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Recently I have taken an interest in all things French. On account that I am part French I have come to appreciate French things like the French monarchy for example, French universities, and French thinkers. I learned about Évariste Galois when reading one of my many math books. Galois is credited with discovering the formula to solving quintic equations. And he discovered that for equations with powers of 5 and above the formula to solve them is the same, Galois proved this mathematically. Galois died young in a duel with a rival. So let's talk about Galois here and his contributions to mathematics.

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>i am part french
I am so sorry for you.

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The ancient chinese knew there was no general solution to the quintic or hexic.

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Galois was an incel whose crush chose another guy, so he got in a duel and his chad adversary killed him. Great mathematician, poor pathetic fool. This is why the greatest minds were volcels.

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Shut up, chang.

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>appreciate French things like the French monarchy for example
Aren’t French the go to example for people that don’t like monarchies?

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Burn in Hell glownigger jew. There is nothing wrong with loving math.

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Are you the same retard who couldn't grasp trivial calculus?

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>Galois is credited with discovering the formula to solving quintic equations.

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Math is for autists who can't engage with the real world and solve real problems

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spoken like a true innocence

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Shut up kike

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Mom. Help. These compsci fags are everywhere

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People like you are making the internet completely suck. Shut the fuck up you little brat.

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Galois didn't discovered a formula for solving quintics. he proved that such a formula doesn't exist

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But anon you have to divide by 0 for even the basic trigonometry of that triangle.

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What you’re saying sir is complete bullshit, and you saying these things makes you sound like someone who has never shot a gun and probably couldn’t even solve a differentiator equation.

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is it gay if attracted to drawing?

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*Differentiable, please excuse my english.

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well, yes actually, because many gay people aren't attracted to adults only

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what if he looked exactly the same in two years, then he's 18 in the pic problem solved

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Abel proved all of that first

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You're right, I went back to my math book and reread, he proved that quintic equations didn't have a formula used to solve them which lead to Group Theory. My mistake.

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what do you think about the French revolution and Napoleons approach to the aftermath?

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I don't like how they deposed the monarchy. And I don't mind that Napoleon tried to become emperor. But Napoleon granted jews citizenship in his empire so I don't like him for that.

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Im an autist with a 150 spatial IQ but cant even do linear algebra because "assume" is way too much of a human trait for me to deal with

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He discovered that there is no formula for solving quintic (or any power greater than 5) equations.

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Let me guess, youre german?

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