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If advanced aliens exist they most likely know of our existence but refuse to contact us.

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that or they are just a bunch of rapists taking people out of their beds to stick things in their asses. seriously what a bunch of weirdos.

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because we are creations of earth demiurge, and they are creations of the absolute

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They are running this simulation.

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Maybe there are some alien space laws that permit them from interfering bro. Not sure what ethical values they could hold to have that stance though.

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I hope one day that they fuck up and accidentally reveal themselves to us

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There is no simulation. If there is one, the aliens are already dead, we are being executed by soulless computers until they run out of nuclear fuel. You will be doing the same things over and over until heat death of the universe. The aliens are dead bro, they are dead.

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A couple of guesses:

Selfish reason:
We are entertaining like a zoo.
We serve no purpose to them and are uninteresting and also not a threat.

The value autonomy highly and don’t want to interfere with our choices.

They don’t think we are ready to know of their existence because we are still too dumb. We have wars and eat meat. Maybe they don’t trust us with alien technology that could be used for deadly reasons.

I’m an ethics brainlet whose only exposure was engineering ethics for my degree but pretty interesting to think about.

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This was already discussed on this board multiple times.

If this was the case, we would nothing more than wild savage irrational animals to them.

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>earth has had life for 4 billion years
>any advanced civilization out there would have known life is on our planet for a long time
>they all look at us and think we are retarded
>we are basically in a zoo and the aliens all around us just mask themselves from us
>we will never be allowed to "find life"

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>not a threat

to be honest I think the reason they don't uplift us is because we are a threat and they see us as dangerous

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<within our galaxy>

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This is /sci/ you are looking for >>>/x/

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>he considers hypothetical extraterrestrial life conspiracy

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think about this.
imagine we somehow discover tomorrow that there are plants growing in neptune. it would be very fascinating but would it really be wort it to travel all the way there just for plants?
if there are aliens around and they know we exist they probably have no interest on contacting us because there is nothing we could offer them.

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Exactly, we are like a zoo to them.

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we are a little more than plants

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It would be worth it to travel there were the logistics feasible, the amount of benefit it would provide to most fields in biology would be immeasurable. I would unironically push for a multi-trillion dollar space program just to go get samples. What would be more sensible is that if there are advanced alien civilizations that could detect the presence of groups like humans they may not find us particularly interesting if they already are hard limited by energy constraints, and less plausibly if they have already made contact with other intelligent life before. But, that's all moot if the real problem is limits to technological growth because of thermodynamic or evolutionary constraints.

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alien here
we dont talk to you guys because you guys have niggers. get rid of them and we'll talk

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Post penis

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>having a penis
see? this is why we dont talk to you

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naw i think we'll have too much issues focusing on our own planet and species until we're toast or like robots / school of uniformity herd animals before contact of any intellegent species smarter than a worm outside our planet and by that time it won't matter because that wouldn't be who we are on the planet up to this point and without our ability to be wildly design and unique crazy like creativity we have today due to only rewarding and reinforcing bland stale and blank conformity

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What, you guys have talking penises?