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So we've gone so far as to measure the size, and speed of your basic light particle using both physics and quantum tools to do it right?

From our observations on blackholes we know they can be effected by gravity, they too get sucked in more or less is our assumption right?

I was just wondering at the irony of it, from our viewpoint anyways. Think about it, space is frictionless, which is why the speed of light is considered a line/limit/rule of thumb right? It doesn't play by the normal rules because without weight there is no drag, or momentum. However the same rules would apply in a place without friction, the speed at which it is expelled will be maintained until there is an obstacle in the way right?

In other words, is there a way to measure the weight of a ball or wave of condensed energy?

I'm asking because well... how ironic is it that nothing in the universe slows down something that is radiated/emitted from a star except of course for one that seems to have collapsed in on itself and seems in a hurry to get it all back?

heh. I mean what exactly is it that made it collapse that way when dying anyways right? It either loses cohesion, and explodes creating chain reactions, or expanding and flickering out. OR they collapse instead and something worse happens. As though gravity were determined far more by density then size right? What if it's something else instead, like a hole or tear in the fabric of space time or w/e got ripped open and what we're watching is like water going down a drain, but where does that water go I wonder right? It makes far more sense then all of those molecules suddenly deciding all at the same time to completely stop, die, and pool/merge/melt together right?

Sorry not sure why I thought to share it. Had a funny idea about maybe having it backwards and all the light particles are rushing INTO the star instead of away from it and we simply think it all comes from the star cause it has so much of it LOL, don't do drugs kids.

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>they too get sucked in more or less is our assumption right?

Mass curves space-time. Light moves in a straight line, it is the space-time that is curved. Nothing gets 'sucked in'.

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Learn to be more concise with what you are trying to say

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