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My mother spilled about 2/3 of a cup of unleaded petrol on her clothes and I've been driving in the same car for about an hour.
The smell has gone for about half an hour now, but is this dangerous?

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As long as you don't catch fire, you'll be fine. Make sure to vent aggressively to get the fumes out though, to minimize the fire hazard.

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I'm just scared i was getting brain damage

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Huff that shit boiiiiii

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>In before, but 4chan is all about Anime.
And fortunately, there are a ton of different boards for those degenerates to indulge in their degenerate activites.

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Shut the fuck up

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did I strike a nerve?
Also get ready for your furry convention.

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What image did you want him to use instead?

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inhaling solvent vapors is not good for you in any way. it's not like there's an "okay amount" of gasoline to huff. the ideal amount is 0.

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Don't worry, after the gasoline has taken its effect he will be all about 3d womyn.

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You're an anime poster, you already have brain damage.

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I'm not huffing it just happens to smell from the clothing

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what do I do if I think gasoline smells good?

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This board is a science and math themed anime board

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It's unleaded petrol, developed specifically to reduce chance of brain damage.
Inhaling a bit of petrol fumes, let alone from petrol that hasn't even ignited shouldn't mean anything.

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the majority of fumes from gasoline are going to be substituted benzene/methylbenzene, cyclohexane/methyl cyclohexane, and linear heptanes. the aromatics are going to be the most deleterious to inhale.
see table 2:

however, inhaling a bit of gasoline every once in a while isn't going to kill you. you do it ever time you pump gas. just avoid breathing in gasoline vapors if you can help it.

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lmao imagine being a frogposter

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