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Is there a difference of empathy/cruelty among different ethnicities?

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Different cultures, sure. Maybe different races but most come down to culture/personality. Personality and culture determines empathy/cruelty.

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Behavioral traits are genetic, not cultural. I thought I was on a science board

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Science is oppressive.

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Yes. Look at crime rates.
I've found that blacks are generally less empathetic over all even if they have no criminal record at all.

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Cultures, yes.
Races, maybe to some extent.

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short answer: we don't know
long answer: we don't even understand how the brain of a mouse works accurately enough to model and predict its behavior how the FUCK do you expect us to know the answer to this you retard, anyone who says they have an answer is a pseudoscientist hack (fuck psychology!)

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Could it be less empathetic races have less empathetic cultures?

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>imagine being so scientifically illiterate
We can know plenty of things bugman

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>If you can't explain and model the exact and complete mechanism, it's not true
Mendeleev absolutely BTFO by kraut

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Degrees of empathy cannot be considered behavioral traits

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Maybe but when you move those races into other cultures they seem to become more empathetic.
Having lived in a town of 2,000 and a city of 5,000,000 I think population density has a huge impact.

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saying this is knowledge of the fundamental processes behind human behavior is like claiming that alchemists in the 15th century understood molecular quantum mechanics

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We can know an approximate answer to OP's question through well designed experiments. We don't need to understand "the fundamental processes" of my ass. Stop trying to look smart if you're retarded

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Yes. The Chinese have no empathy.

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>claiming that alchemists in the 15th century understood molecular quantum mechanics

>Implying they didn't.

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This. Anyone who ever interacted with Chinese people in their 20s knows this is true

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but you, are the retard

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Nice comma dumbass

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What about japanese?

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Dunno sample size too small but they seem more empathetic.

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They're still pretty fucked up towards animals.

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Westerners are just too autisically empathetic towards "nature"

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t. fucking gook
Eating animals alive is barbaric.

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Go back

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Not going anywhere, you stupid slant.

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high population density produces a higher percentage of maladjusted human beings. people who are too far removed from nature and do not appreciate natural beauty.


doesn't matter how old they are, they're a strain on my sanity. best just to avoid them, live and let live. getting involved with chinese people is not a mistake i'll ever make again, that's for damned sure.

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global depopulation would do us some good.

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yes, it would.

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>and do not appreciate natural beauty.

and truly, if that's not the definition of a godless individual, i don't know what is.

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>natural beauty
being spooked by gay ideas created by retards has nothing to do with your race

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i wasn't talking about my race. just how city-livin' tends to warp people in strange but very subtle ways.

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If you measured it there would be differences but it would be hard to determine the cause.

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The cause is genetic variation

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Yes, and environmental factors.

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Then you do some twin studies and you realise it's mostly genetic variation

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Exhibit A: White people

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but of who?

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you never been hunting before lad?

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Would be strange if there was not.

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>Implying it can't be both

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>We can know an approximate answer to OP's question through well designed experiments. We don't need to understand "the fundamental processes"

Brainful post that applies in general.

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humans are generally amoral kunts.
moral ethics are man made, part of discipline, and generally a fading art.
now it's all about selectivity and compromise. fuckinh fuck

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Yes, whites have no empathy and can only copy the facial expressions you are making.

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Kettle calls the pot black. funny.

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Frost-Harpending selection weeded out violent individuals in European cultures with strong state societies.


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It should be both.
I'm that guy who can literally rewrite his personality on the fly and suggests depressed people to brainwash themselves.
I can read a a sad story and tear up, or be completely unfazed like a sociopath.
So, maybe genetics can give you a push but like many things there's also a lot more that comes from the environment.

Fun fact, you can completely turn off you personality if you figure the right state of mind, which is the same trick you use to stop suffering from tickles or shivering from the cold.
This is much faster than actually switching personalities, which requires a few seconds at least.
I call it "the mind trick", since it's just one thing that applies to multiple cases.

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It is predominantly genes, now gtfo of here retard

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Why not??

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>Science is oppressive.

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Depends if it's in their nature to nurture.

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Could be based on scarcity of resources (enviromental determinism)

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Most human rights advances were made in European-descended societies

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Which is why Europeans are among the most viciously agressive of all ethnicities.

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Human rights were made to assist the growth of the number of people that can participate in capitalism thus make people richer. Nothing to do with empathy

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damn look at those qts, i'd like to run into that group at 60mph with my dick out.

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I think it's a cultural thing. This video displays this point with comedy instead of empathy. The chinese have a very autistic sense of humor that's unique to them because of the CCP

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one intro class in a good anthropology course would eliminate these threads once and for all.

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East asians have higher recorded levels of cognitive rumination than those of european have but lower base detectable stress levels at the same time having higher rates of younger suicides

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More like to entangle 1st world people in constant conflict between themselves instead of doing anything worthwhile. What happened to the man being the conqueror of the nature? Now you have to tiptoe around every tiny thing lest you might happen to offend someone's feelings. Men used to take what they could and make it their own, now you can't even fly to Mars without 20 years of back-and-forth about introducing some god damned bacteria to the barren wasteland in the middle of nowhere

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>20 years of back-and-forth about introducing some god damned bacteria to the barren wasteland in the middle of nowhere
You do realise this is just politics right? The US doesn't want China to get to Mars first

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please let the fucking bugmen suicide a thousand chink astronauts into suicide missions onto mars just to hear americans bitch and moan in their withering empire that they never enjoyed the spoils of

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And what will US do if China launches something to Mars? Nuke it out of the orbit? The ones who get fucked the most by this are America itself and its bootlickers

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>Nuke it out of the orbit?
No, just more anti-China PR campaigns like they're doing with HK now to try to reduce China's international soft power

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That'll do fuckall, it's not domestic presidental elections after all. With the Soviet Union gone America became too fat and lazy to actually threaten someone as big as China. And it's only a matter of time before it falls behind (or starts ww3 in desperation to stay on top)

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Well yeah, they're just trying to slow them down. Too bad they're in fact just fuelling Chinese nationalism and making China more united.

