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Is he one of the greatest mathematicians of our time?

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who? I hope so, this gives me self confidence if so; maybe I do have the phenotype all along.

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Platform Masters any day now

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I heard he stopped that and spends all his time in blue water now. Probably looks at mirrors too, what a normie.

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no it's reid barton

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>is my 4chan meme autist the greatest

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Yes. Because math is literal Autism.

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He's not a mathematician at all, he was a severe autist that was afraid of water and he would literally soak the grease out of pizza with paper towels before eating it because it was one of his weird autistic practices

he never contributed to maths or science or anything he was a neet that never went to school and all he did all day was play really old video games on old computers

he got over his autism recently though and now he's no longer afraid of water either and he is becoming more normal each day


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I'm going use this as an excuse the next time my dad tells me to take a shower

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