone/crotch and going all the way down into my feet
>cough and sneeze once or twice(I never cough or sneeze so it's old)
>vibraty kinda weakness and pain in body.
>tension in skull
>wake up with heart racing and out of breath

I actually don't think I have COVID, but I have no idea wtf is wrong with me.

>> No.11502901

Get tested for Lyme disease (borreliosis). I had the same symptoms and after 6 weeks of shuffling doctors I finally got that diagnosis.
Only difference is I didn't have pain in my legs or feet, but migraine every few days.

>> No.11502910

isn't that shit permanent?

>> No.11502940

Mostly not. It can happen, but it's rare enough not to freak out. If it's that, you'll get antibiotics for three weeks, shit and pee a lot, and then you're done.
Not saying it's definitely that, but it sounds just like what I had.

>> No.11502943

could this loss of smell be attributable to zinc deficiency?

>> No.11503230


>> No.11503358

This dumb disease is confusing. I probably have it because I have some shortness of breath and chest pain when exercising, but I have no idea for how long I had it. I'm either in my 2nd or 3rd week, and I want to know whether I'm home free or if I still could develop pneumonia

>> No.11503363

are you sure its mucus and not cum in your throat?

>> No.11503421

>usually around 80bpm resting pulse
isn't that high? aren't you a "doctor" and you don't know about exercise?

>> No.11503431

>Heart rate, also known as pulse, is the number of times a person's heart beats per minute. Normal heart rate varies from person to person, but a normal range for adults is 60 to 100 beats per minute, according to the Mayo Clinic.

>> No.11503441
File: 8 KB, 305x165, fatcat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11503518

>all doctors are into fitness and exercise regularly
come back to /sci/ after you graduate high scool, brainlet

>> No.11503542

If you have it, do as they say and just infect thm. They will only have themselves to blame, especially since you warned them and they didn't listen.

>> No.11504080

How you doing?

>> No.11504088

>EARLY PHASE (5 days)
>- a shadow of a cough for 5 days. Can't overemphasize how mild. Literally had 7 singular coughs a day.
>- once or twice a day: mucus in throat.
>- NO fever or feeling sick.
This is literally me every day. I have heard it's not uncommon to start to improve, and then worsen significantly.

>> No.11504097

A tooth infection that reaches the bloodstream can cause a multitude of symptoms.

>> No.11504104

>tfw rhinitis came back bad because it's spring so i'm full of mucus and sometimes can't breathe
>i won't know if i have symptoms unless it gets bad

>> No.11504108

>Don't eat unless you're physically hungry. Breathe humid air. Drink liquids, and try to get calories via liquid. Take zinc and vitamin C or fruit. If you want meat, use chicken/fish
Outside of humid air and liquid for calories, this is just good advice all the time.

>> No.11504128

You’re all retards. He works at a fucking restaurant. If he infects 20 at-risk people, which is extremely likely, he has single-handedly murdered at least 1 person because he was too much of a pussy to stand up to his boomer boss.

>> No.11504191

he should just go to his boomer boss office and sputter all over the place

>> No.11504204
File: 1.66 MB, 2169x3224, IMG_20200326_201657__01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not too bad thanks. only the occasional cough remains. feeling generally well in myself.

> I have heard it's not uncommon to start to improve, and then worsen significantly.
This is true. You have two different branches of your immune system. The 'innate' immune system which is primed to fight things it does not know but is generally not very good at clearing infections while buying time for the 'adaptive' immune system which is far more like a precision airstrike against all copies of one particular bacteria or virus.

The current thinking is that with COVID19, your innate response is appropriate and you feel a bit unwell but when the adaptive immune system kicks in, it goes way overboard in some cases and that precision airstrike becomes a shitstorm of missiles flying all over the place (aka the cytokine storm you keep hearing about), hence why people get better initally and then suddenly develop acute respiratory distress syndrome at Day 6-8 of infection.

Your rhinitis doesn't affect your breathing through your mouth right? you will be able to tell if you are short of breath despite breathing orally; it will be different to a blocked nose from rhinitis

>> No.11504212

It's anxiety

>> No.11504215

>Your rhinitis doesn't affect your breathing through your mouth right?
It comes with a postnasal drip, which sometimes gets bad and can cause coughing. It's why I'm just staying in now unless I can get my hands on some masks.

>> No.11504216

I'm an asthmatic without easy easy to a hospital (Id pretty much just have to call 9/11) I'm worried I've develop full blown respiratory distress.

Whats the prognosis on how that develops? How do I know when I should go to the ER and if they send me home can I ask to stay in the hospital since I'm an asthmatic who is prone to pneumonia?

Are there precautions I can take to help prevent it from developing to pneumonia and if I do have to stay home how do I treat myself at home?

>> No.11504231

Also to add to this and to ask the doctor in this thread.

Despite being prone to pneumonia and despite having asthma does being 28 still classify me as low risk of dying?

>> No.11504248

The first step to lowering your risk is to stop shitting up /sci/ by spamming endless threads about COVID19, faggot.

>> No.11504259

That doesn't sound like sound medical advice.
I asked a doctor not a nurse.

>> No.11504262

It is, you massive faggot. Fuck off back to /pol/ or stop shitting up /sci/.

>> No.11504265

had something similar from some chick. we both got better, her parents and my family didnt really get it (except for my mom who coughed a bit but had much more milder symptoms compared to me).

no shortness of breath, or i dont recall anything like it. i didnt infect anyone else and i cam in contanct with a lot of people, this happened like 3 weeks ago. what do you think?

>> No.11504269

Nah I'm good.

>> No.11504285

>The first step to lowering your risk is to stop shitting up /sci/ by spamming endless threads about COVID19, faggot.
I hate it when I'm held at gunpoint and forced to read threads I don't like, too.

>> No.11504304

that sucks. keep blowing as much of it out as you can and keep your airways clear. but what I was trying to say is the shortness of breath form poor alveolar gas exchange deep in your lungs due to ARDS will be very different from the cough and being out of breath from mucus in the nose/oropharynx. like it will feel qualitatively different. if you feel you are not well, best thing to do is get medical attention

>> No.11504311

I swear I have replied to you about this at least twice now

>I'm worried I've develop full blown respiratory distress
ARDS from COVID doesn't come on like an acute asthma attack. acute asthma can get bad in minutes to hours depending on how "brittle" your asthma is. have you ever been admitted to hospital with asthma/pneumonia for regular nebuilisers or IV magnesium infusions? have you ever been put to sleep, intubated and taken to ITU due to asthma/pneumonia? if the answer to both of these in no and you usually get by your asthma attacks with inhalers, steroid tablets and antibiotic tablets at home, don't get too worked up about the asthma.

