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Where the fuck is /med/?

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it got deleted, dunno why
it's kind of a gay general desu

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why the fuck did it got deleted?
patient came in ED last night with singular strong vomiting followed by very small amount if blood (probably small vessel popping from pressure caused by vomit). she also mentioned that she gave birth to kid one month ago, also that she had syncope two times during defecation week before. nothing else. doc said she should check to gastroenterologist but what do you guys think was the cause? I was thinking maybe anemia but can’t explain the vomiting.

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I started learning the heart's anatomy and physiology recently and have trouble reading these charts, can someone help?

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I tried to pick up a heartbeat signal on my oscilloscope but I think maybe didn't have the right probe. I definitely have to try it again.

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Jannies were on a power trip,in another thread they deleted my post containing paywall free link to a wsj article.

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I'm looking for this book, does anyone have the PDF or know where I can find it?

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a friend told me if you don't exercise and do eat meat then started exercising, went vegan and began smoking your health and health outcomes would still improve, is this true?

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so smoking is really as bad as people say? I've noticed smokers seem to be common on /sci/ I've even heard people talking about improving cognition with it

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Cigarette smoke (and for different reasons smoking in general) is as bad as *statistical analysis says, yes

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Nothing is more pathetic and anti-scientific than the anti-meat lobby.

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Just dont smoke.
Tobacco wont kill you the additives in it will.

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reminder that medicine is for Normies who want to feel scientific and all doctors are technicians, not even engineers and even less scientists.

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You mean for people who say "normies"?

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imagine unironically using "normie" a slang term for someone who is normal as an insult

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ok boomer

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Looks like an angel

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Literally the most significant medical advancement of the last century is the medicalization of smoking. Everything else pales in comparison, even if you add them up.

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There are plenty of worse drugs, but the damage it does to your lungs and other organs after decades of doing it is pretty substantial. A few years is ok but have fun breaking the habit later.

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Any step 1 bros killing time on this shit hole?

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this isn't a boomer opinion, its well attested as a fact of life from the abysmal innumeracy and lack of empirical intuition that doctors so frequently demonstrate. There are people in the broader field of medicine who are scientists, they're called physiologists, biomedical researchers and so on. Far smarter, much different breed of person. Surgeons are smart no doubt, but not good scientists on the whole, you of course get a few who are brilliant and they have the prowess of any good scientist when it comes to empirical intuition but they are so rare now that medicine has been streamlined and industrialized you would not be likely to encounter one even at the best hospitals.

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Gastric ulcer? How was her Hgb?

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What do you need help with specifically?

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Harrison's is on Z-library.

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Why did the old thread get deleted?

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is there some massive source for medical books? i needed a reliable and relatively compact dermatology book, i dont understand shit of that

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Check b-ok famalam

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Acute vomiting with minimal blood is most likely gastroenteritis. Syncope during defecation is likely just a valsalva response to straining.

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What method of suicide would you recommend? Asking for a friend

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Mechanic here. Sometimes, it's two things.
How to fix my optic nerve?

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Fellow medfags I need some ideas. My mother keeps getting random paroxysms of high BP and nausea. I've noticed it happening more often in evenings, but other times of day aren't safe either. There seems to be no certain trigger, it happens without any stress involved, standard blood tests came out fine, native abdomen and head CTs came out fine, cervical and renal arteries are fine according to ultrasound. What are your other options to consider?

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Gastritis prolly.
>she had syncope two times during defecation
That's just a vagal stimulation. It's not unheard of.
Hey fellow anesthesiabro. Scanned all my electronicl libraries and I can't find it. May I recommend Morgan and Mikhail's Anesthesiology. It's not that big and it covers the esentials.

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Is it possible to contract the clap without having sex for months? I woke up today with my sick secreting a yellow stuff with bad smell. The only different thing that happened to me was letting some soap get into my urethra when I was washing it a couple days ago.

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Is it possible to get the clap without having sex for months? I woke up today with my sick secreting a yellow stuff with bad smell. The only different thing that happened to me was letting some soap get into my urethra when I was washing it a couple days ago.

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Doctors are mechanics for the most complicated machine we know of, fuck off lol

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From what I've read in surgeon generals report, people who smoke cigarettes get cancer, people who smoke from pipes get a lot less cancer, people who smoke from a pipe and dont inhale don't get cancer. Probably the radiation in the tobacco. I know its grown and processed differently as well for pipe smoking. I don't really know much else because I don't smoke I just read the meat of the report one time

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it is possible to be male gynecologist in 2000 + 20

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>my dick secreting
Fixed. Please help. Google I telling me I either have cancer or clap. Why there's never a middle ground for this shit?

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how much u studying per day?

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Butchery is not mechanics, fuck off.
ITT: seething, coping, tranny medtards who wanted to be biologists.

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Why are 90% of the people in radiology so cunty and attention seeking? I thought taking x-rays and scans would be a good field like an autist like me but everyone is a turbo normie who doesn't give a fuck about technology. The only advice I got out of my last month long rotation was to 'be more social'. I wish I was joking. Getting a job is seeming increasingly impossible as I'm written off as an autist as soon as I enter a room, despite being good with the patients (which is a fucking skill considering they're all deaf boomers).

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>be me
>immigrant parents
>wants me "to be successful in life"
>no other career fits their view other than being a doctor
>don't really care
>going to community college for a general degree because parents won't pay for med school
>choose general studies
>parents hates this
>wants me to be an eye doctor or a dentist
>not sure what to do
>switched my major to nursing
>plan on transferring to a university
>realizing that i'm now forever stuck with this degree path for the rest of my life

To all the med bros, do I seriously have no other choice now that i've been guilt tripped into doing this? I'm only in community college and not sure what the heck i'm suppose to do after that?

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How far exactly are you into your nursing program? Many RN programs have a 30+% attrition rate by the end, so there is a decent shot you'll just end up getting ousted anyway if you lack the desire for it.

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Well, first things first: can you tell me if my dick will fall off? >>11348009

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I haven't even started, all I did was change my major and plan on taking the required classes next semester. Also what is this about a discount? tell me more

That's not how STD's work, you don't just wake up with a diseases but i'm not a certified doctor so I'd recommend getting an STD test, they tend to be free or extremely cheap these days

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I respect all you docs who got straight As in high school

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this desubh. medfags on the whole are dumb as fuck too

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>I haven't even started, all I did was change my major and plan on taking the required classes next semester.
Do you have a passion for healthcare? Are you pre-nursing or nursing? Have you already taken A&P 1 and 2, microbiology, developmental psych, etc. etc. as these are often requirements before you enter as a true nursing student (and before you actually get into fundamentals and deal with real, live patients).

>Also what is this about a discount? tell me more
What? I'm saying that about 1 in 3 or more people in RN programs fail, get kicked out, or leave their programs. Similarly with medicine, you generally don't survive nursing school unless you actually hold an interest in it. This is especially true when you can be spending 20 hours a week in the hospital while also taking 4 classes. Medical school is by far the most grueling education post-grad, but nursing school is no joke. It is on the upper tier of difficult for undergrad degrees simply due to the rough schedule and amount of material you need to learn for the NCLEX.

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I would not say passion but I don't mind having to do medicine for the rest of my life, I plan on staying single and spending 24hours in a hospital, so it would not be bothersome to me.

Crap I missread that. You really are scaring me now anon, I now think I may have made a huge mistake by switching my major, but then again I tend to be lazy and go for easy stuff so maybe this will be change of pace for me. What tips would you give to a pre-nurse?

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Hey /med/icine men and women,

I have a high platelet problem that I need to go away and soon

Thread here >>11349338, sorry I missed this thread the 1st time

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>I tend to be lazy and go for easy stuff so maybe this will be change of pace for me.
You better fix that shit fast. With nursing, everything builds on itself. If you only manage Bs or Cs in A&P, then you are going to be behind in pathophysiology and pharmacology in which that is all expected knowledge. Not just "Oh yeah, I kinda remember that." For example being able to picture the blood flow from the heart starting with the vena cava, going through each chamber, valve, lungs, body, etc. etc. and back again is something that you need to know before you start on left and right sided heart failure, systolic and diastolic heart failure, and reading EKGs. It is a marathon that you have to be going right out of the gate.

