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Why did black people evolve to have nappy hair?

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Thick, tightly-packed hair most likely protects the top of their heads from the sun

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Why did black people evolve baldness then

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I think I once read that it makes it easier for them to cool off and release heat from their heads.

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Yeah, cooling.

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it is the literal cooler for the little brain they have

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>Why did black people evolve

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It's similar to the hair of original humans.

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Baldness just kinda happens, most likely a defect that wasn't selected for in modern populations once they settled down

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Off topic but >>11260789

>According to Prof Ralf Paus, a dermatologist at the University of Manchester, this is because hair loss is still viewed largely as a cosmetic problem, rather than a disease. Because of this, in the western world, neither industry nor academic funding bodies have been willing to spend substantial sums of money on hair research. Despite the scale of patient demand, they have been dissuaded by the knowledge that any drug that hits the market is unlikely to be covered by the NHS or insurance companies.

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What about curly hair?

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Enki created them when he went to Egypt. They were more suited for fighting off Enlil. Why? Melanin has electromagnetic properties. Look it up.

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Those are some nappy headed hoes.

RIP Don Imus.

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It's the next step of evolution after the straight hair of monkeys. A shame whites never got the memo.

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I literally cannot refute any of this, maybe WE WERE KINGS all along...

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>RIP Don Imus.
Holy shit, I hadn't heard the bad news yet

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>bad news
don't worry, he isn't resting, he's dead

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Kek. At least some people on /sci/ still consider nogs what they sre: subhumans

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If that's true then why don't all humans have negro hair?

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Neanderthals gave non-Africans genes for Keratin. Doesn't Keratin straighten hair?


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Same thing with cures for dickletism

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Uhm I'm not convinced by that argument. Aesthetic plastic surgery usually isn't covered either but it's a pretty profitable market anyway

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baldness only happens after you already passed on your genes to the next generation.
So it's not really detected as a problem by the gene pool.

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They evolved into people and stopped being retarded animals.

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