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i'm afraid to take stimulants even though multiple doctors prescribed them thinking i need them. will my heart explode?

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You should give it a try. Paul Erdos, a mathematician, when he stopped taking ritalin was quoted saying, "Before, when I looked at a piece of blank paper my mind was filled with ideas. Now all I see is a blank piece of paper."


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pls dont get hooked on stimulants, OP. this is not a good path.

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but i can't concentrate, have shit memory, always tired despite having great nutrition and taking 2g epa/dha. only thing that ever helped was wellbutrin which solved everything for like 4 months, then stopped working.

Celexa, nothing. Effexor, nothing. Xanax, nothing. Buspirone, nothing

only thing that has helped at all, with anxiety, is fish oil, l-theanine and ashwagandha. but nothing has helped with memory, concentration and energy since wellbutrin. doctors can only think to try stimulants.

had a shitty childhood which involved being kicked out of public school in 1st grade due to behavioral problems. found out only a few months ago they wanted to give me ritalin but my mom refused. i can't help but feel like looking back at all the problems i've had that my mom massively failed me and subsequently ruined my adult life by not telling me any of the problems i was diagnosed with.

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Why are furries like this

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So cultivate better habits and self-control. I promise, promise, promise you you don't want to get hooked on addy

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i'm not furry but i saved this because i find it hilarious and it gets replies for literally any thread i make about anything

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Try tramadol. Its technically a synthetic opioid but it's sometimes prescribed as an anti depressant. It dulls pain, gives you energy, kills your appetite, you get awesome deep sleep without feeling groggy. Dont get addicted though lol

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Why are furries so creepy?

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Perhaps you should consult with a cardiologist
>that picture

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Whoever created that horrendous image doesn't have respect for the moral law.

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>no fun allowed
Opinion discarded

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lists supplements to take before, during and after stimulant use to lessen possible side effects and maintain body and brain health. Sources are cited as well

I found that stims worked for a few months, then just stopped working so I'd stop taking them. I'd reccommend using them as little as possible to stave off tolerance build up as well as so you do not become dependent and think you can't function properly without them. They're a useful aid, but I'd be more worried about thinking I was nothing without the pill than any physiological damage to my body, given you're taking the lowest dose that works for you

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