>What tips would you give to a pre-nurse?
Know your developmental psychology well. You'll be seeing a lot of Erikson throughout, and things like Piaget when dealing with pediatrics and milestones. If you want to kill any class, let it be A&P. EVERYTHING comes back to A&P. Know it in and out.

Always read your notes the day of lecture and practice a bit each day. If you ever make it to regular nursing classes, cramming tends to be less effective as the amount of material increases. Give yourself a week to study for exams.

If you get the chance, find a casual position at a local hospital for patient care technicians, or get nurses aide so you can get a foot in the door and have a leg up for getting a job. Most hospitals prefer internal applicants, regardless of where you work in the hospital.

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thanks for this, i'll keep this in mind. Cheers to years in medicine, debt and possible suicide :^)

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what's wrong with your optic nerve?

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I have lost 8 pounds in the last few weeks and I am gradually losing the ability to walk without taking frequent breaks to recuperate.

I am almost completely unable to eat anything without getting very sick and bloated.

my family and doctors all constantly accuse me of hypochondria, going to the doctor would just be a pointless waste of energy.

should I just stop eating and wait until I deteriorate and die.

I don't really want to live anymore anyways I am just prolonging my suffering.

I cannot leave the house because walking makes me get really sick and causes confusion and lightheadedness.

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I can barely even speak because I am so tired and weak, speaking will cause chest pain that takes 30 minutes to recover from so I avoid speaking.

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Are you in south america?

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no why do you ask?

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Because the symptoms sound exactly like dengue. Don't know how common it is outside SA.

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Why dont you go to a different doctor, or hospital...? I used to have a chronic problem that doctors didn't take seriously and kept giving me drugs that made it worse. It was a series of really fucked up doctor induced events and after a couple years I decided to just figure it out myself. It wasn't life threatening but it was debilitating and I fixed it myself only to find out a couple years later that the naturopathic doctor I see now would have given me the same protocol I gave myself. It was really retarded and I still resent all the doctors I visited for help that didn't listen and just gave me drugs. Just assert yourself harder and be really fucking annoying about getting tests, MRI, blood, urine, poop, CAT...

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My blood tests and my chest X-rays are always abnormal and the doctors will always pretend that the results are meaningless and lie to my face pretending it’s anxiety.

Then the hematologist will tell me I have a disease starving my body of oxygen, and the other doctors are all pretending it’s not real.

It doesn’t matter if test results are abnormal because doctors will just lie about abnormal results.

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It's fucking you again. Your hemoglobin isn't even that elevated.

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Guys how hard is IM residency? Currently a M3 at usmd, with below average clinical grades and step 1. My memory is shit and Ive gotten this far by just studying all the time. I will probably do IM and it seems like residents have no free time yet need to know everything about being a hospitalist plus be competent at running all the IM sub specialty services. Am I fucked or is there not as much new material as it seems? Would FM residency be easier in terms of easier/less complex material + more free time?

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Well it’s very far outside the reference ranges, it was 18.4 at one point, the cut off is 17.5

I am outside the normal range

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In what way is your chest Xray abnormal?

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The radiologist wrote some stuff about chronic bronchitis and inflammation.

At least I can be thankful that he didn’t lie and pretend there was nothing there.

I have gotten abnormal chest X-ray and ct scans etc multiple times, doctors always pretend it’s meaningless.

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Okay, that is a bit confusing since a chest X-ray tends to be used more to rule-out things like pneumonia, atelectasis, or effusions.

Multiple CT scans of the chest? How many are we talking about? Were those considered abnormal?

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its really funny because the first time I saw the pulmonologist he said he was very concerned about the abnormal test results and the chronic shortness of breath.

but this time he said there was nothing there and he suspects anxiety, he was talking about the same test.

the cardiologist did the same exact thing he said he was extremely concerned its very very serious etc. and now he kicked me out and said there was nothing there.

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yeah all the chest imaging was abnormal, and then they said they were extremely concerned but this year everyone suddenly started lying and saying their is nothing there.

why did they change their minds suddenly

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>the pulmonologist he said he was very concerned about the abnormal test results

>he said he was extremely concerned its very very serious etc.

Neither of these situations remotely line up to the standard of care, so again this is very confusing. You don't tell patients that you are "extremely concerned something is very, very serious." This is therapeutic communication 101. While you can discuss concerns with patients, you are never, ever going to say something like that before you have the imaging in hand. None of this is adding up.

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this was last year after they saw the imaging and heard my comlaints they all said it was extremely serious etc. etc.

now this year everyone is pretending its not real and started lying.

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>And you have read the written reports on the images? You are entitled to your medical records. If what your saying is true, then those grave findings would be part of their impressions in the records. Problem solved.

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This is my heart rate and graph, resting. How fucked em I?

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3 months left at most.

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I've had that for past 4 years or so. It went down from ~95.

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you should apply for euthanasia immediately, 6 months to live... and it will be painful and miserable

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Being in pain and miserable is why I visit 4chan. Anything else you can tell me?

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The normal is 60-100 bpm. What exactly is wrong?

>> No.11350429

My heart rate is always above 100 at the ekg and the machine gives abnormal results the doctor always said it’s normal even if the machine says otherwise.

So even if you have a bpm over 100 it doesn’t matter

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The resting heartrate for someone who just turned 30 should be between 40-60. Plus, that heart graph looks too damn much like the "shark fin" in the OP's picture. A buddy of mine, who does sports, get a lot more regular one (pic related as example)

>> No.11350443

>should be between 40-60
No. Just no.

>that heart graph looks too damn much like the "shark fin" in the OP's picture
Because it isn't a heart graph, but a pulse oximeter through the phone. You probably don't even understand how much you've embarrassed yourself. Stop. Please.

>> No.11350451

> No. Just no.
My bad, I checked it again, and it says ideal is 61-76. Not 41-61 as I miss remembered. Still nowhere to 85 I get sitting on my ass.

> You probably don't even understand how much you've embarrassed yourself.
I would have embarrassed myself, if posed as any kind of authority on the subject. I'm literally describing what I see when I put the thing to my finger, and what I see when my buddies see.

I'm asking /sci/ what it means.

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even if the heart rate was above 100 and it was an abnormal EKG it wouldn't matter I get abnormal EKG results almost every month and the doctors always pretend its not real.

my heart rate was 108 in this abnormal EKG but the doctor pretends there is nothing wrong even after I told him I have severely debilitating breathing problems that prevent me from ever leaving the house.

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Well, you thinking your doctor is trying to make you go away does not bring me any solace, but I would recommend that you get another opinion from someone else.

The only reason why I'm posting is to see if someone can spot something wrong with what that "pulse oximeter" thingy is measuring.

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Addendum, just found this. I guess the graph is normal. Doesn't explain the high BPM, but still at least one mystery solved.


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just get an EKG and keep the results, you could ask for one at an urgent care center.

almost every test I have gotten in my medical records is abnormal in some way but the doctors then tell me there is nothing wrong and referred me to psychiatry for anxiety drugs.

>> No.11350498

Thanks. I posted this because I was actually considering doing just that, looking for confirmation.

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are there lots of qt asian female med students? should I take the /med/pill bros?

>> No.11350509

I'm an Asian female med student but definitely not qt.

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Just take a picture of the results with your phone or cam-scanner,

I doubt the doctor or nurses would be open to printing you s copy of any results you will need to take a picture before they take the machine or paper away.

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Too busy clamping, vaccinating, and circumcising.

Can you imagine strapping an infant, something which will one day be another man, into a "circumstraint" and amputating part of his penis. Can imagine going home to your wife and kids day after day after doing this even once? Can you imagine working in a building where this is going on?

>> No.11350523 [DELETED] 
File: 686 KB, 1381x968, circumstraint.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To bring it out of the abstract.

I mean what in the FUCK are we doing?

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File: 644 KB, 1494x1672, Foster_Bible_Pictures_0074-1_Offering_to_Molech.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you not see the parallel? I'd say it's pretty plain. You thought the days of Molech, Chemosh, and Baal were gone? Or perhaps you didn't even know the names of these old Gods.

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I'm glad to have you back. Missed you.

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My vagina hurts

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Wash it.

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don’t become doctor if you don’t really want to, you’re entire life will be suffering and you’ll probably make others suffer too.

