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Why is /lit/ so full of pseuds atleast I have you guys.

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You're not safe here either. Leave while you still can.

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>art majors are retarded
what else can you expect, fren? they cloak their stupidity with unnecessary over-complication to appear smart to dumb art hoes. on the other hand the approach of STEMlords is the break down of complex systems for analysis so they can be understood.

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Im a 32 year old internet veteran who first landed on 4chan shores in 2013 (yes I know, newfag) and I can safely say that this is the only board which I can frequent without feeling nauseous at how obviously saturated with retards and underage it is. It's like an uncharted island which they haven't discovered yet.

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Pre-2015/2016 /sci/ was better.

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The average /lit/ poster is much more intelligent than the average /sci/ poster based on what I've seen from both boards.

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>/lit/ is good!
no, they all worship julius evola and related idiots

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Those guys are dumb

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I know what you just did you know.

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Don't play stupid.

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Unless it was hmmm....

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>complaining to sci lit is full of psueds

This has gotta be a troll, this is th biggest psued board on this site, in fact you would be hard pressed to find a bigger collection of psueds anywhere than here

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The latest flavor is some French guy with microcephaly that converted to Islam. Some contributors have always been crazy, but since 2016 the pol9k immigration has flooded the place.
But not all of them are as bad.

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Newsflash pal, you are the idiot

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An inoperable /pol/ malignancy

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pick both

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>talking about evola as if he is anything
people who know literature literally never talk about evola

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Yup, I miss when /sci/ was actually about science and math, and not just thinly veiled /pol/ threads.

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What a nauseating blight they are

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I miss when they just used to raid, and then go home. But, for some reason, they've stuck around.

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Are you hated on this board too?

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>imply /sci/ isn't also full of pseuds

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>daily threads about race baits, climate change denial, and how that test from the internet absolves you from being a lazy dumb shit

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>/sci/ doesn't immediately tell Butterfly to fuck off
Yep, /lit/ is definitely the superior board.

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lmao /sci/ is just as retarded if not more
the only smart people here are the ones discussing math that's way above my head
I cycle between sci and lit as I get annoyed by the respective retardation and affectation. At the moment I'm starting to favor lit again.

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/sci/ doesn't know any better. This is my first time seeing her here, I assume it's many /sci/entists' first encounter.

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holy shit what the fuck are you doing here
fucking faggot

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