>Whats the prognosis on how that develops?
Worsening shortness of breath over days. Also, you will have all the other symptoms of COVID if this is the case - fevers, muscle/joint aches and cough

>How do I know when I should go to the ER
If you feel too unwell to be at home, go to the ER. Other than that any of the things I mentioned here


>> No.11504314


>can I ask to stay in the hospital since I'm an asthmatic who is prone to pneumonia?
You can ask but they don't have to keep you if they think you're well enough

>Are there precautions I can take to help prevent it from developing to pneumonia
Avoid other people who are coughing or have a fever. Avoid dusty/polluted environments.

>If I do have to stay home how do I treat myself at home?

>Despite being prone to pneumonia and despite having asthma does being 28 still classify me as low risk of dying?
You have "an underlying medical condition", as the newspapers would put it. Defnie "low risk"... your risk is not as low as a 28 year old without asthma, not as high as a 50 year old with hypertension. There's nothing you can do about it so stop agonising about risk levels and roll with the punches as best you can when/if they come. Keep a low threshold to seek medical attention.

I wish you all the best anon, but I will not be repeating this answer again.


>> No.11504324

Sorry yes you did already reply to me earlier.

I'm not worried so much about my asthma I'm worried about how I've gotten pneumonia like 2-3 times in the past 5 years, and about 3-4 years ago I was hospitalized over night due to pericarditis and marocarditis. The cardiac doctor who discharged me said I most likely had a viral infection and my immune system decided to attack my heart. It says it happens sometimes.

Does my rate of pneumonia and the pero/merocardidtis imply that there is something wrong with my immune system and I should/can expect a full blown over reactive immune response to corona?

All the doctors ive spoke to said me being 28 means I'm at low risk but I'm concerned given my rates of pneumonia and the pericarditis that Ill have a very bad response to my inevitable infection

>> No.11504338

I've had a cough for weeks now, but only today am I getting phlegm in my throat. Nothing serious but it is consistent. No fever, but I do have a pinching pain in the middle of my chest and sometimes around my ribs.

No trouble breathing. I'm 20. Hoping it's not serious. I really don't want to have to go through the serious shit.

>> No.11504359

>Does my rate of pneumonia and the pero/merocardidtis imply that there is something wrong with my immune system and I should/can expect a full blown over reactive immune response to corona?

This is beyond my area of expertise. I am not an immunologist or rheumatologist. Because your immune system reacts a certain way to virus A does not meccessarily mean it will react the same way to virus B. However, there is a slight propensity for people with one type of auto-immune disease e.g. rheumatoid arthritis to develop others e.g. vasculitis/SLE

Regardless of how your body is going to react to COVID, there's nothing that will change it so why worry? Just monitor how things are going and if you feel unwell, get help. It's not more complicated than that.

>> No.11504364

by the way it's spelt myocarditis

>> No.11504385

>tfw been fighting silent reflux for the last 5 years
>my main symptoms are shortness of breath and mucus in throat
i think i might be the superspreader they keep talking about

>> No.11504388

oh i forgot to mention that when my condition peaked some years ago i got a really spooky fever as well kek

>> No.11504445


My experience has been similar.

>> No.11504454

>Since there are sure to be infected people here
That's pretty unlikely, considering how few people have it.

>> No.11504760


Seriously worried.
Idk if there's a deadlier strain out there, if this is serious or if I'll be fine. Don't want to wait till it's too late I guess there's only so much I can do if I'm infected I'm just anxious af about it

>> No.11504844

You've already "recovered" from it, that's just the permanent lung damage

>> No.11505047
File: 15 KB, 414x356, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>2% mortality rate
>less than 1% for people under 50
>broooo this coronashit is destroying the world

>> No.11505080

I doubt I've had this but a week ago my nose was really leaky. Like worse than ever. It was just leaking all day and then a few days later stopped. Nothing else other than that but it could have been anything.

Only have gastro reflux as a condition.

>> No.11505085

you haven't had it. just go to bed anon

>> No.11505087

> heart racing?
you are just scared. happens to me all the time.

>> No.11505094

>Do you feel very thirsty with a dry mouth when it happens?
hehe yes thats my symptom. burning sensations in chest, exremely dry mouth, dry lips, always thirsty, bitter taste, my tongue has been so white as if i was eating cottage cheese all the time

>> No.11505100

Very similar situation where I live in the US
Even toilet paper is back! Stability.

>everyone got hysterical
Yes we are just not capable of assessing the situation ourselves we need a command to get hysterical

>> No.11505113

what fucking restaurant? all restaurants have been closed all over the us. if he is here.

>> No.11505143

At least around here, restaurants are still operating in some capacity. You can't go inside, but they allow take-out and delivery. Since the virus can lasta on surfaces for several days, that's a potential problem.

>> No.11505144

That's a cold most likely.

>> No.11505170

take out is fine.
> Since the virus can lasta on surfaces for several days, that's a potential problem.
not enough data, lots of speculations. nobody knows how long it actually stays potent. and no evidence of it transmitting via food. unless you don't tip and they spit in your lasagna. grab the package, wash your hands when you get home and you should be fine.

>> No.11505184

I've been buying hot food and then reheating to an adequate temperature, just to be safe.

>> No.11505351

What is your ethnicity? That seems to play a major role in all of this.

>> No.11505407

What if someone handles your sandwich and the virus lands on the bread

If you eat it the virus could stay in your mouth and you'd be fucked right?

>> No.11505460

no, they hope that the hospitals will somehow be better equipped to deal with the added work load in 3 weeks. but they won't be, which is why I'm with

>> No.11505509

>- a shadow of a cough for 5 days. Can't overemphasize how mild. Literally had 7 singular coughs a day
I'm pretty sure this is literally where I am. along with a scratchy feeling in my throat. no fever though. I think this is day four.

>> No.11505521

there's zero evidence that ethnicity plays any role.

>> No.11505523

I've had/felt lots of mucus in my lungs and sort of an itching in them every time I breath (I have no problems when breathing though, also had a fever a week before the whole global scare thing started). It might just be a seasonal flu (where I live is raining heavily and it's somewhat cold). Still, with this whole "asymptomatic people" running around and my country not closing airports soon enough, makes me quite spooked at the moment.

>> No.11505556

you have TB

>> No.11505574

So, there's really no way out of this but all of us (or 2/3) getting this and either dying or getting immune right?

We're basically fucked?