>or starts ww3 in desperation to stay on top
They can't start a war because no one would side with them aside from Canada. Europe is distancing from the united states too, and Pax Americana is ending in the 2020s

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>starts ww3 in desperation to stay on top
only the most retarded of americans would be willing to get shot over china

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R*ddit is already used for american propaganda to get people riled up against China and the army will fight anyone

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china owns reddit?

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there was a study done by UEA (University of East Anglia), which conducted on the basis of how honest each ethnic groups were, and the results found that the chinese were in fact the most dishonest, and what I found funny was that people's presumption, was that Greece was more likely to be dishonest, when in fact it turned out they were ranked mid and mid high in both questionnaires.

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these are slavs and have more in common with mongoloid types than your typical westerner. Don't collude those niggers with the ubermensch.

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ok Malthus

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eating animals alive is a good alternative, especially fish, considering most nutrients are gained when you feed on an active animal

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Culture 100%

Take snowniggers for example: Lombards, Goths and Franks had different violent behaviour towards local dominated populations of the fallen Roman empire. Same Race, different culture, different behavior towards violence.

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They had different genes

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You know what's fucking stupid?

I made virtually the same thread as this not too long ago. The post I made was something along the lines of - 'Why do Asian people completely lack empathy'.

A few posts in my thread was deleted.

And now here, OP (who is actually a janitor by the way), a few weeks later, has stolen my post, structured it into a slightly different "less racist" way, and has posted it. The racist undertones are still there. He has just slightly altered my original post in a different way, such that his thread doesn't get deleted by another janitor.

Kill yourself you stupid NEET, overweight, online message board moderating pedophile fuck.

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Your thread was racist. This thread is a science question.

Kill yourself

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>Is there a difference of empathy/cruelty among different ethnicities?

>image is of a group of Asians

The original thread I made is no more racist than this one, you stupid content stealing basement dwelling power-tripping pedophile dumb cunt

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Yours establishes right away there's a difference and just asks "why", so it's just a bait. Science can hardly tell you why. It can instead tell you if it is, but you didn't care about that. This thread is asking a scientific question that can be answered using the scientific method, yours was retarded bait and not science. Also I'm not a janitor nor have I seen your retarded thread delusional brainlet

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It is obvious to anyone that europeans have the highest empathy on earth because they are the most morally insane people on earth. Asians have empathy but not enough for them to develop black and white ideologies like Christianity. Middle eastern people have low empathy for racial outsiders and blacks have none at all.

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Un-ironically this.

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This... :(

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Yes, white people have the highest empathy of all and niggers have the lowest, this is scientific fact btw. Of course that also makes it a hate crime. PS Chinese are soulless ant people with no empathy and 0 creativity.

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Why did they evolve such overactive empathy?

>> No.11198688

Different ethnicities may live under different circumstances, with the circumstances causing behavioural changes. So, does a poor russian and his children adopt a different view on cruelty from a hadza tribe or mongolian camel herder?
Does people of different origins having been brought up in the same neighborhood, in the same class at school react more like the people where they originated from than each other?
Of course not.

CULTURE since childhood plays a bigger role then any haplogroups, just like food culture. Children learn what reactions to what foods are appropriate by watching grown-ups.
You can easily fool a child to eat something inappropriate by just pretending to eat it yourself and then go "mmm!" and look excited or surprised but the child will of course spit it out if it's something disgusting and lose trust in you and people that look like you.

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Freezing climate and lack of game killed of the lone wolves. Necessity made the white man empathetic. Probably why christianity and later protestantism took such a strong hold of northern Europe.

>> No.11198710

Yes women are less empathetic than men are usually

>> No.11198733

>Does people of different origins having been brought up in the same neighborhood, in the same class at school react more like the people where they originated from than each other?

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Pretending to that you feel empathy for non-mammals is more sociopathic than just admitting that you don’t really care. Like I’m pretty sure no one gives a shit if someone cut off the head of a fish or some bug. At least not as far as caring about what the fish feels. More like a distaste for seeing violence in general. But if you were to see an animal with fur get it’s head cut off you would feel bad for it in a completely different way. Apart from the Chinese, who walk past dying toddlers in the street without a care and buy a couple dog tacos on the way home, the difference in empathy between whites and minorities is only a matter of being honest about what they actually feel. Except for in the US where minorities get pussified by the care-culture.

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>Don't collude those niggers with the ubermensch.
those are faroese, reported to the fbi before you shoot up a school

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Shut up, they're both racist bait

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At least on 4chan scientific dicussion about genetic differences between ethnicities should be allowed if nowhere else is

>> No.11198875

Fine. But then it should be bannable to make a statement like "it's mostly genetic!" with zero evidence. That isn't discussion, it's racism, which is against the rules.

>> No.11198891

>suggests depressed people to brainwash themselves
How can I do that?

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Racism isn't "against the rules" just because it's against your feelings. Same goes for any science.

As for OP's question: read crime statistics and make up your own mind.

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Evidence was already provided >>11194567

> The effect of being raised in the same family is smaller than the effect of genes.

>> No.11198911

Racism is against the rules because it's against the rules http://4channel.org/rules

>> No.11198949

That post is fine, even though it's a wiki blog. Lots of other posts are people making racist and unfounded claims.

By the way, in the link you provided, the author says the statement you just pasted is not established.

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Bark bark muttboy

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>sci/ - Science & Math
All science and math related topics welcome.
Homework threads will be deleted, and the poster banned.
No "religion vs. science" threads.

Still nothing about your feelings. It's because they haven't anything to do with science or the bitter reality.

