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Is China spreading the virus to other nations on purpose?

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Clearly yes.

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Don't worry, their time is nigh.

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>Is China spreading the virus to other nations on purpose?
every time a pandemic like this happens people all over the world decide it's their duty to spread it to as many people as possible. I don't know what the phenomenon is called or why they do it, but it happens every time and they deserve to be executed.

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China, probably. South Koreans are definitely doing it.

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Who is this fucking male semen demon!?

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how do the laws against biological warfare work?

if 1 asshole decides to spread it on purpose, can they get in trouble?
can a government encourage this behavior in it's citizens, while at the same time denying they have any control over their citizens and therefore avoid responsibility? it seems there are many loop holes, and the laws are mostly pretty darn loose and voluntary and may dissolve in the current situation

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if china were foind to be communicating with its citizens outside of the country and giving them instructions to spread a disease via conventional or unconventional(vid related) means, i am pretty sure some heads may roll for this. But even if this is on for real, i really don't think it's gonna be reported

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yeah ngl he could rub his spit all over my pole, corona be damned

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At this point china doesn't matter. It's fucking everywhere. Blowout soon stalker. Spring breakers are already testing positive, because the colleges are now closed super spreader stacy and chad are now being forced to go home, so instead of being concentrated in college towns they'll be everywhere. Stay away from stacy and chad.

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If anything, China gave the rest of the world a head-start of 2 months. Even if they were spreading it on purpose, you have no excuse for not taking this seriously.

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>South Koreans are definitely doing it.

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>dat vid
jesus fucking christ... is this in the US?

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they should have spread it all over western politicians. most of them are old, entitled fucks that should die a painful death.

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They can't explain anything, this is just low tier pol bait by tards who don't know the slightest thing about epidemiology.

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Bugchasers / Giftgiving?

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>poor (like me) good
>rich people bad

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imagine a world where 90% of life saving n95 masks are horded by 10% of the people.

Now imagine instead of masks it's money they're hording.
Money isn't a limitless resource. Having wealth is a zero-sum process, just like having n95 mask
You only need so much money to live comfortably. Hoarding too much literally hurts everyone else. Especially when the only time they spend money is in order to hold onto their enormous wealth by corrupting politicians and destroying American democracy.

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ive seen enough videos of chinese spreading germs on purpose. we need to genocide them.

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>>rich people
shows how corrupt your politicians are, and the great lengths people will go to defend their bs
fucking americans are a disgrace to humanity. I'd be grateful if the chinese converted your whole country to glass.

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this, we had one of this retards in my country

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/pol/ is literally the opposite of that (except for Jews obviously), if you want that go to /his/

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>Money isn't a limitless resource
It literally is under the current system.

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No, it's not. Governments like to pretend that it is.