>> No.11505624

only people with pre-existing lung issues are fucked. that's still a large portion of the population so all the quarantine stuff is warranted, hospitals are overflowing. but we're only buying time for effective treatments to be developed. it's ultimately going to become a new normal disease in circulation and future generations will build immunity during childhood (where the disease is harmless) or get vaccinated.

>> No.11505639
File: 242 KB, 1574x1050, BECB0558-55B2-4FDF-878D-1C31E42A1FDE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

t. 25 year old with asthma who can’t afford to self isolate for 18 months

>> No.11505645

And older people. My parents are 69 and 70 so really worried about them.

>> No.11505652

old age is only correlated because old people are more likely to have lung issues and general immune system issues. if your parents have healthy lungs and immune systems they'll be fine.

>> No.11505671

lymes disease is a bacterial infection from tick bites, it's easily treated with antibiotics. You probably don't have it unless you have a rash. It looks like some other bacterial infection, endocarditis?

>> No.11505699

You forgot cardiac disease, asthma or high blood pressure.

Heart issues are actually a more common issue with people who die from this than lung damage.

>> No.11505706
File: 488 KB, 606x675, Lung-Tumors-04_0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Loling at all the dumb poldittors who think they won't be affected by this

the disease causes PERMANENT LUNG DAMAGE. Lung capacity is slashed by 30% after surviving corona.



>Though the lungs of coronavirus survivors could return to "apparently normal" after six months with minimal issues — like a weakened ability to exercise

So basically:

1) if you're an old person/severe case, you will have 30% less lung function, and it will take years or decades to heal, if ever

2) if you're a young/mild case, you will still have lung damage that lasts AT LEAST 6 months, possibly indefinite.

>> No.11505715

noted, but couldn't this be just a function of heart issues being more common and more likely to be diagnosed correctly?

>> No.11505723

>the disease causes PERMANENT LUNG DAMAGE. Lung capacity is slashed by 30% after surviving corona.
Non-permanent lung damage that heals over time, and only in rare, severe cases

>> No.11505732

You mean in the 0.16% of severe cases for young people?

That pneumonia causes lung damage and scar tissue is no news. What I'd like to see if that the lung damage used to create the sensationalist media pieces is not from years of smoking or previous diseases.

>> No.11505735

China has the worst air quality in the world
They had shitty lungs even before corona

>> No.11505754

They're probably used to the media blasting all these other "super bugs" ridiculously out of proportion. I'm only 30 but I remember a good 4-5 times I got scared of all these other "super bugs", only for it to end with nothing at all happening (in relation to things like the common cold). I lived in all that fear for nothing. I eventually figured it out and completely ignored things like ebola and a few other prior super bugs. I was ignoring this one, too, because I figured it is the media doing what they do (fear mongering with yellow journalism). I kept ignoring it, because it's very similar to these other "super bugs"; stores see a slightly higher demand, a few schools closed out in the middle of no where, some flights canceled, etc. ...I'm still quite highly skeptical. But I've never seen such a large government response. Virtually ALL schools closed, government establishments closing (post office, etc), governors ordering non essential businesses to close their doors, the president writing checks to everyone... It's managed to get me to consider thinking about possibly washing my hands more often and stop touching my face. Sometimes I wish we didn't have the 1st amendment. I want Trump to freeze ad agencies, or companys' marketing departments. That'll put a nice dent in the fear mongering.

>> No.11505765

I think its because heart disease is more common than lung damage-- its more common to become fat or out of shape since it doesn't require a specific narcotic to do so like smoking for lung damage.

>> No.11505773
File: 64 KB, 891x892, fearmongering.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LOL I just searched google for fear mongering... Guess what the 2nd result is!!!

>> No.11505790

OP is gonna die. I’ve read countless accounts similar to this, especially the end where they think they got over it. You’re not done.

>> No.11506369
File: 111 KB, 588x549, brainlet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11506552

Ok chinky

>> No.11506567


>> No.11506588

Felt bad for a few days: headache, shortness of breath, body aches, tired, but I could still function more or less normally.
Why I'm pretty sure I had it is because I also lost sense of smell ~10 days ago, still can't smell anything, which I hope isn't permanent... Food without smell is pretty bland

>> No.11506594

Also, basically no cough, no diarrhea, fever I don't know

>> No.11506620

Anyone had lung scans done?
How do your balls feel?

>> No.11506621

Of all people in this thread, you may actually have had it. How old are you? And other medical conditions?

>> No.11506652

>a shadow of a cough for 5 days. Can't overemphasize how mild. Literally had 7 singular coughs a day.
Man I had the exact same feeling.

To me it really started with a cold around the 21 of feb. it developed and went away in about a week.
On march 6 I felt shortness of breath. And then that exact same cough feeling without actually coughing, like you said, singular dry coughs. it stayed that way, exactly as you describe in your early phase, however it never got into any deterioration but it hasn't fully gone away either. I did have initially some pain in the lungs, but it went away.
If I have it, it's been more than 20 days already and i never had a fever as far as I can tell.

>> No.11506654

>If you're sick period, it's far more likely to be COVID than anything else
>90% of tests are negative so far

>> No.11506657

>it is an anxiety symptom. especially a "hypochondria about a lung disease" symptom.
I would've thought the same, but to me I felt the shortness of breath before even knowing it was an actual symptom. It was weird, I started feeling it and then read about it, on /pol/ of all places, about it being a symptom.

>> No.11506666

BTW they didn't want to test me because in Germany they don't test you unless you've been to "risky" areas.

>> No.11506673

30. Nope.
At least now all this stuff is finished for me (I hope...)

>> No.11507115

>Wednesday I had diarrhea and nausea, which supposedly happens to about 20% of people who get covid. This was a one day thing for me.

did you have diarriah all day, or was it a one time thing? I had diarriah about a week ago, i thought it was food poisening, but now i have a runny nose and i was wondering if it could be symptoms.

>> No.11507199

I have this really weird cough coming and going pretty much annually around this time of year. Have it on average between 2 weeks and 3 months. It's a bit itchy in my lungs when it's cold and/or I am moving a lot.
Never went to the doctor because of that. Could it be a problem if I also get Corona while having this shit?
Should I try to talk to a doctor?

>> No.11507230
File: 31 KB, 470x352, 1848014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone here a have/had COVID-19 and also a part of a high risk group (preferably lung/upper respiratory problems?)

What is/has your experience been like? Did you need to go to the hospital? What kind of care did you receive? If at home, how are you treating your symptoms? Inhalers? Nebulizer? Vest? Were you prescribed antibiotics to prevent secondary infections? Did a Doctor try broad spectrum anti-virals or experimental treatments? If so how are they working for you? How quickly were you able to get tested for COVID-19 and how long did it take to get the results?

