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It's hilarious to see the USA panicking because China has grabbed them by the balls. The reality is that China has overtaken/soon will overtake the USA in everything. Already, China BTFO's the USA in AI, Engineering and Biology research. The USA has lost its crown to China. Best start learning Manderin, /sci, unless you want to stick your head in the sand and pretend that you're the king.

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>4x the population, barely more research and its plagued by shitty quality, fraud, and plagiarism
Yeah no one cares.

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>The reality is that China has overtaken/soon will overtake the USA in everything.

I keep hearing that since the early 1990s.

This article is from 1997


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If I see a paper with a chink name I throw it in the trash

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Whatever you say, fatty

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Now look at the statistics for top 10 journals in each field. ITALY dominates all of them

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Well, you kind of should.
The fact that China has 4x the population is irrelevant .

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Italy? Not bad. I didn't expect to see them outperform countries like France.

Anyone know why this is? I'm unfamiliar with European/Italian education systems. Is Italy known for upper level academia?

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>Is Italy known for upper level academia
I don't think so, a shit ton a pajeets go to school there for some reason though

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>more than 3x the population
>not even 2x the research output
yawn, what a sad attempt to make china look good. US will always dominate, lel

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So India is superior to Germany and Japan? Kek

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Wow, number of papers published! This really means a lot! Wow!!

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think about the population difference. Per capita a few euro countries are the best.

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Never seen a single paper by an italian group tbqbhwyfamalam. Seen more portuguese and spanish papers and those are rare as fuck. I also wonder how israel is not on the list since they publish a ton and typically good quality papers too, unlike china and usa. France as well, though they're rare outside of math.

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Does India have publish more scientific papers than them?

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Doesn't matter they are gonna get crushed by coronavirus like the small dirty bugmans they are

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every chinaman I've met in university has been full retard. They just speak jibberish and copy each other

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Yes, that's how they all are. Similarly, they publish a fuckload, but nothing they ever publish is even so much as worth a read. Even their review papers are only so-so.

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all of the great french scientists and mathematicians were italian, swiss, or german, and since swiss are just german italians you might as well just say all great french scientists are either italian or german

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How come Italy is such a shithole if Italians are so smart?

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In china you can have 35 authors to one paper and they will accept papers that are nearly identical to each other.

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Now normalize by number of citations per paper and per capita

>Hurrr, China numba wan
Kys gook

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Italy has a lot of very good uni and reaserach group.

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academic papers are as useful as toilet paper

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Pls adjust your dataset to recent corona-deaths

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that's useful af tbf.

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Why would I learn Mandarin when the Chinese all speak English?

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>shitty quality, fraud, and plagiarism
>acupuncture is beneficial
is only published by Chinese scientists

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Guess which of those countries would feed the stove with its own people?

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Which Univerisities in Italy are good?

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None, they all suck with virtually no research output ever.

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For example "Scuola Normale Superiore" or "La Sapienza"

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China finally mastered the process of making ball point pens in 2017, mountains of fake and/or useless publications don't worry me.

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it is close to 5x the population kek

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>not taking into account that China is #1 in intellectual theft, academic fraud, and counterfeiting.
while these motherfuckers may eventually produce some original output, right now chan ho is too busy plagiarizing a plagiarized copy of an unoriginal journal document that was a fabrication.

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again, not at all

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you want academic paper? it cost 5 dolla!

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>when even the Chinese government pays fraudulent researchers to produce better frauds
tell me again why your unadjusted excel-based "statista" should have me worried?

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I have read about a "British scientist" that wrote a paper on "Proof that angels from medieval church icons cannot fly because their wings are too small". This guy did the paper with government money.
Long story short, if you are naive and stupid enough you can shit out a new "publication" every week.

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polimi, polito

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More than half of those papers are straight up plagiarized and/or with faked data.

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My fucking sides!

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more like polio

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OK ahmed.

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>Anyone know why this is?
Italy has some of the oldest universities still in operation (Bologna, Padova, Napoli to name a few), and depending on the courses they can be brutal. The teaching methodology and testing is quite antiquated (very theoretical approach, shitload of lessons upfront, absolutely punishing professors) and I'm sure it contributes, and depending on the university and on the course the success rate of an exam is usually lower than 50%, but it can be waaay lower than that, and the average grade can be quite low actually. This is helped by the fact that here in Italy you can repeat the exam as many times you want (or you're forced to), which means that unless you REALLY know your stuff you'll get stopped in your tracks, so those who succeed, even with mediocre grades, can be considered really prepared, more than sheer stats might suggest.
I also have a theory. In Italy the whole education system is way underfunded, especially the academic research, and this in my opinion has two consequences: first, the lack of resources creates an incredibly competitive environment, but secondly and more importantly, this lack of resources forces people to use their ingenuity to overcome problems instead of just shoving money at them. Also, Italy is a heavily bureaucratic and nepotistic nation, and circumventing those problems is a skill in an of itself. To give you an example: I have a bachelor in AE at the University of Padua, and the university gave me and my colleagues 15k€ to make an airplane. The project has been run in its most important phase by a professor who refused to set his ego and authority aside, with catastrophic consequences. We are not allowed (officially) to use any power tool in the laboratory or do anything remotely dangerous. Now, the professor has finally fucked off, but the University is asking for results and we have to deliver the plane by the end of this year or we get shut down. Believe me: in these situations you get smart.

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This would explain why italy has not produced a single scientific or engineering result since the 2nd world war for sure. No wonder it's even worse off than china in terms of real scientific output! Sad.

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That sounds based as fuck

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as usual, rabbi's anecdotal evidence is so priceless it's worthless

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>this is what commies actually believe