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I dunno but there's a resident in radiology that has a 10/10 ass. Big, round and juicy. I want her to sit on my face so bad.
Don't fake shit. Get the problem identified.
I've seen you in many /med/ threads. You and that lower back trauma guy. You're begining to sound like a hypochondriac to us too.
I've seen literally one that is cute.

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Most medical degrees are full of insufferable asians who act like literal children.

>> No.11350738

I'm currently studying psychology, but sort of realizing it's drenched in pseudo-scientific BS. I (think I) want to go to med school, which won't be a problem since I have the merits. But, would you advice against..? What is /sci/'s or /med/'s view on psychology (versus medicine)?

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Man I cant wait for the new facial abuse videos.

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Question about Type 1 Diabetes. Does having Type 1 Diabetes weaken the immune system like it does with Type 2? Does it weaken it at all? Asking cause the KungFlu shit has got me spooked.

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CaN yOU imAgInE ReMoVinG WiSdOm TeeTh????????

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Hey people.

So, I have a lump on the left side of my chest.

Basically, I used to work out a lot. I had to stop because of a hand injury and an umbilical hernia. I am getting surgery on both this month, but this is my problem.

I used to smoke Marijuana. So, I am wondering, could this lump on the left side of my chest be from me smoking and coughing, causing these chest muscles to remain hard, or could it be some sort of tumor?

I am very worried about this. I was planning on bringing it up with the doctor after my surgeries.

Hopefully this wasn't to hard to read. Thanks in advance for responses.

>> No.11351550 [DELETED] 

Circumcised. And yet he still believes.

>> No.11351757

post pic from front and from the side, and describe its consistency.

>> No.11351782

There's too much muscle on top of the lump to be seen. I will post a pic anyways. It is very hard, and sometimes hurts. Also, when I lift my arm above my head, it moves...

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File: 401 KB, 1575x2100, E0CE4F7B-2120-4E1A-B80E-2604EEEF2953.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If i lift my arm over my head you can kind of see it

>> No.11351789
File: 400 KB, 1575x2100, 9580A33E-4546-4B49-8916-68B333EC37B7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

normal chest

>> No.11351800

It's a tumor.

>> No.11351852

>House S3E9

>> No.11351868


>> No.11352142

When did you first notice the lump? Has it changed at all, in size or consistency?
Does it feel hard, or soft? Is it painful at all?
Can you move the lump with your hand? Does the lump move with the musculature of your chest, or does it feel like it's fixed/tethered down?
How old are you and do you have any significant medical history?

(you need to see a doctor btw, nobody is going to be able to diagnose you over the internet)

>> No.11352197


Bros, What did the holistic healers mean by this?

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Is this image from the 11th edition of Braunwald's Heart Disease?

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>ELEVENTH EDITION reads on the top left corner
Don't think so anon.

>> No.11352332

So an older edition then?

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File: 299 KB, 1743x381, CDD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>spending 40+ years doing something you explicitly don't want to do
if you like med then definitely do it, but don't take on whole life decisions because your family is pressuring you to, and even then there are other really impressive fields you could specialize in that would be the stereotypical "successful" (ie physics professor, defense engineer, entrepreneur, famous chef, etc.)
if your parents are too narrow-sighted to see that you could succeed and make shit loads of money at literally anything else that you have a passion for then they're fucking retarded and you should never entertain their gripes

on another note, see if you WOULD like the med field. see if there's a program you could intern for or help with. see what field of medicine specifically you'd be interested in, if at all. it wouldn't hurt to explore it before making a big life decision. nothing wrong with that

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I have gotten extremely sick to the point I am unable to speak or walk without getting exhausted and confused.

I am also completely unable to eat without getting sick and abdominal pain. I am losing weight at a rate of like 5 pounds per week, soon as I continue to rapidly lose weight I will eventually starve to death and collapse.

how can I die a less painful death at home? I am asking because going to the emergency room or any physician is not an option, they always kick me out and refuse to any help.

so I am left with no choice but to die at home from weight loss.

how do I prepare for the pain, etc.

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>tfw failed mCAT three times
any links to good prep material? tbqh it's my fault because i relied on only high school knowledge and i barely studied

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How long until you guys start rolling out bionic spines?

>> No.11353084


This. Just get a PhD in math and go work for ren tech. Literally 300k+ starting.

>> No.11353123

30 years

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Should I keep taking metformin and hormonal birth control?

>> No.11353241
File: 18 KB, 306x165, tarded.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how is it possible that a patient could die at home while their doctors have misdiagnosed them with hypochondriasis.

I have been losing weight at a rate of almost 5 lbs per week and I am developing physical disabilities like the inability to walk around outside.

are my doctors fucking retarded, or are they engaging in medical malpractice here?

I am just telling my family which currently don't believe me that if I die in the coming months they should sue my doctors for malpractice and make a big scene.

I have told my doctors thousands of times over the previous 5 years that I have a terminal illness, this is medical malpractice of the kind almost never seen before.

my family could be set for life if they go through with lawsuits.

>> No.11353428

t. seething broke PhDs doing meaningless work

>> No.11353478

I get paid more than you and my work directly results in your ilk having to comply with the results of my publications.

>> No.11353497

>over the previous 5 years that I have a terminal illness
>previous 5 years
>5 years

Don't worry. If you wait long enough then I am 100% sure you'll end up dead.

>> No.11353502

That's a mighty fine LARP you got there. What precisely have you affected in practice guidelines? Please tell me it is something in psych so I can have a sensible chuckle.

>> No.11353532

I am losing 5 pounds per week I am already extremely sick an exhausted I should die within the next few months unless I make a miracle recovery.

Since doctors are providing me no help whatsoever I am going to search for otc painkillers and any pain medications I can get my hands on so that when the time comes I will have control of pain symptoms.

>> No.11353554

to add to this, there’s a little bit of fluid in douglas’ pouch too...

>> No.11353565

go to doctor

>> No.11353569

go to doctor (shrink)

>> No.11353613

After my body becomes auschwitz tier starvation I will overdose on painkillers,
It will be difficult to get pain medications with my parents always checking mail etc.

Does marijuana even offer any pain relief or is it just hype.

>> No.11353896

Got my MMI interview soon. Any tips /med/?

>> No.11353919

what is the difference between tissue cytology and morphology tests?

>> No.11353928


>> No.11353946

any aus or brit fags got some tips for the UCAT here

>> No.11353954

Practice. I got 750 band 1. Work your arse off.

>> No.11353960

I like the evidence-based part of psychology and there are conditions for which it's useful.

>> No.11353961

how many months did you spend practicing? how many practice papers did you do? thanks anon

>> No.11353978


2 months or so easily 6 hours a day. Often more (yes, really. I post on 4chan, what does that say about me)I used mocks online, like Medify. But you can find free resources.

Are you Australian or British? I'm British, but I think the system is the same in both countries. Use Medify

>> No.11354001
File: 22 KB, 360x360, lou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any bois have any tips for the GAMSAT? Mainly sections 1 and 2, but also S3 chem and physics.

>> No.11354007

Have you considered physician assisted euthanasia for her and yourself? I think it would fix both of your health problems.

>> No.11354016

>Patient is vomiting with some blood
>Physician is unsure about aetiology
>Bruh just kill her and yursulf lol

>> No.11354035

6h a day sounds real rough for someone in their final year of HS in NSW, Australia (me)
we've got the big fuckoff final exams this year that determine your uni entry and take like 6h each day as well

fuck it i'll do engineering

>> No.11354064

I worked 6 hours a day because I had free time and go full goggins mode on work. You really don't need to do that. I know people who did 2 hours a day for a few weeks and did well too. I just had free time and said fuck it, why not just go full out.

Do the UCAT. See how it goes. Don't let me put you off. I'm the exception, not the rule. But you DO have to put effort in - more to be comfy with timing that actual content. Since you post on /sci/, I'm guessing you're actually smarter than most. So you can do it.

>> No.11354105
File: 117 KB, 839x839, 1543913509660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do we have an archive of resources or something? Like books, guides, videos...
I'm particularly interested in the complete series of Lecturio Medical Course.
Does some anon have them ripped or know where I can download them?