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It is well established in behavioral genetics that behavioral traits are determined by genes, not environment. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Behavioural_genetics#General_findings
Do you have an actual argument other than attacking the source which btw summarises cited research articles

Do you have a mental problem?

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Why blacks hate cats so much?

>> No.11198991

Environmental, ie. in our terms, social, political, cultural, economical etc
>not inherently biological

>> No.11198998

Post evidence fellow science person

>> No.11199003

I respect Jesse, he's ain't the smartest but he makes what he has work harder than most.

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Your buzzword tactics don't work on me, but you clearly have a reading problem. Racism isn't defined by (You) or your feelings, especially in a science thread.

Do you even read the things you link? Don't answer that. You are either a shill, a low-iq demographic spore or just plain retarded. Either way, carry on with your life and find a board that caters to your feelings.

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These individuals are daily requesting murder to end their torment.
>hopefully, they will continue to be denied release

>> No.11199021

>It is well established in behavioral genetics that behavioral traits are determined by genes, not environment.
No dude.... Where the fuck did you get that from the Wikipedia article? The whole page talks about how all traits have varying levels of genetic and environmental components. Look at this passage:
>However, for some traits, especially when measured during adolescence, adopted siblings do show some significant similarity (e.g., correlations of .20) to one another. Traits that have been demonstrated to have significant shared environmental influences include internalizing and externalizing psychopathology,[57] substance use[58] and dependence,[49] and intelligence.[58]

>> No.11199037

This post triggered many

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>especially when measured during adolescence
We're not talking about adolescence when your parents beating your ass up makes you angry. We're talking about independent adult behavior

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File: 42 KB, 602x338, 602x338_cmsv2_80071c4a-47da-5e19-80b9-1e7d48b1087c-4330644.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What we individually assess as cruel nature offers as a collective survival strategy.
Even the disapproval of it is it itself reaching out once more. Materialism is natural but we as individuals are not.
We're transcendental.

>> No.11199063

It says especially adolescence. Your claim still remains false either way. That's what happens when you make extreme claims that go well beyond the actual science. In case you forgot what you claim was:
>behavioral traits are determined by genes
The truth is, they're influenced by genes, and also by the environment.

>> No.11199070

How much are they influenced by the environment? Show me some behavioral traits that were shown to be predominantly influenced by environment rather than genes.

>> No.11199104

>How can I do that?
1) Decide who you want to be.
2) Make a plan to achieve that new personality
3) Cut contact with familiar people and environments
4) Do the brainwashing

The third point is very important, memories are the fertile ground where stable personalities take root, unless you can get enough new experiences with your new personality, you will risk falling back.
If done proper you'll remember your older self like you remember your youthful self, many memories but you're not really him anymore, nor you could bring yourself to be him again.

Of course it all depends on you, only you can know yourself. I can suggest a few things like:
- visualize how you'd want to react to situations
- repeat affirmations/mantras (ease your subconscious into it)
- tell yourself what you are trying to achieve
- build up confidence, take a simple hobby that can give you gratification
- fill in the people you want to keep in your life about what you're trying to do
- be an actor, try to pretend to be your new self, as they say "fake till you make it"
- feel confident and positive (feel directly if you can, or use NLP anchors)
- meditate once or twice a day, at least 15min each
- do some physical activity (eg: 2km walk daily)

Bear in mind that no one has a single definite personality, we're all different people in different situations with different people. As I said the only thing that makes you stable is being rooted in memories, and even that changes little day by day.
I don't know you, and I don't know if you know yourself, just in case you could learn how to use a pendulum to talk directly to your subconscious, it can be helpful to check if you're both on the same page. In some cases subconciouses can be crazy or delusional, if you're unlucky try to compromise, find common ground. Don't try to push supernatural bullshit on your sub or it will try to amuse you.

Mantras, thoughtforms, hypnosis, they're just mental tools.
Find a way that works for you.

>> No.11199133

Idk, I'd have to do some reading. We are also shifting goalposts, but I'm okay with that. I couldn't let you get away with that original claim. Now we are in a better spot for real discussion.

>> No.11199151

>I'd have to do some reading.
To find nothing
>We are also shifting goalposts,
Yeah sure I didn't mean it's exclusively determined by genes but rather predominantly determined by genes. Obviously childhood trauma would invalidate the former interpretation of the argument but if it makes you feel better reaching this discussion by argument than by common sense sure

>> No.11199163

If you're depressed, try to figure out the source of it.
Can it be resolved or should you get rid of it?

There's nothing wrong with cutting off people who only bring misery. Pragmatism may feel harsh at first, but it'll contribute to your peace of mind in the long run.
In the end you can only help those who want to be helped.

Our mind is more flexible than people give it credit for.
There's virtually no limit to what kind of person you can brainwash yourself into (except eventual limits from your subconscious).
If you want my suggestion, try to be balanced, not too good, not too bad. Try to see from other people eyes but don't get sucked into their troubles.

In the end there's little to be depressed as long as you can be, or get, healthy. Positive attitude will make it easier to get people to trust you and give you a job.
I write to train my ability to flesh out characters and see through their eyes. Maybe it can help you too, I also entertrain a thoughtform to explore the possibility of getting second opinions from myself. It's all mental exercises that can improve your flexibility.

You don't have to become like me, try to follow your intuition in regard to how you should move.
Don't get discouraged and keep trying.
Changing your mind is not anything special, everyone does it every moment, whether they realize it or not.
Like any skills, the more you practice the better you get, as long as you learn from your mistakes.

>> No.11199185

>Obviously childhood trauma would invalidate the former interpretation of the argument
Indeed. It's possible in some places that childhood trauma is a common thing.

>> No.11199189

>we don't know.
is the only realistic answer.

>> No.11199195

The fresher the better doesn't mean you have to eat it alive.