I have a lot of questions since this may soon be my experience and I'd be grateful for any information. Right now I'm a bit worried contracting the virus is basically a death sentence for members of vulnerable groups, even if they are young.

>> No.11507240

>Right now I'm a bit worried contracting the virus is basically a death sentence for members of vulnerable groups, even if they are young.
Even 80 year olds only have a 14% death rate
If your young and have a preexisting condition its still a lower risk than being fuck 80

>> No.11507253
File: 525 KB, 1097x1200, Alert-coronavirus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's kind of what I suspected but all of the death rate statistics are stratified out by either age or health conditions, not by both. This is the popular chart that I've seen many many times. That data in the middle does not break down death rates by age and health condition. It just looks at the entire data set they had. I'm sure my odds are better at 30 with an upper respiratory condition than at 80 with or without an upper respiratory condition but I'm still likely to be elevated compared to the general population. How elevated? I want to quantify the risk of having a severe case and the odds of not surviving?

>> No.11507287

as far as i've read and can tell the virus fatality is correlated with prior conditions, age correlation being spurious (the older the more prior conditions you have and most importantly are known to have)
i'd be extremely careful if i were you

>> No.11507322

Unfortunately there's kind of a secondary risk factor... I live with a healthcare worker that works in a unit with, fuck I don't know what they're up to now. Maybe 20-30 confirmed positive COVID patients. I also know supplies are running low and N95 masks are being reworn for days at a time and nurses have been advised not to lose theirs because the hospital does not have replacements. As far as I'm concerned that makes infection all but a certainty at some point in my near future. I am very worried.

>> No.11507346
File: 37 KB, 852x480, 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here's my experience:

after being outside to the forest/beach on Wednesday (two weeks ago), and being around German tourists, I wake up that night in a cold sweat having difficulty breathing. I also have a fever, diarrhea, body spasms but no cold or coughing, or mucus of any kind. It got progressively worse with additional chest pain and on Sunday it got to the point where I couldn't even get a full breath of air anymore (that feeling of clearing your lungs) so I phoned the hospital but the doctor said unless I was writhing on the floor gasping for air, they wouldn't take me because the hospital was already overburdened as it was.

Having to breathe manually and exert force with every breath whilst lying still trying to fall asleep is really difficult, I only managed 2 hours that night. Even deleted all of my porn because I thought I might die.

Fortunately things improved the next day and bit by bit over the week, and last week has been even better. I'd say my lungs are back at 85% capacity. (inb4 permanent lung damage meme)

Still don't know if I had corona or not, some of the symptoms match at least. Is it a coincidence that the one time my lungs get fucked there also happens to be a pandemic going round that primarily targets your lungs?

>> No.11507363

try laying face down anon

>> No.11507377

Bro are you me? American living in Germany, March 20 got a dry cough, light fever, slight confusion, and like this cyclical illness, it's hard to describe : every 6 hours or so, your symptoms get much worse, you can feel your immune system going to work, and you ride it out for 2 hours and then it subsides.

I called the German Hotline, they won't test me for Corona because they have a very specific criteria. Anyway, been inside the last 8 days, same symptoms, same weird little 6 hour cycle thing. I never get sick, it's crazy.

Anyway, I called my doctor and they prescribed me strong antibiotics (process of elimination because I can't get tested and these are strange times to be "normal" sick)

They seem to actually be helping, going to see how I feel tomorrow, but goddamn if I don't know exactly how you feel : never ever get sick in like 12 years, and in the fucking time of Corona, I get an upper respiratory track infection! With shortness of breathe and everything. It's such a shitty coincidence, now my immune system and lungs are weak if I do actually get Corona (it could very well be Corona I'm on day 8 of having every Corona symptom except extreme fever)

Gonna take these antibiotics and if they work, then I'll know.

>> No.11507387

I started having unusual fatigue and headaches about 3 weeks ago. I didn't think anything of it until I noticed I had a sore throat (15 days ago, day 0), and shortly after that a fever. I've had those symptoms off and on ever since, plus my balls hurt (>>11506620). No cough at all. I thought I was recovered on day 7, so I went on a run, but by day 9 I felt like shit again and started having shortness of breath, but not to the point of needing help. That eased by around day 10, but the mild symptoms are still lingering.

>> No.11507390

And during the 6 hour cycle thing, the back of my tongue always gets super dry and weird feeling (like sucking on a candy with nothing to drink, best way to describe) and the bottoms of my feet get slightly sweaty. After the 2 hour ride, and these symptoms start to go away, I know the cycle is almost over.

Can any other a ins confirm: A, these symptoms, and B, if you a few experiencing weird cycles of symptoms?

>> No.11507423

I'm in the Netherlands, we get German tourists from close to the border (Düsseldorf etc.) because it's the shortest route to the sea. I didn't experience your description of cycles, in my case the effects were steady, but usually got slightly worse at the end of the day because of the unnatural manual breathing I was doing which wasn't doing my lungs any favors.

>Anyway, I called my doctor and they prescribed me strong antibiotics (process of elimination because I can't get tested and these are strange times to be "normal" sick)

I was told the same. It's called triage btw.

>now my immune system and lungs are weak if I do actually get Corona (it could very well be Corona I'm on day 8 of having every Corona symptom except extreme fever)

I had the same thoughts. That uncertainty only made me more anxious and paranoid.

>> No.11507439

I have been so anxious just going over different possibilities in my flat, like ok, I'm much weaker now, in the exact places I can't afford to be weak, how do I go from here, what are different outcomes.

Just gonna try my best not to get it for at least 3 months while I train and relax in my flat to get my lungs and immune system back up, it's just the cards I've been dealt, but I can work with them.

>> No.11507480
File: 155 KB, 920x1200, 5d047ef871fd478cdb73b5b871431add.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>took pills
I hope that was not ibuprofen

>> No.11507742

If you've never had to be medicated for it before then probably not

>> No.11508058

So if you get over it, is there a test for your antibodies to prove you had it?

My job gives paid time off for coronavirus, but you have to have it tested and doctors don't want to test you unless you're in the ICU (And don't want to accidentally infect people If I do have it going to be tested)

I don't have it or think I have it (YET) but I'm a department head at a grocery store and that's the second most likely job to get it after medical professionals

is ibuprofen bad for it?

>> No.11508134

I have this frog in my throat. Right now it's not totally burdening my breathing or drinking or your eating but it's getting worse every time I swallow and I don't know what to do about it.

Everytime I swallow about 50% of the time my chest gets a sharp pain. How do I get rid of this feeling in my throat?