>> No.11354169

it would cure your severe niggerfaggotitis faster

>> No.11354186

in my experience, most MMI scenarios don't have a right answer, but I would argue that they have a right approach. Start by arguing why both extremes of the scenario are unethical (based on violation of autonomy, beneficence, etc), then find a middle ground somewhere.

e.g. You have a broke single mom friend who wants to start exercising, and she wants to use the gym in your apartment building. It's unfair to everyone who lives in the building if you let her use it as she doesn;t live there/pay for it, but it's insensitive to just not help your friend make a positive change in their health. The middle ground here could be something like you referring her to some at home workout videos on youtube that require no equipment.

Smile when you walk in the room, go for a handshake with the interviewer, maintain good posture (but not uncomfortable, robotic-looking good posture..just don't slouch), and make eye contact with the interviewer but not too much (maybe look away as you gather your thoughts to begin a sentence..I shouldn't have to tell you this but I was amazed how many people maintained eye contact the ENTIRE interaction when I interviewed applicants this year). Oh and make sure you're dressed well.

>> No.11354229

Thanks anon.

>go for a handshake with the interviewer

I've read not to shake hands because sometimes the interviewers are purposefully rude and so its best to judge a handshake rather than awkward climb over a desk to do it.

Also, what are the common mistakes and how can I make myself stand out?

>> No.11354252

Okay then go with that, whatever you're more comfortable with. As both an applicant and interviewer I preferred a handshake

Another thing I forgot to mention is that backing up your arguments with personal experiences is a good way to make your responses unique, but please fuckign god don't use this as an opportunity to flex your credentials. Make sure it's relevant.

A friend of mine told me the MMI station he was given to interview for was about failure, and one applicant said his biggest failure was publishing a paper in his not top journal choice.

>> No.11354258

I'm curious that you're an interviewer - got any juicy stories to tell? And how/why did you become one?

>> No.11354559
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Do you lads have any clues for med admission tests? I'm gonna get filtered into oblivion please help

>> No.11354583

TFW about to rotate onto ICU when there is already 3 cases of coronavirus in my hospital.

Rest in peace myself.

>> No.11354616

knowing my cold wet hand its probably better not to

>> No.11354622
File: 643 KB, 1164x1366, 04B66146-AED1-4C09-BAAB-54006788700F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11354705

Not really, unfortunately. A guy said "fuck", a girl took off her shoes and put her barefoot up on her chair. It's kind of funny how easily you can see through the fake stuff people throw at you because they think it's what you want to see. I had one guy who walked like he had a stick up his ass, stiff as can be. Shot his cuffs, adjusted his tie and took a seat. To me it came off as him acting in a way he thought a confident person would act. I'd hazard a guess that ~50% of the applicants I've interviewed say something to the effect of "wow that's a great, thought-provoking question" when I ask them a prompting question in the interview. Just answer the fucking question. Take a second if you need it, but don't dial up the fakeness. IMO

The medical school asked me to be one, and I accepted because I'd like to be a part of the selection process.

>> No.11354728

as a follow up to why I said to just answer the question, interviewers were explicitly told in our MMI training to assess applicants on the content of their response. How good their suit fits, whether they're polite or not, etc shouldn't play into this. Unfortunately it does in a way, as I'm more likely to score applicant 1, who's well dressed, polite, and good looking, higher than applicant 2 who isn't any of those things, even when they say the exact same words.

Ultimately, try to give well-balanced responses that consider different perspectives, keeping in mind the values of the medical program you're applying to. Limit the filler words -like, uhh, uhmm, etc.

Do your best to treat it like a game, which it sort of feels like as you're going through. I know that's way easier said than done, as I remember how nervous I was.

Good luck anon

>> No.11355217

what kind is it? aptitude?

>> No.11356365

Thanks anon :)

>> No.11356552

"Doctor" is the most prestigious occupation in your parent's country. Not in the western world.

At best, your parents are misguided, thinking being a doctor is the best you can do for yourself. At worst, they are whoring you out for their own social status.

If you're not interested in medicine, leave. It's a shit career with awful hours and retardedly stupid grind. You won't be able to pay-off your student loans for 10 years after you graduate. All while working shitty on-call jobs, trying to build up enough experience to specialize.

Switched to computer science. Sure. Learning to code is a meme these days, but that does not mean it's not true. You'll be making same money after graduation with (at least) half the debt and none of the responsibility. And even what debt you do get can be helped, if you don't follow the most mainstream education path.

>> No.11356555

two good sources are Berkley Review and Exam Krackers.

they're basically written to target either non-science backgrounds, or science backgrounds who need a refresher.

>> No.11356563

I approached my MMI with a very easy structure.

>who are the parties involved
>what are their interests
>what are their view points
>how do they differ

in my MMI, one of the questions was to do with a friend of yours needing a kidney transplant and deciding to go to SEA to get it off the black market because they couldnt get a donor domestically.

iirc the first question was literally like "what are the issues here".

so you just unpack it -
>stakeholders are the recipient, "donor" of the kidney (who may have been forced into selling it due to poverty), local hospitals who may take over duty of care, black marketeers
>interest - recipient wants to stay alive, local hospitals dont want to take on random transplant patients, donor may have been forced into it due to poverty or it was simply stolen

and so on. don't forget emotion though, but that ties into considering the viewpoints of others and their emotional states

>> No.11356572

FYI, there is literally no benefit to going into medicine in australia through undergrad compared with post-grad. It used to be accelerated and so it had appeal there, but that hasnt existed in like 5 years so you can eat ass at UCAT, do a 3 year science degree, sit GAMSAT, and start the month after your december graduation and start the exist same time as everyone who did UCAT and got in.

The only real benefit UCAT confers is that most schools take a fuckload of pre-meds because they make more money off of them so it increases your chances of getting in slightly. That being said, if you are smart then you can do GAMSAT and do well enough to get in somewhere.

>> No.11356623

Got it from the web. It was a medical page I think.
You're fine, honey. Take your meds.
I have some personal links I've saved for myself, electronic libraries etc. But when I try to post them 4chan thinks my post is spam...

>> No.11356717

my parents begged me not to choose medicine lmao

>> No.11356725

Lucky you.

>> No.11356773


sounds like adrenaline

>> No.11358120

Hey >>11349001 here and while I agree with you, I have not been hearing good news about CS, especially from /g/. I'm hearing of people struggling to find a job. It's true that doctors are a waste of time sometimes but somehow I feel that if I become one of those pharmacist then I could make thousands just giving people drugs ... A.K.A a professional drugdealer

>> No.11358398

The answer is, it depends. The market is somewhat saturated with entry level coders and college dropouts who think that if they can put together a site from template, they are a web developer.

If you have an aspiration to become a doctor, you will have no trouble reaching higher tiers of CS, and securing a job.

The best place to do research is your local job board. See what's in demand

>> No.11358405

Do you get nervous when taking an ekg? My resting BPM is around the mid-60s when I'm feeling stress free (enough sleep, nothing due soon, emotionally stable), although when I'm on the edge it jumps up to high 70s to low 90s

>> No.11358730
File: 145 KB, 1024x683, shaziasahari.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it common for residencies to make incoming residents get ACLS/BLS certified on their own? I thought every program just ran their own free classes during the orientation for their housestaff. One of the internal med progs I interviewed has their interns get the certifications on their own. It's a pretty new program and their are no other GME programs at the hospital, so maybe they don't think it's worth it to run their own ACLS/BLS courses.

>> No.11358860

if x% of cases of [disease] are in an age group that constitutes y% of the population, then the age-adjusted risk for that age group is x/y. right?

>> No.11358906

t.phd incel locked inside a lab for 20 hours a day

>> No.11358931

if you're smart then you would do well in the UCAT

>> No.11358938

Is it possible to take estrogen without lowering my testosterone too much?
I don't want to grow boobs or lose my balls and dick but I want to take estrogen for my skin. So what will happen if I take estradiol which old ladies take after menopause but not much of it?
I'm aware that if my test drops I'll get depressed.

>> No.11358946

He's developing a forward head carriage. Should watch his posture, else hunch back.

>> No.11358950

yeah probably, I have no knowledge of UCAT because it was UMAT when I went through school. I'm simply pointing out that there is no real deficit or delay in starting medicine by entering through the post-grad route, so it's not a dream lost if it isn't done in Year 12.

>> No.11358965

did you take the UMAT?
if so, how did you prepare for it and how much did you study?

>> No.11359025

>taking x-rays and scans
So you're a rad tech? Rad techs have always been turbo normies.