>> No.11199203

they still fall under the same racial line, only discrete part would be being that they are sub race/ethinicity

>> No.11199220

Is it still racist if it is true?

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>they still fall under the same racial line,
Still different genetics

>> No.11199459

maybe...because of... urr... culture?

>> No.11199493

Are you saying Europeans are not the most empathetic people? Who are?

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>> No.11199515

>Still all from the same so called Huwhite Race

You are trolling right?

Whats your point?
>Amerimutts whiter than Lombards, hence more empathetic? .
What would you say?
>muh Lombards were a sPeCiFic BrEed of aggressive whites. Outliers. I'm still right.
>Race >>> Culture
>White = good; Black and Asian = bad

>> No.11199516

Western Europeans are the most empathetic.

>> No.11199702

The fact that they feel it necessary to dub Tom and Jerry cartoons is somewhat disturbing, if people need an official interpretation of what they're supposed to see in a piece of media at this basic a level.
what about old black and white cinema like chaplin, roscoe, or laurel & hardy?

>> No.11199705

I think it's because they're so conditioned to seek permission for things that it pervades their comedy

>> No.11199710

Yes. Most non white cultures have no kind of connection with their animals and livestock.
T. traveled central Asia

>> No.11199736

>As for OP's question: read crime statistics and make up your own mind.
I could read papers from a flat earth conference and then make up my own mind from that too.
We're striving for accuracy here.

>he doesn't understand what racism is
It's racism by definition, the question is whether or not said racism is correct.
If I say "black people have darker skin than whites, on average," for example, I'm making a noncontroversial statement using race as the qualifying / predicting factor.

>> No.11199786

How are Europeans more empathetic than others when they fought among themselves the most? Literally there were was all the time with plenty of torturing, raping, slavery, etc

>> No.11199790

>It's racism by definition,
It's not. Having more or less empathy is not a trait of superiority or inferiority. It is not universally useful or bad. It's just a random trait. Saying black people are blacker than white people is not racism

>> No.11199796

>fought among themselves the most?

>> No.11199802

>I could read papers from a flat earth conference and then make up my own mind from that too.
>We're striving for accuracy here
I could strive for dramatic effect and wildly exaggerate the facts
pretty dumb argument huh?

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>> No.11199827

The pathological altruism of Western Europeans is bad for them.

>> No.11199845

That's frightening.

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Yes, "look at this cherrypicked data and dream up your own conclusion on the spot" is a pretty dumb argument, glad you understand

>> No.11199869

so warlikeness and greater depth of feeling and empathy don't contradict each other.

>> No.11199876

Their enemies exploit it to their detriment, long term we have seen europeans take that sort of abuse quite badly and meet it with incredible levels of brutal violence...

>> No.11199886

think of all the artiface of racial egalitarians, feminists and marxists flipping their target on the groups they'd formerly been told to agrandise...

>> No.11199905

you don't trust any crime statistics?

>> No.11199912

>Their enemies exploit it to their detriment

And rightly so.

>> No.11200009

It's also propaganda, retard amerimutt.

>> No.11200014

Crime statistics is not a controlled experiment anon, this is /sci/ not /pol/

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I would unironically love to see a controlled study on race and empathy, if you've got one. Closest I've seen is this

>> No.11200069

What is? an old cartoon about a cat and mouse?

>> No.11200120

That only says white liberals hate white people

>> No.11200130

the word you are looking for is conflate

>> No.11200132

More like white liberals _say_ positive things about other races cause they're worried to be "racist"
Also it's probably just americans who are retarded

>> No.11200530
File: 142 KB, 968x1024, 1575489912913m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>read papers from flat earth conference
>when told to read FACTUAL crime statistics

Be a willfully ignorant faggot, then. Why even make this thread? Just so you can refute facts with your make-believe?

>> No.11200582 [DELETED] 

Yeah... I learned this the hard way. Never trust the chinese, you might think one your friend but he won't hesitate to stab you in the back for a quick buck.

>> No.11200586

Depends on the animal. As a general rule they seem very compassionate towards cats and slightly less-so towards dogs. But if it swims in the ocean... watch out!

>> No.11200591

>>It is well established in behavioral genetics that behavioral traits are determined by genes, not environment.
It's obviously both, as anybody with identical twin siblings that behave similar in some respects but differently in others would know.

Anybody who tells you genes play no role is having you on. Anybody that tells you environment plays no role is having you on.

>> No.11201092

The point is that genes play a bigger role

>> No.11201093

Right, and you should state that carefully because it's a matter important enough to deserve that much respect.

>> No.11201096

No it's not, it's obvious

>> No.11201099

"Obvious" is subjective. Matters that are obvious to you or I are not obvious to many other people.

>> No.11201100

this is interesting. paper?

>> No.11201118

There are some universals in how it's said that people of different ethnicities have different levels of empathy. And maybe the story of the Jew who, while embracing Christian ideas, wound up on the other side of the tracks of a burning train or the black woman who picks her nose at the bar doesn't apply.

Do racial minorities have a harder time performing?

A lot of us feel that racial minorities feel in a lot of cases as if their lives don't add up

>> No.11201148

what you're saying doesnt make sense

>> No.11201151

>OP (who is actually a janitor by the way),
how do you know this?

>> No.11201156

He doesn't

>> No.11201168

can verify, since at work there we get a couple of chinese customers and they don't have any shed of emotions whatsoever and think they're above all else. Honrarry my ass

>> No.11201226

thanks anon, I seem to think at times that collude meant to mix multiple things in one. Cheers for the clarification.

>> No.11201242

No other race will seek and destroy other people for arbitrary reasons. No other race understands morality primarily as a tool for fighting other people.

>> No.11201258

Yes, but that's due to their different environment, not due to their ethnicity.

>> No.11201262

Despite your sensasionalism and autism, this is some really interesting and true life advice. I'm not that anon, but I appreciate your overview on this.

