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When a person with qualifications like these;
>Masters in Physics
>Doctorate in Particle Physics
>Oxford Fellow
>Professor of Particle Physics
>Professor of Nuclear Physics
>Worked for DARPA
>Worked for DESY on the Electronsynchrotron as a high energy physicist
>Worked for CERN on the Large Hadron Collider as a high energy physicist
Says something like this; "5G is and always was intended primarily as a directed energy weapon, it's data transfer capabilities are secondary to this purpose. The effects are already being seen in the widespread behavioral changes within humans exposed to the passive electromagnetism which our linear understanding of physics cannot yet explain".

Why shouldn't we believe them? I don't want to discuss the science of 5G. We thought this person was intelligent enough to work on the most secretive and expensive scientific projects ever built, as well as literally educating the next generation in physics, yet we do not trust them when it comes to specific subjects which we push into the realm of pseudoscience. Pls explain.

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>no replies
This is exactly what happened when he said it in front of my physics class. No one would challenge him or question it further. You could feel that everyone in the room, 26 students knew that was something he shouldn't have said.

And my university paid him I think 70k to give a 3 hour talk with Q&A.

The question still stands. Does merit mean anything in science?

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sorry /sci/ is too busy posting furry porn in IQ threads, try /lit/

does he have any sources for his claims, genuinely interested in reading because I've done some work in directed energy research

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> Faraday's life wiki page link
short answer: no, mostly are boofoons, merit is a human social construct obtained with years of boot-licking; power and money shrink minds; genuinely intelligent people are much scarcer than professors, and it shows.

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>behavioral changes within humans exposed to the passive electromagnetism which our linear understanding of physics cannot yet explain

Merit is only valuable when governed by the most meritable. If he is the one to push such things, he should be president.

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>/sci/ is too busy posting furry porn in IQ threads
based /sci/ shutting down garbage threads with garbage

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who said this op

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Particle physics is basically a mafia so no, those qualifications don’t mean much

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>No one would challenge him or question it further. You could feel that everyone in the room, 26 students knew that was something he shouldn't have said.

This is not a question science. This is a question of sociology and common human failings. When confronted with something, deeply, utterly disturbing most people prefer to double think it out of their minds than consider it. This topic has not reached mainstream enough for most students to really have a strong association of it being 'pseudoscience'. They simply don't want to consider they are literally living in a high energy weapon grid with no escape. Not a comfortable thought.

Even less comfortable is that this same grid is capable of reading your mind AND stimulating your brain to cause you to take actions. It isn't just a high energy weapon, it's a mind control device.

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he probably just wants to make some money shilling anti-5G fearmongering.

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a steerable, high power, focussable beam of microwave energy can cook you for sure, especially if you're enough of a genius to willing carry around a target designator in the form your "smart" phone and help them keep the beam on target long enough to do damage. fortunately for me, i'm not intelligent enough to qualify for a smart phone so the 5g problem won't affect me.

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>Does merit actually mean anything in science?
It does mean something in science but professional scientists only care about pleasing the slave masters that flick nickels at them, and they don't really care about science, ironically.+


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>Merit is only valuable when governed by the most meritable.
based truth poster
also based dubs poster

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based 48 poster, truest poster

another dubs truth poster

for my childrens' sake, I don't want this pointed at my balls all day.

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As the old adage says, people are morons. They'll accept everything under the guise of "innovation" even if it means their downfall. They buy the same old shit repackaged with a high-tech bow just because they were told so by their peers. People always were morons but you had this variety of having some towns more moron-infested than the other because towns and cities were not as connected to each other as they are today. Variety slowly disappeared leaving behind one interconnected homogenized mass of morons having the same moron needs from coast to coast.

Now even if this technology hypothetically cooked people alive but promised faster downloads, the demand for it would remain the same. I once was naive and fell for the "educating the masses" meme before I realized the futility of this goal likely consuming all the limited resources I have before perishing on this earth. I realized a smart person is left with two options, really: Play the system and climb up ladder to achieve the moron-herding master rank and maintain the system (Mustapha Mond option), a demoralized/killed whistleblower (John option), or do nothing and devolve into another moron. In other words, dominate and live or be dominated and perish.

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From Wikipedia:
>Most experts believe that more scientific research is needed,[181] as even though millimeter wave technology has been used in technology such as radar for many decades,[182][183][184] there is considerable research regarding the association of cancer to the use of radar devices by police officers.[185]

>In February 2019, Senator Blumenthal questioned 5G industry representatives about health risks and related studies, finding that the industry has not done studies, nor were any ongoing.[200]

As a non-expert, it is very difficult to know what is right. There’s so much conflicting information (ironically also due to 4G) coming at us.

Maybe that guy was right in calling it primarily a weapon, maybe he’s himself misinformed in spite of his qualifications, maybe you’re lying, etc. Who knows? Time will tell who is to survive and who is to perish.

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