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Why aren't thermodynamics part of chemistry instead of physics?

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For the same reason quantum mechanics is. It's part of how the universe works, so physicists study it and chemists use it.

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Thermodynamics is taught in both, though. Chemistry uses a lot of enthalpy and heat exchange. Even Biology uses Gibbs free energy and such.

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>physicists study it and chemists use it
It's actually the other way around

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Thermodynamics is a part of physics, chemistry and engineering because all of them need to know it.

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It's useful in all fields specially civil engineering and designing bridges.

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Where did you get that idea?

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It feels more like chemists study thermodynamics and that physicists put that knowledge into practice to make something

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>make something

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why are there different fields of study for phenomenon which more often than not cross the arbitrary categorizations our almighty state-sanctioned vizier scientists assigned to them?

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>what is thermochemistry

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Why isn't the photoelectric effect in physics instead of chemistry?

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Good question
Why isn't the educational system past middle school a slidebar where you can choose what subjects or chapters you want to learn without being confined to categories?

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They are just most "chemistry professors" are dumb as brick women who don't understand thermodynamics.

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It is, even tho you can make energy from nothing.

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In Europe (France), it is part of chemistry.

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It's a requirement for chem majors in my American college as well

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In eastern europe and some parts of asia thermodynamics are exclusively a physics requirement for some reason

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Because physicists historically studied it.
Carnot, for example, was a physicist.
Nice feeling.

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From what I’ve seen chemistry and engineering focus more on “classical” thermodynamics than physics does where the focus is more on statistical physics

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>Why aren't thermodynamics part of chemistry
It is though. The useful thermo is in chemistry, unlike what they teach you in physics which is 90% useless theoretical mental masturbation.

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I studied chemistry and I had courses about thermodynamic and quantum mechanism...

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there is no clear distinction between the two; it's like physics is the letters and chemistry the grammar. (biology is the book)

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Do chemists actually study proper stat mech?

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>What is physical chemistry

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hey man

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Thermodynamics is just a vague description of an emergent phenomenon, like ohm's law or ideal gas law or moore's law. It's not a theory.

It belongs in lesser fields like chemistry or engineering.

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because using oxygen which is a chemical isn't chemis… hey wait a second...

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mathematics is applied philosophy

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you're confusing physicists with engineers, anon.

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>biology is just applied chemistry
that's what biochemistry is, biology as a whole is very different.

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Thermodynamics and QM are part of every respectable chemistry degree.

The more modern approach in chem programs is to progress from QM up to stat mech and use that to rederive classical thermo. Plenty of programs just run them as two separate disconnected courses though, and skip stat mech

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It all plays into our understanding of reality and the distinction between scientific disciplines (though it makes it easier to teach and find scientific niches) only gets the way most of the time. No, I don’t propose we change anything. It just seems retarded

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Thermodynamics is one of the most profound, all-encompassing theories of physics ever. From the mere assumption that you can describe a system with a set of extensive variables, you can derive all of thermodynamics, including universal limits on efficiency. All other physics can be proven wrong, thermodynamics will hold forever.

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Thermodynamics is part of chemistry.

Thermodynamics is part of biology.

Aspects of reality do not "belong" to different disciplines but are instead viewed from the context of that discipline.

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They are holy fuck have you ever actually taken a chem course?

What do you think the triangle symbol means? "Change in" that is entropy and enthalpy you donk. Thermodynamics is one of the most topical and applicable aspects of chem

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Physicists study it, then engineers build it dingus

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