>> No.11508147


Even if you came from a high risk area, they won't test you. Colleague was on vacation in Southern Tirol, got sick when he came back. One week later went to a doctor, asking to be tested. She denied him the test, although he was showing symptoms.

>> No.11508428

>is ibuprofen bad for it?
supposedly makes your immune system weaker

>> No.11508560

>German tourists
>Living in Germany
>German tourists

So we're the epicenter? You know who has the most cases, right?

>> No.11508624

Fuck guys, same here. Only mine started in February, after contact with Asian, mostly Chinese students (oral exams).
Same weird cycle, but much longer. Roughly 16 hours I'd say. Then I would get breathing problems, heart-racing, dry tongue, feeling really cold and slightly sweaty, headache, mild fever. After 2 hours it was gone.
Couldn't really sleep for two weeks or so, but I had it for four weeks roughly, symptoms becoming more mild in the end. Last time I had it was three days ago, so I think I'm over it, whatever it was. Only thing left is tinnitus I get from time to time.

I was in the emergency ward once because it was so bad. They scanned my brain and checked my heart but couldn't find anything serious, just something a little off with the heart, but that could have been sleep deprivation.

If it's not Corona, wtf is going on?

>> No.11508724

>My job gives paid time off for coronavirus, but you have to have it tested

where do you live? most sensible places are allowing time off for anyone with symptoms.

in the UK you have to self isolate for a week if you have any symptoms and of your employer does not pay you, you can sue them

>> No.11508765

Britmed, I'm nervous because I just had the flu at the beginning of March and last week I had bronchitis (complications from the flu on Feb. 28th)

Would I be considered "immuno surpressed" or having a weakened immune system if I have been sick twice in the last month, or is there a stricter definition of the word (cancer, hiv, steroids, etc.)

Im just worried im more susceptible now because I've been sick twice this month, does it work like that? How long generally for a 100% immune system?

Background on me, haven't been sick in over 12 years, maybe a common cold once, generally no problems with diseases or infections or anything, just got really unlucky this month because I traveled to a flu Hotspot (rarely travel) and I got influenza A (positive test) Feb. 28th

>> No.11508776

>Would I be considered "immuno surpressed" or having a weakened immune system if I have been sick twice in the last month
No. Unless there was some undiagnosed underlying condition causing you to become sick so often recently but there's no point worrying about that right now

I was sick as a dog at the turn of the year with a viral upper respiratory tract infection and also had a case of tonsillitis in late Feb despite being usually fit and well but I don't worry about it. Then again, I have already had the symptoms of COVID and survived alright the last 10 days

>> No.11508778

Thanks man, thanks for being here for us

>> No.11508807

just have a persistent mild fever. i am working from home and spend most of my time doing cybersecurity stuffs and explaining stuff to people for 6 hours over zoom.

anyways, mild fever, for 6-7 days and feeling a bit tired. very rare coughing and no sneezing. today i felt great so did a bunch of work on the house (lawn, trimmed trees, painting fence, repairing decking) and now fever is back again and feeling exhausted.

just my luck if it is glandular fever

>> No.11508885
File: 2.79 MB, 1280x720, 1584916764018.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's fine. It's just the flu. We can't have a cure worse than the decease. Man up.

>> No.11508943

it's sars-lite

>> No.11508945

Fake virus. Literally just the cold.

>> No.11509063

I really don't wanna catch this thing, it's not that I'm worried about the effects, rather the idea that this thing once was inside of a chink really grosses me out

>> No.11509134

Um, that's not how it works.
An this is supposed to be a science board?

>> No.11509150
File: 192 KB, 576x768, 1534813501065.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>calls people sum poldittors
>uses business insider as a source

This is false. There was a scan done on 47 people who had contracted covid in China back in February and none of them had lung scaring.
There was like 1 case where it did effect someone's lungs in the long run.

>> No.11509179

>work in retail
>living with 1 person that works in retail as well
>3 people who work in childcare
>1 person that still attends school
>1 person who works in occupational therapy
How fucked are we all if one of us get the Virus? I have like a cloth mask that I bought years ago to look 'cute'. Would it even be worth putting on and be protective from the virus? It doesn't have the metal bar or elstic at the top that you can mold to your face either. Anyway I would be able to kinda hold it down to my face? Wish I bought face masks in January when I knew it was gonna be bad.

>> No.11509246

The only filter is the Captcha though

>> No.11509281
File: 18 KB, 434x532, 1582251096728.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What a safe-space full of faggots with non-symtoms.

Do you homos think for a second that you are sensitive hypochondriacs and that living doesn't generally feel like being on xanax? Fuck off back to plebbit with that gay shit or post your positive results, babyshits

>> No.11509456

chinks have better immune systems than wegroes. They don't undergo thymal atrophy.

Why do you think the wigger casualties are 10x higher than Korea, Japan, etc?

>> No.11509471

it's a tossup. NSAIDS weaken the immune system, but some people also have immune responses that are TOO strong and unsustainable.

There's a meme of "young people get better, then get much worse". That's the immune system going turbo and then shitting out.

NSAIDs might actually help (I'm not a doctor, don't take this as advice). Chloroquine, the drug that helps, is also an immunosuppressant.

>> No.11509503

idiots who "just sack up" and go back to work to a FUCKING RESTAURANT are literally the reason why we're having a pandemic right now

>> No.11509508

I don't know what xanax feels like.

>> No.11509668

You haven't missed out. It feels like everything is how it's supposed to be and you're content with yourself and the world until it wears off and you miss that feeling for a long, long time unless you take more. Do that for ~a month and you can't quit without dying. It's more slippery slope than heroin.
t. ex-junkie

Also, didn't mean to go off on you like that >>11509281 but some of you need to get a hold of yourselves because you need to be strong now, not weak hypochondriacs. Your close ones and society depends on it.

>> No.11509774

US, kentucky.

>> No.11509856


>> No.11509901

Some time ago the headlines were specifically saying NSAIDs were linked to severe cases in young people. This is contrary to what we'd expect if it worked like you said.

But then I don't think those headlines were based on very much and I haven't followed up the story since.

>> No.11510552

>Some time ago the headlines were specifically saying NSAIDs were linked to severe cases in young people.
I think the headlines said "NSAIDS are bad because they theoretically lower immune function"

I don't think there was ever any real evidence against them.

>> No.11510563
File: 66 KB, 1190x758, male lineages.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A chink was once inside of you, so you should try to get used to it.

>> No.11510574

A friend told me after some research that scientists now believe there is 2 strands of the virus. An asymptotic one that is basically like a common cold and another one that is the more deadlier one that is more rare.

