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Here is a ciphered message. It doesn't say anything special, but I thought up an interesting method and I'd like to see if anyone here can figure it out. I figured you folks would be the most likely to enjoy this kind of thing, so have at it. Bonus points if you don't use any tools other than your own brain.


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If it's an "interesting method", you need provide more ciphertext than that.

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It's an OTP'd message saying 'Fuck you'

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the message is "I'm a Faggot"

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Yeah, I don't think 13 characters is going to be sufficient to perform much cryptanalysis.

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It is a full sentence. If you're in the military and you get a message which reads "ATTACK AT DAWN" you don't have time to complain the message isn't long enough.
That isn't the answer, by the way.

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>If you're in the military and you get a message which reads "ATTACK AT DAWN" you don't have time to complain the message isn't long enough.
dawn in which location
nautical dawn or astronomical dawn
what do they mean by attack
is it a conventional attack or a nuclear attack
are we attacking the enemy or are we being attacked

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>I thought up an interesting method

Encryption is only good if you're able to share the method and your message is still uncrackable.
After all, if a message is to ever be decrypted it must share this with the person the message is intended for so they know how it's done.

Mind sharing?

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If you only have 13 characters and do not know the method used for ciphering the text, deciphering will be difficult to impossible. Cryptanalysis requires exploratory data analysis, which requires a decent amount of data.

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"But what kind of arrow is in my heart? Who shot it? Tell me now or I won't consent to treatment!"

n=1/2 number of characters rounded up
e.g. +7,-7,+6,-6,+5,-5...
E.g. A = letter + 7, where A=1, Z=26, 27 = 1, and so on in a loop

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I invented a way to encrypt information that's literally impossible for anyone to break!!

All you need to do is write it all out on a sheet of paper, then burn the paper. It then becomes encrypted in charred atoms and can never be decrypted.

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Thanks for Witcher 3 anon

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Maximum entropy encryption lol

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well I can just wait for particles to randomly assemble themselves as that message it just takes a long time

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If you're in the military you're already aware of mutually agreed-upon standards for encrypted communication and no guesswork is necessary

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