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ok let's clear this once and for all, how different is this new coronavirus from the regular flu and maybe SARS or MERS?

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>regular flu
Different class of virus
Very similar

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>frog thread
>virus thread

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until the crisis is over or everyone is dead this should be the only topic discussed anywhere, the fate of humanity is on the line and you assholes want to argue over majors

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You stupid fucking MSM-chugging meatbot. You utter fucking fool. When the day comes that reporters will swing from bridges, you’re going with them you soulless golem.

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People were crazing over ebola too, but I am pretty sure that it didn't exterminate all us. Soon they are going to deal with this virus - I highly doubt it's the thing that endangers humanity right now

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i didnt know what other image to post lol

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The MSM is bairly covering this one, which is why im convicned its the real deal
>a common cold that kills you 3% of the time
we are looking at 3% of all humans dying and you are ignoring it. Its not as bad as some historical things but its way worse than our ever day thing
ebola doesnt have a 2 week incubation period where you can spread it.
This spreads as easily as the cold.
A crowded movie theater, someone sneezes. 1 or 2 people in that room are now DEAD IN A FEW WEEKS

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Also if like the cold it doesnt impart immunity because it will just be mutated again next time it comes around we are looking at seasonal common illness with a 3% death rate. That means every fucking year we will all roll a 33 sided dice to see if we get to live another year

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>we are looking at 3% of all humans dying
Sure, literally every single human being on the planet is going to contract the new meme flu. Completely reasonable assumption.

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this is getting out of hand, fucking hell

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it spreads far easier than the flu
no, not literally everyone, but the majority of people, a 1-2% dieoff is still significant

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>no, not literally everyone
then stop fucking saying it's literally everyone you fearmongering retard

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It is figuratively everyone, essentually everyone, effectively everyone.

Some smart person in a bunker will avoid it, and so it is not literally everyone, but for all intents and purposes WE ARE ALL FUCKED AHHHHHHHH

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terminal cancer

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The difference is that it will fucking kill you
no amount of NEETdom will prevent this
cockroaches spread coronavirus
you're doomed

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In The Boy Who Cried Wolf, the wolf actually came and the sheep were eaten by the wolf.

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the moral of that story is not to scream bloody gore until the danger is actually real, not that you should have a panic attack every 30 minutes because eventually you'll be right

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it is far better to treat everything as wolf.
every virus must be globally quarantined. If the bourgeoisie complain about lack of profits due to interruption, shoot them

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t. dinner

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Oh yes, the virus with a 0.4% mortality rate will be the death of the species

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Why do these shills always change what they say the fatality rate is?
Hey buddy, newsflash, you’re glowing.

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The death toll in China is in the 40s, and over a thousand have been infected. It's just math.

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The death rate goes down when the infection rate goes up and not enough people are dying

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>calls other people cancer
actual cancer.

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