>> No.11359097
File: 93 KB, 1024x755, 1552314566828.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When I wipe after taking a shit there's often bright red blood on the toilet paper
I don't shit blood so the bleeding is minimal but it happens pretty much every day. I have haemorrhoids but they don't hurt (most of the time). I also have a genetic predisposition for colon cancer, I think.
Should I be seeking medical attention? The blood is always bright red, never dark.
I had stool tests done three years ago that showed no blood in stool, and my GP at that time told me the haemorrhoids were benign, should I leave it at that for now?

>> No.11359190

a check won’t harm, could be a fissure which might get infected, or probably bleeding is cause of hemorrhoids, if youre up to it you can get coloniscopy ‘just incase’.

>> No.11359192

because of hemorrhoids*

>> No.11359195

Well I've been bleeding like this for years now and no sign of infection so far, it seems to just be haemorrhoids. No pain inside the rectum either.
What's the usual interval for regular checkups when you're at risk of colon cancer? Once every five years or something?

>> No.11359236

Do remember that ATAR + MMIs are important (depending on which uni you're going to). I know a mate who grinded for the UCAT, got 96th percentile but didn't make it because he got a shitty ATAR.

Anyway, as >>11354064 was saying, just do it. The pattern recognition/critical reading skills you gain might be useful for exams and it's good prep for exam conditions (dunno if they have 3 hour exams up in NSW)

>t. did year 12 last year (vic)

>> No.11359263

Yep. Didn't know it would be full of normies because it was a pain the ass to get into and required ridiculously good grades. Considering trying out to be a radiologist because that'd suit me a hell of a lot better.

>> No.11359278

how much did you guys study in 2nd year

>> No.11359295

I was at my A game in 2nd year.
So a lot.
But right after i realized that rules which are enforced on me,dont get enforced to others so I slowed down my tempo and stopped studying so much.

>> No.11360006
File: 67 KB, 640x640, YeSMJAeuIAoy-sXA2C_ISMkNtnbE4dlwKoiJ57WYiac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not a doctor but my dad used to get colonoscopy once every ten years, now he shits in a cup once a year. It's less effective at detecting than a colonoscopy but when it's done every year instead of once every 10 years it becomes just as effective, according to his doctor

>> No.11360913

The only valid measurement is done within 5 minutes of waking up in the morning before your first coom session of the day. Your random ass readings are meaningless

>> No.11360962

Stool test:
>Although Exact Sciences' Cologuard completed its 2 millionth test, the multitarget stool DNA test remains a topic of contention in the gastroenterology space.Touting 92 percent sensitivity and 87 percent specificity rates for detecting all stages of colorectal cancer, the test remains a popular alternative for a patient who won't undergo a colonoscopy
>Experts can detect about 95 percent of cancers and large polyps with a colonoscopy, but smaller polyps are more easily missed.
So whats more likely to produce a false result, 10 stool tests with a 8% failure rate or 1 with a 5%?
Running simulation (d10):
1. 2x - pass
Stool tests:
1: 2x -pass
2: 4x -pass
3: 7x - pass
4: 8x -pass
5: 3x -pass
6: 7x - pass
7: 3x -pass
8: 5x -pas
9: 07- fail
The question is, was year 9's test failure a type I or Type II error? We don't know. All we know is that the result is false. Lets assume over a 50-year span, and anon's lifetime odds are 4.5%. In any given year, I'll use the estimate (1/50)*0.045= 0.0009. So if 0.09% of the time in any given year anon has ass cancer. Round up to 0.1%. The odds are 1 in a 1000 you have anything to worry about at all. You're submitting to a test that fails 1 in 12.5 with the stool test or 1 in 20 with the colonoscopy. I guess the takeaway is that taking colon health monitoring seriously increases your odds of finding something if it is there, and to a much lesser degree, things that aren't there. But Search Results say Colon cancer is the second most deadly form of cancer after lung cancer. So you probably want the more frequent, less accurate test.

>> No.11361003

My right forearm muscle (the muscle in my forearm which is on top, if I were to extend my arm, palm down) feels very tense. It feels like its much easier to massage around muscle tissue on my left forearm than my right. And it's been like this on and off for the past few days. I haven't done anything physically exerting recently. I don't really have any pain or lack of range of mobility with my hands/fingers, but the sensation worries me because it feels like I just got back from the gym doing wrist curls, or some other exercise which activates that muscle group. And I havent been to the gym in a while. The problem is i also have like 8+ hours of homework ahead of me and Im worried Im gonna fuck my shit up.

>> No.11361247

I didn't end up doing umat because I was unsure of what my OP would end up being. A lot of my friends did and they were all successful with varying levels of study from everyday busting ass after school to absolutely nothing.

I did do some prep before I pulled the pin on it, and it was based around basic foundational skills rather than super specific maybe/maybe not question topics. It was quick maths, speed reading, comprehension practice and that sort of stuff.

there is a website called pagingdr dotty com that would be helpful. it's a forum that basically documents every single step of medicine and every pathway imaginable. a lot of them are massive dorks and easily offended so you need to be very polite, but I reckon they'd be your best bet for a consensus on what to study and focus on.

>> No.11361552

best would be less accurate frequently and more accurate once in a while

>> No.11361676
File: 147 KB, 1199x924, lääkeapustaja29.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>gotta check how insurance works and all the tricks to be aware of not to get cucked when it's needed
>gotta check how fiscality works not to get my house taken away if i fail to report some 2E bill
they should teach us a thing or 2 about this as well in uni, fuck me

>> No.11361755
File: 2.35 MB, 4608x2592, 20200205_180055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hit wrist at the wrong angle
>entire little finger goes numb
applied anatomy is cool

>> No.11361774

Finnbro, where are the new frogs?

>> No.11361903

Is standard amphetamine as useful for learning as specifically made medication against ADHD?

>> No.11362140

With your left hand grasp the right arm held out, palm down, with thumb on bottom in line with arm, and fingers on the top, and squeeze fingers into the muscle as you flex the hand from the wrist. Work it gently a couple times every hour or as needed, maximize rest

>> No.11362216

What was your setup?

>> No.11362291

And the reason why colonoscopy is every 10 years is because that's about how long it takes for something to turn cancerous. So a polyp found then, 10 years down the road, could be cancer. Plus shitting in a cup is a lot nicer than a colonoscopy

>> No.11362384

thanks dude, will check it out
i'm taking a test that's exactly the same as the UMAT (made by ACER also). i'm going to sit it in 17 days, hoping the 6 months or so of preperation helps me do well

>> No.11363749

Anyone in Australian med schools wanna comment on the workload I can expect? I'm not asdverse to hard work but wanna know what to expect. Buddy of mine is currently getting fucked over but I don't think he's very representative since he coasted through uni so now he's got a shit work ethic and little motivation. To be fair it could also just be hard as fuck. So what's up?

>> No.11363757

can intranasal glucocorticoids used for nasal congestion (due to deviated septum) affect the brain?
i've been having severe insomnia/ moderate anxiety ever since i've started using fluticasone furoate
intranasal insulin can apparently travel to the brain, can the steroid do the same? i don't know why else it'd do this, since i'm taking it in the prescribed dosages

>> No.11364038

Is it a good idea to get into medicine nowadays?
What's in store for the future that you know of? How good is life as a doctor? Do you have enough free time to pursue other passions?

I'm in italy btw

>> No.11364110

Ciao bello
I've finished medicine a few months ago in northern italy. There is work so you won't be jobless after that but it's far from ideal. The whole system is at collapse and most doctors are in burnout. The only hope is that the gubernment puts money in it instead of giving pensione to some lazy statale or rdc and similar stuff.
The free time depends entirely on you and on what specialty you will pick after the studies.
The path of studies is long and harsh. If you have more specific questions, i check this thread relatively often and i will answer.

>> No.11364986

Why not work in Switzerland for cash? Or the UK for learning English and working in top class hospitals?

>> No.11365117

U wot mate?

>> No.11365123

Can you be a doctor and have adhd as long as it's treated, especially if you don't want to do anything surgical anyway?
=/ am I never gonna make it?

>> No.11365132

You cannot. Estrogen/hormonal birth control is only an acne treatment option for females. Sorry, anon.
Go to a derm or create a skin care regiment from a cocktail of serums and creams.