>> No.11201299

oh fuck

>> No.11201369


>> No.11201387

does high white empathy explain why they're so willing to defend others?

>> No.11201394

Friend who did his master's in Australia told me that Chinese people are consistently left uninformed about meetings. It happened a few times that someone presented something new at a meeting and a Chinese wrote a paper overnight and published it with the help of the usual circlejerk.

>> No.11201422

Different ethnicities have different morbidities when it comes to mental illnesses.
From that point it would not be surprising to find higher rates of sociopathy in an ethnicity compared to another.

>> No.11201426

They're norwegians you fucking retard

>> No.11201479



Among cultures - sure.

>> No.11201485

That depends on a ton of things dude.... It depends on the trait in question, and/or if your particular environment is is able to override the genetic aspects.

I swear, dumb fucking takes like this need to be insta-banned.

>> No.11201629

explain, cuz as far as I'm aware they look as much slavic especially the man with the stache on the left

>> No.11201700
File: 23 KB, 649x267, lel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lel !

>> No.11201709


>> No.11201712

>It depends on the trait in question
Ok tell me a trait where environment plays a bigger role than genes and post evidence

>> No.11201721

>Never trust the chinese

And this blatant racism is not banned by the mods.

>> No.11201740

PTSD? Some people are more genetically prone to it, but it's ultimately the environment that will determine if you get it. Your very question is flawed though, you can't simply say when genes or environment plays a "bigger" role.

>> No.11201750

Why do asian women like white guys so much?

>> No.11201756

>they look slavic
Have you ever been outside your bumfuck state? Seeing memes of slavs in adidas doesn't make you an expert on international affairs, so not speaking makes you seem much smarter. Try that sometime.

Those guys are from Iceland

>> No.11201778

>laughs in Arabic

>> No.11202342

PTSD is not a behavioral trait you absolute retard

>> No.11202494

You've clearly never dealt with Chinese when their masks come off.

>> No.11202580

It's not a matter of race, it's a matter of culture. Note that I didn't warn you to avoid the Taiwanese, who are 'racially' identical but are raised in a dramatically different culture.

>> No.11202756

the taiwanese can still be fucky

>> No.11202800

Look at the facial features, especially the flatness (or the lack of it) of face. The white should be on the opposite side than it is.

>> No.11203941

They are both interconnected. Genetics define culture. Culture promotes genetics.

>> No.11203947

>For example, estimated dishonesty in the coin flip ranged from 3.4 per cent in the UK to 70 per cent in China. In the quiz, respondents in Japan were the most honest, followed by the UK, while those in Turkey were the least truthful.

>> No.11203953

Because North Europeans were the most violent. To combat extreme rates of criminality in Europe there were plenty of execution even for petty crimes. So we killed off dumbasses and violent ones. Also WW2 and WW1 showed to Europeans what modern war really means.

>> No.11203956

WTF, I hate blacks now

>> No.11203963


>> No.11203988

honestly what bothers me so much about this post is his first rant about the Chinese company giving him the "wrong type of 201 steel" when later on it turns out that that was the same grade the Russians where asking for. So the Chinese company wasn't lying or trying to rip him off, there was just a problem with communication. I can't blame the Chinese company when he and his friend failed to specify the steel type and failed to do research to understand their market had two types of 201 steel. Its really their fault, those Chinese people did nothing wrong.

>> No.11203996

Everything is ultimately genetic and that's why you got so many responses kek. Proof Leftists are anti-science, fucking kek, leeeee, ha ha ho ho, fucken faggots, teh-he-he, lolloll

>> No.11204002 [DELETED] 

This is true and irrefutable proof Asians are basically autistic niggers

>> No.11204017

Autism doesn't exist, it's when you're white, but have non-white brain wiring.

>> No.11204054


>> No.11204123

t. winnie the pooh
fuck off

>> No.11204146


>> No.11204147

Most people on /sci/ are LARPing faggots whom are one failure away from dropping out or hanging themselves. Disagreement with genetics and eugenics is just how they cope, same with the IQ denial

>> No.11204160
File: 73 KB, 960x960, 477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I can read a a sad story and tear up, or be completely unfazed like a sociopath.
you sound liek a faggot lol

>> No.11204162 [DELETED] 

>Copy facial expressions
I never have and never will make the retail nigger-sneer

>> No.11204164
File: 43 KB, 510x375, 1 ghsS6XcszTfl9UTYGdYsSg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why not /b/ro, immerse yourself in the matrix

>> No.11204404

The point is that you can get to choose.
The real faggots are those who act like nothing can be done, like they just bend at ninety degrees and let everything wreck their anuses with no effort to prevent it.
"A man chooses, a slave obeys" to quote meme games.

>> No.11205931

My understanding is that East Asian societies raise their offspring by expecting them to be as well rounded as their elders which as young people will always fail to not make mistakes. This stresses them out (which theyd never admit due to the societal and cultural implifications of doing so) and this will always cause the people who cant handle or aren't prone to succeeding as much as others to get addicted to drugs (opium in china) or commit suicide (japan, etc)

>> No.11206121

>FACTUAL crime statistics
Knowing the facts and properly interpreting them are two different things.

Let me show you:
It's a FACTUAL STATEMENT that gun owners are responsible for 100% of gun violence, despite being <35% of the population.
Is trotting that FACT out and then urging you to "draw your own conclusions" a compelling argument for gun control?

No, right?

>> No.11206171

How about legal vs. illegal gun owners?

>> No.11206371
File: 2.99 MB, 1909x2987, 12093845620596.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Behavioral traits are genetic, not cultural. I thought I was on a science board

>> No.11206876
File: 33 KB, 739x415, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice projection /pol/tard

>my frustration has nothing to do with my bad choices buaaahhh
> my life was ruined b-because of my genes aaahhhh.... perhaps... if eugenics was applied people like me weren't born in the first place. genetical inferior people exists only to suffer, live a life of frustration while disturbing superior peoples progress buaaaah...

