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I don't wanna die of heat death! Can we, like, move entire universes and just go to a cooler one?

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Don't worry anon, you will die of normal death.

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True, but is inter-universe travel possible so we can avoid the end of humanity?

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fuck no

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AFAIK the best current models say no, as for avoiding heat death the stars burn out long before that is an issue.
The best looong term plan for humanity is to extend stars life by reducing their mass and living close to them before we are forced to start building stars by clustering matter.

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We can recreate the big bang and create a new universe on top of this one. If it happened once it can happen again.

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We can't even leave this planet let alone the universe. Humanity will die much earlier than heat death.

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Heat death is a meme. Universe is eternal. New matter constantly bubbles up from the smaller dimentions of reality. This has been proven.

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Read City at the End of Time.

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>I don't want to die of thing that will happen in a quintillion years

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Possibly due to unlivable atmosphere on the planet because of heat or thermonuclear weapons...

This universe is more fractal like than you may think...

You can still choose form of death while you are alive.

Let's unprofessionaly cryogenically freeze yourself, it will be right the counter part of heat death of universe, the cold death of you.

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