>> No.11365252

i didnt do it for money, that wont be plan A until working becomes so problematic here that it would be better to run away
i dont think i have the skill to make it in a top hospital either, nor the necessary dedication, i like my free time too much

>> No.11365262

How can I get more deep sleep? I know sleep trackers aren't pinpoint accurate but I've used three different ones one even being oura ring for a week each and each puts me at around 10-20 minutes deep sleep over an 8 hour period is this something to be concerned about? going to try sleeping with "pink noise" on the tv tonight

>> No.11365281

I just realized I have tinnitus since I was a child. I thought everyone heard a tiny ringing in their ears when it was quiet but apparently not? It's actually sometimes I usually only notice when it's quiet if I remember it's there, I'm so used to it I tune it out. But recently someone told me that normal people don't hear that and now I notice it a lot more even though it hasn't gotten any worse.

A couple months ago though I woke up I had some loud ringing in my ears that slowly faded over like 10 seconds. Idk if this matters but I woke up from REM sleep. And then last night I woke up suddenly again and I had this louder more sharp ringing again, and then it was gone and I had some pressure and everything was totally silent for like 10 seconds. Not as in I was deaf but that normal little ringing was gone for a bit. It was really nice and then it returned.

So now I'm pissed that this thing I never really noticed before I notice more often and now I know was pure silence is like. What could have caused this? Is there any research on making it go away for good? How come I've had it since I was a kid and it hasn't gotten any worse? Why have I woken up from dreams in the last few months and had a louder ringing in my ear that slowly goes quiet after 10 seconds?

>> No.11365602

I recently was diagnosed with bronchitis/asthma due to living in a shitty moldy apartment. I was given an albuterol inhaler to use as "problems arise". Things have been ok since then and I haven't had any problems, but recently I went in a car trip with someone who is a LITERAL BRAINDEAD fucking retard and never changes their cabin air filter, so I was getting a shit ton of 10+ year old dust injected straight into my lungs. So very quickly into the car trip I was noticing my breathing was different.

I am nervous around new medication so I didn't want to YOLO inhale a full dose of albuertol so I sprayed it in the air and tried to inhale some of it. I probably only inhaled a fraction of a dose, and it didn't really do much. But Some of it , I'm sure, got into my eyes. But when I google I'm reading that albuterol can permanently damage your eyes?? what the fuck the label just says to avoid contact with eyes? I rinsed out my eyes but am I gonna go blind now? Do I call someone?

My eyes/sight dont seem any different and its been like 5-10 mins

>> No.11365686


I just googled around and found this. Im convinced albuterol in the eyes can't be that damaging

>> No.11365747

>tfw remembering first code
idk why it's bothering me today but it is. Any other docs/emts just randomly start thinking of their first code?

>> No.11365774


youre depressed get some prozac. Or hypothyroid.

>> No.11366167

I mean don't get me wrong, Italy is a beautiful country. But your countries debts are ballooning up, your demographics are in terminal decline and your politics is a massive mess. Ticino or London I'd be eyeing.

>> No.11366250
File: 40 KB, 370x425, 85012094_781423312365894_1783419078707249152_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok, here it goes nothing; I already asked this in a old thread and I got some answer but I'd like to hear more of you guys' advice on the matter.
I recently graduated and became a doctor, right now I'm studying for my specialization test.
I have always been a psych guy: did my practice in psychiatry, had my thesis in psychiatry, I even started med school wanting to be a psychiatrist.
Recently though, I started putting in question this decision. Reviewing my notes sparked an unexpected interest in anesthesiology, mostly for the idea of a field so broad that let put in practice everything you learned and not become hyperspecialized.
My question is: would it be reckless and suicidal changing idea right now, without any previous experience in the field?

>> No.11366252

The local forms of steroids like nasal sprays and inhalers have minimal systemic absoption. That's why they're made to act locally. It shouldn't be affecting you this much.
When you spray in the air the solution gets dissolved very quick in the air. Barely anything got into your eyes. It might be damaging to people with eye conditions.

>> No.11366258

>My question is: would it be reckless and suicidal changing idea right now, without any previous experience in the field?
How much tme do you have? I'm prepping for anesthesia and material is fucking a lot. It's also not the easiest. You'll learn the manipulations without a problem if that's your concern. A random person from the street could learn them.

>> No.11366265

then why do you think it could be doing this?

>> No.11366270

>how much time do you have?
Nearly five months but that is not a problem because the specialization test is the same on a national level for all specialties, here in Italy.
My main concern is about not having no real experience in anesthesiology before starting and not knowing if I'm really suited for it: maybe I'm too forgetful or stupid, I don't know, it's just low self-esteem at this point I think

>> No.11366277

Well you have time to learn the stuff and experience sure helps, but people have started with 0 experience and they've become great anesthesists, so I don't think it would be an issue. The being your thing part might be a problem. I've been hanging around anesthesists and ICUs since 3rd year so I'm pretty sure it's my thing. Do you have an alternative if you decide it's not for you? Is it easy to change residency in Italy?

>> No.11366280

I don't think it's from the nasal spray at all.

>> No.11366307

no chance at all? whenever i stop using it, sleep goes back to normal and i'm less anxious
when i reintroduce it, the symptoms fire up again
it really helps my nasal congestion so whether to continue using or not is a hard decision to make

>> No.11366314

Evenings means more sitting? Blood pooling in legs?

>> No.11366322

so many aussies itt
med school is as hard as you want to make it, to barely pass, you definitely need to work hard at some level, probably a lot more than what you are accustomed to in HSC/undergrad. To do WELL (which you should aim for, don't be an idiot), you have to work a lot SMARTER and harder. But working smarter is key, using stuff like flashcards, question banks (or making your own questions), frequently changing styles of review, having multiple methods of review and learning etc. You won't do well by just re-reading the textbook 10 times.

>> No.11366324

Well, I'd have to re-take the test, to change

>> No.11366326
File: 405 KB, 320x556, 1581069114372.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw med school will need to teach firearm control to help new doctors practice medicine in the new post-nCov world

>> No.11366625

i have just cleared my entrance of post graduation.rank is not great.I only able to get pathology.I am anxiety prone and don't want patient interaction. Should i go for MD patology?

>> No.11366640

MD radiology fren, pathology is alright, but only if you can't into radiology

>> No.11366645 [DELETED] 

good luck have fun

>> No.11366673

Haven't got that high rank.So i am not able to get radiology.

>> No.11366689

What do you do to your boomer colleague when he schedules all patients 1 (one) hour before going home?

>> No.11366719

>handgun unholstered
>rifles slung over one shoulder and not muzzle up
Look at the way they carry the guns.
This is most a movie set or something.

>> No.11366725

This must be a*

>> No.11366727

where are you from

>> No.11366759
File: 58 KB, 1018x352, 1559719306094.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does seroconversion for SARS (in general?) happen faster in older people?

>> No.11366819

Is there a drug that kills libido temporarily?

SSRIs are no good because they can kill it permanently.

>> No.11366846


>> No.11367204

Maybe science isnt your thing

>> No.11367212

Immediately stop. Your intuitions are correct.

Fire your doctor if he disagrees

This steroid is to powerful and probably getting into your brain. Fucking doctors, they're not omniscient, and if you die just remember it's your fault (if you live they take all the credit).

>> No.11367228

I'm not op but had a similar experience a few years ago that ended in hospitalization, a ct scan and a lumbar puncture and it ended with "don't know but your doctor shouldn't have prescribed you the steroids" and then I had spinal fluid leak, headaches when I stand but not lay down, and was told to go back in if that happens. When I went back I was told "well we can do a blood graph if you want" and I didn't know what the fuck that was and I has already been hooked up to IV pain meds so I just wanted to go to sleep. I was discharged with no other treatment or explanation and was told "hope your cold gets better" what the fuck. I didn't find out until like a year later my spinal fluid was leaking and that's why I was "offered" the blood graph. Those headaches lasted 3 weeks once I could get up and walk which was about a week after lumbar puncture.

Now I don't know if you have the answer to my question, but I'm wondering, how much brain damage do I have now? Have I been robbed of intelligence? This was when I was a teenager

>> No.11367240

The brain is fairly resilient and regenerative, I wouldn't worry about it unless you were experiencing problems, or chronic symptoms.

