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Hey guys, so apparently eating lots of raw or unpasteurized Honey can lead to cancer (liver cancer) by way of intaking excessive amounts of pyrrolizidine alkaloids.

Is this true and what are your thoughts on this recent finding?

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lol hell ya ive been taking that shit down liek a mother fucker because of the supposed health benefits. this is fitting.

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dont give a shit. all things can increase or decrease your risk of cancer to 1% or whatever. useless bullshit to research.

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you stimulated me OP. here's an interesting article

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Taking it down. Elaborate. In what way anon?

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Are pyrrolizidine alkaloids truly bullshit through?

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always in my tea. i combine local raw and unfiltered with buckwheat honey. i drink green tea with no creamer and black tea with evaporated milk for creamer. 2 or 3 cups a day or so.

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Nice but unfortunately it does not address the issue of pyrrolizidine alkaloids

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So you like the fact that your consumption of honey can in fact cause cancer if that claim were in fact confirmed?
That's where you lost me

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nothing else you can do but be happy about a mistake you we're misled to believe would reinforce your health. fuck the world LOL

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It's only especially concentrated in a certain type of honey, but even then you are not going to eat so much honey to have a major exposure. The biggest exposure is from grain and eggs. I doubt it's significant since that would be easy to see in epidemiological studies of liver cancer.


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but it does address cancer and a seemingly positive correlation. it's something.

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Don't post pseudoscientific trash.

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it was from a quick google search
this anon has your back son >>11378363

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True. Thank you for the uplifting link anon.

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Which kinds/types of honey are pyrrolizidine alkaloids found to be significant in?

I eat about 5-6 tablespoons of raw or unpasteurized honey a day since I drink lots of teas and such. Finding this possibilty out really bummed out my day...

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This can't be real lol

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Classical breasts are best breasts.

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If you're actually worried then you probably just deserve liver cancer, since it was just explained to you that more common foods would have already given you liver cancer in the first place.

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But was it though? That study seems a bit obsolete and bear in mind that raw and unpasteurized honey is not processed to the same extent the other food items are.
Nobody deserves such a thing.

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How will the honey shills on this board every recover?

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Pasteurization has nothing to do with it. Don't worry about it. You sound like a bit of a hypochondriac.

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Generically arguing that food has been processed isn't an argument in favor of reduced exposure.

The only argument I would find credible against that study, which is really just a summation of decades of uncontroversial data, is that it is clearly specific to Australia.

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Would not processing or pasteurization of honey be one of the more effective ways to cause pyrrolizidine alkaloids to thereby be made inert?

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Probably as long as it takes for honey to go bad --- never

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Nobody is gonna bother, anon.

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But y doe

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Ass too

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Name a reason people would process honey other than to save costs somehow.

Don't say they'd do it in order to comply with government regulation, virtually no government regulates honey very much because it lasts a long time and is just something bees make.

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>drinks his tea with sweetener and milk

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Guys everything can caus cancer. Better stop eating and start starving.

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thanks for that
you really should have included the study

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>Drinks tea.
>Full of fluoride.
>Shitty L-theanine

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well fuck me 10 ways sideways

back to cuploads of processed sugar I guess

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are you gonna at least read through the thread?

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>The biggest exposure is from grain and eggs.
so grains give you cancer? wtf am I supposed to eat? I bet meat gives you cancer as well? what kind of diet should I follow?

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lead diet

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nice one, reddit

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We should be so lucky! Do you want your mind to go first?

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Good Point, so here is the Study for all to see:


Pertaining to Dehydro PAs specifically.

First person to debunk this and OP gets a shiny button.

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I started eating local honey to treat my allergies. It worked.
Hope I didn't trade this in for cancer.

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You get cancer on the average 5-7 times every year, the body fights it back most of the time.
Pleasant dreams.

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>Is this true and what are your thoughts on this recent finding?
Why don't you try it and find out?

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>lots of raw or unpasteurized Honey
...how much is "lots"?

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are those jewbs?

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I'm not so sure myself. But the study I posted previously might hint at it. Others say up to 7kg a year.

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99% of eating healthy is just avoiding polyunsaturates, anything else is unnecessary.

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you dont milk a bee you dingus

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But what about the high amount of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in raw honey then?

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Probably not important unless you subsist solely or mostly on honey.

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I eat almost 5 tablespoons a day between teas and just by the spoon...
Honestly had no idea Honey could even be this dangerous.

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I've got some bad news anon

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>pyrrolizidine alkaloids


Foud PAs in honey. The putative origin was Echium species,


endemic to

North Africa, mainland Europe to Central Asia and the Macaronesian islands,.

The fact is the LD50 is 1.8g/kg in rats. Thats going to be a gigantic amount of honey one would have to consume to reach that level in PAs.

The truth is the constituents in any honey are going to be a consequence of many factors, including where they foraged for pollen.

But what about Grayanotoxins -?- are in MUCH more common plants:

>produced by plants in the family Ericaceae, specifically members of the genera Rhododendron, Pieris, Agarista and Kalmia.[3] The genus Rhododendron alone encompasses over 750 species that grow around the world in parts of Europe, North America, Japan, Nepal and Turkey.

Is it dangerous? MAYBE


also, fatally:

>One of the earliest accounts of mass poisoning dates back to the first century BCE when Roman troops were allegedly poisoned with honey by the Heptakometes of Turkey. The Roman soldiers were reported to be confused and vomiting and subsequently defeated in battle after eating the honey. We now believe that they were given honey made from the nectar of the flowering plant Rhododendron luteum.

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Wow. Thank you so much Anon.

But out of curiosity, how much honey would a person have to eat for it to be dangerous as you showcase in equivalence to the 1.8/kg in rats?

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Radiation therapist and Medical Dosimetrist here.

Fucking everything gives you cancer. And smoking gives you every cancer. Smoking gives you pancreatic and bladder cancer for fuck sake. And sometimes you just get cancer for no good goddamn reason. Its stochastic.

Fuck it. You still have a 1/5ish chance of dying of cancer regardless of what you do.

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christ her spine must be broken

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Good, fuck big honey

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Anything we can do to try and prevent that shit?

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Well, looks like the only way to reduce your chances of getting cancer is eating bitter vegetables, tasteless beans, nuts that taste like wood, and not eating anything that has remotely any taste to it.

According to studies literally everything increases your chances of cancer except from disguisting boring shit. I just read a study that even fish increases your chances of cancer despite reading that it had the opposite effect a couple of years ago.

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That's pretty crazy. You think there would be some kind of superfood or such that does the exact opposite.

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>2021: New study shows that being either miserable or happy causes brain cancer.
>2022: New study shows scratching your ass causes rectal cancer.
>2023: New study shows wearing clothes causes skin cancer.
>3000: New study shows that reading studies about cancer studies causes cancer.

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>New study shows that reading studies about cancer studies causes cancer.
Probably true Tbh

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I think the honey thing is more straightforward than that...

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honey is a natural product and there is a huge variance in the quality of natural products

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I agree 100%
That can be really good or really bad

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life itself causes cancer. deal with it.

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