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Reminder that of you are healthy and relatively young, you will live to see the collapse of human civilization.

It will be slow but steady, miserable and terrible. The downfall of our world is barely 40 years away, and it will happen in the most depressing way: hunger, drought and bitter figh for the last resources.

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I can't wait for this kino-graphic experience. *grabs popcorn*

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I wish to be dead before that day comes desu.

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postmodernist "we're fucked because society" and evangelist "apocalypse is good" shills are cancer. real /sci/entists have hope that all problems will be solved (because they can be, easily, within what is already understood in science, and probable future developments even make the future look brighter)

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you have imageboard psychosis

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>because they can be, easily, within what is already understood in science
That's a little too retarded buddy. We barely even understand how organisms function on a basic level. It's a crapshoot whether we'll be able to extend human lifespan significantly this century. 50/50 chance everyone reading this right now will be dead in 100 years.

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With all the microplastics contamination that's going on we all die from cancer before reaching that age so you're getting your wish, princess.

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turn the schizophrenia downs a notch pal

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How DARE you? Your boss ruined the planet, plastics-industrial complex shill.

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expanding lifespan (in the way you are referring to) is not a requirement for progress. things like curing climate change and AIDS and war are though. and on all those fronts, we are making progress. AIDS might be eradicated within a generation thanks to things like Truvada, climate change could be solved if we got off fossil fuels and gave nuclear a chance, and war could be solved if democracies functioned well (instead of being corrupted by big money).

on all fronts there will be progress. and you can't deny it. technology and science are winning on all fronts and there is no competition aside from ingrained political interests. and they don't last long.

whether or not we have detailed knowledge of every single little thing at the current point in history is not important. what is important is that we have solutions to the problems facing humanity, and we do, plus we have plenty of more innovations that will improve things for at least a few generations

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Spotted the kike. He's right

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microplastics are a real problem but not to humans. just buy a fucking filter bro. they only hurt marine life mainly

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climate change can't be addressed anymore, we passed the point of no return years ago. The predictions of temperature increase for 2100 are going to be reached by 20 years before we reach just half of the century.

This is completely fucked and things will go dramatically bad before our eyes. It is happening already with the massive wildfires and flooding getting worse every year.

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thread theme

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based and red pilled

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an ozone layer just flew over my house

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If I'm going to die why should I care if everyone else dies too? Who gives a fuck about the world if I don't exist to experience it? If I'm going down you're all going down with me.

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your post is fatalist crap that only postmodernists and endtimers would latch onto. we can still fix it. and your insistence that "we passed the point of no return" is retarded, because this whole thing is very gradual and there is no discrete point of no return. science can fix it much faster than any natural or accidental manmade process. succumbing to "oh we're totally fucked because xyz" is totally unsupported and the only people who push that shit are political shills who love either extreme-left postmodernism or extreme-right end-time politics

this is philosophy crap. whether or not you value future generations is up to you. for me, i like the idea that my children will have a good life in front of them, even though i'm dead. me being dead is not the end of the story.

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No, ill just watch the old people die, and hope our generation can do things differently.

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As you said, the technology already exists to address these major issues but it isn't being used. Therefore the problem is not with the technologies but instead with the societies that fail to use it. Wouldn't it be less depressing to believe instead that we don't have the technology to solve climate change?

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I am not healthy

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you are right. it is a common thing in politics to misrepresent science with the idea “science can’t solve it!” and resign into fatalism when in scientific reality the opposite is true. there is a strong streak of anti-science in both left and right wings of politics, and it is a problem, but unfortunately those folks are the most popular

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No, science can't keep up with the mess. We can't even replace fossil fuels essential in global transport and power supply.

When global warming really hits Africa hard, it will be the beginning of the end.

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good way to ignore the “nuclear option” and by that i mean nuclear fission energy. the whole thing could be solved quite quickly if we wanted. but instead the solar shills and oil shills are playing brinksmanship

70 years of science back me up and your crap is political memery

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>this is philosophy crap
No. It is a scientific FACT that when you die you are dead. Anything else is cope.
>muh chilluns

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>No. It is a scientific FACT that when you die you are dead. Anything else is cope.
did i say anything to the contrary? i think not. you are missing the point.

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Plastic industry is evil but, chemical manfacturing runoff is far worst and immediate to humans.

Schizo leftist never have proof for any of this they don't even realize the hoax went from calling it global warming to a blanket term like climate change. Meanwhile zero leftist have ever provided solutions while complaining about people having personal rights and not actual pollution.

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>i don't care about the marine life
kindly remove yourself from the genepool

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note to self: have sex at least once in the next 40 years

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