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>got a 88% on the midterm
>just need a 52% on final to pass
>still anxiously grinding the night before

Why can't I just turn my fucking brain off sometimes? Maybe just the anxiety factory

>> No.11194618

>just need a 52% on final to pass
>aiming for a D

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D's get degrees
my parents are rich so i'm just getting a degree because they won't give me money unless i do

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>my brain is pushing me to perform well how can I make it stop
is this how smart people think

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>midterm 1 87%
>midterm 2 100%

still stressing about this chemistry final boys

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Finish off strong, secure your spot with a high A!

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I actually need C's

Good luck mate!

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get a diary dude

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just got these back, i think ive made it /sci/. i needed a 75 to transfer from biology into engineering and ive done it. fucking poggers

>pic related is calculus 2 midterms

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and you still have anxiety retard

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