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What could cause humans or a related subspecies to have a gender ratio where there are significantly more females born than males? Are there any environmental factors or genetic mutations that could cause such an occurrence? What advantages or disadvantages would it produce?

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The statistics are even crazier when you take into account not just the women with vaginas, but the ones born with penises.

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Your picture doesn't necessarily imply more female offspring.
You could have few females reaching maturity, since azumarill can't breed but we have a 50:50 marill gender ratio.
Maybe because few females survive to maturity, nature selects for more females. Maybe marill have 4 pairs of chromosomes, with only one being male determining, leading to a 25%-ish chance of male offspring
maybe male azumarill have high death rates.
maybe marill can change gender like hermaphrodites.

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Let's assume that he meant more female offspring.

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It's the last one btw
1 in 3 female marills spontaneously grows a pepis at maturity

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Common marill or azumarill breeding gives a marill. Azurill needs scented candles and Barry White playing in the background.

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That is not the question that I meant. I was asking how it would occur in HUMANS.

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no idea if ur jokign or not but i think ur ironic cuz the cringe furfag picture but i hate trannies they suck we have more chicks than guys becuz tjey make baibes and guys dont

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>What advantages or disadvantages would it produce?
In the equilibrium the expected value of a female should be the same as the expected value of a male.

Now, the total offspring from all males in a population is the same as the total offspring from all females in a population, since offspring comes from one male+one female.

If there are more males than females, then it means that a female has lower expected offspring. However if a female is in some sense "cheaper" than a male, perhaps because it's more diminutive and requires less resources, then the lower amount of expected offspring can be balanced by lower resource requirements.

To give an example: Because more females then males are born females on average 1.7 children, while males have on average 2.3 children. Female cost 170k to bring to maturity and male costs 230k to bring to maturity.

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*If there are more females than male

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What could cause it, then?

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>where there are significantly more females born than males?
That's wrong in two senses.
First, the ratio is pretty close to 1:1.
Secondly, the ratio is slightly more boys than girls at birth.
The female majority comes from women living longer than men (on average).

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