>> No.11206881

This. Genes matter very little except in unchangeable physical traits like height, face/bone structure, hair pattern. It's similar to Russian Roulette. Your genes from birth load the gun but your lifestyle determines which genes are expressed. Nearly everyone can get in really good shape. It's natural good looking face structure and body proportions that dictate the highest quality genes in terms of female/male sexual attraction.

How you age, how your body builds muscle, deposits/burns fat, manage hormones, etc is entirely under your control through healthy lifestyle behavior. Proper nutrition from whole foods is a huge, unavoidable component.

>> No.11206903

Let's not get too crazy buddy. You're right regarding
>your lifestyle determines which genes are expressed
But to a certain extent your genes can impact your lifestyle. External motivations or experiences can also factor in too.
>How you age, how your body builds muscle, deposits/burns fat, manage hormones, etc is entirely under your control through healthy lifestyle behavior.
That's just not true. You're not totally in control of those things, only partially.

Don't forget to sage shit threads btw

>> No.11206909

B-but I'm smart if I think I am only as good as street thugs.

>> No.11207964

are you underage or a retard?

>> No.11209177
File: 194 KB, 500x244, have-two-personalities-twisted-fucking-psychopath-nicest-person-you-will-41951328-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11209248

Racism is typical for low IQ faggots tho.

>> No.11209360
File: 34 KB, 500x581, 1352860170957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>spent two decades to understand and tame the mind
>able to tailor the best personality for all situations
>unfazed by fear, traumas or any other imaginary issue
>get called cringe by some random anon on a taiwanese basket weaving forum
Here's your (You).

>> No.11209750


>t. nonSTEM trying to use science to further personal ideology

>> No.11209759


>> No.11209787

Okay anon. Here's the deal. I have anxiety issues and always fear trying something new/difficult. Sweaty hands/panic attacks and all that shiz. I have spent the last 2.5 years just shitposting and not learning anything.

Any advice for me.

>> No.11209899

Your complete lack of historical knowledge it disgusting, did you know aboriginals would eat their own babies?

>> No.11209917

google aztec sacrifices

>> No.11209920

Good to know that is the standard you compare yourself with.

>> No.11209925


Is that what you tell yourself to feel better about your parents stealing them?

>> No.11209933

you really ought to learn how to use a search engine before you make these statements the actual history of those kids is quite different to what you've been told

>> No.11209941


Probably. It seems some races are less empathetic and bug-like than others. The environmentalists have a point too, though. There's definitely a crossroad at which environment and genetics meet. A thought experiment I had:

Imagine a Black baby is raised by a Japanese family and the only of his kind in Japan. They would face enormous environmental pressures to think and act Japanese, though their personality would retain a distinct Black "flavor". Now give them a couple other Black friends to interact with. They would have someone who understands them on a deeper level than the native Japanese, and they would have someone to bounce ideas off of and begin developing their unique culture. Place a hundred thousand Blacks and give them their own district and now they can form their own communities and there will be those who are insulated from the environmental pressures faced by interacting with native Japanese, so they become themselves.

>> No.11209946

well human ritual sacrifice is quite common across history among various peoples
most of africa has been brutally murdering and enslaving each other for hundreds of thousands of years.
religious ideologies and the moral position that you are better than them fuel it.
european peoples reached a state of technological sophistication long before others got close.

>> No.11209954

Blacks are emotionally and cognitively much closer to asians than whites are. Whites are completely unique to the point that emotions are incompatible and unreadable between whites and other races. (hence the common feeling that planks of wood have more emotional expression than the Chinese do)

>> No.11209966

>Blacks are emotionally and cognitively much closer to asians than whites are.

I doubt this very much.

>> No.11209973

wait I was going to hastily judge you as a brainlet but which asian group do you mean?

>> No.11209978


The person he replied to gave an example of Blacks and Japanese, so he should be referring to East Asians.

>> No.11209984

Doesn't swing, there's an IQ difference of 2 standard deviations between the them.

>> No.11209985
File: 361 KB, 962x578, 1533409079550.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We don't need to know the details of the differences to know they exist. If the brains have different genes, you can assume they work differently until proven otherwise.

>> No.11210016

There's more to cognition than IQ

>> No.11210022

Could you expand on that
I'm curious why they go for the japanese since they're a hybrid of altaic jomon with mongoloid yayoi

>> No.11210040

East Asian
Not true for native Africans. They are studious comparably to the East Asians.

Doesn't really matter which groups exactly, the divide really is white vs the rest, other differences are not that big. But the difference is so big that you are likely to end up with Asperger's or something when you are white, but inherit non-white emotions.

>> No.11210060

>well human ritual sacrifice is quite common across history among various peoples
Albinos are ritually slaughtered in Africa to this day. Even the BBC has several articles about it.

>> No.11210078

this goes for language as well - whites use one hemisphere only, the rest uses both. (this possibly allows lexical tone)


>> No.11210080

What about whites/caucasians speaking tonal languages?

>> No.11210083

Higher than the ashkenazi jews?

>> No.11210093


1. Nigerians who can afford to immigrate across the Atlantic into the US are the very elite of the elite.

2. Most of them are Igbo. Igbo are the Askhenazi Jews equivalent of Africans. A specific ethnicity with significantly above average IQ, likely due to genetic reasons. So if anything, this bolsters the genetic hypothesis.


>> No.11210110

A lot of them are christian too oddly enough.
didn't the Igbo try to establish a separate state a couple decades ago to segregate the muslim northerners away and secure the oil but got betrayed by foreign nations not sending the support they'd promised?
if I remember correctly there are a couple of small but clever yoruba speaking tribes.