>> No.11367244

How do I know if I have lupus?

>> No.11367245

Ketamine, i'm guessing, would kill the stiffest of boner thoughts

>> No.11367249

You need a blood test to check your levels of circulating immunoglobulin

>> No.11367267

These fluorinated corticosteroids like (Fluticasone furoate) are too powerful imo

>> No.11367275

yeah i've stopped but it sucks because the nasal congestion has returned
anyway, seems like i'm not alone:
i found this while searching the net trying to figure out if the spray was the cause, some of the reviews are horrifying

>> No.11367360

maybe regulate your dosage?

>> No.11367379

Vitamin B-6 deficiency, but rather unlikely. Most likely just a infection and the blood being a result of a small blood vessel being popped, as a result of the laryngeal spasm.

>> No.11367419

So what is the best way to minimize infectious aerosol droplets if you have a cold or flu and have to sneeze? Official advice in my country is to sneeze into your elbow, but I feel like pulling my t-shirt, sweater and other garments up to my eyes, pressing them against my face with one hand and sneezing down against my chest and belly might be better. I'm clueless though so maybe that is just dumb.

>> No.11368210

Wear a surgical mask. Use a tissue. If for some reason you can't do either then down your shirt or elbow should both be fine.

>> No.11368222

Hey /med/
Recently I have been dropping things a lot more often. I've gone from never breaking things to dropping and breaking a mug and a cup within a couple weeks.
Also ongoing when I stand up sometimes (even not quickly) I get light headed and have to crouch, I passed out once.
I'm a late 20s man 72kg and 171cm tall, work out 3 days a week and work a lot on my feet (in the lab).
Am I dying?

>> No.11368223

what kind of lab?

>> No.11368243

>I'm clueless though so maybe that is just dumb.
Anon, it is dumb. Your government is clueless. They'll tell you sneezing virus all over your clothes is sufficient to prevent spreading the virus.

The only safe way to do it is, with your back to the wind if air is moving, outdoors, away from people and surfaces people touch. Preferably in full sunlight. Otherwise, you should be at home or a confinement facility, with the doors and windows closed, and the seals covered with tape. Stop making excuses anon, and never go in public when sick or having symptoms of sickness.

>> No.11368246


You're probably prehypertense but that is typical. You're fatigued, mentally and physically, probably. Otherwise what you are experiencing is normal. With proper sleep and diet and adaptive behaviors you'll avoid physical errors of dexterity. Slow down. Move less fast than necessary, when grasping objects and standing from a crouched position.

>> No.11368341

Probably should have mentioned my blood pressure was 110/60 last time it was checked and my resting HR is 53 bpm.

>> No.11368382
File: 2.23 MB, 480x600, 1581072619229.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God I hope so

>> No.11368385 [DELETED] 

3m halfmask with organic filters and goggles

>> No.11368396
File: 24 KB, 593x601, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>5cm height loss after fracturing spine
How do I get it back AAAAAAAAAAAAAH

>> No.11368440

manlet pit is your home now

>> No.11368563

>guy who first shared the video has phd in socioeconomics
into the trash it goes

>> No.11368580

Me again

Im a healthy non-smoker 20s male. I lived in a moldy apartment for a number of months. Possibly had some kind of chemical/bacteria exposure as well but I'm not sure. My apartments HVAC system was full of extremely gross shit (the drain pan came in contact with the air that gets circulated). They tried to treat it with chemicals but I'm not even sure what kind I was told chlorine (!) but they walked it back said they used regular drain pan tablets. By the time I realized I was breathing gross shit and left, I was experiencing symptoms. Unfortunately I spent a lot of time in my apartment and rarely left a window open.

I developed shortness of breath around early November last year. No coughing, wheezing, eye/nasal irritation. I couldn't even say I had chest tightness. I noticed lots of vague changes in the way I felt while breathing, in addition to shortness of breath. Some days my knees felt abnormally weak. Some days it would feel like I was "holding my breath" even though I wasn't. Some days my lungs felt like I had inhaled water when I didn't. I went to the doctor, got diagnosed with environmental/allergy induced asthma/bronchitis. Given an albuterol inhaler and sent on my way. I had chest xrays done and was told my lungs look healthy/fine. I never saw an allergist or a pulmonologist.

Since then the worst of the shortness of breath has gone away and some days I feel perfectly normal. But being exposed to shitty air quality, like on a bus, gives me vague asthma-like symptoms. I have to breathe manually and it *feels* like I can't inhale as deeply I normally can but I'm not entirely sure if that's true or anxiety or what. But it goes away. I've never resorted to using my inhaler but recently I had an episode (the post I am replying to) where a bunch of shitty air was blown in my face and I was breathing it in and that caused a pretty significant (for me) manual breathing episode and I still feel a vague chest sensation

>> No.11368584

Hit character limit.

My question for /med/ is this: Do I need to see an allergist? Do I need to see a pulmonologist? Am I abusing my lungs by not using my inhaler when I get on a bus and feel vague asthma like symptoms? I stupidly didnt have my inhaler with me when I had the recent episode where shitty air was blown in my face and I had to breathe manually. I dont want to cause lung damage.

Mostly what I want to know is will this shit ever go away and/or how long until I know if this shit is going away? Its not like I have 'normal' asthma right? Like Ive never had wheezing or coughing, its just this weird breathing thing sometimes and some vague chest sensations. I just want to go back to being normal and not have to worry all the time about the fucking air, man

>> No.11368593

buy low and sell high

>> No.11368600
File: 76 KB, 665x741, human-body-by-da-vinci-omikron.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

are premed courses worth it?
do you need any extra knowledge before med or does it build from high school?

>> No.11368608

Bro, I had asthma since I was a little kid. I even smoke. When your lungs are acting up due to asthma, you can literally feel the little pipes and bubbles in your lungs contract due to mucus. Once that happens air mechanically has less room to squeeze through and you feel it and can hear it. It takes actual effort to complete the breathing movement and move air through your lungs when that happens.

Your manual breathing problem is purely psychosomatic. You worry about this shit all the time, it causes a feedback loop and a mini panic attack. How do I know? I developed that shit at university around 10 years ago, it felt definitely real because if you fuck up breathing you can feel physically lightheaded and about to faint. All I knew back then was that it can't be physical with my lungs if i KNEW my lungs weren't contracting at the time.

Got so bad once I actually called the ambulance and the guys there were respectful as fuck even brought me over to a checkup at the hospital but by their glances I KNEW they've seen this before. No one actually told me its anxiety, took me a year or two to figure that out. Doctors tend to diagnose you with all sorts of shit just to be on the safe side cause they are fucked if they say its anxiety and you end up dying.

I am 100% perfectly convinced you do not have a physical problem.

>> No.11368698

Chemistry lab and microbiology lab. Don't work with anything more hazardous than acetone though.

>> No.11368705

I do have anxious/hypervigilant tendencies when it comes to health. But I'm not some 90 IQ idiot who frets over nothing and invents symptoms. I was fine, when I was living in my moldy apartment, until I literally woke up gasping for breath one night and pieced together what my symptoms were leading up to that night. And that was the night I left and refused to go back, and started living with a relative. That was the worst it ever was. Describing my symptoms to my GP, he said I had lower lung irritation/bronchitis and that I could possibly have a mold/dust/something allergy know that would get me asthma like symptoms.

It's really easy to hand wave and treat me like one of the many herd animal like people who freak out over nothing. But I'm not one of those people. I know my apartment's HVAC system had a ton of mold and dust. I saw it. It didn't bother me, until one day it did. I know that it impacted my breathing because I had been fine, until I wasn't fine.

>> No.11368768

Is this the place to talk about feet?
On all the pictures I see of feet the big toe touches the second toe, is it supposed to do that?

>> No.11368770

>many herd animal like people

The more you think like this the more susceptible you are to psychosomatic shit but I didn't really expect you to understand. Good luck with your troubles bro.

