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What is the most fascinating or interesting thing about triangles you know?

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It is the shape with lowest number of vertices.

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is the circle excluded or am I misunderstanding the meaning of "vertical"

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Well, you actually seem right. The circle is a shape with 0 vertices. The triangle is the lowest when it comes to straight lines, then.

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i dont know maht but i know thta in love triangles in anime and manga the one that normally ends up winning is the girl with the worst (objectively) personality, which most of the time also is a fucking tsundere i hate tsunderes so fucking much

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It’s the first shape that can completely enclose a point

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define triangle

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I like the circumcenter

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there's some nice theorems such as

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it is not possible to dissect a square into an odd number of triangles of equal area.

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I thought Thales' Theorem was pretty cool when I first learned about it.

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They are hard to bend. Good for bicycle, race car, kite. Bad for eating and poop.

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A one dimensional triangle the basis for unified field theory.....(for me)...

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You could say that a circle has an infinite number of vertices.

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Any triangle inscribed in a circle is larger than at least one of the three segments adjacent to it.

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the angles dont have to add to 180

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is 2pi an upper bound or is it 6pi ?

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