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Examples of common/contemporary scientific dogmas?

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The idea of dark matter was started by accident as a joke, but unfortunately the person who made the joke was such an authority figure in his field that everyone else took it seriously and in the subsequent decades since Ken Freeman invented dark matter as a joke billions of dollars and whole careers have been spent studying the issue.

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That reading was invented before writing.

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>All languages are equally complex
>There are no differences between races

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That a scientist benefits from mathematics other than CALCULUS, LINEAR ALGEBRA, and PROBABILITY. All other mathematics (e.g. abstract algebra, complex numbers, combinatorics, proofs and theorems) are dogmatic play.

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gender studies

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We already know that retard.

It's literally 1-2% of the population that beliefs those things. No need to mention it or even try to disprove it at every corner. You only manage to make it bigger. Never talk about feminism or anythingl ike that.

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shit yeah you're right, also the holocaust never happened and there's absolutely no use for meta-studies of fields that are invalid for the sake of prevention

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We are not talking about holocaust, so your comment was ignored entirely.

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Complex numbers are very helpful when studying light, or electric systems

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uh, I can think of a few

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>I've never done quantum mechanics, fluid dynamics, stat thermo, or any other high level mathematical physics

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Why would we do work designed for computers?

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Literally nobody says these. Why do you think they do? Or are you trying to spread lies?

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It is truth.

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If it's "truth" than you lack the reading comprehension to even make a relevant comment on the thread.

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And yet it was sufficient for you to reply to, which indicates much about our shared threshold levels in terms of communication.

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>I don't have a valid counter-argument for the second line of rhetoric, so I'll ignore the entire comment

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I got literally banned from both r/linguistics and r/badlinguistics for arguing otherwise.

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I really just want to call you an idiot and be done with you, but I know you'll just use that as an opportunity to say something along the lines of: "prove it wrong though".
Jesus mate, understand you are exhibiting a fundamental misinterpretation of the abovementioned data and showing that you would prefer to stay ignorant to publicly available evidence where papers proposing the theory that CO2 concentration can have a causation to global temperature dates back to the 1890s and further papers that support these claims published in 1955 - continuing on to today, which then means there is greater than a century worth of publicly available data. You are choosing to remain ignorant of this so you can align yourself with a Russian 4chan(nel) poster posted on /pol/.
Again, I really just want to call you an idiot, but I can't - this is the reality of /sci/. I just hope you understand the gravity and irony of your post. On the science board you claim someones post one a messageboard reliable and valid enough to challenge evidence surrounding climate put fouth before any human was born on this planet currently alive.

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Excuse me.
[claim someones post] on* [a messageboard]
[messageboard] is* [reliable and valid enough]

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Shoo shoo, engie scum

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>ignores comment by reading and responding to it
Why is /sci/ so dumb?

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