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I don't understand the role of serotonin. Some studies say it's a regulator of aggression (dutch family), others say it's the cause of depression (ssris). What the fuck is it /sci/?

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jews use it to cuck you from cooming

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Its involved in digestion and gastric secretion as well as platelet aggregation.

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>it's the cause of depression
The idea serotonin is involved in depression is one where the presumed problem is a *lack* of serotonin.
SSRIs are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
Reuptake inhibition means preventing your brain from clearing some of it out in the way it normally would.
It's like if you put a stop in the bath tub so water would fill up instead of just going down the drain.

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It's the soul obviously. SSRIs destroy your soul, therefore it must be the soul.

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SSRIs don't reduce serotonin. Why do you guys keep thinking this? I don't get where you're getting this idea from.

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Is it because you're just seeing the word "inhibitor" at the end and thinking it's inhibiting serotonin?
It's inhibiting the *reuptake* of serotonin.

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idk but I did MDMA 7 times as a teenager and I was very angry towards my family as a result and ended up in the psych ward an embarrassingly many number of times. and still socially anxious, yay

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It prevents it from being used up.
How does it not prevent serotonin from be8ng used?
It's a social standing / available resources signal.

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I only developed social anxiety after SSRI's too its pretty fucked

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Yes. Many people like to claim that MDMA is completely safe, but it causes some kind of brain damage in most people. You will never be the same after using it. Not in a good way either.

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As long as you dont go full retard with it you should be fine unlike a friend of mine who got serotonin syndrome

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MDMAndestroys serotonin producing cells, so youll get depressed all the time once you take MDMA.

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The dutch family lacks the molecule that breaks down neurotransmitters in general. The increased agression comes from dopamine, whcih causes you the urges to act, rather than being a pleasure chemical as commonly believed.

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If you did 250 mg of mdma once a few years ago would you have a significant amount of brain damage ?

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Wow, this board is truly fucking dumb.

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if you smoke meth and iv some ecstacy yiu will know what seratonin is

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I've been on SSRIs for months now but have stupidly smoked weed for several weeks at a time as well as taken psychedelics/ketamine a few times as well. How fucked am I? And where are the journals that I can actually look up this stuff?

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science is not quite there yet this question cannot be fully answered so easily

maybe when we understand more about howpsychedelics work

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