Is this true?

>> No.11510724

Worked at university of houston Downtown. Started with symptoms at the end of February. Fever, dry cough, BAD body aches.

>> No.11510852

Think about it, how would the deadlier, more rare strand spread so fast? Why should they always occur in the same place at the same time? It does not make sense that the differences in symptom expression is part of the virus. Instead it is much more likely that it is part of the patient. But we still do not know what triggers a asymptomatic or serious case.

>> No.11510903

I am on week 2 of symptoms and I really have no idea whether to think it was Covid or not. All around, my symptoms have been extremely mild, but also distinctly not like common cold or times in the past when I have gotten the flu.

Began two Saturdays previous with just a tickle in the throat, by the following Monday morning throat was quite sore. Not, however, upper throat near nasal passages, but low in the throat, felt swollen, I became very hoarse and was losing my voice.

Symptoms persisted like this for ~ 5 days. I never once developed a fever or respiratory symptoms, on the 5th day went to the clinic and tested negative for strep. The day after that I began coughing. Stopped up sinuses/head.

Cough and sinuses persist for a few more days, sore throat moves to upper throat. Eventually cough starts to abate and have mucous in upper respiratory infection. Slight rattle/wheeze as I breathe. During this time never experience shorntess of breath, trouble breathing, and never break a fever.

About 2 more days and upper airways clear, sore throat is the only thing that persists and is quite uncomfortable. Sinuses/nose clear out. Today, two weeks lest, sore throat has nearly completely abated. I suspect I will be symptom free in 24-36 hours. That being said, there were one or two other times earlier on where it felt like symptoms were about to disappear, then a new on showed up or they got worse.

Haven't left the house in 10 days since going to the clinic, but mom starting having symptoms a few days ago. Since my symptoms began two weeks ago, though, if I got covid and not just some kind of cold I would have become infectious very early on. No idea where I might have picked up it from, but since my symptoms were so mild I never sough treatment or a diagnosis (wouldn't have gotten a test anyway in USA), safer for me and others if I stay away from doctors and hospitals. Still pretty worried for my mum, though.

>> No.11510930

You, my good sir, are a retard who spreads diseases.

>> No.11510958

Fuck it, might as well share mine:

Days 1-4:
Shortness of breath a few hours after waking up in the morning, gone by the evening
Occasional cough, runny nose, or chills, all usually in the morning
Some pressure in chest

Day 5:
Increased shortness of breath that lasted the whole day.
At night the shortness of breath suddenly stopped, then chills, dry mouth, and a light headache on the back of my head (about 2/10 on the pain scale) kicked in.
Barely slept out of annoyance/fear.

Day 6 (I am here):
Woke up with a sore throat/congestion. Took vertussin and it went away.
Shortness of breath improved but still lasted the whole day.

>> No.11510973

There were two subtypes identified in China. L and S. The L type is a more phylogenetically recent type that was seen to cause more aggressive cases in China but this also makes it less good at spreading itself due to the patients infected with it becoming too unwell too quickly to infect enough people before admission to hospital and death. And the prevalence of the L type is said to have decreased since first identified

source: https://academic.oup.com/nsr/advance-article/doi/10.1093/nsr/nwaa036/5775463

>> No.11510998


Don't know if I had it -- didn't get tested, probably just a cold but idk... this was pretty fucking weird.

>days 1-3: slight tickle in throat. fuck my girlfriend on the 3rd day thinking it's just allergies. realize after eating her pussy that it doesn't smell like anything. later realize nothing smells like anything.

>day 4: develop low-grade fever of 99.3 (i typically run about 97.6) and just all around feel like shit. tickle in throat has evolved into a light cough.

>day 5: extreme fatigue. start to get paranoid that i might actually have the 'rona. take ibuprofen for my fever because i'm fucking stupid. can barely get out of bed, temp steady at 99.3. eat spicy soup thinking it'll help me sweat it out, end up having the worst diarrhea of my life.

>day 6: read that you shouldn't take ibuprofen because it upregulates ACE2 receptor expression or some shit. fever goes to 99.7, bundle up and decide to sweat it out. notice that i feel like i need to breathe more like when you're on opioids and you forget to breathe sort of.

>day 7: gf's dog shits blood and vomits all over the place. fever breaks and i feel way better (temp of 97.8)

>day 8: decide to take a 3 mile run just to see if I really am better.

It's been a week since then and I still have a very slight tickle in my throat, but other than that I feel great. I went for a 7 mile run yesterday and averaged 8 min/mile, so respiratory function seems fine. gf says she has a fever now though.

>> No.11511006

actually convincing for COVID

> gf's dog shits blood and vomits all over the place
i lol'd

>> No.11511008

what day are you now?
can you smell things again yet?
how old are you?
any other medical conditions?

i am only just getting my sense of smell back slowly the last 48 hours - currently day 9 from onset

>> No.11511015

I don't think the dog is involved in this at all

>> No.11511017

i'm on day 15
can smell things normally again
30 y/o
no medical conditions

really no residual symptoms aside from a barely discernible tickle in my throat, but honestly it could be psychogenic at this point. kinda worried about my gf tho -- she has asthma

>> No.11511023

>dog is irrelevant

yeah you're probably corect. i know ccov can cause gi issues so i just found it curious. gf took sick doggo to the vet with its bloody stool and they couldn't find any known antigen in it. honestly dumb fucking thing probably ate a rotten piece of dead squirrel on one of its walks or some shit

>> No.11511058


looks like somebody has spy puts lol

>> No.11511065

No clue if I've got COVID-19. Two days ago I woke up with an itchy throat and mild muscle aches. The next day my throat became painfully sore and the muscle aches were noticeably worse. I'm on day three now: the muscle aches keep progressing, I have sinus congestion, a stuffy nose, a dull to moderate headache, and minor shortness of breath. I've also developed a mild cough that gets much worse when I try to exert myself. The pain in my throat has subsided, though my throat is still very dry. I haven't developed a fever. All in all, this just feels like a bad cold. I called my clinic about getting tested for coronavirus, but they told me they're only testing elderly and at-risk people. They said to just assume it's COVID-19, as most people with the disease will show nothing more than cold and flu-like symptoms.

Where I work I'm exposed to A LOT of people, many of whom are in their twilight years. So per management's strong recommendation I went home the moment I started feeling unwell, and I'm using my PTO till I get better. This has of course pissed off some my coworkers who now have more work to do cause I'm gone. What worries me the most though is that if this is COVID-19, I could have unknowingly been spreading it to a lot of people before I started feeling sick.

