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/sci/ memes thread

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what is this referring to?

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I don't get this picture. Is it supposed to be shocking to people that i^i is real?

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i^i being real is mildly surprising, anon. you don't come across as smart for lying.

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well, i've just come off a complex analysis course so i've seen much more impressive things. maybe in highschool this is a neat fact though.

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surperb reading comprehension

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is there a problem?

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Kek, that's great. I literally work in electronic structure theory, I gotta show this around in my office.

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>the chad derivative
>is an unbounded operator and finding it is an ill-posed problem, can just barely be done numerically with dogshit precision
>takes effort and bullshit to be defined for even the slightest bit general cases, and even then casually goes to infinity
>spawned off the entirety of the theory of distributions
>used to study tangent manifolds and algebraic varieties
>optimizes all it touches
>defined the great theory of differential equations, a cornerstone of modern maths
>when it allows itself to be evaluated, it can be done analytically and elegantly
>defined in infinite dimensions by Fr├ęchet and Gateaux derivatives

>the virgin integral
>is a shitty compact operator
>even undergrads learn about Lebesgue integrals nowadays
>spawned off "integral equations", differential equations's weak and sickly little brother
>"calculus woosh"
>retards doing competitions study five hundred thousand techniques for solving them, while anyone mildly smart just estimates them numerically
>dislikes infinite dimensions

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Nigga you dumb as hell bruh

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unbalanced and thus unbased, very sloppy

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Yeah, I got some humour right here.

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This Remilia is so cute I could literally eat her up.

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Holy shit, that's a good fucking prank pic for EE

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Man that dude has the most incredibly unhealthy relationship.

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>eye to the eye

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It's funny because it's true.

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[math]\color{red}{\rm COCC}[/math]

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Literally a well-studied mathematical object.

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> tfw not sure if real or edited

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Who deleted my incel meme

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I'm not sure I get it, could you point out the part of the image I'm supposed to look at a little more explicitly?

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literally false
the hypotenuse is 1

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[eqn]1^2 + i^2 = hypotenuse\\
hypotenuse = 1 + -1\\
hypotenuse = 0[/eqn]

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Wrong norm over the complex numbers: [math]\sqrt{|1|^2 + |i|^2} = \sqrt{1 + i(-i)} = 1[/math].

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[math]\sqrt{2}[/math] obviously*

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sorry I meant [math]1[/math]

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If you're not trolling, a line can't have length [math]i[/math]. However, it can have length [math]|i|[/math], as in [math]|z| = \sqrt{z \overline{z}} = \sqrt{\operatorname{Re}{(z)}^2 + \operatorname{Im}{(z)}^2}[/math], meaning that the hypotenuse will actually be given by [math]\textrm{hypotenuse} = \sqrt{1^2 + |i|^2} = \sqrt{1 + 1} = \sqrt{2}[/math].

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balls are touching. gay.

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Its square root of 2

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who hurt you so badly?

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it's the perfect mix of unfunny left wing """humor""" and cuckolding that makes me know for a fact that this is real

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>>11196127 episodes

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It's a meme thread you dumb cunt

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I didn't know a number could be italian

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nobody's going to read all that, is that the joke?

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I was wrong it's actually 1.220.496.076.800 episodes

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id rather be a family man with genuine love then some burnt out, uneducated, and childless roastie that secretly hates herself with a existential void in her stomach.

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you missed the point completely

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yeah agreed with this anon >>11198171 you missed the fucking point completely. Well done bluepill

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Someone post the beta particle greentext

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To the point.

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This guy gets it.

I stopped caring about math when I was introduced to the concept of imaginary numbers. What a crock of shit. If your equation can only be solved by inventing numbers that can't exist, like some kind of math deity , then you are fucking wrong and the math is flawed. Same for algebra solutions that basically say "the correct answer is whatever the correct answer is". Thats what the math said transcribed to words but god forbid if i wrote in down in english instead of the ancient math runes the teacher word mark me wrong.

Math is logical and numbers never lie my ass. Math is just as flawed as any other human construct.

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i^2 =-1
i^2 + 1^2 = -1 + 1 = 0
Hypotenuse is then sqrt(0) or 0^(1/2) = 0.
I dont really understand how with algebra i get 0 but logically it should be greater than 0 or so i think.

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>a line can't have length i
You are just making up shit to sweep the flawed math under the carpet.

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A classic from control theory.

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Both are wrong. 14*14! is a naive upper bound. To demonstrate, consider the two-episode example. Your logic dictates you need to watch 2*2! episodes but in fact, 1,2,1 allows you to watch the episodes in every order. Similarly, with three episodes, you can watch 1,2,3,1,2,1,3,2,1 which is less than 3*3! episodes.

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I have an hour to spare, starting an insustrial-sized dump.

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8/?? turns out i don't have an hour to spare so i'll continue later

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I'd say the sqrt(2)*i, because the triangle is lying along the imaginary axis (Imagine drawing the triangle in a 3d grid with X and Y being real and Z being imaginary).

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You can imagine whatever the fuck you want, but that's not how the maths works.

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Don't bother continuing later.

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I see, that's really clever.Is there a name for this theory of interweaving orders to take less steps for a task?

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the theory of not being a brainlet

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please I need to know else I will be haunted by this smug anime girl, give me a single hint on how to solve it

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are these real nu.bers?

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nice anons thank you so much

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this but unironically

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