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why do feminists get angry every time you try to make a scientific argument?

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As a geneticist, tell me how you would classify people by ethnicity so as to be on par with animals.

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>openly admitting you are from reddit

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The term “race” has literally no usage in biology today except sometimes to refer to strains of plants beneath the subspecies level.

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that's because it became taboo due to sjw types

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>Trying to reify the concept of race by conflating it with genetic clusters

Genetic clusters have zero taxonomic significance.

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Really? How so?

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Love this “Teenager who obtains all his information from YouTube and /pol/“ take.
Race was never “taboo” as a biological term. It’s just unpopular because it’s redundant and vague. It’s never been recognized as anything but an informal taxonomic unit below the rank of subspecies. Ill defined and of little utility.

“SJW types” in the 1800’s. Love it.

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>Really? How so?

Taxonomy is cladistic, and genes are ignored except for inferring ancestry. “Genetic clusters” are even more artificial and nonexistent than species are.

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So in other words - too many migrations have made it too messy to even attempt to categorise it in the manner in which other animals are categorised

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Other animals aren’t categorized via genetic clustering. How they’re classified isn’t even consistent in terms of species, because there’s multiple species concepts. What delineates a species of, say, beetle from other species of beetle may not be what delineates different bear species, and it’s even worse for organisms that don’t sexually reproduce like bacteria. The only consistent form of taxonomic classification is cladistics, which organizes organisms into clades based on common ancestors. Doing this with humans is of little utility because members of populations have historically migrated to and fro, mating with locals. As an example, we know through haplogroups that, at some point in the past, a Chinese guy with haplogroup O somehow got to northern Australia and interbred with the locals. Even though his descendants are phenotypically indistinguishable from their peers, they nevertheless possess a much more recent common ancestor with Chinese people than them, thousands of years closer.

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GTFO Riddetard

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>/pol/ scientists think nature is so kind to humans as to have everything organized into neat little discrete packages for (you) to label and sort out.

also biology is pretty much the weakest science without going into literal pseudo-science territory.

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There are no /pol/ scientists tho, "/pol/ science" is on the same level as /x/.

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why are races so different from each other then?

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fucking lol

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>so different
Quantify it because according to geneticists the difference between any two human is less than 0.001%

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lol still lying

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>"why does the definition of race differ depending on whether you are referring to humans or other species of animal

It actually used to be very similar, in all honesty, until about the mid-2000's, when Social Science's and Sociology really took off in the education industry. They've been re-defining literally everything ever since and almost no one has called them on it.

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Kill yourself nigger

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The biggest differences are environmental, not genetic.

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>Kill yourself nigger

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>because according to geneticists the difference between any two human is less than 0.001%

You realize this is a fallacious statement since it's vague and has zero quantifying parameters itself other than "human".

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No use anymore, they outnumber us 50-1 and it’s not like the mods will help anyways

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Brainlet mode

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>Kill yourself

funny you should mention that.

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Post more Judy Hopps please

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>60% of our genes are shared with bananas

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dont wanna get banned again :(

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so if I throw a white infant into the beating desert, he'll suddenly gain a tendency to rob and rape people, play basket ball, and lose half of his IQ?
why are the white people born in the US not looking like the native americans?
and why are these phenotypes fucking detectable in genetics?
why will my half balck children be half black instead of being dark or white?
you're being retarded and didn't answer my question.
look in the mirror, now look at a chink insect. pretty different. why? how can that 0.001% difference account for so much phenotypical differences?
and why do those differences tend to pertain to the surrounding region?
>human variations do have a connection to the geographical origins of our ancestors—with enough information about a person’s DNA, scientists can make a reasonable guess about their ancestry
the article, aside from it's shitty social posturing, talks about how we share 99% (though we spend a significant percent with all kind of retarded shit). So that minute genetic difference is real, and results in a significant phenotypical difference.
SO yeah I agree we are all the same thing. I did shitpost about nog raping (then again I am part nigger anyways), but I just want to be accurate. I think race is brand, and I like the term ancestry, which the article used.
so than about .1% difference is why you have a small penis, Ytboy.
jokes aside, WHY? why did these differences occur in humans?
and will isolated groups of primitive humans stray away from us because we will keep having genetic communication with each other, but they won't?
I'm not a racist, I'm an edgy guy. I think that even if genetic variations altered intelligence, that isn't an excuse to fucking kill people or ostracize them, because intelligence isn't a eugenic trait.
>race isn't real
>using race in an argument
pick on white boy

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>he'll suddenly gain a tendency to rob and rape people, play basket ball, and lose half of his IQ?
No, that would happen if you throw him in a ghetto tho.

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They have different rates of specific genes and alleles on average.
If we wanted to classify modern humans into subspecies for whatever reason, the only workable species concept would be the phenotypic one, which classifies organisms into different species based only on their phenotypic appearance. The ecological species concept wouldn’t work because humans have basically the same niche the world-over. But what’s the utility to doing so?

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why won't the baby's skin color, and physiology change then?
if it's environmental.

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do you know how I can tell you're a retard?

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