>> No.11511089

good that you're feeling well
best wishes and hope the gf is OK

>> No.11511212

You arent going to make it.

>> No.11511250


That study isn't what you're suggesting. It's weird that you're forcing that science fiction on 4chan. That's really weird and suspicious.

That study is talking about historical (before records, think deep time human evolution) genetic changes and influences.

I can't stress how weird it is you're pulling that out of your ass to prove a gross science fiction fantasy when that study means something else.

It's almost like you're preying off people who only read titles, since that's all you posted. Could you post the abstract too? I just looked it up, the only reason you wouldn't post the abstract is so that you can trick people.

Why would you do this? Do you want this to be true?

>> No.11511271

So, any hopes for the new antibodies treatments they're testing in new york?

Theoretically, filtering out antibodies from recovered patients and pumping them into sick patients should SLOW the virus down (not outright cure it) long enough for the host body to develop the antibodies themselves without dying.

Only real issue is you need a fucking huge amount of recovered people to get a viable amount of antibodies from for the rest of the US... but hey, new york should be over it soon right? that's millions of recovered people who would probably be willing to sell antibodies plasma

>day 7: gf's dog shits blood and vomits all over the place. fever breaks and i feel way better (temp of 97.8)

Your dog's dead mate, Corona can transmit to dogs.
better hope your GF doesn't realize you're responsible when it wheezes to death.

>> No.11511343

One thing that's really cemented for me lately is the strength of your arguments don't matter. People only believe you if they like you and you're "influental".

I've decided the best way to ruin someones life is to be unlikable and give them good advice.

>> No.11511690

Not for COVID-19, but other coronaviruses all have a similar deactivation temperature and environment exposure half life. iirc, it's 4 days to a log 4 reduction on wood and plastic, and up to 9 days on stainless steel. Transmission of coronavirus is traditionally through direct contact and fomites. The safe way to do it would be to handle the container with extreme caution, wash hands, and heat the food up to 60C before consumption. Already hot food like a toasted sub or a pizza should already be safe.

>> No.11512231

ok, feeling like 100% today and re-energized after low to mild fever for 7 days, 2 days ago i had to stay in bed and sleep all day (fever felt the highest it had been) was really worried that i might have to go to a hospital.

i am self isolating in Australia after returning from a trip to San Fran on the 21st March, so day 10 out of 14 days of self isolation.

>> No.11512290

Anybody else keep seeing these twitter stories about people in their 20's and early 30's having to go on ventilators with severe cases?

Obviously some will get severe cases but it makes it seem like more people get severe cases than originally thought.

>> No.11512396

Yes. People have warned about that before but some retards here kept insisting there's no proof of that etc etc.

>> No.11512421


>> No.11512486

Ic. I'm 22 my doctor says I'm perfectly healthy but I honestly don't want to risk infection even if I'm healthy.

>> No.11512516

A lot of those people did not have underlying conditions. And regardless, if you are a member of a high risk group this news isn't exactly reassuring. It's even less reassuring when people on 4chan tell you it's your fault for having a disease you had no control over and you should just die. This horribly callous attitude doesn't really reassure me that'd I'm going to get good care if I get sick.

>> No.11512541

Between the diminishing medical resources for treatment, overwhelmed staff, economic fallout, and little promise for a vaccine or cure, idk how anyone is supposed to treat this disaster except stay inside forever or take your chances like it's Russian roulette

>> No.11513039

Are rancid farts a symptom?
I've had rancid farts for about 4 days now.
Really bad shits too

>> No.11513041

Yeah, they're a symptom... of being a fucking ogre

>> No.11513070

kid aged 14 died today in my country. if you have some kind of auto imune decease or long term decease that somehow fucks up your immune system in the slightest stay the fuck in home. this is not a fucking meme anymore

>> No.11513085

It has never been a fucking meme. I never understood how people didn't take this seriously in January when all of this was already known.

>> No.11513182

where do you live zimbabwe lmao

>> No.11513190

The human ego will be the end of us

You realize there are people that denied this for months because someone on the internet tried to convince them through argument

>> No.11513206

that's what happens when our comfortable society faces a real challenge and the constraints are no longer relaxed: those who are lucky enough to have strong genes for health are favored... natural selection is brutal in its indifference, but that's how we became apex predators in the first place.

>> No.11513506

I'm sure as shit not about to let myself die just because natural selection says I should. The medical system should throw any amount of resources required to keep me alive, especially since I'm a full time employed engineering and I've contributed enough to be worth keeping alive.

>> No.11513550

But thats selfish of you

>> No.11513551

>everyone with good genes has a perfect immune system

>> No.11513565

>shitty immune system can be caused by good genes

>> No.11513578

It's really about how the immune system reacts to this one particular strain of virus

>> No.11513589


>> No.11513597

sure but the guy was talking about some autoimmune disease, that's not good genes

>> No.11513605

They would get it eventually anyways. If he doesn't go to work, he loses his job, becomes homeless, and gets raped and murdered in a dumpster on a rainy LA night

>> No.11513884

I don't need twitter stories, I am seeing it at work. To be clear, it is comparatively rare for people that young to need ventilation; usually a good few hours of prone positioning will correct a mild hypoxia but it is happening in some cases.

>more people get severe cases than originally thought

As a proportion of all cases, no - it is about what is expected. All that has happened is a misunderstanding of the absolute number of cases that will be seen in the next few weeks

>> No.11513929

8th DAY
- death

>> No.11513964

Thank you for the clarification. It's nice to see something that (hopefully) isn't either a larp, a /pol/tard, or an fear monger talking about it on here. There's lots of nurses, doctors, and survivors that share their stories and it's enough to scare the shit out of anyone really, especially the stories coming out of Italy, Spain, and New York.

I've been debating getting a nebulizer in the event my family needs it.

>> No.11513976

Im having this too. It's been going on for like 4 weeks now though. This super mild cough just won't fuck off.

>> No.11514118

I have bad asthma and am a heavy smoker. I'm fucked man.

I've stopped smoking for about a week but still think that the damage I've done to my lungs + the bad asthma I've had since birth is likely to kill me if I catch this shit. Fuck

>> No.11514150

It's really not. I contribute to society therefore society should contribute to me. Also I've made greater contributions to society to date than society has given back to me so I'd reckon I'm owed and if I get sick I'm calling in society's debt.