>> No.11210282

I can suggest a few strategies (pick one or more):
a) Play in your mind situations that give you anxiety, imagine yourself overcoming the issues. Repeat all day long instead of normal daydreaming until no longer affected by in IRL situations.

b) Practice the mind trick >>11195355 it's easy to achieve and you probably figured it out once ago but never imagined it could be used for these situations.

c) Meditate while repeating yourself a mantra like "I overcome anxiety and fear". Don't use negations in the phrasing, the subconscious tends to ignore not/dont's/won't, etc

d) Get someone to coach you into becoming more productive, if you have a friend you can count on

e) Use something like Habitica to keep track of your attempts, intents and goals. It may look stupid but it's the kind of trick you can use to get your brain to crave more successes.

f) Postpone masturbation only for when you manage to overcome a difficult situation (like the above, but for full coomer-trying-to-do-better)

g) Sexualize fear/anxiety, true panic should prevent erections but it's the attempt that matters. (I'm throwing this in only if you're that desperate and none of the above worked)

You can come up with similar variations or mixes, the real difficulting is sticking with it and not falling back.

The reason nothing affects me is because I replayed all kinds of situation until I sucked all the juice out of them, then I moved on to directly feeling emotions until it started to feel pointless, then I spent years staunching all emotions and finally I realized that at this point any feeling is a positive experience.
I don't suggest you go down my route, I had to retrain myself to feel. Being unfeeling will just turn you into an apathetic automata without creativity, hungry for entertrainment. Down there there is only calm, anger and cold amusement. Good if you want to be a sociopath, but that only works if you have ambition.

That's should be enough to get you going.

>> No.11210289

>A lot of them are christian too oddly enough.
There is nothing odd about that.

>> No.11210312

Completely irrelevant
A gun owner is a gun owner

>> No.11210350

>same with IQ denial

As someone with an above-average IQ, IQ means literally nothing, and has been debunked multiple times. Disregarding the 10,000 participant study which disproved any relevance of IQ, there is no feasible way to calculate an individual human's intelligence with a single 2 to 3 digit number.

>> No.11210551

Tell me anon, what sources led you to come to these conclusions on IQ?
Because all the legitimate data analysis I've ever seen has said the complete opposite.

>> No.11211968

Really? On the contrary, extremely high iq people often end up on streets, or doing menial job, because literally nobody wants to talk with them. Look up most professions top within the ~140 range.

>> No.11211977

>1. Nigerians who can afford to immigrate across the Atlantic into the US are the very elite of the elite.

Nope. Most of them are middle class and aren't elites. They get educated abroad because Nigeria's education is too limited.

>2. Most of them are Igbo. Igbo are the Askhenazi Jews equivalent of Africans. A specific ethnicity with significantly above average IQ, likely due to genetic reasons. So if anything, this bolsters the genetic hypothesis.

Eat shit. Igbo's are literally no different genetically then their neighbors. Not to mention the large ass amounts of Yoruba doing well. This is a legit white cope designed to literally avoid saying that yes niggers can do something decent.

>A lot of them are christian too oddly enough.
Read up on history

>> No.11211994

Sounds like made up bullshit. Maybe a tiny number of autist savants end up like that. Not your average genius at all.

>> No.11212036

Jews win.

>> No.11212040

Jews win (fixed)

>> No.11212115
File: 229 KB, 962x642, 2AD0010D00000578-3173617-Killing_Locals_wade_out_in_wetsuits_and_use_ropes_to_catch_the_w-a-58_1437762253212.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not him but this is beyond hunting, and hunting without the need to do it is just being a psychopath. When I saw this earlier this year I was absolutely disgusted because unlike deers which are just giant rats that hop around elegant like, whales and dolphins are intelligent creatures that pop out of the water when you're there literally to say hello. They're curious and loving, they'll save you if you're drowning and kill sharks that are in the area thinking they'll eat you. Among all animals on the planet they're the most friendly toward humans aside from pets. And even then dogs have killed more people than most wild animals. Killing whales like that is disgusting whether it's the Chinese or Europeans. And Europeans are just as cruel when it comes to animals but it's not advertised as such. Look how many animals have gone extinct due to Europeans, it's larger than the impact the Chinese have had.

t. just went hunting

They're really just small lions kek. But you can't say blacks don't like cats, Egyptians loved them ;)

>> No.11212141

You are a dumb, this is such a limited localized activity they have done for hundreds of years the whole family gets involved in. They eat the meat and get on with thier life’s. This isnt mass scale Commercial farming of whales

>> No.11212178
File: 54 KB, 521x690, Job%20IQ%20Chart1[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look it up.

>> No.11212189

Thanks for spotting this.
I don't know what state of mind I was in typing that. Obviously you can't just wash the stripes from a zebra and call it a horse...

>> No.11212193

Yes, morality is not the same everywhere and in everybody.

The more lefty you are, the best you are.

>> No.11212194

You can tame a zebra

>> No.11212196
File: 209 KB, 800x1672, chinese history.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Is there a difference of empathy/cruelty among different ethnicities?

Yes , you have example and explanation of reasons of this in China.

>> No.11212198

I'm not dumb, I didn't say they were killing them all. It's not right to kill any of them.

>> No.11212199
File: 223 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191209-232639_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ronnie Mac

>> No.11212201

It will always run of with a flock of zebras if given the chance. Domestication takes several generations.

>> No.11212215

That’s because most people top out there dummy. that is over 3 SD away from the mean which is .03 percent of people.
This chart proves the point, dumb dumb. There are the same amount of iq blocks of people that become farm workers that become college proffssers. ~75 percent of enginners have the same iq as ~75 % of farm labors

>> No.11212220

Yes, but we're talking about the environment influencing behavior to an individual. And a zebra can be tamed.

>> No.11212244

Are you literally retarded?

