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pretty amusing to see this. it's like weinstein and lisi acknowledge eachother but the fact that they are basically admitting are both equally pseuds is lost on them

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>twitter drama
Absolute garbage. Go back, OP.

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also pic related proves lisi is a larper

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Since when does Weinstein have an equation? I saw plenty of Lisi's. I never saw one of Weinstein's.

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good point. lisi has wrong equations and pages of ugly crap to try and patch them up, whereas weinstein has a bunch of rambling diatribes that go nowhere.

jon, i would grant you the honor of being somewhere in between those two

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Weinstein is the literal definition of a math grad who talks a good talk but it ultimately extremely dumb

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true. the way he talks is like listening to a stoned music major ramble about his thoughts on physics. i'm sure this doesn't bother viewers of joe rogan but to people who can detect brainletism it should be a red flag

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That's a cute interaction

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dude... like... what if the axiom of choice is false... like woah...

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It really do be like that sometimes

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