>> No.11368917

It's a Bill Hicks reference. Bovine American's standup bit. We all know people who freak out over small things, the way horses and cows do over kites and over trivial things. All I'm asking is to be treated with a bit of respect because I probably didnt wake up in the middle of the night gasping for breath because "lol psychosomatic symptoms bro"

>> No.11368973

it's not that terrible as it seems, life is still better than in 99% of the world
if anything i would like to change area because where i live it's just too polluted

>> No.11370107
File: 75 KB, 960x960, 60588605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>has never had a parent complaining about vaccines

>> No.11370214

medicine is absolutely shit
i hate it, studying is awful, working hours are shite, pay is shite (britbong 25k a year as F1), the government will repeatedly fuck us up the ass time and time again, patients demand more and more and are constantly disrespectful towards you

i should have gone into banking instead, at least then i would get paid well

>> No.11370878

>trauma team

>> No.11371153

Medicine is shit in the UK. Go abroad. You're a bong. Go to Australia or America. The UK doesn't reward medical experts. Go to America, they will pay you a lot and you'll get better weather. Fuck, if you're in Texas you'll just be treating obese patients all you're life. Not bad.

>> No.11371344

So I'm supposed to take a pill on empty stomach, and then wait for 30m till I eat or drink anything that isn't water.
What I've been doing the last few days is take the pill, then go back to sleep, but I know the stomach works slower when asleep, so my question is how much slower? Would sleeping an hour be enough?

>> No.11371347

Speak with your physician about the symptoms and maybe change the type of steroid.
This doesn't seem like a big hassle. I say go for it and if it doesn't seem for you change it. Even if you do, you'll have a lot of experience from starting in anesthesia and you'll know what to do in emergency situations. I was asking because in my country once you start a residency, you sign a contract and even changing hospitals is hard af.
Orthostatic hypotension. When you get up and your vessels and hearth can't keep up to perfuse your brain in result of the drop in pressure. Be careful when you get up. Ask for an ECG in your next annual check-up, just in case.

>> No.11371367

Medics - are you disillusioned with your fellow medics in university? I see so many newsarticles about medics doing dumbshit. What's the truth

>> No.11371415

I just have to go putinmode now and embrace dwarfism

>> No.11371492

Chest x-ray interpretation is such a fucking pain the ass compared to other areas holy shit

>> No.11371610

Is myalgic encephalomyelitis curable with exchange transfusions? I have been told it's an awful experience which doesn't even work the majority of the time.

>> No.11371716


>> No.11371921

the vast majority are dead average, the cute ones will be taken and kind of bitchy anyway

>> No.11372024

also interested.

>> No.11372100

>structural differences are way harder to identify from pathologies
>extreme variation in image quality given inspirations, orientation etc.
and most importantly
>the thorax section in the anki deck I'm following appears to have been written by a faggot ESL while on drugs

>> No.11372357
File: 114 KB, 720x960, uscr62q87yv31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay /med/, tell me the what's what on anti-anxiety treatment.
I want to go back to school and it's the major thorn in my side.

>> No.11372369

crossposting >>11372342

>> No.11373130

What the Would the shortcomings of a chest xray in this regard make it hard to identify , if there was a problem? Specifically to the lungs

>> No.11373395


>> No.11374060

hello frogs,
>be me
>undergrad in biomedical engineering done in 3.5 years since no co-op placements
>study DAT
>finish D.D.S in 4 years
> work 2 years as associate to farm xp
> at dental research company making new implant equipment
>making dentist money while not having to fix dirty immigrant teeth

total damage: 10 years and ~250k spent
how'd I do?

>> No.11374351

pretty good
t.dentist fixing immigrant teeth

>> No.11374410

Any anons familiar with conjunctivitis or similar eye bacterial infections? I'm not medically trained.

My mother is a stubborn old woman who is also very forgetful and also takes basically zero care into her health/wellbeing . She has been wearing short term contacts for half a year now. I make her eye doctor appoints for new ones and she refuses to go to them. She doesn't clean out her contact fluid unless I make her. She often sleeps with the contacts in.

~10 days ago her eye contact habits gave her pink eye/conjunctivitis symptoms. Photophobic, eye discharge, red eyes, etc. I make her an optometrist appt and beg her to go, she agrees to go then ghosts it. She washes her eyes out with dollar store solution and calls it a day. Symptoms gradually seem to go away over the next few days. Last night she sleeps with her contacts in again and symptoms are back, (Still wearing contacts every day) I think possibly more stronger than before but I don't know exactly what her vision is like because she's a stubborn old woman. She also has glaucoma in one eye.

How serious is this right now? Do I make her go to the emergency clinic today?

>> No.11374593

plenty of retards i try remebering later to know who not to go to or not to recommend to anyone as a doctor, than you realize someone else might be seeing you in same light. So if i am improving and have become relatively decent from utter shit some others certainly can too.

>> No.11375341

Do I have brain tumors? Yesterday I barely scraped a cement pole by my parking spot, it's a really weird parking spot that you have to turn tightly into between two cement poles. I have gone in and out a thousand times without a problem but last night I scratched my car. Then I go to bed with a headache and have a dream my "neurons are burning up" and then I wake up 12 hours later with the same head ache, plus my vision is blurry for the first few minutes I'm awake (I awoke from the middle of REM) and there is a tinnitus ringing I think from my left year. I have had extremely mild tinnitus since I was a child but this ringing I could hear even while talking. It went away after an hour.

So do I have a brain tumor or what? I still have a headache and it's been a total of 16 hours. I just took an ibuprofen because it felt like it was getting worse.

>> No.11376122

Go to the doctor you mong

>> No.11376547
File: 7 KB, 186x204, 1289148297058.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11376755

Country? What spec are you going for?

>> No.11376975

you don't need shit before med
premed courses are necessary but useless
get A's and forget after you take the MCAT
don't retake if over 510

>> No.11377264

Eres el 8834

t. ministerio de sanidad, consumo y bienestar social

>> No.11377360

>kid goes to get a tooth pulled or some shit
>anesthesiologist (illegally) does a general anesthesia instead of a local one for some reason
>ends up turning the kid into a vegetable
Shit's on the news. Romanian doctors are great.

>> No.11377384
File: 102 KB, 1200x880, chu-photo-2mb-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you guys think of Robert Chu, who failed to match residency in canada two years in a row

>> No.11377386

>What do you guys think of Robert Chu, who failed to match residency in canada two years in a row
and killed himself cause of it.

>> No.11377475
File: 36 KB, 512x512, 2532768796.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hey anon come see this
>hey anon can you bring me that
>hey anon can you note down that
>hey anon can you check that
what the fuck is this bullshit, i didn't waste 8 years of my life and burned my ass trying to get good grades in hs just to be a secretary for some old dude

>> No.11377487
File: 325 KB, 1363x1129, 1580998307157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hey anon open your eyes and your ears and learn from your betters while getting paid doing the job you chose to do, knowing full well what the job entailed.

>> No.11377571

Doctors do use the scientific process in that they have a hypothesis, they test it using various things, and then they examine the data to see if the hypothesis was right.

They're not pure research scientists of course, not using the process to develop or discover new things, but they do use it.

>> No.11377584

First, don't do nursing. Its a hard job with a lot of schooling and long hours that pays for shit and has no social cred because its seen as basically being a doctor's secretary.

If you REALLY want to stay in medicine, start looking at the various peripheral and tech jobs. MRI tech pays well and is chill as heck since its so slow. X-ray tech is for people who love cocaine and bestgore.com since you'll be sprinting around in the ER a lot of the time. There's stuff for coding, inspection, lab work, production of isotopes, pharmacy, etc etc. And it will all be connected to medicine and have a fancy title for your parents to live vicariously through.

If you don't want to stay in medicine, get the fuck out and tell them to fuck off. Go be whatever you want. They'll be dead eventually and you'll have wasted your life digging a hateful career grave for yourself which you'll have to wallow in for another 20 years.

>> No.11377587

What's medically happening when you jerk your head around too quickly, it hurts a lot and there's a feeling like a hot wire?

>> No.11377589

Try a country with private medicine. Socialized medicine is a fucked system that treats medical workers like low talent wage slaves. I don't know why people do it.

>> No.11377593


>> No.11377596

Bah. I'm paying a school to work for free. I wish my fucking practicum was paid.

>> No.11378759

Not a dr but I'd get a head mri if I were you to be sure. Likelihood that it's something serious is small but still

>> No.11379170

bruh i pay for residency and work for free dont even get me started or ill blow up entire hospital thats how close im to losing it

>> No.11379443

I don't get how the american system works to be honest

Are you a doctor working as a resident and paying for the pleasure or a student doing an internship in the hospital rotating around?