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Toxic masculinity has always, since its rebellion from matriarchal tribal culture, sought to rob women of their rightful divinity and to subjugate them. The onslaught of the patriarchy has been relentless.

Now that the patriarchal Abrahamic religions are in decline, the forces of misogyny are trying a new strategy. Instead of denying the existence the feminine attributes of the divine, the patriarchy is now denying divinity itself.

The founders of the current atheist movement (Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, and Christopher Hitchens) are patriarchs and, had they been born in the Dark Ages, would have been clergymen for the Church burning witches in the name of their violent war god Yahweh.

Atheism, like the other Abrahamic faiths, are authoritative, absolutist, and dismissive to and even hostile towards the lived experience of women. It's also why so many atheists are raving misogynists like the Amazing Atheist. Even male feminist allies like Steve Shives has fallen for the big lie told by atheism.

Do not be fooled. The divine spirit is very real and resigns in the Triple Goddess and harmony with this divine spirit can only be achieved when masculine energy is tempered by the divine feminine and this can not be done if men are seduced away from their Mother to the goddess, motherless religion of atheism. And woe to us if the world rejects the motherly embrace of the Triple Goddess by our rejection of the divine feminine.

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something wrong with your intake?

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go back to your containment board

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>mother goddesses are the norm throughout all of human history
>venerated above the male gods in the pantheon
>even Xianity had to make a quasi-mother goddess figure in the form of Mary the Virgin Mother
>"HURR DERP L00K AT T3H FEMKANGS N SHIT!!!!!1111oneone"

Don't let tens of thousands of years of oral history and archeological relics of our matriarchal society get in the way of your patriarchy.

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>triggered patriarchal minions
like clockwork
bow down to the godess or die

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This is library.

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So what is exactly toxic masculinity?

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it's the toxic fumes toxic males' toxic factories release slowly killing us all

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well. Okay then.

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It's when a man eats a lot of protein and then his farts smell horribly.

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>Like clockwork
I think I've seen you in another very similar shit post very similar to this one and there you keep on answering 'like clockwork'. Shit, didn't know we are already getting AI trolls.

Also, gender ideology is not science or math, fuck off.

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like clownwork, schizos are coming out of their designated /x/itting space cuckshed to ruin /sci/ again

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If you are going to falseflag at least try to not misuse a basic term in your first sentence.

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women have no power. take away sanitation and plumbing and they revert back to dogs

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You fucking moron OP. A mother is a discarded daughter, it is the sister and brother that is eternally sacred.

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stopped reading there, this is a science board, religion is for /x/

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Wrong. They can still vote and they always vote their demise.

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>he thinks voting means anything

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