>> No.11514253

Been fighting some sort of something for six weeks now. Symptoms being:
>shortness of breath
>chest pain, although never extreme
>mild to moderate cough, the worst I've ever had but not the worst I've heard, always very dry
>mild fever, comes and goes, usually around 100, highest recorded at 101.1
>mild joint pain

Week 1 started with a lot of fever and the shortness of breath / chest pain developed through day 3. By day 5 I was feeling a lot better. Day 7 took a nosedive. Stayed home almost all week.

Week 2 started with a doctor visit and prescription of some steroids, an antibiotic, a cough medicine and an inhaler. Inhaler helped a ton. Day 9 I felt like I was losing the battle to breathe even just sitting in my chair unless I used the inhaler; went to the ER that night. Discharged after vitals and X-ray came back clean, tentatively diagnosed with pericarditis, given prescription for Aleve. Started feeling better by the end of week 2.

Week 3 I felt good all week. Went back to work.

Week 4 noticed it was getting worse again. Back to doctor on Tuesday, given new antibiotic, presumption was bacterial bronchitis. Kept working, kept getting worse. End of week 4, fever was constant and shortness of breath was almost as bad as week 2.

Week 5 called in, got on the list to be tested for COVID-19. Spent all week at home. Symptoms peaked again on Wednesday, 8 days after starting the new antibiotics. Got results back six days after submitting the sample -- negative. Can't help but think they handled the sample wrong and it was a pointless test; test was out of state and guidelines say to freeze the sample if it's expected to take more than 3 days but they said 1-2 day turnaround not the 6 that actually happened. I'm willing to bet it wasn't sent on ice...

Week 6 I kept getting better, went back to work. Except now, end of week 6... I can feel it starting again. Occasional low fever. Slight shortness of breath. I don't even know what to do at this point...

>> No.11514270

that's not good, its supposed to be a 2 week thing.

>> No.11514284

I just don't know what it possibly could be at this point. If it is bacterial, it survived a whole round of azithromycin and a whole round of amoxicillin. But, I do seem to respond to the antibiotics, seeing how both recoveries happened after a round of them.

Or maybe it isn't bacterial, maybe it is viral, and what I responded to was the bed rest, and going back to work before totally shaking it is why it isn't going away. Too much physical activity out in the cold. But, if that's the case, why'd I test negative to both the flu and COVID-19?

Did they actually fuck up the sample handling? I know they didn't perform the test until six days after I submitted the sample; the timestamps on when they did the test are on the paperwork. When I submitted the sample, they said 1-2 days. If it takes more than 72 hours they're supposed to send it on ice, per the CDC guidelines, and I'm willing to bet that wasn't done because they thought it would be faster than that. But, I would also hope that LabCorp wouldn't be incompetent enough to run a test on a compromised sample. Or maybe with the extreme amount of tests they have they didn't notice or care...

I don't even know, and it doesn't really matter. If I have it, I've infected everyone I know already anyways. And if I don't have it, and I'm suffering from some sort of antibiotic resistant bacterial bronchitis, I'm not going to be able to get any help until it gets bad enough to hospitalize me now anyways. So I guess I just continue on as if nothing is happening until I fall out.

>> No.11514371

So this is world ending, right? It’s fucking over, ain’t it? Shit...

>> No.11514377

What? no. Just 1-2% of the world's population will die and things will go back to normal in about a year.

it might take 4-10 years for the economy to get back to normal depending on how bad it is though.

>> No.11514410
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>tfw unlucky enough to end up being part of that 1 to 2 percent

>> No.11514423

Yeah, I'm worried for my parents as well.

that being said, outside of New york, the US death rate is looking to be 1%.
The problem is, as you can see in new york, if you push the medical system past its capacity that death rate GOES TO SHIT.
This just shows how insanely important ventilators and medical staff are for this, its literally life and death.

>> No.11514838

>debating getting a nebulizer

unfortunately a nebulizer isn't going to do much for COVID.

Unless someone in your family has asthma/COPD and you can get salbutamol or ipratropium bromide solution as well for an exacerbation of that disease, there is no point.

For COVID it is pretty much nothing if patients are not hypoxic, oxygen if patients are hypoxic (at which point they should be in the hospital) and ventilartory support if supplementary oxygen is not enough to correct hypoxia. (And paraceatmol if fever is very high).

Not to mention, a nebuliser will increase the amount of virus hanging around in the air in droplets so be careful where you use it

>> No.11514843

be extremely careful anon. hope you avoid getting it.

and if you do make it through for God's sake don't start smoking again.

>I don't even know, and it doesn't really matter. If I have it, I've infected everyone I know already anyways. And if I don't have it, and I'm suffering from some sort of antibiotic resistant bacterial bronchitis, I'm not going to be able to get any help until it gets bad enough to hospitalize me now anyways. So I guess I just continue on as if nothing is happening until I fall out.

It's difficult to tell what's going on with you but your conclusion is right. More likely than not, your body will fight it off eventually.

>> No.11514851

Anyone know, can a virus become Re-airborne? Like let's say I had a bunch of groceries in a bag, and some were contaminated. Upon crumpling the bag to put away (it's a large bag) , it releases air like a balloon, and actually a significant amount, and it blows in your face (lol yes this just happened to me). Could there potentially be virus in that air, can it "fly" again after landing?

>> No.11515083

yes, but the amount is so small it would have to landing directly in your eyes or inhaled right away to have a chance of infecting you.

Carefully washing your hands and then your face is the best you can do, if you are worried.

>> No.11515089


this >>11515083

>> No.11515186

You shouldn't have left your house with those symptoms unless you felt dangerously ill

Also I don't know if they recanted, but anti-inflammatories were suspected of making cases worse. You should not have been prescribed aleve.

>> No.11515208

>You shouldn't have left your house with those symptoms unless you felt dangerously ill
This all started in February. Nobody would believe me when I pointed out that my symptoms looked an awful lot like what's happening over in Wuhan, because I didn't have a China connection.

I still have to go to work tomorrow, too. My boss has the negative test result I got. If I try to self isolate and stay home, I will lose my job, guaranteed. Even though it very well could be a false negative.

>Also I don't know if they recanted, but anti-inflammatories were suspected of making cases worse. You should not have been prescribed aleve.
That was in late February, though. The ER wouldn't even consider that it could be COVID-19, because like I said above I did not have a China connection and of course it isn't on US soil that's just conspiratards babbling.

>> No.11515358

show them that the problem is serious by going to work and infecting them

>> No.11515490

I'm dealing with something quite similar, minus the fever and very rarely any cough—almost nonexistent—since beginning of March. Something that tells me it might not be corona, is the fact that nobody around me has gotten sick, although I haven't been around that many people, I did attend some classes up until two weeks ago. The main symptoms have diminished, but I still have some mild shortness of breath.