>> No.11212261

A criminal black rapper appeals more to coloured young man than a white law abiding office worker.
Self-awareness, social belonging and group identification is low level stuff not processed consciously, it requires a lot of extra effort to bring up an adopted child so he isn't caught up by superficially more similar people.
The environment is also music and TV.

>> No.11212269

What creates differences between cultures?
Environment sure, but also genetics. Mens over-sexual impulses have in some cultures resulted in covering girls and women while others have punished those men enough to now be able to have equal rights for both genders.

>> No.11212334 [DELETED] 

>Egyptians loved them
Egyptians =/= africans

>> No.11212336 [DELETED] 

>Egyptians loved them
Ancient Egyptians =/= blacks

>> No.11212337

>Egyptians loved them
Ancient Egyptians =/= Blacks
Weren't there a lot of red headed mummies?

>> No.11212374

The landscape shapes its people.

>> No.11212381

African blacks tend to very sadistic compared to other races, blacks think beating each other to death is normal behavior.

>> No.11212382

>when /pol/ thinks real life is like some kind of D&D stat sheet

>> No.11212384

Sociopathy is genetic meaning you just proved us right, dumbass.

>> No.11212385

Just because mummies appear to have red hair now doesn't mean that was their hair color. A few thousand years will decay your hair, you mongoloid.

>> No.11212400

Well yeah but we have pottery and wall paintings that show ancient egyptians as sort of coppery coloured mediteraneans and large gene studies that back it up

>> No.11212590

Actually this seems more complex than I'd first thought, there have been waves of migration and control through egyptian history.

>> No.11212620 [DELETED] 
File: 1.73 MB, 240x320, 1571926126046-2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Negroid are the worst. They torture animals for fun.

>> No.11212695

>Why blacks hate cats so much?
It's honestly their most noble trait. Cats are shitty pests that only toxi-brained subhumans adore. Punting cats is probably the highest social achievement for most minorities, and it's a net gain for us if it keeps them from raping and murdering people.

>> No.11212702

How does one measure rumination?

>> No.11212706

But niggers also torture and mistreat puppies.

>> No.11212773


>> No.11212801

> Is there a difference of empathy/cruelty among different ethnicities?
Rome: Well, this is nice. We have a stable city, fertile lands, a pleasant climate. Now let's go conquer the rest of the world.

London: Well this is nice. We have a stable city, fertile lands, and the climate isn't too bad. Now let's go conquer the rest of the world.

America: Well, this is nice. We have stable cities, fertile lands, and the climate isn't too bad. Hey, wait, it's my destiny to conquer the rest of the continent.

Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

>> No.11212813

China: Well this is nice. We have a stable city, fertile lands, and the climate isn't too bad. Now let's build huge walls so that the barbarians can't go inside.

>> No.11212816

Yeah, why is this successful behaviour so rare?

>> No.11212817


>> No.11212962

It's not unusual to have more sympathy towards people in ones own group - be it based on skin colour, religion or body type. It's called implicit bias and is easily tested here:


>> No.11212991
File: 170 KB, 1300x956, egypt-aswan-surroundings-nubian-village-of-cubania-local-families-R5BWM5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everyone with any color in their hair eventually gets red or black hair if they mummify. That aside, blacks can have red hair. Tiye for example's mummy has red hair but the locks of hers that her son kept are black.

Egyptians are black today let alone 4000 years ago.

>> No.11212993

it's almost as if we evolved to favour and promote genes more similar to our own

>> No.11212998

actually it's more to do with successions of different racial groups migrating into egypt from north and south changing the genetic pattern over the past couple of thousand years. most recently the arabic invasions.

>> No.11213009

This is absoluetly retarded, first it gives you multiple tests where you press the same key for european americans and american, then gives you a few other tests whihc group asians with americans and from the fact that you perform on those switched tests poorly, it concludes you have a bias agaisn asian americans. It's basically fraudulent and any published results from this should be withdrawn and retracted.

>> No.11213254

Not likely. Cushitic people just have all kinds of hair types and that is reflected in Egyptian artwork and Ethiopian/Somalian/Sudanese tribes. It's also the Nubians who seem to have straight hair more than ethnic Egyptians which are more afro in type, at least from what I've seen.

>> No.11214258

LOL cope faggot. You don't have to understand newtonian mechanics to know a ball will fall if you drop it.

>> No.11214287

Can you find the personality which stop you being a faggot?

>> No.11214290

Stop watching cuck philosophy

>> No.11214720

>Sociopathy is genetic
Psycopathy maybe, since they literally have a restricted set of possible emotions (allegedly, I'm not one so I can't confirm).
Sociopathy is just someone who acts like a sociopath. Anyone under the right conditions can become one, maybe they just took a shitty wageslave job and lost faith in humanity, how can you tell?
Also, maybe read the whole chain of replies thx.

Actually, yes. You literally can, but don't tell anyone or they'll dox you or something.

>> No.11215094

I would like to redirect you to this talk given by Steven Pinker.

However, I would also like to redirect you to these sources.

These three need to be read in order;

MAOA Genotype and it's effects on the brains
MAOA Genotype presence among different ethnicities

>> No.11215098

My nad, here's the Steven Pinker talk.
I also invite you to read the entire book.

>> No.11215115

Why does it only talk about males? What is it about females that cause this gene not to result in violent behavior?

>> No.11215127

is there actual proof that violent tendencies are genetic and that you can actually cull "violent tendencies" from the population through eugenics though?

>> No.11215132 [DELETED] 


>> No.11215136

low IQ and violence correlate 80-90 is a dangerous range to be in.

>> No.11215140

does anyone have a digital copy of A farewel to alms by Gregory Clark?
supposedly there's an analysis of culture and violence within it

>> No.11215146

It looks like more genes are involved to cause the violent behavior, and it is triggered by a shitty environment. The combo of genes makes one more sensitive to environmental changes, and actually has benefits in a good environment:


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